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  1. Hachi

    All Newtwo Speculations and News

    Merged a bunch of Newtwo threads together, sorry for the mess. Like with Sylveon, lets keep all discussion about "Newtwo" to one thread. :)
  2. Hachi

    Possible New Mewtwo Forme?

    Except that the "leak" doesn't even have the logo to the movie it's promoting on it. =P I already spewed out everything I have to say about this on Pokemon Dungeon, but I will say that although I think the pictures are most likely not real, the possiblity ofthere being a new Mewtwo form are...
  3. Hachi

    Your Favorite Pokemons Pokeball.

    Sorry, but posting sprite edits and 'shopped pictures of glass balls you found on Googles does not make a thread. Next time use your blog please!
  4. Hachi

    Skyward Sword Windmill Baby Rattle

    Hello Gregroberts, we love receiving feedback about the Dungeon Gaming Network, but the Zelda Dungeon Facebook wall would be a better place to post this! :) Your comments will be seen by more site staff there. The forums are more for discussion topics, so I'll be closing this thread...
  5. Hachi

    WW-Wii U Why is the Wind Waker So Expensive?

    The reason it's so expensive is because the GC version is the only release that game has had so far in the 10 years of it's existence. On top of that, the GC didn't exactly have a stellar install base, so most of the people who bought the wind waker were fans and have held on to their copy. If...
  6. Hachi

    Favorite Mario Party

    Jumping on the 2 hype train! It was really fun, and I loved that there were costume themes to the levels. c: The first of course was great as well, but.... the 64 controllers that were lost in the renting of that game, as well as the center of my poor palm. :cry:
  7. Hachi

    41 Questions - A Personality Test

    Personality Test Results - 41 Questions Your personality type: "Sensitive Doer" Quiet, serious, sensitive and kind. Do not like conflict and not likely to do things which may generate conflict. Loyal and faithful. Extremely well-developed senses and aesthetic appreciation for beauty. Not...
  8. Hachi

    What Is Up With Bronies?

    Please refrain from posting if you don't have anything to contribute to the discussion. Not just in this thread, but throughout the rest of the forum as well, thanks. As a fan of MLP and someone who got her boyfriend into it, there really is nothing deeper to it than it's just a really good...
  9. Hachi

    Twilight Princess Why a Wolf?

    .....Okay. I think I'm just going to lock this now.
  10. Hachi

    What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

    The older I've gotten the more I feel like I want to be an entrepreneur of some sort. Not sure what, but a small business physically or on the internet, I tend to get bored easily if I have too much free time and like the challenge of buildings things from the ground up. I'm an artist so while I...
  11. Hachi

    Pokemon Original Series (1-151) Favorite Episode?

    This is actually a very difficult question for me to answer because the more I think about it the more episodes I'm thinking of that were so good ffff My all time favorite has to be Go West Young Meowth. It was the episode that really sold me on Meowth's character, never looked at him the...
  12. Hachi

    Games You Played in Elementary School (Recess)

    We were not much into games with rules, but pretending to be characters in our favorite video games, especially Mario and Power Puff Girls. I was always Luigi because he's BOSS. ~_~ Our play would end up usually being variations of existing games (Tag with a twist usually), but we would...
  13. Hachi

    Woman Describes Storm Lol

    While that was pretty funny, this really isn't a discussion topic so I'll be locking the thread. Using the blog section for stuff like this would be more appropriate. :)
  14. Hachi

    If You HAD to Date Any Video Game Character Who Would It Be & Why

    I would date the original, non-Plasma'd, Genesect to over 300 million years ago. My reasoning is that it states it in the Pokedex entry. :wynaut:
  15. Hachi

    Twilight Princess Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

    This thread doesn't really have a discussion topic. I'm going to lock it, but you're welcome to repost it as a blog if you'd like. :)
  16. Hachi

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Nothing has annoyed me today, but yesterday right before I went to take my lunch break a freak hail/lightening/rain/snow storm came out of nowhere and down-poured and I had to run to my car. ): Of course it mostly cleared up a few minutes after I returned, grr.
  17. Hachi

    Males Vs Females Game

  18. Hachi

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    http://youtu.be/iqQ7kRj-vqY No silly, not that City Escape.
  19. Hachi

    Text-Based Game

    Hello Invincible, I've moved this to the fanworks section of the forums. In this particular forum bumping threads is allowed, but the rule of thumb to wait a little longer than a day before bumping it up. This forum moves a lot slower than World of Zelda, so there shouldn't be much of a reason...
  20. Hachi

    Do You Lurk in SB to See if Anyone Says Bye Too You?

