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  1. Sheikrazy

    General Zelda The Best Opening

    Gerudo... That video was amazing.
  2. Sheikrazy

    General Modern Has This Ever Happened to You?

    Ya it happened for me with The Wind Waker. I tried, but I truly have no want to play that game again. I mean it may have been the most time-consuming Zelda to date if you wanted to complete all sidequests which I did. At the time, I loved the immersion into this new Biblical world, the...
  3. Sheikrazy

    General Zelda I Find the WM+ to Be a Step in the Wrong Direction.

    I'm a big fan of non-motion controls. It's just my thing. I also find I can only play the motion+ when I'm alone with the door closed. It turns out you actually can look like more of a geek on a videogame system playing Zelda.
  4. Sheikrazy

    Spoiler What Is Your Favorite Part of Your Least Favorite Zelda Game?

    Definitely the best part of Four Swords is Vaati.
  5. Sheikrazy

    Majora's Mask Which Place in Majora's Mask Was Special To You?

    I love the beginning forest, clock town, and the deku palace.
  6. Sheikrazy

    Majora's Mask Am I the Only One That Hates the Final Boss?

    It was meh to me. Almost on the same level as Links Awakening's last boss. Without the FDM, however he was kind of a challenge.
  7. Sheikrazy

    General Zelda Will Termina Ever Return?

    It's whatever to me. I could live without it.
  8. Sheikrazy

    General Zelda Which Link Would You Like to See Continued

    Definitely Hero of Time. Like whew!!!!!!! Termina was insane. Let's see what else is out there...
  9. Sheikrazy

    Link's Awakening Link's Awakening or The Minish Cap?

    Minish Cap easily. I still kind of don't know why people hold LA so near and dear. It was whatever to me. To each their own.
  10. Sheikrazy

    Who Do You Think Won E3 This Year?

    I went with Sony. From everything I've read, it was a landslide. Nintendo will always be there with their franchise games, but the PS4 looks to be the machine of the future. I think Nintendo would have been a lot closer were they to have the WiiU come out later than it did, like say...just...
  11. Sheikrazy

    What Is the First Game You've Ever Played?

    Super Mario World on the SNES. One of the best games ever and still my favorite Mario game. The first I ever tried was LoZ, however. Neighbor was playing it, I was like 4 or 5, I had no idea what I was doing, handed the controller back. So....SMW I think will be my answer. I was like in...
  12. Sheikrazy

    Breath of the Wild Where Would Zelda Wii U Fit in the Timeline?

    Man I would so go for the grown up Hero of Time, after MM and before TP. Don't know how or where they could do it without making it another alternate dimension or getting in the way of the Hyrule timeline already established though. Hmmm don't care. Do it anyway.
  13. Sheikrazy

    General Zelda Why Do People Like Vaati?

    What Snake said. He really deserves a 3D game. Perhaps in ZeldaU??? We shall wait and see...
  14. Sheikrazy

    General Zelda Which Zelda Game Have You Replayed the LEAST Amount of Times?

    Hmm. I only ever replayed OoT, LoZ, And WW. But I guess the only ones I really have no desire to replay would be the DS ones. Both PH and ST were lacking in substance. Their play style was annoying, the battles were horrendously easy, and the villains sucked. I mean Burne or whatever his name...
  15. Sheikrazy

    A Link Between Worlds Oracle of Ages/Seasons?

    I've been waiting for this for so long. I never got to play OoX and this is just in time for my Link is Defeated timeline play through. Just finished Adult Link. On MM for the child one. Looks like ill b ready by the 30th. EDIT: Also release Four Swords again. I had to skip that one!!!
  16. Sheikrazy

    General Zelda Satisfying Endings

    Wind Waker/Twilight Princess/ Ocarina of Time split. Wind waker is just plain awesome. To me still the best storyline in any Zelda game from start to finish. Twilight Princess for that beautiful explanation given by cool guy. And ocarina of time because I love the bitter sweetness of Link having...
  17. Sheikrazy

    Spoiler What Is Your Least Favorite Part of Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    OoT : I guess thinking back on it, I'd say the Ice Cavern. Do people like this mini-dungeon? Not really sure but I just hate emptying anything I have in my bottles that's useful (fairies most of the time) for the blue flame. That's about it though. Nearly perfect game.
  18. Sheikrazy

    A Link Between Worlds What Do You Think This Game Will Be Called?

    The Legend of Zelda: After the Fall LoZ: The Master Sword Sleeps LoZ: A New Beginning LoZ: A Chink in Time LoZ: An Early Retirement Plan
  19. Sheikrazy

    What is the Most Recent Dungeon That You Completed?

    Fire Temple in Spirit Tracks about an hour ago.
  20. Sheikrazy

    Most Overrated/Underrated Zelda Game?

