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  1. YoungGanon23

    I think I can fix the timeline so that the new revelations in TotK do not contradict the lore of the past games.

    The only way i see Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom can Fit in the Old Zelda Timeline is to make both Games happen in a Timeline created in Skyward Sword where Demise was Defeated as the Imprisoned or where Skyward Sword Zelda never woke up from her Ritual so Breath of the Wild and...
  2. YoungGanon23

    What is your unpopular Zelda opinion?

    Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom contradicting Ocarina of Time and the Timeline make me lose motivation to Play those games
  3. YoungGanon23

    What if the reason Link doesnt speak

    In the Zelda Games it is implied that Link speaks since the Characters understand and share dialogue with Link even if we do not see it
  4. YoungGanon23

    What is your unpopular Zelda opinion?

    Nintendo dont care about Lore or the Timeline like the Fans did i think it was a mistake to Remove the Dungeons in Breath of the Wild and possibly Tears of the Kingdom all Zelda Games have Dungeons and Dungeons were the most Fun part in Zelda Games
  5. YoungGanon23

    Ocarina of Time Link and Zelda are siblings?!

    I dont think OOT Link and Zelda are Brothers but i could see that Link Mother was working in Hyrule Royal Family maybe as a servant or something maybe thats how she met Link Father who according to an Old Comic he was a Knight of Hyrule Royal Family
  6. YoungGanon23

    Similarity and Parallelism between Saint Seiya and Zelda

    Anyone who has seen the Saint Seiya Anime can you see the Similarities between the Concept of the Anime and Zelda Games? Athena is very similar to Hylia and Zelda She is a Goddess who Reincarnates every century The Saints they are the equivalent of Link they are warriors who protect Athena they...
  7. YoungGanon23

    I want a Third Hero of Time Game

    I want a Sequel to Majora Mask and a Prequel to Twilight Princess i want to see a Game where the Hero of Time returns to Hyrule and he becomes an Adult but in the Child Timeline i feel that there are many possibilities to tell new stories and for me OOT/MM Link is the most emblematic and...
  8. YoungGanon23

    Can the Hero of Time travel to all Timelines?

    In TP the Hero of Time as the Hero Shade spirit for some reason know Ballad of Gales from Wind Waker so i wonder if somehow when he became a spirit known as the Hero Shade he can observe all the Timelines maybe when he became a spirit he watched the adventures of WW Link thats why he know that song
  9. YoungGanon23

    Are these Links the only Links who are descendants of others?

    Most Links are reincarnations of the Hero Spirit but there are some Links that are direct descendants of other Links the Zelda Princesses are all descendants of Skyward Sword Zelda and Hylia and are part of the Hyrule Royal Family but in the case of the Links there are only a few cases that can...
  10. YoungGanon23

    Is Lorule actually the Twilight in the Downfall Timeline?

    Lorule is a gloomy Kingdom so it fits that its the Twilight Realm Termina and the Twilight Realm both appear in the Child Timeline and they seem to be different places i would like to think that Downfall Timeline Termina is Labrynna or Holodrum maybe both
  11. YoungGanon23

    Is Lorule actually the Twilight in the Downfall Timeline?

    I have a theory that Lorule is in reality the Twilight but in the Downfall Timeline maybe over the years the Twili evolved to look like Hylians again developed better technology and magic they created their own Triforce and their own version of Hyrule
  12. YoungGanon23

    Hyrule Villains before Ganondorf

    The idea that a new reincarnation of Demise existed before Ganondorf is very interesting but Ghirahim also controls the Moblins in Skyward Sword so i think you dont need to be an incarnation of Demise to control them maybe the Hero of Men was fighting to prevent a new resurrection of Demise by...
  13. YoungGanon23

    Has anyone seen the 1989 Zelda Cartoon?

    I watched the first two episodes they are very funny
  14. YoungGanon23

    Have you read the Zelda Mangas?

    I love Akira Himekawa Mangas so many fans say the Twilight Princess Manga is the best one i havent read it yet i would like to read it some day
  15. YoungGanon23

    Have you read the Zelda Mangas?

