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  1. Halo siera 117

    The Pokemon League

    Sam FC: #### #### #### Diamond version Gym: Bug-typed Since I haven't been here in a while, I hope this is a fitting return.
  2. Halo siera 117

    Adventure of Link Is Zelda II:the Adventure of Link Really That Bad?

    Bad? How could someone say such a thing? AoL is my second favorite Zelda. I don't brag too much, but I really didn't find it all that hard except for a few key parts, and even then there were tricks which made them possibly the easiest parts of the game (BTW, I have the motor skills of a...
  3. Halo siera 117

    A Link to the Past Why People Don't Like It That Much?

    Best game ever. I wish I could end the conversation at that. This game revolutionized almost everything in the series that was made in the first one. I think that this game is almost perfect in every way with one or two flaws. I can't imagine why people don't like this game as much as it should...
  4. Halo siera 117

    Most. Epic. Song. EVER!!!

    I don't know how you could argue with Lux Aeterna, It is truly an epic song. That said, it isn't my favorite song( It's pretty close though), but for the epic sub-category, It hasn't been beaten yet.
  5. Halo siera 117

    Dreaded 3 Heart Challenge

    I have never completed a three heart challenge, but I have started: LoZ, Alttp (Not technically 3 hearts, but no Containers outside of the Dungeons.), OoT, and PH.
  6. Halo siera 117

    Durion's Official Pokemon Tournament!

    I am dropping out of the tournament, because I just wasn't ready to face anyone competitively, and my Pokemon aren't too good.
  7. Halo siera 117

    Mafia (Signup)

    Well, how could I not join! I'm in!
  8. Halo siera 117

    Durion's Official Pokemon Tournament!

    Getting to the third round by default isn't very fun..... I guess I'll try though!
  9. Halo siera 117

    Durion's Official Pokemon Tournament!

    I would like to join if I still can..... I am not currently ready for battle, as I might have Ky make one or two Pokemon so I'm prepared.
  10. Halo siera 117

    Pokemon Fan-fic Sign-up

    Lol, I am the first on not to have a water type. I'll replace Abra with Gyrados. And on a side note, Scyther doesn't evolve, while all the rest that can will.
  11. Halo siera 117

    Pokemon Fan-fic Sign-up

    Name: Karl Age: 12 Gender: Male Pokemon on team: chikorita: Heracross, Scyther, Eevee(Espeon), Charmander, Abra Location: Pokemon center outside of MT. Silver Appearance: Tall; black, eyebrow lenght, hair; dark clothed; (despite the other things, he looks like a nice person), not skinny, but not...
  12. Halo siera 117

    Your Favorite Video Games

    5. Halo Wars (A VERY underrated game) 4. Pokemon Gold 3. FF III DS 2. CoD 4 MW 1. Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past Honorable mentions: Halo 3 MW2 CoD: WaW Any Pokemon game that isn't RSEl BFBC2 AoL OoT Ratchet: Deadlocked SSBM Link's Awakening Portal: Still Alive
  13. Halo siera 117

    Which Pokemon Do You Always Have In Your Party?

    I always have a different party every game, but in Gold (my first Pokemon game) I always had: Meganium, Scyther, Dodrio, Espeon, Rakiou, and Quagsire (MH Slave).
  14. Halo siera 117


    My favorite is definitely Death Note by far. But Bleach is pretty awesome.
  15. Halo siera 117

    When Do You Plan on Getting Spirit Tracks?

