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  1. RamboZelda

    Your Favorite Restaurant

    In'n'Out, the best burger joint ever created, but you'll only find it in California, and there's a few in Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. I haven't eaten there in years, though, now that I live in the South:(. As for nicer restaurants, I love The Olive Garden and Red Robin.
  2. RamboZelda

    Which games do you really want on the Virtual Console?

    Um... They don't release Gamecube games on the VC. I always wanted Tony Hawk's Pro Skater for N64. I remember I always used to just mash buttons on the controller to do tricks.
  3. RamboZelda

    Your Favorite Pokémon?

    Jigglypuff! She's so awesome, and her health skyrockets in the games like nobody's business. I had a demon Jigglypuff in Red that knew Mega Kick, Psychic, Thunder, and Blizzard. I could take out the Elite Four and Gary with her alone. Plus, I totally own with Jigglypuff in SSBB.
  4. RamboZelda

    What Were Your Favorite Childhood Tv Shows You Used to Watch

    I don't even want to attempt to remember my favorite TV shows, but... Spongebob Hey Arnold! Danny Phantom Rocko's Modern Life Rugrats Chalk Zone My Life as a Teenage Robot Rocket Power Fairly Odd Parents As Told by Ginger I know there's more, but that's all I can remember for now.
  5. RamboZelda

    Easiest Console Game

    The Wind Waker. Hate to bag on my favorite game, but it was pretty easy. Well, it wasn't on my first play-through, but it is now. A truly challenging Zelda game should be hard even on your second or third play-through.
  6. RamboZelda

    Most Annoying Zelda Characters

    Navi was the most annoying to me. All the other characters are mostly short-lived, only being in their games for part(s) of it. Navi, though, is there for the ENTIRE game. I actually thought the postman was funny, though I desperately wish he would get some longer shorts. It's so funny to see...
  7. RamboZelda

    Graphic Requests

    ... It's amazing! Thank you so much!
  8. RamboZelda

    If You Could Have Any 3 Video Game Items

    Surprised this thread hasn't been posted in for a while. It's so cool! Master Sword- it has to be from Wind Waker, I've always wished they'd bring back the design from that game Portal Gun- portals on the cieling and floor, and you've got endless hours of fun Bunny Hood- I've never been a fast...
  9. RamboZelda

    The Wii 2 Will Surprise People

    I can't wait to see what Nintendo has in store for us. If they can do something revolutionary for the DS, like adding 3D to it, then I don't see why they can't do something revolutionary for the Wii. I just hope they don't call it Wii 2 or anything along those lines. Sounds so Sony-ish. Besides...
  10. RamboZelda

    Cell Shading Vs. Realistic Graphics

    I like the cel-shading better. I'm more into bright things, the cartoony feel. Cel-shading produces beautiful, vivid colors, and I love that so much. Maybe it's just the nostalgia talking, because TWW was the first Zelda I ever played. Not trying to put a damper on TP's graphics, which were also...
  11. RamboZelda

    Windfish = Ocean King?

    Hm, an interesting idea. I never thought of this. While we have no way of proving this, it is certainly plausable. I mean, both Links in LA and PH were at sea when they got swept up into a mysterious dream-like world.
  12. RamboZelda

    2D to 3D

    If you could have Nintendo make any 2D Zelda game into a 3D one, which one would it be? Or would you not want any to be changed? I would love Minish Cap to be made into a 3D game. It had a large overworld, so there would be lots of room to roam around. Plus, it would be really funny to see...
  13. RamboZelda

    That GREEN CAP!!!

    I understand how it wouldn't fall off in TP if Link is on the cieling. It just has to be a tight fit. What I don't understand is why it doesn't flop down when he's on the cieling. It just floats upward, as if he were still on the floor.
  14. RamboZelda

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom Come

    Hello readers! Sorry if you were expecting a fan fic, but I wanted to outline my own Zelda game plot, entitle The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom Come. This will including characters, dungeons, new sword play, and items. I'll probably end up include dialogue and actions that would happen in some major...
  15. RamboZelda

    Difficulty of the Games?

