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  1. SinkingBadges

    Top three games that had an impact on you(of the current and previous gen)

    A Link Between Worlds - I could put BotW in here, though I feel like it mostly continued what ALBW started. Here was a beginning of an effort to mess with the established format of Zelda, by taking a lot of the items out of dungeons and offering more of a personalized path through the adventure...
  2. SinkingBadges

    Do you want TOTK more difficult?

    It would be nice to see some escalation in the difficulty beyond just higher health and attack numbers. I actually have a bit of a gut feeling regenerating health could work out fine in some cases since it encourages a more aggressive approach, just that it's a tricky thing to balance vs the...
  3. SinkingBadges

    Final Pre Launch TotK Trailer

    It's a good trailer and the editing rhythm and images give me chills, made the game look cooler than it already did. On the other hand it's a cinematic "hype" trailer which makes me distrustful on principle. Love that sax part though, totally caught me by surprise.
  4. SinkingBadges

    What Is Your Typical Reaction to Gaming "Leaks" and "Rumors"

    Huh, I assumed it was either gonna be the Metroid Prime remaster one since "reputable" leakers seem to insist on that one or the TotK OLED model one. I guess neither of those is truly confirmed then, but then again I don't follow that close. Guess I'm late for that part though. On the topic of...
  5. SinkingBadges

    What Are Some New Gameplay Mechanics You'd Like to See in Tears of the Kingdom?

    A bit more integration between the movement/climbing and the enemy encounters. The closest thing to it in BotW as it was the were Taluses, but I can't shake off a vague feeling of jankiness about them. Something approaching Shadow of the Colossus would be nice, though the climbing mechanics here...
  6. SinkingBadges

    Will the stats get carried over?

    I mean, the premise will seemingly involve fixing the Master Sword, which already assumes Link has it even though it's optional in Breath of the Wild. Would be weird if not highly unlikely for stats to carry over given that. One oddly neat wrinkle in this setup IMO would be for the Link we'll...
  7. SinkingBadges

    What do you wish Zelda did more of?

    I'd wanted to see how overworld bosses panned out since before Breath of the Wild did it. Hoping next time they do it there's a bit more variety, though that by itself was a shakeup I appreciated nonetheless. In fact, some more breaking with typical dungeon -> item -> boss structure in general...
  8. SinkingBadges

    What would it take for BotW 2 to become your new favorite/least favorite Zelda game?

    Mostly avoiding complacency and stagnation. Just as Breath of the Wild was a kick in the pants for the series to drop its "formula" and do something interesting again, my hope would be for any game following it to explore new feelings to evoke and experiences to provide. Being adventurous, as...
  9. SinkingBadges

    What's your favorite forgotten older game?

    A DS game from like 2009 called Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure. It's a platformer where you fight enemies in a Mega Man Zero style -you can shoot in front of you and have a sword, or rather cane- on the top screen, and enemies you beat get thrown down to the bottom screen where they...
  10. SinkingBadges

    Breath of the Wild If SSHD fails again will this game get a brief resurgence before BOTW2 comes?

    If what you mean is that there will be a spike in new Skyward Sword opinions, I would expect that too to some degree. Especially since from what I've heard, almost everything Nintendo publishes on switch seems to sell at least decently due to new customers looking for stuff to play, so more...
  11. SinkingBadges

    Breath of the Wild How many times have you played BotW?

    At least 3 times, probably 4 or even 5. At least one of those was left unfinished though still far along and the other one is a master mode run I only picked back up a few weeks ago. I have one profile for my original file if I ever feel like going for 100% (hah, yeah right) and the other one I...
  12. SinkingBadges

    What is Your Favorite thing about Your Least Favorite Zelda Game?

    Skyward Sword has vaulting over moblin shields and I'm still hoping they make a full mechanic out of that. Oh, and Twilight Princess had that one quest before the city in the sky where you look for seals under statues or something like that, I don't remember. I find late game fetch quests...
  13. SinkingBadges

    Breath of the Wild What Are You Doing In BOTW?

    I've been jumping back in lately to try and actually finish a master mode run. Two things that come back to mind from the last time I sat with the game: I decided I'd try to climb that one tower that's surrounded by sparky wizzrobes and lizalfos. Got killed several times and used up most of the...
  14. SinkingBadges

    What options/features should be a standard for every game?

    I was surprised to see Dragon Quest XI has a plot summary at the ready for every time you start up the game to remind you what was happening last time you played. Sometimes I drop games for long periods of time and feel lost when I eventually jump back into them, so this works from the practical...
  15. SinkingBadges

    How do you feel about digital going into the 9th gen?