    Most overrated is obviously Majora's Mask. Pretty much everyone jumped on that bandwagon in like just the past two years. It isn't OoT anymore. The people who like Majora's Mask just absolutely must be heard and let everyone else know that OoT isn't the best. Normally they don't argue for...
  21. Sheikrazy

    What Do You Think Skyward Sword Link's Final Smash Could Be?

    Uhh how about the Skyward Strike lol. Works for Marth.
  22. Sheikrazy

    Majora's Mask+Skyward Sword=Path to Success

    I guess this is just a preference of your tastes to mine, but.... To me, Skyward Sword was weak and it's battle style not well contrived. The story didn't grab me and the only reason I got through it was because I wanted to see how "the story began" which it really didn't explain. (I mean...
  23. Sheikrazy

    Spoiler Aftermath of Link's Awakening

    He's Dead, Jim ! - YouTube
  24. Sheikrazy

    Minish Cap Opinions

    I love the Minish Cap. It has taken my #1 spot for handheld Zelda games though I've never played ST and OoX. I find it to be better than most 3D Zelda games in terms of story, gameplay, sidequests (loved Kinstones, I don't care what the haters say), and graphics (super clean 2D). The...
  25. Sheikrazy

    Funniest Moment in Zelda History

    Me as well. This is the one part in all of Zelda that popped into my head. Also in OoT where you save Dodongo's Cavern and all the Goron's try to give you a big bear hug. And also just the whole awkward Princess Ruto engagement thing.
  26. Sheikrazy

    Top 5 Legend Of Zelda Enemies

    1. Ganondorf 2. Dark Link 3. Vaati (MC) 4. Twinrova (OoT) 5. PEEAAAAHAAATTTSSS!!!!
  27. Sheikrazy

    What Keeps You with the Zelda Series to This Day?

    Oh. Haha I was being sarcastic. :) But I am actually one of the few fans who do like the way they sorted out the timeline. I think it makes somewhat sense. Enough for the Zelda universe anyway. And, I would love to see a game where all three timelines conjoin. Kind of like the dark world...
  28. Sheikrazy

    Zelda Games You Have Yet to Play/beat

    Signature explains it all...
  29. Sheikrazy

    Link's Excuses

  30. Sheikrazy

    What Keeps You with the Zelda Series to This Day?

    Lol why it's the timeline continuity of course!!!
  31. Sheikrazy

    No Game Will Ever Top the Legendariness of Ocarina of Time Will It?

    Wow, this thread is great. I love how no one has come on here and bashed this person for being one of the many OoT fanboys or anything. I thought it was one of the best games ever and remains my favorite Zelda game, but I would never post anything like this for fear of being ridiculed. Kind...
  32. Sheikrazy

    What if Princess Zelda Was Murderd?

    I think a story-line where Zelda dies would be a great addition to the franchise. Talk about a motivation to play a game. Say whaaa??? You just killed off the title character in the first 10 minutes???!!! Ohhh... Ganon gonna die now. The Legend of Zelda: Resurrection!!! Or LoZ: Goddess of...
  33. Sheikrazy

    Greatest Hand Held Zelda Game?

    I've only played LA, Minish Cap, Four Swords, and Phantom Hourglass on handhelds. So I'd have to say Minish Cap blows all of them out of the water. As much as I've seen Link's Awakening as most people's favorite handheld, I really didn't think it was that good. I also think that Zelda doesn't...
  34. Sheikrazy

    Dowsing: Should It Return?

    I disliked the dowsing ability. Just another way for Fi to annoy me. I never used it so I don't care if it comes back, but I just thought it was a useless way to use the motion control features. I thought something like Goddess 'eyes' would be almost better and cooler than just giving me a...
  35. Sheikrazy

    Which Are You Looking Forward to More?

    Console games all the way. Open the WiiU up with a bang.
  36. Sheikrazy

    Zelda Majoras Mask 3Ds Versus Zelda A Link To The Past 3Ds Remake

    New game. No need for these remakes. Just a cashcow move imo. Why not another new game? To me, I think it sucks that games are being "hollywood"ed. Meaning no original ideas, but just recycled gems that usually make them worse (Not the case with OoT 3D, but still). Aren't Majora's Mask and...
  37. Sheikrazy

    What Was Your First Zelda Game?

    LoZ back when 8-bit was the bomb.com. I guess I was around 8 myself. Couldn't get even close to beating it. First LOZ I completed was OoT. Then I went back for ALttP.
  38. Sheikrazy

    Post Your Zelda Scores

    Ok, I'm new here and these are mine: SS : 6/10 Good story. But I thought it was lacking in motivation for the quest. I also thought the 'advanced' motion controls did more harm than good. OOT : 10/10 Not the first Zelda I played and still I think it blows all the others I've played out of...
  39. Sheikrazy

    100+ Things I've Learned From Playing Zelda

    When you're sentenced to prison, you're allowed to bring your weapons with you.
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