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  1. Akiranon

    2016: Huge Year For Gaming

    Wait, games are coming out this year? I've been living under a rock, so I wouldn't really know about what games are coming out. Hmmm.... Let's see: After the debacle that was Final Fantasy XIII it's really hard for me to be excited about another Final Fantasy game. Although I did enjoy Final...
  2. Akiranon

    How old are you?

    I was 18 when I joined the forums. I'm 26 right now... and yes, I do feel like an old man compared to some of you. Holy crap.
  3. Akiranon

    Can You Wink With Both Eyes (separately)?

    I can do something better than that: I can wink with both my eyes at the same time! ... Wait, you're telling me that's called blinking? Lame. Anyway, I can wiggle my ears, raise my eyebrows independently, I can wink with both my eyes. Do I win a prize now? :>
  4. Akiranon

    Public Toilets

    Oh yeah! What I end up doing a lot is going into one of the stalls and try to go there. That seems to work for me sometimes, but I totally recognize the standing at a urinal WANTING to go, but for some weird reason you just can't because people are around. Nothing will come out. It's so annoying!
  5. Akiranon

    Public Toilets

    Fact: you've never really seen the bottom of the barrel until you visit a public restroom on the German Autobahn. The things that I've seen... The things I wish I could forget,,, Dear Lord. I have this weird *ahum* 'fear' of urinating when other people are in the same room. Thus it's kind of...
  6. Akiranon

    Have You Ever Thought of Using a Dating Site

    I tend to avoid social media websites like the plague. Hell, I don't even have a Facebook account anymore. The whole idea of dating websites just seems like something that's so easy to exploit to me. I've heard numerous reports of people getting scammed online from these kind of websites. They...
  7. Akiranon

    How Often Do You Complain?

    I always complain. It's not that I really want to, either. It's just that during work; college; chores; basically anything that requires a small amount of effort... I complain! To be honest, it's probably something I took over from my dad. He always complains about everything, too.
  8. Akiranon

    Cocoa, Tea, or Coffee?

    Coffee is my fuel when I work. It keeps me going on those long days. Tea I drink with my mom sometimes. I like 'em both!
  9. Akiranon

    A Link Between Worlds If Zelda 3DS Was Played Like ST or PH with Stylus ONLY, How Would You Feel...?

    Make a formal complaint to Nintendo. Seriously, I really don't want to go through something like forced motion controls again. There are buttons and a circle pad on the 3DS, Nintendo. Use them.
  10. Akiranon

    Backwards Compatability; Do You Think It Could Be A System Seller Next Gen?

    It's not a deal breaker for me. I find myself playing the games on original hardware most of the time. The backwards compatability on the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 was horrendous, anyway. The only real way to include it on modern consoles is by either including the old hardware, or by...
  11. Akiranon

    Uglyiest Console in Your Eyes

    I top your Jag with the Jag + CD. Looks like a certain something that human fecel matter is normally dumped in. Look at what you've done! You've made the poor thing cry! It's been through so much already, do you like to hurt its feelings?! You-- MONSTER! Seriously though, while...
  12. Akiranon

    What Remakes Do You Want?

    Preferably none. Although I appriciate remakes and ports (I know a lot of people hate them, but if it makes a rare game work on modern hardware, then I don't really mind), I don't think we should focus on endlessly releasing the same game. I think that a lot of the charm in classic games lies in...
  13. Akiranon

    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai. Quite the brilliant sequel. I've been putting this off for a long time (mainly because of the gory nature of the anime), but I've found the story to be really enjoyable. Should have watched it long ago.
  14. Akiranon

    What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

    Trust me, I'm 23, and I wish I could be a kid again! D: Being an adult is overrated. I mean, you have to work! And pay taxes! It's horrible!
  15. Akiranon

    Eating in Class

    Well, that's why they invented a little thing called a lunch break. It kind of bothers me when people are eating during lecture. A lot of people in my college love to eat their lunch during class time and use their lunch break to do something else. Why? Because screw logic. That's why.
  16. Akiranon

    Handheld Zelda Games VS. Non-Handheld Zelda Games

    Favorite Handheld Zelda: Link's Awakening Perhaps a weird choice considering it's also the first handheld Zelda game, but Link's Awakening has an atmosphere unknown to the other Zelda games. The main reason I like it so much is because it truly tried to do something different and groundbreaking...
  17. Akiranon

    Worst Video Game of All Time.

