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  1. Fahxy

    Should Super Mario 64 Be Remade?

    I really can't disagree with you more. Why do you think that it wasn't a good game?
  2. Fahxy

    Should Super Mario 64 Be Remade?

    Oh, I'm not saying that it's likely. I'm just saying I wouldn't mind seeing it at all.It's a great game, and too many of it's mechanics are being lost in the shuffle with all of the new mario games coming out. For example, a lot of the new mario games are becoming a lot more linear and have lost...
  3. Fahxy

    Should Super Mario 64 Be Remade?

    I understand that there is a Mario 64 remake for the DS, but I did not consider that the remake I was looking for. I don't want any new content, I just want the regular levels to be remade. Plus, that game featured too many weird gimmicks in the form of having to use other characters to have...
  4. Fahxy

    Should Super Mario 64 Be Remade?

    I've been pondering this question for a long time. Super Mario 64 is easily one of my favorite games of all time, tying with Ocarina of Time for the #1 notch for the N64, which is one of my favorite systems of all time, so this game holds a special place in my heart. I've read a lot of articles...
  5. Fahxy

    So I Have a Major Problem.

    Worse comes to worse, it is possible to open up the wii and manually take out the game disc. I don't really reccomend this, but it might be important to do this before you have a proffesional look at your wii. In order to do this, you will need a very small phillips head and a very small...
  6. Fahxy

    Game Recommendations for SNES/GBA

    Many thanks! Darunia, what is Starwing like? it's the only one on your list I haven't heard of.
  7. Fahxy

    Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft Console Combined

    Well, we could do that. We could also abolish all governments, and create one super government where all creativity is controlled by a council that make all of the decisions for the people. Everyone would have the same style and personality, and we would be ruled by a supreme dictatorial...
  8. Fahxy

    Some Possibilities for a New Metroid Game

    Yeah, you need a bit more of a somber person as Adam.... Well, one could probably do okay with Russel Crowe, but only if you assume that Other M didn't exist and a short black haired dude did not save life, the world, and everything so that dolphins could continue to secretly be smarter than...
  9. Fahxy

    Some Possibilities for a New Metroid Game

    Ah, I am truly sorry, I did not elaborate well enough. I did not mean to say that we should ditch scanning, I was merely giving something of a precedence for the finding of log entries. I totally agree with you, blackice, scanning could easily be fit to an over the shoulder perspective with the...
  10. Fahxy

    Some Possibilities for a New Metroid Game

    Honestly, I really did think that it was too easy. As long as you had good timing, you never had to be damaged by an enemy. Also, the melees made it too easy to do insane damage to an enemy. Also, at least in the 2D metroids you mentioned, you actually had to aim, unlike in other M. However...
  11. Fahxy

    Some Possibilities for a New Metroid Game

    So, I've been contemplating this for a while. Metroid: other M had some genuinely good ideas in it, but was flawed fundamentally. There was no exploration except some badly hidden missile expansions, and the game was extremely linear, not things I am looking for in a metroid game. Also, the...
  12. Fahxy

    Game Recommendations for SNES/GBA

    PLEASE READ FIRST: I do have some peramiters. Honestly, I'm dying for a good game to sink my teeth into right now with some 2D vibe, so I decided to set up this thread. I would really like something in the action adventure/ action rpg vein right now. Good gameplay is essential, Storyline is...
  13. Fahxy

    Project Cafe Launch Title Predictions

    Actually, Michael Heide, I think you might be wrong on your Monkey Ball statement, I'm pretty sure that Monkey Ball was not a launch title for either the Gamecube or 3DS. I could be wrong there. Also, your statement about the racing game sparked something in me: I would love to see Nintendo with...
  14. Fahxy

    Project Cafe Launch Title Predictions

    I'm going to agree with Blackice on this one. Smash bros. has far too large of a following, and Nintendo would be stupid to discontinue it. Also, 00steven was right; I'm betting on there not being another console mario for a good long time yet, as there's something for 3DS coming out. Honestly...
  15. Fahxy

    Project Cafe Launch Title Predictions

    Allow me to clarify: While I definitely want to hear what you WANT to see at launch, first and foremost, I want to hear what you EXPECT to see. Still, tell me what you want to see, but tell me your predictions first. Preliminary thanks. Honestly, my excitement has given me a lot of thought...
  16. Fahxy

    Spoiler Donkey Kong Country Returns

    Hmmm. I don't really agree with you... I do miss the other animals, and I agree with you about the underwater swimming part, but... the plot has NEVER been what the DKC series is about. I, for one, thought the cutscenes were well done and humorous. I also thought that the level design was very...
  17. Fahxy

    Which Gaming Company Could Take Over the World?

