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  1. Vanessa28

    What Annoyed You Today?

    A long journey by car. Now we're heading to austria
  2. Vanessa28

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    On our way to Croatia for our holidays
  3. Vanessa28

    What are you currently eating?

    Currently eating at a KFC in Germany. We're heading to Croatia for a holiday so we have to eat something
  4. Vanessa28

    Your Unexplained Encounters

    That's why we can count on you Dizzi :D
  5. Vanessa28

    Your Unexplained Encounters

    Yep, still relevant to reply :P I had a very weird experience back in okt 1995. My mom and me were cleaning a school. It was a school for kids ready to join the navy. It had 3 floors and these floors were connected by stairs made of stone with a marble pattern. It was around 6.30 pm and we...
  6. Vanessa28

    What Is Your Favorite Architectural Style?

    Gotic and roman ate beautiful. But I also like baroque and edwardian style
  7. Vanessa28

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Going to the store to get needed groceries and STILL forgetting something I planned to buy weeks before...
  8. Vanessa28

    Bags o' bags!!

    Backpack!! I hate it over my shoulder and I don't mind carrying it on my back. Everything's out of the way and I got hands free
  9. Vanessa28

    Sexy-cuters? Secateurs?? Garden scissors?!? Whatever!!

    When it come to english words I Google them. Spell checker on my phone is in dutch because I'm dutch. And if google doesn't show me how it's written I'll write it down and see if someone corrects me :) *Dizzi helps :D
  10. Vanessa28

    Do You Still Enjoy Cartoons As An Adult?

    Oh hell yes! Some cartoons are more funny and interesting than daily tv shows or even movies. And if there's one thing so important in life it's keeping your inner child alive. So yeah, I definitely enjoy watching cartoons
  11. Vanessa28

    The Spirit Mask Shop

    Wow! That really looks awesome! You certainly have grown a lot! These were all cool from the start but are now even more beautiful :D
  12. Vanessa28

    Terrible Legend of Zelda Jokes/Puns Thread

    What's the name of Ganondorf's pet? Helmaroc
  13. Vanessa28

    you in a song...

    To me the one song that describes my life so far is Roar by Katy Perry. The one song that describes my attitude towards life in general is Have it all by Jason Mraz. I love that song so freaking much
  14. Vanessa28

    Do you have a yearly book tradition like re-reading certain books around Christmas or Halloween?

    Not anymore. I used to watch Scrooge during holiday seasons. Now I watch it randomly during Spring or Summer, lol!!
  15. Vanessa28

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Sec job interview went great. After my holidays I'll start
  16. Vanessa28

    Terrible Legend of Zelda Jokes/Puns Thread

    Why doesn't Link like Spongebob? Because Octo roks What does bug Beedle? When the radio plays The Beatles Why doesn't Hestu cook anymore? He lost too many seeds Why do people like oracles? They get better through the ages Why does Tingle have extra balloons? Because Link keeps on pinning...
  17. Vanessa28

    What Made You Happy Today?

    I got the job. I start on okt the 17th. 40 hours p.w
  18. Vanessa28

    How many hours do you work and is it enough?

    I think you're in the wrong thread ;) This is about how many hours people work
  19. Vanessa28

    joke replies to junk mail???

    Nope, I don't do that because most are automatic mails and just like Cthulhu says by replying you basically confirm your info and they can even spam bomb you more. However I do feel the urge to reply but hold myself together
  20. Vanessa28

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Sec job interview this wednesday morning. Maybe I know more just before my holidays which start upcoming saturday :D Mr Vee is already stressed for wednesday. I told him to relax and calm down
  21. Vanessa28

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 582!

    That's a tough one. I used many items a lot but my fav might be the hookshot
  22. Vanessa28

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Still ToTK. But I’m planning to get the new Mario game to get Mr Vee playing along. Of course one can dream
  23. Vanessa28

    By accident or maybe a little help?