    I think the Zelda Mangas are awesome i have only read the Skyward Sword Prequel, Ocarina of Time,Majora Mask and A Link to the Past Mangas although the Mangas are not Canon they are enjoyable all Zelda fans should read them i highly recommend them
  16. YoungGanon23

    Has anyone seen the 1989 Zelda Cartoon?

    So did you like it? i will watch it soon
  17. YoungGanon23

    Has anyone seen the 1989 Zelda Cartoon?

    Personally i havent seen it yet but i want to see it soon have any of you seen it? what did you think?
  18. YoungGanon23

    Did you have any Zelda Toys?

    I never had any Zelda Figures i want to buy a Link Figure soon did you have any Zelda Figures/Toys?
  19. YoungGanon23

    Do you consider Ocarina of Time and Majora Mask 3D as Remakes or Remasters?

    I personally consider these 3DS versions as Remasters and not Remakes since they are the same games but with better graphics and minor differences Remakes should be a reimagining the original game but its not the same game but share some similarities with the original like Final Fantasy 7 Remake...
  20. YoungGanon23

    Anyone has played the Zelda games chronologically?

    If you play Ocarina of Time first the Zelda games are more enjoyable Ocarina presents a Good Origin story about Ganondorf and how the Timelines are divided if you ever replay all Zelda games i recommend playing Ocarina first the impact of the games are better if you play them after Ocarina i...
  21. YoungGanon23

    Mido in the Imprisoning War

    I think its very obvious that Mido played a very important role in the Downfall/Fallen Hero Timeline because he is recognized as one of the Sages and has a town named after him in Zelda 2 the Adventure of Link maybe he played a role in the Imprisoning War? maybe he was inspired by the defeat and...
  22. YoungGanon23

    What is your unpopular Zelda opinion?

    I wish the Wii U had his own Zelda game is the only console that dont have his own exclusive Zelda yes we had Wind Waker Twilight Princess Remasters and Hyrule Warriors but i would have preferred to have a Twilight Princess 2 instead of a Twilight Princess Remaster i think that if the Wii U had...
  23. YoungGanon23

    Spoiler Could the Downfall Timeline be Link dying against Ganondorf in an alternate CHILD Timeline?

    in TP flashbacks TP Sages sealed Ganondorf in the Twilight i think this happens at the same time as Majora Mask so Link never faced Ganondorf in the Child Timeline thats why when he becomes the Hero Shade he feels sorry that he isnt remembered as a Hero since in the Child Timeline the Ocarina...
  24. YoungGanon23

    What is your unpopular Zelda opinion?

    I feel that of all the 3D Zelda games the one that has aged badly the most is Skyward Sword I dont know if its because of the motion controls or the empty overworld but i dont have the desire to replay that game anytime soon The Oracles Minish Cap and the Four Swords games are very Underrated...
  25. YoungGanon23

    Thanks You Very Much

    Thanks You Very Much
  26. YoungGanon23

    Thanks You

    Thanks You
  27. YoungGanon23

    What is your unpopular Zelda opinion?

    The Minish Cap and Four Swords games should take place in the Second Timeline that Skyward Sword created the Sacred Sword should be the Goddess Sword
  28. YoungGanon23

    The Zelda ports that never were

    I prefer an A Link to the Past remake with Link Awakening remake style
  29. YoungGanon23

    The Zelda ports that never were

    Many Zelda fans expected Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD for the Switch among them i include myself i also wanted HD ports of Ocarina of Time and Majora Mask Remakes from 3DS for Switch but honestly i feel like this will dont happen anymore i dont know how many years the Switch has left...
  30. YoungGanon23

    Anyone has played the Zelda games chronologically?

    For example playing Skyward Sword first then Minish Cap then Four Swords then Ocarina of Time Im currently replaying all the Zelda games but i started with Ocarina first i will play Skyward Sword and the rest of pre Ocarina games after i finish all the Zelda games from the Adult Kid and Downfall...
  31. YoungGanon23

    What do you wish Zelda did more of?

