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  1. Trio the Punch

    Spoiler Favorite NPCs

    Beetle, Tingle (unless he doesn't count), The thicc Zora Queen from LBW, the Happy Mask Salesman in OoT, the Bombchu lady from OoT, Salvatore, pretty much all of the ones from Tri Force Heroes, Batreaux, and the hot girl in SS who gets stuck on that island.
  2. Trio the Punch

    Breath of the Wild How happy are you that Gorons, Gerudo and Zoras are returning in BotW

    I am really really sick of Gorons and Zoras. They jumped the shark with Twilight Princess, for me. I'd much rather every Zelda game have totally original races, in the same way that I want each Zelda game to have totally original locales, dungeons, and stories. If the Gorons and Zoras are in...
  3. Trio the Punch

    Favourite Goron

    I like dat secret Goron with the cool clothes from Wind Waker. They seem like they got something really cool in that pack and I wanna get in there.
  4. Trio the Punch

    Which Manga Are You Currently Reading?

    Right now I'm slowly catching up on a bunch of stuff I'm way behind on, as well as reading a few series as they release. Berserk, which will certainly not be finished before Miura dies in a pile of Idol Master Doujinshi, so I'm gearing up to be disappointed by a flaccid non-ending here in a...
  5. Trio the Punch

    Airing Subbed Anime on Toonami

    I think when the quality of most current English dubs is as god-awful as it is, subbed would be the preferable way to watch most any show. That said, it's really easy to find pretty much any anime subbed almost anywhere on the internet these days, so if they wanted to be a spot just for dubs I...
  6. Trio the Punch

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    I just finally watched a movie that I'd been recommended like 100 times, Upstream Color, and it was pretty great. For some reason I always blew off recommendations of it and skipped over it when I went hunting for movies, and I think that's just because of the incredibly vague description and...
  7. Trio the Punch

    Make a Clickbait Title out of the above user's name

    WOW UNBELIEVABLE!! Did he really put his DJINN in the....????
  8. Trio the Punch

    What games do you want to see on the Switch?

    There's a lot I'd like to see, but the only thing I can think of that hasn't been said by anyone yet that really NEEDS to happen is a new gosh dang Punch Out game. I don't know why this franchise isn't being milked harder, Punch Out on the Wii is one of the most solid overall games Nintendo has...
  9. Trio the Punch

    whats your favorite branded sweet tea

    STRONGLY RECOMMEND Pure Leaf (so long as you don't go for the super sweet). Gold Peak is aight. Peace Tea has a sweet tea flavor that is :onion: but pretend the :onion: is a fire.
  10. Trio the Punch

    When you're not waiting for Zelda

    As a big fan of the manga Berserk, the band Tool, and the cinematic works of Quentin Tarantino I am never EVER free of the torment of waiting for things to come out. Some of the games I had been waiting for other than Zelda were FFXV and Last Guardian, but those actually DID come out, which I...
  11. Trio the Punch

    Your Favorite Nintendo Series' in Order

    Oh, yeah, absolutely. Not saying you should revise your answer, by any means. Just being pedantic for fun.
  12. Trio the Punch

    Your Favorite Nintendo Series' in Order

    This is top series' though, not top IP's. To be fair.
  13. Trio the Punch

    Your Favorite Nintendo Series' in Order

    1. Punch Out 2. Zelda 3. Mario 4. Smash 5. Metroid (haven't played many Metroid games, but they are fantastic. I like Castlevania more, but that's a Konami series, so it's probably busy being cut up and sold to the Pachinko fiends)
  14. Trio the Punch

    Play Hyper Light Drifter

    Are you playing Hyper Light Drifter? No? Play it then, you dingus. It's out on Steam, and it will be on PS4 eventually. Hopefully it will get a Vita release. There's a very small chance it will get a Wii U release, at some point. It's essentially a top down Zelda game, with a speed-boost...
  15. Trio the Punch

    I must still have a residual SB ban or something, then.

    I must still have a residual SB ban or something, then.
  16. Trio the Punch

    I've never seen a back-down so cowardly as that ending.

    I've never seen a back-down so cowardly as that ending.
  17. Trio the Punch

    TPHD-Wii U Predict Twilight Princess HD's Metacritic Score

    That would all be cool. Something to control the day/night cycle would be appreciated as well. Not enough for me to rebuy a game I already own, but enough for me to recommend that version of the game to folks who don't own any version of it. I don't know if the tears of light should be...
  18. Trio the Punch

    TPHD-Wii U Predict Twilight Princess HD's Metacritic Score

    The critics score might be over 85, but I'd like to think the public would float somewhere below an 80. It seems even more pointless than WWHD to me, and so far it looks pretty gross visually, so I hope that people won't give it too much love and encourage more stupid remakes and remasters...
  19. Trio the Punch

    General Gaming Quiz

    Ooh, I know that one. "Wander and the Colossus".
  20. Trio the Punch

    What Upcoming Game Are You Most Excited For?