    December 26, 2009, I know the exact date, hurray! I didn't ask for it for Chistmas, but I know my grandmother gives me a ton of money every Chistmas, so ST will be the very fist in the cart at Gamestop!
  16. Halo siera 117

    A Link to the Past GBA Vs. Virtual Console

    The GBA version has a lot more fetures than the SNES version had, like palace of the four swords, and such. Although the VC is the closest you can get to actually playing it on the SNES, even though I actaully have the game on the SNES, I tend to play GBA version a lot more.....
  17. Halo siera 117

    The Awesomeness That is Knowlee! :)

    I decided for my 100 posts I would celebrate with a new Avatar! Type: avatar Background: similar to the sigs pattern (but not the same). Character: http://www.hyrulerealm.net/offiart/lttp/agahnim.jpg Words: all I need is your name in the corner to certify that you actually made it...
  18. Halo siera 117

    Should I Pick Up Links Awakening DX or a Link to The Past

    Please do yourself a favor, and buy A Link to the Past. I could rant on how you should pick up Alttp over LA, or tell you how good it is (I'll just give you one example, Alttp is my favorite game, any hints?). Just get Alttp, play it, then thank yourself.
  19. Halo siera 117

    What Would You Change?

    I think that Petman hit the nail on the head, I also think that Zant should have played a bigger roll the rest of the game after you beat him, like helped Ganon in one of the Ganondorf fights (as there was plenty).
  20. Halo siera 117

    Muramasa: The Demon Blade

    I've heard this game is really good, especailly the music and the art styles stand out the most. It has just so much story and action. This game is really amazing and should be noticed by gamers around the world.
  21. Halo siera 117

    Have You Beaten AoL

    Nope, I didn't ever beat it. That doesn't mean I'm not trying though. Aol is a very difficult game that I sure hope that I one day beat, as it is on most "Top 10 Hardest Video Games Of All Time" lists.
  22. Halo siera 117

    What would you think is the most boring Zelda Game ever?

    I would say PH anyday on that one. It wasn't very long or hard at all. The sailing was down right terrible and uterly boring.
  23. Halo siera 117

    Final Fantasy III (NDS)

    I'm trying to get back on my feet, I'm only at the drawven cavern, but I was too under leveld so I decided to grind a bit. I'm doing my favorite class combination for the starting island at least, White Mage/ Black Mage/ Warrior(ranged)/ warrior(melee). right now they're all at level sixteen...
  24. Halo siera 117

    What Game Had THE BEST !!! Soundtrack

    I'd say definetly ALTTP for just two thatr definetly are the most amazing thing you'd've ever heard! Dark overworld and Dark Moutain and Skull forest.
  25. Halo siera 117

    PH Sun Key and Crest Help

    I'm pretty sure you were supposed to draw it yourself, I'm sorry to say.
  26. Halo siera 117

    Link to the Past 4 Swords for Gameboy

    I belive This would go in the game help section but I'm not sure. The temple is ju8st there for a challenge once you beat Ganon and 4 Swords. It is possible to reach that place without playing 4 Swords called the Mirror glitch and is tough to master, but it is befinetly accesssible with the...
  27. Halo siera 117

    Pokemon League!

    Kyby won against me with a turn around victory. I'm hopping to battle Mases next. EDIT: what a great day! Mases won against me too! Now I' m 0-2 EDIT: My luck just keeps going and going! I Just lost to Josh! 0-3 LAST EDIT: I am offcailly widthdrawing from the tournament, there is no chance...
  28. Halo siera 117

    Final Fantasy III (NDS)

    FF III DS was my favorite in the whole series! It is my favorite DS game too! I haven't been playing it for a long time for a little accident: I was grinding in the crystal placace place for a long time, then I decided to take a break and play through the game again on another save file...
  29. Halo siera 117

    Saddest Zelda Scene

    I'd have to say the opening scene for Alttp, it just so dreary and sad!
  30. Halo siera 117

    Fear.....it Gets the Best of Us.

    I'd say in Oot, the dinalfos miniboss, but thats it for Oot or MM. In Alttp the lynals always initmidate me.
  31. Halo siera 117

    Spoiler Favorite Cutscene

    I'd say the one in alttp where Agahnim sends Zelda to the Dark World.
  32. Halo siera 117

    DSi or DS Lite

    I'd go with the DS lite. Dual slot is just too much to give up, If I get rid of my GBA then I'll have to keep it.
  33. Halo siera 117

    Ocarina of Time OOT Temples Music= Creepy?