    So currently I work in a cleanroom (laundry) and when one cleanroom (we got 5) closes we need to clean it and also collect samples we hand over to the lab. By the end of the shift we get a big plastic box containing 10 big and 6 small sample kits. This is for the next day. And we have a box for...
  24. Vanessa28

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    So next wednesday (on my late moment birthday) I have the sec job interview. I don't hate my current job but I love to be outside and be on my own
  25. Vanessa28

    Monday morning blues

    Tell me why I don't like mondays Tell me why I don't like mondays Yeah, I really got the monday morning blues
  26. Vanessa28


    A hobby is something you enjoy doing. It can be anything. As long as you really love doing to spend your free time it's a hobby. So yeah I count gaming and reading as hobbies
  27. Vanessa28

    What are you currently eating?

    Just finished lunch. Sandwich and a banana. Always bring a banana to the party :D
  28. Vanessa28

    Do you have problem with characters that don't age?

    It depends. If a character in a show spend years and years and stays young it can be annoying. But when it's unclear in a show how many years passed I don't really bother.
  29. Vanessa28

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Headaches is what I hate. Especially in the morning when you've to work all day
  30. Vanessa28

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Waiting for an answer about my job interview last thursday. They'll let me know asap.
  31. Vanessa28

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 581!

    Snow area for sure
  32. Vanessa28

    Tears of the Kingdom What Are You Doing in TotK?

    Right now I'm doing the monster collection quest. I only need one more to finish this quest. Then only the mini quests remain and the Destroy Ganondorf quest. I'm also searching for all remaining armor and koroks. Then I'm going to take on Big G.
  33. Vanessa28

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Not even running but sprint to the restroom while being busy working
  34. Vanessa28

    Favorite Real Life Cities You Have Traveled To So Far ?

    NYC for me. I really enjoyed it a huge lot. I still have to visit more countries and cities of course. In my country I enjoy the city I currently live in
  35. Vanessa28

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Last day of the week and then weekend again. A lot of things to do. First thing to do is to arrange an appointment with the vet for Yuga's yearly shot. Then running some errands and then I'll see. Possibly cross stitching and playing TotK
  36. Vanessa28

    I'd be cool with the next Zelda game being in First Person.

    Only if there's an option to switch between modes.
  37. Vanessa28

    Which Wind Waker bundle would you pick?

    The Zelda Bundle for sure! I don't care about Metroid so I rather go for the games I do play :D
  38. Vanessa28

    Tears of the Kingdom Do You recommend this game as a Zelda Starting Place?

    I wouldn't recommend it as a starting game. It's a great game but as a starting point I would rather recommend doing SS first because it's the first in the time line
  39. Vanessa28

    If you could give Redeads a makeover a la Gibdo in TotK, what would you change about them?

    They're dead and basically walking corpses. I would make them look like zombies. Very scary and terrifying
  40. Vanessa28

    What Are You Doing In Zelda?

    Still playing TotK. I finished all main quests and am hunting treasure chests. Still not in a hurry to defeat the big G
  41. Vanessa28

    trying to sign up and do the waiting game for sites like IGN and Neoseeker are annoying

    There are browsers like Opera with a vpn option build in. Or a vpn plug in
  42. Vanessa28

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Mr Vee is going to start his Pokemon Diamond Painting. The exact same thing as I'm working on now (cross stitch). It's going to be huuuuuuuge! Almost two meters!
  43. Vanessa28

    Do You Know Anyone Named Link in Real Life?

    Nope, no Link here as far as I know. Zelda is more common
  44. Vanessa28

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    And another week started. To be off 3 days a week is cool but time flies :P
  45. Vanessa28

    Gonna stitch them all! Updated

    And page 2 is almost finished! Because after this pic I stitched more to it so I hope to get page 2 finished before the end of this month
  46. Vanessa28

    Tears of the Kingdom What Are You Doing in TotK?

    All treasure chests in Hyrule Castle and below are found. Funny thing is, I spent the last 3 days to search through Hyrule Castle to find the last piece of royal guard armor...only to realize later I already had it in my inventory 0.o Now I'm hunting for more treasure chests across the map while...
  47. Vanessa28

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 577!

    Yep, same answer here. MC sleep winst this one
  48. Vanessa28

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Yeah stupid auto correct. It always does this
  49. Vanessa28

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Or.... he's an allen! He is checking the world 0-o
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