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  1. randomchick29

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

  2. randomchick29

    Fav periodic table element

    Xenon is the best!! The noble gases just rule in general
  3. randomchick29

    Cat lovers unite!!

    I love dogs too! I actually have 2 mini Schnauzers and they're crazy. But I like cats more coz they're quieter. I want chugga as a cat
  4. randomchick29

    Cat lovers unite!!

    My cat looks fat but isn't (it's coz she's so fluffy and it looks like she has a fat belly lmao)
  5. randomchick29

    Cat lovers unite!!

    What're their names
  6. randomchick29

    Cat lovers unite!!

    Aweee I have a maine coon mix named lucky
  7. randomchick29

    Cat lovers unite!!

    Coz I need fellow cat lovers :(
  8. randomchick29

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  9. randomchick29

    Favorite Kind of Science?

    Biology or chemistry. I love learning how everything functions (ex. breathing or sight), so that's why biology is cool. I mean, why else do I wanna do something involving studying various organisms or functions? Also, chemistry is just really interesting in general.
  10. randomchick29

    Kids playing M rated games

    I don't find a problem with it. If they're mature enough, then yes. If they're not, then no.
  11. randomchick29

    Favorite animal crossing villagers

  12. randomchick29

    Most nostalgic moments in Zelda

    Watching my mom play wind waker. I always called the moblins 'fourth of julys' coz they carry the pole with tassels
  13. randomchick29

    Enemy that scared you as a child

    Poes. Enough said. Also, the phantoms in spirit tracks and the guardians in skyward sword
  14. randomchick29

    Dirty Jokes in Zelda

    Cia, Nabooru, chick in Zelda 2... and that girl in botw that tells link to put clothes on
  15. randomchick29

    Favorite/Least Favorite Character

    Favs: Sheik, Midna, Link, Ghirahim, Groose, Beedle, and Makar Worst: Zelda, Kaepora Gaepora, Tingle, the snot kid from wind waker, and Ruto
  16. randomchick29

    Fav quote from Zelda/related media

    Well excuuuuuse me princess, but I can't wait to bomb some Dodongos!
  17. randomchick29

    SNES Classic Edition

    I need it! And it comes out on my bday, so maybe I can get it...?
  18. randomchick29

    The silly things that hinder your enjoyment of a zelda game

    Well, it's not exactly EVERYTHING, but it is a huge part to me. I'm just a huge fan of Zelda music, so when an ost is great, I hold the game in higher esteem
  19. randomchick29

    What animal(s) do you want?

    Closest thing is a hedgie
  20. randomchick29

    The silly things that hinder your enjoyment of a zelda game

    Music makes or breaks the game for me (hence why I'm not impressed with botw)
  21. randomchick29

    Favorite Foreign Song?

    Jiyuu no Tsubasa ftw!!
  22. randomchick29

    Creepiest people you've met

    I know someone who drew on the wall with period blood >_< and does some other disgusting things I'd prefer to not say coz they are not rated pg
  23. randomchick29

    Greatest SpongeBob quotes

    Krazy??? Oml I was a ztalk listener! I had a (really bad) teacher named mr krob and for April fools we said "ARE YOU FEELING IT NOW MR KRABS!" Legit me tho
  24. randomchick29

    Fictional Character Crushes

    Link (just look at my name that I came up with like 5 years ago and used for random stuff...) Levi (attack on titan) Zen (mystic messenger)
  25. randomchick29

    Fav youtuber?

    PBG is awesome!!
  26. randomchick29

    What animal(s) do you want?

    I want a hedgehog, an axolotl, a crested gecko, and another cat
  27. randomchick29

    Greatest SpongeBob quotes

    I'm ugly and I'm proud :)
  28. randomchick29

    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    Snk season 2 :)
  29. randomchick29

    Fav youtuber?

    Coz youtube is life
  30. randomchick29

    Inappropriate Crushes

    Many anime guys. And Link, of course! Maybe one other person...
  31. randomchick29

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    All I've been thinking about is school, stress, and Zelda's 30th coming up.
  32. randomchick29

    Dreams thread.

    I had two tests today and dreamed that I failed and cried.
  33. randomchick29

    TPHD-Wii U Are you gonna get TPHD?

    Honestly, when they first revealed it, I screamed out of excitement. I love Twilight Princess and I really hope they add new features, like new sidequests or orchestrating the tracks. So, I would love to get it just to see if they jump at the opportunities to expand the world, more than they did...
  34. randomchick29

    your first negative zelda experience

    The most disappointing thing in a Zelda game for me had to be Skyward Sword's flying. I love the game, but the flying just killed it. There was so much potential for added features, like adding more islands to explore or a less irritating battle with Levias' parasite, taking inspiration from...
  35. randomchick29

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    I have almost every strategy guide from Prima, a calendar, Hyrule Historia, and a Skyward Sword t-shirt.
  36. randomchick29

    Which Book Are You Currently Reading?

    I love that book.
  37. randomchick29

    A Link Between Worlds Most Annoying Thing?

    I absolutely hated the item rental thing. That and the fact that no weathervanes were in dungeons and Yuga wasn't really well developed as a character. It's kind of like a filler: it exists because you need a new one, if that makes any sense. Agreed.
  38. randomchick29

    A Link Between Worlds Most Annoying Thing?

    In the new Zelda A Link Between Worlds, I've came across many aggravating things. Rant about annoying things here.
  39. randomchick29

    WW-Wii U Preorder from Gamestop

    I got one. I picked it up at GameStop yesterday. Can't wait to play it!
  40. randomchick29

    WW-Wii U Poll: Who Got a Pre-order for Wind Waker HD?

    Anyone else get a pre-order?
  41. randomchick29

    A Link Between Worlds Will You Pre-order?

    I want one sooo bad. My parents won't let me. :( I'm so mad! >:( How do you convince your parents to let you? :/
  42. randomchick29

    A Link Between Worlds Where It is in the Timeline

    I think it's a direct sequel to ALTTP.
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