    The forest temple's music was outright creepy, not only that but on my first try of the temple, it took days to beat forcing me to listen to the horrid music, when I had finnaly completed the dungeon I was SO thankful that I would never hear that music again.
  34. Halo siera 117

    Shows You Watched During a Younger Age

    Wow, I felt the same way, It was good the first few seasons then it got worse, Theres just not the style there used to be.
  35. Halo siera 117

    Favorite Sword

    I prefer the golden sword, I don't know what about that makes me love it more than the Biggron's sword, It may be because Alttp was my first game.
  36. Halo siera 117

    The Spinner!

    The spinner was by far the funnest wepon of the game but yet lacked any porpuse but to fight stallord, I would use it non-stop if you could throw it like a boomerang, stunning, possibly killing the enemy and then coming back to you to use it again would be great, but were talking about what IS...
  37. Halo siera 117

    Ocarina of Time Phantom Ganon - 20 Times

    For me that was the hardest boss in th entire game! I could never figure out which painting he was about to come out of, at least I knew to stand in the corners or it would have taken me twenty times to beat him.
  38. Halo siera 117

    Have You Ever Met a Famous Person?

    I once saw Jeff Dunham preform live. It was amazing.
  39. Halo siera 117

    Conductor Link or Green Tunic Link?

    A conductor suit? really, is that what Nintendo was thinking? I myself COMPLETELY disagree with this and am with the green tunic always. No questions asked.
  40. Halo siera 117

    Tingle. Good, evil, or on something?

    Tingle is always evil (and he's on something, but still pure evil!). Tingle is a Genius mastermind who stoll the maps from passerbyers, and selling them to you at a high price. At the end of the game he tried to kill you but couldn't seeing as you were awesomes.
  41. Halo siera 117

    The Legend of Zelda: Destiny's Hand

    This is Amazing! Especially the new parts added on to make it even better and stand out. You Even Detailed the weaponry well.
  42. Halo siera 117

    Which version of OoT do you own?

    I own th VC version. I've always wanted a N64 but I just couldn't get one. As for why I don't own the other versions are that I just didn't feel like paying more for the same game.
  43. Halo siera 117

    Future Console Zeldas: More or Less Items?

    I like have a somewhat large amount of Items (but not as much as TP's item collection), and upgrading them. I love upgrades!
  44. Halo siera 117

    Who Would Win?

    Alright TVT Master I give up although Alttp still has a chance like they all do, But he definetly wouldn't get last place, he just might not win.
  45. Halo siera 117

    The Awesomeness That is Knowlee! :)

    This......is........Amazing! I wish I could repay you somehow (well I did use spell check), this is just so awesome Knowlee! The colors blend perfectly together with Agahnim! Thank You So Much!
  46. Halo siera 117

    Favorite Boss in ALttP

    All The bosses were entertaining and fun But trinexx was SO awesome to me! I have nothing negative to say about trinexx .
  47. Halo siera 117

    Handling Magic and Levelling Up

    Wow then I guess That training method really works if we both use it. Another method I used very early on in the game was going to a forest patch near the first town and if you got spear moblin, (the ones that don't give exp) go to the middle and continue to kill them and eventule you'll have...
  48. Halo siera 117

    The Hero's Shade.

    My theory is That he is Alttp Link because if you place Alttp on the Adult time line he would still exist on the other time line since Oot link Saved Hyrule and Terminia he would still live but have nothing to do, because hyrule then was safe but during the events of TP he tryed but couldn't...
  49. Halo siera 117

    Handling Magic and Levelling Up

    After they first place I would grind on Goriyas tell 4 or 5 in each catagory. Then after getting to the Eastern area I would gring on teketites untill max skills, and then It's just luck and skill from there.
  50. Halo siera 117

    Who Would Win?

    1. The Lamp can destroy Hinoxes the second strongest enemie in the game FYI. 2. The Golden sword can destroy the second strongest and the strongest enemies in the game, The Lynels and "Those Bomb-Throwing Guys". 3. Do you really think he could loss while using that? C'mon That thing makes Ganon...
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