    Definitely Superman 64. Unlike most of you, I actually played the game before I knew it was terrible. My parents rented it for me once when I was younger. Needless to say I returned the game the same day. I felt bad for my parents, but that game is just unplayable. Sonic the Hedgehog '06 is a...
  18. Akiranon

    What Languages Do You Know?

    The four languages that I speak fluently are Dutch, English, German, and Drunken Gibberish.
  19. Akiranon

    Coke or Pepsi?

    Screw both, Dr. Pepper is where it's at! On a more serious note (well, how serious can you really get about sodas ô.o), it doesn't really matter to me what cola I drink. As long as it isn't the store's own brand, then I really don't mind it much at all. Cola is cola to me: a drink to ruin my...
  20. Akiranon

    Pokémon Games That You Disliked?

    As a kid growing up in the 90s I grew up with the original games. Those games really defined my childhood in a way. They taught me to socialize with classmates to get the best Pokémon from my friends. Well, I would do that, only if the link-port on my Gameboy wasn't broken. :< Anyway, the last...
  21. Akiranon

    The Deal Breaker

    If the next game is going to have motion controls again, then I'm going to be very disappointed. Don't get me wrong, I really did like the controls in Skyward Sword, but there's something about the controls now that feels gimmicky. I've been using a regular controller all my life and that's...
  22. Akiranon

    How Tall (short) Are You?

    6'1" Dutch people tend to be tall, apparently.
  23. Akiranon

    Was Navi or Any of the Companions Really Annoying? I Think... NO!

    Even before the internet Navi really bothered me. I always hated how she kept pestering me to go to places, even though she had already told me the same thing mere moments ago. The endless repeating of her lines angered me. My parents can account for that. I didn't like her voice very much...
  24. Akiranon

    Rate the Siggy!

    9/10 Very true, even though I own both consoles. =P
  25. Akiranon

    Ideas for Getting Money by the 20th

    From what I hear the local Media Markt (big electronics chain over here in the Netherlands) will have around 100 limited edition Zelda bundles. So, yeah, not sure if it's all that limited edition. The reason I was wondering about it was because I don't get my paycheck until the end of the month...
  26. Akiranon

    ZeldaDungeon Vs. ZeldaUniverse

    Zelda Universe? Oh, the site that sold out! Yeah, I remember those guys... Donations and all for a new... What was it? Forum skin, I think? 10,000 Dollars. That's right. Oh yeah, great site with a GREAT community! *cough* I have an account there, but I never felt the need to settle in. The...
  27. Akiranon

    Worst Age Group?

    Definitely middle-aged. Looking forward on getting up each day to work my *** off so I can pay the rent. Hooray! It does have the advantage of having a stable life, but in the end it's a good 40 years of working five days a week (if that) and trying to stay afloat. *sigh* Unless you get a really...
  28. Akiranon

    Is My Voice Annoying?

    Your voice is good. It's fairly deep, but that's what makes it easy to listen to. Be glad that you don't sound like a 12 year old like 70 percent of the people on Youtube do. :p Ignore comments on youtube about accents, because apparently we're all from America and aren't allowed to speak with...
  29. Akiranon

    What Changes to the Series Would Ruin Zelda for You?

    I'd have to say that the current Zelda formula hasn't really changed a lot over the years. The core formula; adventuring in a big overworld while being driven by a strong storyline is still there. In fact, if anything, the series has only really evolved over the years. The biggest changes...
  30. Akiranon

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    Hey, I was wondering if you would like to share that wallpaper. :) I really like it and would love to have it on my crappy Windows PC. XD Anyway, here's mine:
  31. Akiranon

    Ocarina of Time Italian Ocarina Of Time

    Europe has always been a market with huge potential, but because of disappointing sales of the NES and SNES Nintendo sort of didn't give them a lot of priority. There's also the fact that pretty much every country uses their own language, and the fact that localizing stuff costs money. It wasn't...
  32. Akiranon

    Ocarina of Time Japanese Promo Site and AMAZING NEW ARTWORK (Not Fan-Done)

    Reminds me of My Little Pony, lol. I don't know, it's the flashy bright colours! XD Either that, or Peggle, haha! Nah, just kidding. Looks pretty good, though I would have prefered a somewhat darker style. This is good too, though!
  33. Akiranon