    The Last Guardian is the only game on the horizon that I feel like I absolutely /have/ to play. Team Ico are easily some of my favorite devs.
  21. Trio the Punch

    Habits you picked up from fictional characters

    I put my pinky out when I drink because of Spongebob.
  22. Trio the Punch

    What's your "go to" game?

    Wind Waker. HOW IS WIND WAKER NOT ON THE LIST? I've played Wind Waker like ten times through, which is the most of any game I've ever played. It's one of my favorite games of all time and I will fight anyone who says it's not the hypest ****.
  23. Trio the Punch

    The Confession Thread *SERIOUS REPLIES*

    I kicked my cat a few weeks ago. It wasn't that hard, but it was hard enough to get her to **** off for the rest of the night. I feel a little bad about it, but she's also a complete piece of **** cat.
  24. Trio the Punch

    Do you persist with bad games?

    Yeah I don't usually finish bad games. I don't usually buy bad games either. I have a pretty good sense of whether I'll enjoy something or not. The only games I hate that I finish are important entries in series that I like. I hated Twilight Princess, but obviously I've gotta finish that. I...
  25. Trio the Punch

    Alternate endings: yay or nay

    I really don't care for alternate endings. They seem to inevitably make the entire experience less tight and I don't really like the constant in-game stress of worrying about how I might be effecting what ending I get based on whether I miss **** or not. I also don't like needing to play a game...
  26. Trio the Punch

    Spirited Away

    There are only three or four Ghibli movies I have yet to see. Spirited Away is a fantastic film and the soundtrack is really good, but my favorite is probably Princess Mononoke. I also really enjoyed My Neighbors the Yamadas and Porco Rosso and Kiki's Delivery Service... and really all of them...
  27. Trio the Punch

    What Are Some Good Punk Rock Bands?

    Okay but based on what I personally value in music, punk is entirely garbage. I haven't been taught to think any specific way about punk, I've just heard a lot of bands that are considered punk and not found anything redeeming in it. I do like a few punk bands (Like the Warlock Pinchers and The...
  28. Trio the Punch

    Do you think that a Twilight Princess HD remake for the upcoming 10th anniversary would be good?

    I think for TP's tenth anniversary we should invent away to erase it from history so I never have to think about it again. I can instead think about puppies or something. IN HD!!!!
  29. Trio the Punch

    What are your 2015 Video Game goals?

    Beat all of the challenges and championship mode fights for every opponent in Punch Out Wii (It'll never happen though).
  30. Trio the Punch

    Button Bashers: The World of Fighting Games

    I play the **** outta some Skullgirls. It's easily my favorite fighting game (though I haven't been playing them very long). I play Filia for rushdown and Fukua for more rushdown. I suck with technical characters and I'm no good at charge inputs. People who can string together lots of specials...
  31. Trio the Punch

    What Are Some Good Punk Rock Bands?

    There are no good punk bands. If there were they wouldn't be punk anymore. I like the Warlock Pinchers.
  32. Trio the Punch

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time and Zelda II. And still kinda Punch Out but I'm stuck on the second Mr. Sandman fight.
  33. Trio the Punch

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Somebody stole my phone today. Which didn't so much annoy me as it did send me into a fit of intense homicidal rage.
  34. Trio the Punch

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    PUNCHOUT '09 *****ES!
  35. Trio the Punch

    Oh perfect, I dropped my shield in your Woolie hole. There was no time to even /use it/ because...

    Oh perfect, I dropped my shield in your Woolie hole. There was no time to even /use it/ because of all the fart gas. You know what I mean?
  36. Trio the Punch

    Can't I go to yours?

    Can't I go to yours?
  37. Trio the Punch

    Breath of the Wild What Are Your Hopes for Zelda Wii U?

    Good bosses. Hard dungeons with interesting puzzles and themes. Cool items with lots of different opportunities for use. Everything else is whatever.
  38. Trio the Punch

    Caption the Avatar Above You

    "Guys, be honest... do these sunglasses make me look like a douche?" "Well..."
  39. Trio the Punch

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    The last new movie I saw was the new Ninja Turtles. 0/10. The most offensive, atrocious piece of actual **** I've ever seen. Clearly a product of minimal thought and effort. There were huge errors in consistency and tons of oversights that should've been caught after a single take. At one point...
  40. Trio the Punch

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    My friend tried to kill himself two nights ago. He's refusing treatment and I'm super scared. DGN is a very useful distraction.
  41. Trio the Punch

    Any Favorite Music Artists OUTSIDE of the US?

    Well I'm a total weab so I like a lot of music from Japan. Including, but not limited to: Judy and Mary The Pillows Asian Kung Fu Generation Maximum the Hormone YUI High and Mighty Color From outside the US and Japan, um, I dunno. Rush. They're Canadian. Flight of the Conchords are from New...
  42. Trio the Punch


    I'm a fan! And I'm also completely caught up and stoked for season 10. c: My favorite characters are Cas, Bobby, and Crowley later on. :T
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