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  1. AerialLink

    My newest addition

    so plain lmao
  2. AerialLink

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted but now you lost all feeling in your legs. I wish I could win those prize machines in arcades.
  3. AerialLink

    The future of Hyrule?

    Ever since the new zelda games keep coming out, I haven't seen much attention on the succeeding games in the Hyrule Timeline. But I really liked the good ending, when Link didn't open the Sacred Realm in Ocarina of Time, and the last game in that branch was the events of Spirit Tracks. I hope to...
  4. AerialLink

    Are you ok with making Link a customizable character?

    It's quite hard to consider this especially when the games involve voice acting, such as the case with Breath of the Wild but yea... since Link is meant to be the player's apparation in the universe, it would make sense to give the player some degree of freedom with personalising their 'vision'...
  5. AerialLink

    Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Games

    Oh boy, where will I start? I've played a good few games to start with, some of them more noticable than others but uhhh here's mine. Ocarina of Time - The story, music and the environment. It's such a great game with its cast of captivating characters and mechanics. Also the fact that you can...
  6. AerialLink

    My newest addition

    ikr. I hated that I missed out on the SP when it was all the rage but to get it in the end + the shell I wanted. I'll get to enjoy the games that came out on it.
  7. AerialLink

    Presenting the world's smallest Hylian

    So, playing skyward sword and breath of the world has incited me towards developing my own fan character in either one of those worlds but, rather humourously, I went against the stigma of your average sized character. Without further ado... meet Stabil Eqos. Consequently, the world's smallest...
  8. AerialLink

    My newest addition

    That's the thing; I also have a DS too but its the N3DS XL Hyrule Edition but, since they don't play GBA games, I had to look for it. Now I do so I feel quite happy to have two great nintendo consoles alongside my classic game boy color. <3
  9. AerialLink

    My newest addition

    Heyo, fairly new here but I come to where zelda stuff is happening but to also share my newest addition to my growing library of Zelda games that has enlightened my existance for over 20 years smh. Lately, I have gotten my hands on a Gameboy Advance SP; Giving the fact that I never had one...
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