    Ocarina of Time New Ocarina of Time 3DS Info

    Yeah, I'm quite curious about that as well. Regardless, this is some fantastic news. Especially the improved framerate and the fact that they're no longer using bitmaps is something I'm really looking forward to! :) Looks like I'll have to buy a 3DS anyway. xD
  34. Akiranon

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time 3D's Rating

    Is the colour of blood really that important? You see it... what? Three seconds or so at the end of the game? Whoop-de-doo. I couldn't care less about that. As long as they stay true to the original and don't stray away from it too much, then I'll be satisfied. I don't find it surprising that...
  35. Akiranon

    Ocarina of Time Italian Ocarina Of Time

    The big five languages, yeah. Normally when a game is in more than language, it has a little logo on the backcover of the casing. I don't really remember what it looks like right now, but it's a circle made of uh... five flags and it says multi-5 in the center. If a game has that, then you can...
  36. Akiranon

    Ocarina of Time Should They Make the Great Fairy Good-looking in OOT3D?

    What's so scary about jiggling boobs, lol? That's what they do in real life... Gravity and all. xD
  37. Akiranon

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    I love Windows XP. Even though this thing could easily run Windows 7, I'm sort of glad it can run Windows XP also. ;P http://i54.tinypic.com/29279d2.jpg
  38. Akiranon

    Ocarina of Time Should They Make the Great Fairy Good-looking in OOT3D?

    Personally, I've always thought the great fairies from OoT were awesome! They're all cool, neat, and superb looking. I don't know. There seems to be the common stereotype that fairies are beautiful creatures, but surely not all fairies are beautiful. There have to be some uglier ones, too! It's...
  39. Akiranon

    Real Music

    Good music is being produced these days, you just have to know where to look. ;D A lot of the indie bands make good music, they just don't get recognized because - as mentioned before - artists like Kesha and Lady Gaga are more popular. Since they're popular, they're interesting for the music...
  40. Akiranon

    Most Attractive Characters

    Thinking about this, there have always been three rather lovely ladies that I've fancied (>=D ) from the Zelda games. First of all there's Marin from Link's Awakening... To put it bluntly, her character is rather flat like a cartboard cutout... but there's something about her appearance that...
  41. Akiranon

    Ocarina of Time What Did Navi Do for 7 Years??

    In fact, Navi was bugging Talon - Malon's father - for years trying to wake him up. Endless shouts of 'HEY! LISTEN!' were not enough to wake the grumply old man from his sleep however. Perhaps Navi simply slept for seven years, due to the fact that she's constantly awake (like Link) and simply...
  42. Akiranon

    Ocarina of Time Who is the Cutest Female Character in OOT?

    Now, I could make some big post about why I think my favorite Zelda girl it the best, but I feel that it doesn't really require much text. So here you have it: I want to make older Malon my wife, but she's a little rough around the edges and I already have a girlfriend anyway.
  43. Akiranon

    The Member Fact Game

    Has made a post that's exactly three words long.
  44. Akiranon

    The Legend of Zelda Legend of Zelda:the Iphone Adventure?

    Not that it's ever going to happen, but I think it would be sort of meh... I have an iPhone, and I can tell you that the phone is fine for simple games that don't require much effort, but for more advanced games you really do need buttons. Especially for a game like Zelda, I think being able to...
  45. Akiranon

    What Are You Planning On/actually Doing with Your Life?

    My ultimate goal would be... well, it would be... being a professional slacker. Getting paid for laying on the couch checking TV and playing video games. That is why I'm currently pursuing a degree in 'couchioligy'. A very interesting and diverse topic that doesn't get enough attention. Does the...
  46. Akiranon

    Rate the Siggy!

    Looks good! She's from... uh... Fire Emblem, right? 9/10!
  47. Akiranon

    Christmas Loot!

    You know, I was never raised the way you guys are. Christmas for us meant being together with family and the ones you love, not about all the loot you got under the tree from old Saint Nick. As a child I never once received a gift for Christmas. The only thing we guys would do is hold a big...
  48. Akiranon

    Rate the Siggy!

    Looks good! That's... well, that has to be Sora from KH. Unless my memory is messing with me! :P I like the dual renders. 9/10
  49. Akiranon

    Name Game

    Akiranon Akiranon akkirzsnlon zbgcdz bvv c Do you guys have tiny elbows or something?? How in the world can you even capitalize your letters that way?
  50. Akiranon

    What is the Best Message Board for General Discussion?

    I believe you have found your home here at ZD.
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