    Physical is in a weird spot. It feels gimped since due to day one patches there's not even a guarantee the game will ship complete on disc, at least for a while. There's also how physical console games still get copied to and read from internal storage anyways, disc being effectively more of a...
  16. SinkingBadges

    New Capcom zelda game

    Probably not that relevant, but it's funny when you notice both BotW and SS share director with both MC and the Oracle games. Probably not the biggest thing in common since it's just one staff member (as far as I know, I'm too lazy to comb the credits right now) and the games are very different...
  17. SinkingBadges

    Games you want to play again but cant

    Catherine because I don't have hard drive space for it. I've been reminding myself to get either an external hard drive or a physical copy of the game for that, never gotten around to it. At this point might as well wait until I can get the rerelease whenever... who knows when. I'm slow at this...
  18. SinkingBadges

    Rate the Last Game That You Played

    Bloodborne, which I've wanted to play for a while and only did recently. Not having played any Souls in a while, I had to relearn my old play style and then unlearn parts of it to adjust to some of BB's particular quirks. Fun times, no sarcasm. Right now I'd give it a...
  19. SinkingBadges

    Are you still following Zelda because of the good old days?

    I actually really liked ALBW and like BotW the most out of the 3D games, some of which I used to like quite a bit, and I don't think any preexisting fondness I had for the series translates for them. In fact, even though Ocarina was my intro to the series and WW used to be my favorite, I haven't...
  20. SinkingBadges

    Games you like of genres you dislike

    Deus Ex Human Revolution, which I guess is supposed to be some kind of RPG. It's a genre I generally don't like when it comes to video games. To be fair I probably like it mainly because the way I play it it's basically more of a stealth game. It's no Thief or MGS3, but it's solid due to guard...
  21. SinkingBadges

    Murder Machines- list the hardest bosses you've fought in video games

    This guy from Ys I, final boss so spoilers in case anyone ever wants to play that one: I fought him in normal mode so it was probably easier than here, although I still remember it being pretty hard even then.
  22. SinkingBadges

    Breath of the Wild What Do You Hate/Dislike About BOTW?

    Mostly getting weapons in shrines just to find out I had no empty slots left for it. Best-case scenario was usually that the weapon had good enough atk that I'd have to manually look for whatever had lowest stats, then equip it and throw it to pick up the new one. This was never a big deal, but...
  23. SinkingBadges

    Do you feel like you got enough entertainment out of your Wii U?

    I loved Bayo 1 and Wonderful 101 in it so I wouldn't say I was completely displeased. After that there's Mario 3D World, Tropical Freeze and BotW which were all good. I guess there was also Xenoblade X, which I thought was at least cute. I think I also got some VC games but the only one really...
  24. SinkingBadges

    Is titanic actually a good movie?

    Sure. Watched it all the time as a kid, even though I didn't pay attention to the plot at all. Ship sinking was the coolest **** ever.
  25. SinkingBadges

    Favourite feature in each Zelda game

    LoZ - Enemy attack patterns, specially when they get mildly shmup-like a la Gleeok. ALttP - The bosses, Moldorm and Helmasaur being some of the highlights, although the rest are mostly good. Haven't played in a while though s I could be forgetting. LA - Jumping, having power-ups although that's...
  26. SinkingBadges

    Anime: Yea or Nae?

    I like the ones that I like, don't like/don't care about the rest. I don't know what other answer there could be.
  27. SinkingBadges

    Are We Getting A Crappy Next Zelda Game?

    Agree to disagree on the WW/TP part. If anything I'd say BotW kept too much of them for my taste, like the focus on close-ended puzzles in shrines and the empty patches of overworld although it at least bothered to have decent mechanics and a few neat areas, not to mention the simplistic enemies...
  28. SinkingBadges

    Visual Novels, Ye or Ne?

    I'm not very familiar with the medium, the only ones I've tried also happen to be popular with people who don't like VNs. Mostly Ace Attorney and Professor Layton which I like, and maybe Zero Escape which I've never tried but looks neat.
  29. SinkingBadges

    Are We Getting A Crappy Next Zelda Game?

    Judging by ALBW and BotW, I don't think so. They've been doing pretty well, I'd be particularly pleased if the ALBW team takes the next one. What worries me is not so much the game being bad on its own so much as not being a significant improvement, although even that would be better than...
  30. SinkingBadges

    Turn-base combat: Are you a fan?

    A lot of games I used to like happened to have it. As far as having a curated possibility space with easy strategies that would seem to require lateral thinking at first sight, they did pretty well for me at the time. I think it's a similar appeal to what Zelda puzzles have. That said, the ones...
  31. SinkingBadges

    How much freedom do you want in Zelda Switch?

