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  1. Man_of_Squid

    If We Hate Call of Duty, Why Do We Buy the Games?

    Because honestly, despite the fact that most of the games are repetitive reruns of the last iteration, they still have the most important aspect a game can have: COD games are pretty damn fun especially with friends. Even though I suck, I usually laugh maniacally throughout the games while...
  2. Man_of_Squid

    Most Anticipated Games of 2013

    Nobody mentioned Heart of the Swarm? And definitely Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3. Oh, my poor, poor computer.
  3. Man_of_Squid

    MMOs - Are They Going to Die Off Soon?

    I think more and more people are just realizing how most MMORPG's like WoW are becoming a giant version of a Skinner's Box.
  4. Man_of_Squid

    Game of the Year - 2012

    Mass Effect 3. I mean, yeah, the last 10 minutes were wtf, but it was still a tear-jerker at some points, like the Tuchanka mission, especially if you
  5. Man_of_Squid

    Mass Effect 4 - Prequel or Sequel?

    Sequel. Come on, prequels always suck because you know how it's going to end. And I want them to expand the Universe, not revise stuff we already know. And the First Contact War only lasted for a couple of months and had relatively few casualties. Not something you could really make a game...
  6. Man_of_Squid

    Metroid Other M I Hate It

    Honestly Jennifer Hale would have been a far better voice actress. Commander Shepard anyone?
  7. Man_of_Squid

    Fallout 3 and Its DLC's

    If you like Fall Out, you should definitely check out Deus Ex and the Mass Effect trilogy. They're still kind of open world, but they're a lot more story driven and awesome. Also, Fallout: New Vegas was kick-***.
  8. Man_of_Squid

    Most Epic Fight Scene?

    Mine is not an actual fight scene per se, but it's still pretty darn awesome. It's from mass effect when I just think its awesome because it really showed how powerful the Reapers were. They Citadel needed a whole fleet to kill one, and there are thousands of them...
  9. Man_of_Squid

    Favorite Freeware Games.

    Team Fortress 2!!! I just love Valve as a company, while other game developers worry about piracy and stuff, they're just like MOAR HATS!!!
  10. Man_of_Squid

    On Nov 6...

    Honestly I won't miss them. The Cortana level in halo 3 was imo the worst one in the entire series, and I'm not going to miss the Gravemind's whole Dactyllic Hexameter thing.
  11. Man_of_Squid

    On Nov 6...

    I'm just happy that we don't have to fight the Flood anymore. *shudder* Those Range Forms were just unfair.
  12. Man_of_Squid

    On Nov 6...

  13. Man_of_Squid

    On Nov 6...

    Halo 4 is coming out! Who here is excited?
  14. Man_of_Squid

    Poptarts Vs Toaster Strudels

    Pop-Tarts. Nothing can ever compare to sweet Lady high-fructose corn syrup.
  15. Man_of_Squid

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 -- What Do You Think of the DLC?

    I never buy map-packs. Idk, it just seems that there's not enough content to justify the price.
  16. Man_of_Squid

    Your Favourite Boss Fights?

    Kronos from God of War. I was just laughing maniacally through the whole fight.
  17. Man_of_Squid

    Analysis of Skype

    The bandwidth that Skype uses depends on the kind of call you make, and it generally never exceeds 512 kbps, unless you're in a group video chat with like, 15 people.
  18. Man_of_Squid

    Awesome Movies That Get Reality COMPLETELY Wrong

    300- In real life, Spartans had less of Gerard Butler's beard and more of flaming homosexuality. Also the Persians were actually pretty civilized. And the Arcadians did most of the work. The Dark Knight (2009): Just imagine the Joker discussing the his plan with his minions. It would have been...
  19. Man_of_Squid

    Any Good JRPGs for PC And/or 3DS?

    Definitely try Xenoblade. And also try... welp, Xenoblade's all I got.
  20. Man_of_Squid

    I Am Against YouTube's Dislike Button.

    you need some way to see what people think of a video you're about to watch. Plus I can know a video is crappy if I see the red lightsaber.
  21. Man_of_Squid

    Avengers or Dark Knight Rises?

  22. Man_of_Squid

    Borderlands 2 Over Halo 4?

    I feel like Halo 4 is, I don't know, a bit unnecessary. I think I prefer the Forerunner as a ancient, mythical civilization, of which we can only see the mysterious remains of. The mystery suits the race.
  23. Man_of_Squid

    Tech Help Minecraft Won't Download!!!

    Googled this and this is the first thing I saw. From a guy called kwan First open a notepad. then put this in: java -Xms650m -jar Next u need to find the location of your minecraft thing is (the thing u click on to play minecraft): so right click on it, properties and copy the...
  24. Man_of_Squid

    Avengers or Dark Knight Rises?