    Tch. Nintendo already does rule the world, for better or for worse. Unseating them from their throne would be one heck of an undertaking.
  18. Fahxy

    Miyamotos Favorite

    Mario, obviously. He's poured SOO much more time into the mario series. Mario has appeared in how many games? And either way, Mario is also what shot Nintendo to success, and without Mario he would be any old joe. I love just about all of his series, and I love Zelda more than most mario games...
  19. Fahxy

    Twilight Princess Who else Found the Three Main Wolf Sequences Boring?

    I didn't like them. They definetly restrained your freedom, I got frequently annoyed by Midna, the twilight places were dreary and boring, and the tears of light were very tedious in my opinion.I loved the rest of the game though.
  20. Fahxy

    How Can Ganondorf Be the Main Villain of Skyward Sword?

    Hmmm. Well, we could do the whole same thing again, where we have 1 villain, who seems to be the bad guy, and then it turns out that he has devoted his wholeness to the big G-dawg and made the pledge of staying in every friday night, yaddah yaddah yaddah,TURNS OUT THE MAIN VILLAIN IS GANONDORF...
  21. Fahxy

    Traditional Walking or Epona?

    Well, I think that they have not tapped into a major gameplay element by not using Epona much in the games. Honestly, if they made arrows and bombs more useful, so that you ran through them a lot faster, one could use Epona as something of a portable storage system: you could put extra arrows...
  22. Fahxy

    Shield Meter!?

    Honestly, I think it may be a "sheild ability" type of bar, like, I dunno, how much you can reflect a spell back at an enemy, or, say, being able to create a gust of wind by sheild bashing the air similar to the Deku leaf in WW (which would be pretty cool). However, it could easily be a...
  23. Fahxy

    Any Good Games LIKE Starfox 64 but Not in the Starfox Franchise?

    Well, it's more that I use an emulator that doesn't emulate such 3D stuff very well for SNES, and my eyes tend to mess up a bit when I play it. Also, I'm really more talking about the stuff AFTER 64, like Assault and Adventure. I'm sure it's very good, though. I will check out those two...
  24. Fahxy

    Donkey Kong Country Returns Review

    Sorry this has taken so long, but here goes: Fahxy's official Donkey Kong Country Returns Review. Premise: DKCR is a 2.5D platforming game featuring one of Nintendo's flagship franchise characters, Donkey Kong, and his nephew Diddy Kong. There are 8 worlds to play through, with such exotic...
  25. Fahxy

    Any Good Games LIKE Starfox 64 but Not in the Starfox Franchise?

    Alright, thank you for the response! I'll definetly check these out.
  26. Fahxy

    Cave Story

    I commend your confidence that you might beat that game on Hard Mode Good Ending. It's pretty much a three- Heart Challenge, so don't get hit. Good luck. However, I do agree with you: the music is simply amazing.
  27. Fahxy

    Any Good Games LIKE Starfox 64 but Not in the Starfox Franchise?

    The title is pretty self explanatory, but I just wanted to say: NO STARFOX GAMES. I've looked them all up, and none of them are as good as 64 (or even come close!!), and I'm really aching for a game like it. Please respond! (system doesn't really matter, as long as it's Nintendo)
  28. Fahxy

    Cave Story

    Oh, yeah. I've got plenty of experiences with this game. It is, in my opinion, the best indie game of all time, Also, Pixel, the creator of cave story, is something of a hero of mine, because he performed such an undertaking ALONE. He made all of the awesome music, programmed the entire game...
  29. Fahxy

    What Game Was More Important for Gaming, Super Mario 64 or Loz: Ocarina of Time?

    AUUGGHHH! you hit my soft spot. These are literally possibly my favorite two games of all time..... I dunno. Ocarina of Time was given a 10/10 on IGN, and I trust them, but I love mario so much as well. Well, as for impact, I'd say their about the same, becouse they belong to different genres...
  30. Fahxy

    What Are Your Top 10 Non-Zelda Games of All Time?!

    Hmmm. 1.Super mario 64. Made me a real gamer. 2.Metroid Prime Trilogy. Great compilation. 3. Age of Empires 2. Back when strategy games were simple, fun, and had good multiplayer./Tied with Cave Story. SOOOOOOOOOO fun and nostalgia inducing with true hardcore difficulty and beautiful...
  31. Fahxy

    Would You Buy, Super Mario Sunshine 2?

    Definetly! I don't get what all the haters disliked about it. It was so unique! I loved the areas, the music, the aura, everything about it. I loved how it's actually a challenge. Although, I do miss Mario 64 a lot, and I don't believe that such a groundbreaking game got the sequel it deserved...
  32. Fahxy

    What Do You Want Retro to Do Next?

    Thanks for praise on my comments, those who did, and I do understand that Megaman is a Capcom franchise, Michael Heide, and I suppose that was merely wishful thinking on my part. I guess what I was trying to say is that I think that Retro could pick up just about anything and excell at it...
  33. Fahxy

    What Do You Want Retro to Do Next?