    Wind Waker is probably the worst example of how to do exploration from all the ones listed here. Sure, you can venture off the obvious path, but since you don't have the items you'll need to open the "locks" in many of the islands until later, all useful items are behind caves you can't enter...
  32. SinkingBadges

    Best Mega Man Series

    I think I'd have to go with the X series for a favorite since it's the one I've played the most of, but really with the exception of Legends (maybe because I haven't played all that much of it) I've liked all the games I've tried. Mega Man's a pretty solid series on the whole so I'd say as long...
  33. SinkingBadges

    Breath of the Wild Champions Ballad Reveal and Discussion

    I might be late answering but I'll reply because I don't think any reply so far goes in-depth enough. I think my reasons are relatively spoiler-free but I'll put them in a tag just in case. I think this one is at least much less annoying than the sword trials because: Overall I'd say it was...
  34. SinkingBadges

    What game is too hard for you?

    The Wonderful 101, I love it but I suck at it. Died in hard mode to the turtles in the early levels. I go back to it every now and then though.
  35. SinkingBadges

    Do you visit older entries in a series?

    There's definitely times when older entries are better, so yeah. I might also occasionally play series that interest me in release order, but I'd have to know plenty about them beforehand or be really sure that they interest me. That last thing I don't do very often but it's how I got into MGS...
  36. SinkingBadges

    2017 Game Of The Year Awards

    They're a thing alright. It's cool for games that people like to get praise. I see people getting salty over them sometimes, which doesn't seem worthwhile even if I were to disagree with whatever game gets them. Besides, I can't play everything that comes out each year. This year for example...
  37. SinkingBadges

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    My shoulders and the clicking sound they're making. It's not painful so I'm not too concerned, but it's never happened before either so yeah.
  38. SinkingBadges

    Breath of the Wild 5 enemies you would've loved to see in BotW

    Could only come up with four. Darknuts/Iron Knuckles would be the obvious one. Something with armor, something harder to stunlock other than lynels. More octoroks. I think they're fine as they are, but there are also too few. I don't remember coming across any mob that had more than one on the...
  39. SinkingBadges

    Do you enjoy time limits in games?

    They're about as good a means of forcing players to be efficient as any other in their own right. In some cases I'd say games like Katamari only work because they have a time limit to give a goal and a challenge with skills to learn to an otherwise sandboxy and, frankly, gimmicky game. I suppose...
  40. SinkingBadges

    Breath of the Wild Are your hopes for the BotW story expansion high?

    Not much, both on principle and because this just doesn't strike me as a game that values overt storytelling much, and I'm actually totally ok with that. I'd rather have an Artorias of the Abyss style expansion, but from what they've shown I assume it might not even have new enemies or maps like...
  41. SinkingBadges

    Most boring games you've ever played

    A Rockstar open world game, probably. I can see why they are popular because I can appreciate do-what-you-want sandboxes, but no part of them really feels like it's possible to have fun with or like structured play feels interesting. Maybe GTA would be fun to mod, it looks like it could be, but...
  42. SinkingBadges

    Mind blowing moments in your life

    There was one time a horse almost ran me and a friend over, must've been like 12 then. I haven't had near-death experiences since then, feels weird to think back to that and go what if I hadn't been pushed out of the way. Other than that there would be experiences with media, like the first time...
  43. SinkingBadges

    Is Zelda getting Boring?

    In retrospect, I think they were pretty boring around the TP-PH-ST-SS time, ALBW and BotW representing a bit of an upwards trajectory. Never as good as pre-OoS though.
  44. SinkingBadges

    What do you want from future NPCs in Zelda

    A skip dialogue button.
  45. SinkingBadges

    Have you Ever Made Your Own Game?

    Not anything I'd call a proper game at least, I like to try out tools for fun though. I once followed a tutorial on youtube on how to make a pong game in LWJGL and finished it, which was pretty fun. If you've never tried making a game, I'd recommend trying one of those if you have the free time...
  46. SinkingBadges

    Breath of the Wild Were you disappointed with the portrayal of the Sheikah in BotW

    I'd forgotten that they were ever a thing by now to be honest. Yiga are neat I guess.
  47. SinkingBadges

    Are you open about Your Liking of Zelda?

    Before high school, yeah like hell I was. I had a very high opinion of the games so I was also very adamant about liking them, to the point that some of the (surprisingly infrequent) mocking I got might kind of sort of have been because of that. I'm not very open about it anymore unless it comes...
  48. SinkingBadges

    Does it really matter that Splatoon 2 is so similar to the original?

    I haven't played either the first or second one so I'll be speaking generally. On principle, a good copy of a good game is still a good game. If Splatoon 2 doesn't ruin anything the previous game did, then it's not an problem of quality. What people seem to bring up here and I don't feel I can...
  49. SinkingBadges

    Breath of the Wild Beginner - Help Please?

    I'll list a couple of things I did in general that could be useful and help structure your exploration a little in case you want that. - Towers are a good first target whenever you first enter new territory. Not only because they chart sections of your map, but also because they give you a...
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