    I blow in and out of the shoutbox like a summer breeze through freshly cleaned laundry. In other words I never announce when I'm leaving OR when I jump in. Just say my two cents if the conversation interests me and then vanish when it shifts to something I'm not. ~_~ Do the same thing on Skype...
  21. Hachi

    Favorite League of Legends Champion

    I have a real soft spot for Vi. She is pretty much the reason I started playing, and also because she reminds me of my favorite character from an MMO that recently shut down. :( Punching things with Gauntlets is fun. Also Akali because Nin-jaaaaa
  22. Hachi

    Games You should Play Before You Die

    Ocarina of Time is pretty high up there on my "You neeeeed to play this!" scale when I talk to non-Zelda fans (not as often to fellow fans, since most of us have played it :P ) . Another would be Okami, it's a beautiful game that delivers an incredibly complete experience. It's a game that...
  23. Hachi

    What Makes DGN a Community?

    Not sure exactly what/who your talking about, but I can think of two recent resignations, and I know one of them had no inner meaning behind it. :P That's one thing that has always really bothered me. When I see newbies hating on members after a few days of posting it makes me really angry...
  24. Hachi


    TYPES Bug: Volcarona Dark: Umbreon Dragon: Deino Electric: Raichu Fighting: Mienfoo/Mienshao Fire: Growlithe Flying: Emolga Ghost: Drifloon Ground: Cubone Grass: BULBASAUR <: Ice: Lapras Normal: Skitty Poison: Ivysaur??? Nidoran♀ Psychic: Reuniclus Rock: Kabu-freakin'-tops...
  25. Hachi

    Do You Watch TV or listen to radio much Anymore?

    I watch TV with my family, but hardly ever when I'm by myself. Pretty much watch all my entertainment on my Laptop. Radio on the other hand, I listen to frequently. I love listening to my 70's station while I'm in the car, and while I'm at work.
  26. Hachi

    What Type of Mobile Phone Do You Own?

    I lost my olde time phone last December, and the very next day I was eligible for an upgrade (not the night I lost it- which lead me to freaking out for around 24 hours) and at the very same time iPhones were on sale! So I got me a 4S for $49, and I love it. c: I don't have text messaging, but I...
  27. Hachi

    What Are You Currently Doing in the Pokémon World?

    Right now I'm playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky! I'm very excited for Gates of Infinities release next week, have my $40.00 all saved up, but I have not reserved it because: 1) Sticking it to the man! 2) Really no need to where I live, there is always plenty of...
  28. Hachi

    Which Pokemon Game?

    If you can find it, I would suggest starting back up with HeartGold or SoulSilver. They are remakes of the second generation of the series and would be a great games to jump back in with. Along with lots of new Pokemon and a new map, the game also features the land as well as the Pokemon from...
  29. Hachi

    Why Can't You Buy Ether, PP-Ups, Max Revives?

    Those particular items have potential to massively change the outcome of a match for even the most reckless of players. The idea behind keeping them not buy-able, but still accessible in some more unique ways like one time item pick-ups, and like Terminus said, potential prize fodder, is their...
  30. Hachi

    The Member Fact Game

    is a night owl
  31. Hachi

    Watercolor, Oil Pastels, Crayons, Coloring Pencils- Which Suits You the Best and Why?

    ...Oh, colored pencils. I've seen some AMAZING work come from them, and it was actually my medium of choice when I was in middle and early high school, but to use them properly you need to really be... patience. <== Is not patience, especially with coloring. With that said, I really...
  32. Hachi

    What Do You Want Right Now?

    I would like it to be Monday so I don't have to work. ):
  33. Hachi

    All Sylveon speculations and news

    Nah, your good. It's an easy mistake to make. xD; On a different subject since I don't think I've properly expressed how much I freakin love this Pokemon, I'd like to say that regardless of what type Sylveon ends up being I'm really happy with it's design. Tan and Pink are two of my favorite...
  34. Hachi

    All Sylveon speculations and news

    I said nothing about super effectiveness. o_O;; I was including resistance to types, which Leafeon has a resistance to Jolteon (electric), and Vaporeon has a resistance to Glaceon (ice). So Yes, several different Eeveelutions do have an advantage against other Eeveelutions by having a...
  35. Hachi

    All Sylveon speculations and news

    Interesting theory, but I think it's more coincidence. Not to mention several of the different eeveelutions are able to counter more than one other. Flareon > Leafeon and Glaceon Leafeon > Jolteon and Vaporeon Vaporeon > Glaceon and Flareon etc They are also in order of release: Gen I...
  36. Hachi

    Favorite Type of Cheese?