    This is a great thread, guys/gals! Honestly, I love Donkey Kong Country Returns. It's a wonderful game, from start to finsh, and if it wasn't for Galaxy 2 in August (or whenever it wa), I think that it would have nabbed Game of the year for the Wii. Honestly. I personally would love to see Retro...
  34. Fahxy

    Allegorical/Symbolic Story Elements in Cave Story

    This is a very interesting article, and I rather enjoy it, but I must disagree with you on the representation of the red flowers. If you look back in history, red flowers occur elsewhere: the British selling red poppy opium to the Chinese during the 1800's. This drug was devastating to the...
  35. Fahxy

    Epic Yarn

    Kirby's Epic Yarn Review! Wll, I've had a thorough run through of Nintendo's innovative new Kirby game. The game, as you probably know, is a simple platformer based on the premise of everything in the world being made of fabric. A neat idea, but did they pull it off? Answer: Yes they did...
  36. Fahxy

    Goldeneye 007

    Even if it takes a while, I will get it. It got good ratings, and I am excited.
  37. Fahxy

    Do You Plan on Buying Kirby's Epic Yarn?

    Yep, I got it. It's visually beautiful. I can say that. And, it is challenging to get every item plus a gold medal for collecting beads. A very fun game so far.
  38. Fahxy

    If You Worked at Nintendo...

    Well, 2 things: 1. Remake Super Mario 64 for the wii. With greatly updated graphics, more areas, and a good second quest. 2. make a good, 3D castlevania game, that is inspired by Aria of Sorrow for the GBA.
  39. Fahxy

    Super Mario All-Stars: Coming to the Wii

    I am definetly going to attempt to purchase this game collection. As I was born just barely into the N64 generation, I missed out. It looks like a great deal, imo.
  40. Fahxy

    Best Videogame for Each Genre

    Well, here goes: Most addictive: Tetris. Best action game: Contra ReBirth Best rpg:Well..... I know this doesn't really count, but Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Best shooter game: CoD : World at War (Especially Nazi Zombie mode) Best fighting game: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Best Action...
  41. Fahxy

    Favorite Mario Kart Game

    Hmmm. Mario Kart 64. I have so many memories with that game, and though I love all of the many additions to the franchise, It all goes back to visiting my cousin's place on Long Island when I thought the N64 was the only gaming system on earth and I could not put the controller down. For real, I...
  42. Fahxy

    Spoiler Metroid: Other M- What Happened to K.G.?

    Ver-go-a-go-go is correct as far as I can see, NaviGator. You do have an interesting idea there, though, and it would not exactly be against MB's personality to turn everyone against eachother, especially in her current mental state. However, James was the only character in the game who was not...
  43. Fahxy

    Should I Buy a Gamecube or a DS?

    Hmmm.... Well, thing is, the Gamecube produced some great classics for it's time. Super Mario Sunshine, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Mario Kart Doubledash, LoZ: WW, Metroid Prime, and many others are great games to get for the GC. Plus, if you do ever move to the Wii, your controllers, games...
  44. Fahxy

    What Games Are You Awesome At?

    I don't usually brag, I try to stay modest, but I have to say it anyway. When I'm in my prime (which means I've had a day or two to reassert myself), I am pretty great at Mario Kart Wii. I only have a one star ranking, but it is no challenge for me to beat people that have two or three star ratings.
  45. Fahxy

    Is Emulating Sketchy?

    This is a topic that I've been wonndering about for a while. I know that, under certain circumstances, emulating on a computer is illegal. However, I do love it: it allows my to play my favorite old games without letting loose a lot of money. And, its illegal in the same way that downloading...
  46. Fahxy

    Should I Get Monster Hunter Tri?

    Well, sort of. You have to be REALLY stock up before going out to hunt. Also, dodging is really important. The game does NOT pause when you need to use a potion/sharpen blade/etc., but, strangely enough, that adds to the experience. More hectic. Also, the weapons and armor you get is pretty...
  47. Fahxy

    Should I Get Monster Hunter Tri?

    Well, it depends. How much time are you willing to put into a game? Because, quite frankly, you have to be willing to give a lot of time into the game. For example, the smallest and most common "large" monster in the game is a Great Jaggi. This monster takes about 30-40 minuts to beat early on...
  48. Fahxy

    Which games do you really want on the Virtual Console?

    I'd love to see Mario Party 1, 2, 3. They were the best in the series, and they were so fun.
  49. Fahxy

    Something Fun to Think About (For Zeldamaniacs Who Also Play Metroid)

    HAHAHA! ALL of the theories/similarities are astonishing AND amazingly work well! I love it! I'd love to see these ideas develop. I especially love the Kid Icarus Theory, Ver-Go-a-Go-Go!
  50. Fahxy

    Was Metriod: Other M a Disappointment

    Personally, I think that it was a good thing that other M happened, just to show that the series CAN take such drastic turns. I did enjoy the game, but I think that it could definetly have been better. I would give it about a 7/10.Also, one thing that I forgot to say was that it surprises me...
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