    I say the Dark Knight was better. One good thing about the Avengers is that the movie doesn't take itself to seriously. And the fact that they managed to pull of having Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, andThor (and some other Marvel nobodies) in the same movie without having it a complete...
  25. Man_of_Squid

    Breaking Bad

    This show is so ****ing awesome, and for me, second only to Game of Thrones.
  26. Man_of_Squid

    Starcraft II

    Or you guys could... just ignore me...that's fine too... *goes and cries in a corner*
  27. Man_of_Squid

    Starcraft II

    Sooooooo, I was wondering if anyone else here played Starcraft 2? I got introduced to the game quite recently, and it has been almost directly responsible for my C in AP Chem. So who else here likes/loves sc2? What race do you play? What league are you in? What are some of you're...
  28. Man_of_Squid

    What Kind of Bender Would You Be?

    Honestly, fire-bending probably what I'd go with. Its just so badass. also, this.
  29. Man_of_Squid

    Shouldn't We Be More Worried About The Sibling-zone

    Sounds like some Game Of Thrones stuff right there.
  30. Man_of_Squid

    DC or Marvel?

    One word for all you DC haters: Watchmen.
  31. Man_of_Squid

    The Hunger Games Trilogy

    The thing is, they wanna keep it PG-13. So its like the hunger games without all the blood and guts. Which makes me sad =( Also, it got mentioned on Cracked! which is like two awesome things combined into one. If Hunger Games Was 10 Times Shorter and 100 Percent Honest | Cracked.com
  32. Man_of_Squid

    Who is Your Favorite Fantasy Author?

    I think that can be debated.
  33. Man_of_Squid

    Who is Your Favorite Fantasy Author?

    George R.R. Martin Game of Thrones just blows everything else out of the water. I will accept no compromise on this. >:[
  34. Man_of_Squid

    Zelda Art The Hero Within

    Ganondorf just doesn't die does he *sigh* Anyhow, that was a really goood start.
  35. Man_of_Squid

    A Song of Ice and Fire

    I wouldn'treally call it depressing, but yeah, there are some spots that make me want to rage. I guess its just that George R.R Martin isn't squeamish about killing off characters. But yeah, I really hope Jon, Ary, and Bran live. As for Tyrion, well, after A Storm of Swords he just seemed kind...
  36. Man_of_Squid

    A Song of Ice and Fire

    Critics of the series despise the series for its bleak nihilism and its unbearable cliffhangers. Fans of the books love it for the suspense and the its scarily high level of uncertainty. SO. My good people of this forum, I would like to hear what YOU think about this series. Hrrm. Less people...
  37. Man_of_Squid

    Your Favorite Three Series

    Halo Zelda Starcraft- this game makes me rage so hard everytime I play, but somehow I just can't quit.
  38. Man_of_Squid

    Who Would Win In A Death Battle?

    Well, since Eragon can kill people with his mind, Eragon would murderize everyone within seconds of the start.
  39. Man_of_Squid

    Spike TV's GoTY

    Elder Scrolls wouldn't be Elder Scrolls without crazy glitches.
  40. Man_of_Squid

    Twilight Princess Where Do People Get Off Calling This Easy?

    Its easy because the only time you'd ever die is if you were stupid and fell or something, and the only puzzle that ever came close to slowing you down a bit was the one before the temple of time. Otherwise, everything else can be burned through in a couple of hours.
  41. Man_of_Squid

    Game of the Month December 2011

    The Old Republic I think is pretty clear winner. Mario Kart is cool and all, but still.
  42. Man_of_Squid

    Marilyn Monroe

    let's hear it. I'm sure nobody will have a problem with it.
  43. Man_of_Squid

    Marilyn Monroe

    If she was alive, I would ask her but one question: "Did you, or did you not bang JFK?"
  44. Man_of_Squid

    Most Creative Nicknames

    I always name my Pokemon some variant of "slartibartfast", or "phartyphukbill" or just "stupid". Every time I play I end up in giggling.
  45. Man_of_Squid

    Favorite Movie Line?

    Yippee ki yay motha****a! (Die hard - anyone of them really)
  46. Man_of_Squid

    All Nighters. DDDDDDDD:<

    And, all the coffee leaves this terrible aftertaste in your mouth, and you promise never to drink coffee again in your entire life. Until your next research project, that. :p
  47. Man_of_Squid

    If You Could Have Any Music Play when Marshalling an Army...

  48. Man_of_Squid

    The Hunger Games Trilogy

    I read all three. I pretty much agree with Rytex. In the first book, Katniss was a strong, long-suffering, butt-kicker. But in the second book; not so much. And in the THIRD book, Kat burst into a hissy fit almost half the novel, and spends the rest moping.
  49. Man_of_Squid

    All Nighters. DDDDDDDD:<

    The next day is the worst. You don't feel sleepy anymore, you just feel as if a gorilla is repeatedly bashing your skull with a hammer.
  50. Man_of_Squid

    All Nighters. DDDDDDDD:<

    You people know what I'm talking about. You have two different research papers due tomorrow, each 3000 words long, and you haven't even started finding your sources yet. Or picked a topic. And now your at your computer when every normal person is sleeping, and desperately working. (Or more...
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