    No holes. When I have a hamburger for example, I have a very strict cheese to patty ratio that needs to be carefully balanced. If there is not enough cheese, the patty and the bun tastes too dry. With the perfect amount of cheese though (holes makes this impossible), a perfect harmony is...
  37. Hachi

    All Sylveon speculations and news

    Espeon and Umbreon evolving by affection really wouldn't affect Sylveon as they are plenty of ways to get around that. Think Happiny who evolves by leveling up at a certain affection level while holding a Oval stone. That would override the time of day affecting which eon your eevee would evolve...
  38. Hachi

    Pokemon Trading Center

    Merging the two recent threads looking for Pokemon trades and now we have a brand new Pokemon Trading thread. :J
  39. Hachi

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    I worked on my day off. ;-; Worked on this for Pokemon Dungeon. Oh well, I don't have to go in until 1 tomorrow and overtime means more money for snacks...
  40. Hachi

    So... What Do You Guys Think of the New Legendaries (so Far)?

    I love Xerneas because deer are awesome, and blue mythical beasts version with Christmas lights on their horns is even cooler. Instantly fell in love with this one for sure. Yveltal on the other hand... well, lets just say my first reaction was "Oh hey it's shaped like a Y, how cute." But...
  41. Hachi

    Which Version Will YOU Get?

    I know this seems like an arbitrary way of choosing which version to get, but I usually go by which legendary is the coolest. The first few generations I ended up getting all the versions, but even if I had more than one I've always parshall to games that I considered to be apart of the "Blue"...
  42. Hachi

    Favorite Spinoff

    If the other thread is off the front page and/or the last reply was months ago, it is fine to make a new thread on the same subject. And that old thread falls under both of those categories. So don't worry, you did nothing wrong. :) I have to agree, the Gameboy TCG game, even with the limited...
  43. Hachi

    The One Thing You Can't Go a Day Without Having/doing?

    Besides the essential to staying alive obvious answers, I can't go a day without spending some quality time talking to my boyfriend in some form. :3 Tim is a huge part of my life, and even though we live far apart I share everything with him- things I find interesting, my thoughts, feelings, all...
  44. Hachi

    Pokemon Trading Card Game

    So I'm working on a few things concerning the Trading Card Game for Pokemon Dungeon, and I want to gauge the TCG community here at Zelda Dungeon: How many of you collect or have collected in the past? Does anyone play or have interest in playing competitively? Any thoughts about the TCG are...
  45. Hachi

    Which GameCube Games Would You Most Like to See Remade in HD?

    Super Mario Sunshine: Although I do like the actual gameplay too much, I thought the game looked fantastic. I know this is about GC games, but if they released an HD disc with 64, Sunshine, and the Galaxy series that would be AMAZING. Melee: It would be a great candidate for an HD upgrade. It...
  46. Hachi

    Will Pokemon X and Y Be the Reason You Get a 3DS?

    I think there are plenty of reasons to get a 3DS now, though I did wait out until the Ocarina of Time 3DS came out to take the plunge. :) I'm atually going to be buying a 3DS XL, hopefully if/when the Special Edition Pikachu version comes out. However, if I didn't currently have one...
  47. Hachi

    Official Suggestions Thread

    I don't really see the point to be honest... I almost feel like people who wouldn't normally use a censored word might opt to because of the Cuccos. >.< The ***'s are there to keep things clean, the Cuccos would be a bit distracting (especially an army of them) and could confuse the newblits...
  48. Hachi

    Game Help Pokemon Dungeon Youtube Channel Useless?

    Pokemon Dungeon lost it's webmaster last June, and another a few months ago. The majority of the old staff is gone or went on a hiatus for several months. Pretty much all you need to know as to why things have been so quiet. The site hasn't had too much direction in the past, but riding the...
  49. Hachi

    Which Game Was Your First?

    Pokemon Blue. :'D I remember being paranoid that someone would take it, because someone had stolen my prized Japanese Dark Persian card. So I covered part of it with glittery blue nail varnish and what do you know? It was never stolen. :yes:
  50. Hachi

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    A family emergency I just heard about, also how much doctors suck and should be more careful about what they say. A winter storm coming into the area where Tim lives, they predict it will be very bad and might knock out the power. Hoping that wont be the case though. Also about getting out...
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