    I want the Zelda franchise to return to most realistic graphics like Twilight Princess
  32. YoungGanon23

    Is the Hero of Time dead in the Downfall timeline?

    Ocarina of Time 3D should have had a cutscene explaining the Downfall timeline if you lose against Ganondorf
  33. YoungGanon23

    The Downfall Timeline May Have Existed Longer Than We Have Thought Previously

    Well its was clear that with Wind Waker and Twilight Princess the old games dont longer fit with either timeline Adult or Kid timeline so the most logical was to create another one im not surprised about this
  34. YoungGanon23

    Hyrule Villains before Ganondorf

    I would love to have a Game set in the Hyrulean Civil War
  35. YoungGanon23

    Is BOTW a Trilogy?

    i talk about a BOTW 3
  36. YoungGanon23

    Is BOTW a Trilogy?

    What do you think? i believe that we are gonna to get two more Breath of the Wild games and Ganondorf will appear until the third game i dont think Nintendo wants to end BOTW hype with the Second game
  37. YoungGanon23

    Hyrule Villains before Ganondorf

    What do you think what type of Villains Hyrule faced before Ganondorf? the only ones we know are the Dark Interlopers and Vaati i think the post Skyward Sword and pre Ocarina of Time era is very interesting i enjoy Minish Cap for that i want a game during that era i want a Skyward Sword...
  38. YoungGanon23

    Is the Hero of Time dead in the Downfall timeline?

    There was theories that he lost the battle but survived and that he created the Clan of Knights from ALTTP prologue but honestly i prefer that he died in this timeline
  39. YoungGanon23

    Is the Hero of Time dead in the Downfall timeline?

    In my headcanon he is because that makes the Downfall timeline even more tragic and i like the idea that an incarnation of Link died in a battle against Ganon and defeating Ganon in ALTTP would feel more rewarding
  40. YoungGanon23

    What could Nintendo have done besides the downfall timeline?

    i like the idea of a Downfall timeline because creates continuity to the old games with Ocarina of Time like originally was planned
  41. YoungGanon23

    How likely to you think it is that Twilight Princess and Wind Waker HD will ever be ported to the Switch?

    i am planning to buy a Switch soon i would love to play these games again i think it would be weird to leave those HD versions as Wii U exclusives since not many people bought the Wii U it would be a good idea to port these HD version to Switch because now more players will be able to get...
  42. YoungGanon23

    If you were to make one game non canon...

    The Four Swords games i dont know i think its weird to have 4 Links clones A Link Between Worlds i dont like the concept of Lorule i prefer the Twilight Realm as the dark version of Hyrule
  43. YoungGanon23

    Why the Hero of Time never defeated child timeline Ganondorf?

    in Twilight Princess Ganondorf is sealed in the twilight in Hyrule Historia says that Hero of Time warns Zelda about Ganondorf and the events of Majora Mask happen i wonder if Link never returned to Hyrule again that will explain why he never face Ganondorf and the Hero of Twilight face him...
  44. YoungGanon23

    The timeline that never happened.

    What about the timeline where Majora wins or Ganon returns in Adventure of Link or SS past timeline
  45. YoungGanon23

    Other Kingdoms

    why other kingdoms like Termina Holodrum and Labrynna exist? why they want to separate themselves from Hyrule just like the Gerudos? could exist more towns outside of Hyrule?
  46. YoungGanon23

    Mido in the downfall timeline

    Why is Mido recognized as one of the sages in Adventure of Link? and who is Kasuto? did Mido played a key role in the Imprisoning War?
  47. YoungGanon23

    Termina in the other timelines?

    i think Termina in the downfall timeline maybe will be holodrum,labrynna or calatia in the adult timeline like hyrule become flooded
  48. YoungGanon23

    Timeline Discussion

    i hope we get a Hero of Time game someday in my opinion there can be much story to told between MM and TP
  49. YoungGanon23

    Timeline Discussion

    the downfall timeline is the original the others two timelines are created after ALTTP Link got his wish with the Triforce in ALTTP ending
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