    Gotta agree with PhantomTriforce. I must have circled the dungeon enough times to travel all the way across the overworld. The Water Temple in OoT ain't got nothing on Jabu Jabu's Belly. OoA was definately harder than OoS.
  16. RamboZelda

    General Art Get Well Quilt-Card for Zeruda

    I know you don't know me Zeruda, but I hope you get better soon! I'll be praying!;) I'm no good with graphics, but hopefully this'll cheer you up!
  17. RamboZelda

    Spirit Tracks Afterthoughts

    I, personally, loved ST. It had a great story, and yeah maybe the middle of the game didn't have much plot, but no one ever complained about that over the Oracles or, if you really think about it, MM. The goal was to rescue the four giants, and that was the entire game (not counting sidequests)...
  18. RamboZelda

    Ocarina of Time Saria Question?

    Just because Saria is a child doesn't mean she's selfish and can't think of the greater good by helping Link. So maybe she is sad because she has to leave the forest, and as a Kokiri who wouldn't be? But just because she is sad about leaving the forest doesn't mean she can't be happy about...
  19. RamboZelda

    Ocarina of Time Saria Question?

    All the other sages seem fine doing it. Ruto wanted to marry Link (if Link went crazy and actually let her), but she seemed fine with becoming a sage in order to help Link. Saria was, out of the sages, Link's closest friend. I just don't think Saria would have looked at the situation with the...
  20. RamboZelda

    Ocarina of Time Saria Question?

    I'm quite confused by this. Why would Saria be unhappy about being a Sage?
  21. RamboZelda

    Is a Deep Story Line Really Necessary for Zelda?

    Story, for me, plays a huge part in motivating me to play a Zelda title. Not so much as gameplay, but story is vey important to me. I always come to a certain point in a game, and I see a cutscene or whatever that makes me go, "Oh my gosh I gotta see what happens next!" It really makes me wanna...
  22. RamboZelda

    New Boss Ideas

    I think Goro-Link's idea is pretty cool, having two opponents who can never see each other at the same time. The first part sounds pretty tough, but the second part sounds too easy. He should be doing some kind of attack when he can't see you, or make it tough to hit him with a light arrow...
  23. RamboZelda

    The Fred Movie

    Gah my sister watches Fred, and her computer is in the room next to mine, so I can always hear his high-pitched, nails-on-chalkboard voice that people think is funny. And now a MOVIE? I'll just go soundproof my room if she ever brings that movie home.
  24. RamboZelda

    The Last Airbender - My Impressions -- SPOILERS

    The original show was seriously awesome. The movie, not so much. It lacked all of the original charm, and yes, it was toooo serious (or at least it tried to be). And the actor who played Aang was no good, he had no acting experience and totally sucked the fun out of the original Aang. MY final...
  25. RamboZelda

    The Idea of Four Swords....

    I love the concept of four Links battling as one, and that is what makes me love FSA so much (I've never played FS). But Nintendo should definately do a Wii remake of FSA, but this time, make it traditional Zelda, you know, free exploration and whatnot. They should keep it 2D though. Having 4...
  26. RamboZelda

    OoT 3DS Music

    Well, I never meant that they should replace the music. I wholeheartedly agree with you, the thought of replacing OoT's music should never even cross Nintendo's mind. By "remake" I just meant a sound update.
  27. RamboZelda

    Your Favorite RPGs

    Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. The game is truly a masterpiece. It has plenty of good humor, but it also knows when to be serious. The music is spine-tingling, each piece is unique and fits in with each and every environment. While I'm on the subject of environments, the places you visited...
  28. RamboZelda

    Game Recomendations Thread

    The original Smash Bros is a must! There's no huge character roster (a measley 12) but it is still very fun nonetheless, especially if you're into classics.
  29. RamboZelda

    Your Favorite Video Game Series

    Okay, big Nintendo guy comin' through! 1) The Legend of Zelda (big shocker to see this on everyone's lists) 2) Mario (both Galaxies, and the RPG games) 3) Super Smash Bros. 4) Metroid 5) Kirby Goodness gracious, I don't have room for my favorite series! There's so many more I wanted to list...
  30. RamboZelda

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    No you. Hey, I found something even funnier than 24. What is it?
  31. RamboZelda

    Spoiler What Sex is Sheik?

    I think Sheik is female. I know it technically might not be considered canon, but Sheik's trophies in SSBM and SSBB refer to Sheik as female. The trophies are supposed to be accurate, but since they're actually not in-game, you never know.
  32. RamboZelda

    OoT 3DS Music

    I've been thinking, what kind of music are they gonna have in the OoT remake? Are they gonna recycle the music from the original, or are they going to remake the music as well? Personally, I think they'll keep the same music.
  33. RamboZelda

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    My shirt, my chair, my room, lots of stuff, really. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? (geez, that's even hard to type)
  34. RamboZelda

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but your wii crashes and there are no game stops within a hundred miles for you to buy another one. I wish someone would corrupt my wish.
  35. RamboZelda

    The Best Sidekick Ever

    Ezlo for sure. Some of the things he says are so ridiculous! Oh what I would give to see Ezlo in a 3D game...
  36. RamboZelda

    Graphic Requests

    That may be one of the greatest things I've ever seen in my existence! The shades are a very nice addition. For size, 175x250 should be fine. Thank you so much for this! I'm over 9000% positive you'll do a great job!
  37. RamboZelda

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but everyone will think you're a freak and you'll be put in a zoo in an owl cage. I wish for absolutely nothing, but I still get to keep everything that I have now.
  38. RamboZelda

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^ is in Termina < is not watching the stream, but might later V is online
  39. RamboZelda

    The ABC's of LoZ

    Yeto! The totally awesome yeti chef. Who need mirror?
  40. RamboZelda

    Favorite Princess

    TWW Zelda! She's so cool. Plus, she's got an awesome alter ego (whom I think is better than Sheik). The only thing I don't like is that she steals you light arrows! That always bugged me.
  41. RamboZelda

    Which is the Scariest?

    Bongo Bongo for me. Now THAT is one messed up dude. Thankfully he's invisible much of the battle. It's especially creepy when he dies. Ugh, just watching him melt into a disgusting black goop. *shivers*
  42. RamboZelda

    Link's Tunic

    Green. You just can't compete with the classics. Although I have to say I love Red Link's high pitched voice in FSA. I'll just put red in as a close second.
  43. RamboZelda

    Who is Better, Link or Dark Link?

    Hmm, this decision is a toughy. Link is the better one for me. He's pure awesome! But at the same time, Dark Link is pure evil awesome. Meeting Dark Link on the field of combat has always been more a reward in of itself than any reward you get for beating him. You know, Game Player 99, you...
  44. RamboZelda


    If you see a "g," it does not mean "j" Deku: dee-koo Saria: sair-ee-uh ocarina: ah-car-een-uh Rauru: rawr-oo Kafei: kay-fee Nabooru: nuh-boar-oo Twili: twie-lie twilit: twie-lit Mikau: mee-cow Aryll: air-ill Malon: may-lon Marin: mair-in Darunia: dar-oon-ee-uh Koume: koh-oom (syllables blend...
  45. RamboZelda

    Zelda Riddles

    Tetra's mother? She died, is female, and is a ruler of pirates. If I knew what "I live in not nether" meant this would be easier.
  46. RamboZelda

    Graphic Requests

    "Cool yet slightly rediculous." That sound awesome! A sketch would be deeply appreciated!
  47. RamboZelda

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but since it was never specified everyones' wishes except your's become uncorruptable. I wish wishes were fishes.
  48. RamboZelda

    Zelda Riddles

    Can I just jump in? Is it the guy who gives you the piece of heart if you relight the lighthouse? The guy standing next to the windmill?
  49. RamboZelda

    The Member Fact Game

    Is in a place where one freaked out mirror shield is.
  50. RamboZelda

    Favorite Handheld Zelda Game?

    I love Spirit Tracks so much! Zelda actually has a personality in it, and together with Link is a huge laugh. Plus, it had a good story, plenty of challenges, and had a great soundtrack.
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