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  1. TheWind

    Spoiler About the Kokiri

    Devolving? Koroks are an upgrade, son. They can fly.
  2. TheWind

    Lucid Dreams

    I've heard you can induce a lucid dream by taking Melatonin pills
  3. TheWind

    Ghirahim in Smash Bros.

    None of those are comparatively unique abilities.
  4. TheWind

    WW Ganondorf Vs. Other Ganondorf

    You are correct my friend, Ganon in WW definitely played more of a part in the story. The King of Red Lions was always talkin about him, you sort of fight him a little bit in a cut-scene right after The Forsaken Fortress, and he made his presence known very much so when he cursed the sea. WW...
  5. TheWind

    Majora's Mask Majora Block?

    Obviously the power of Majora creates block puzzles everywhere! Lol. C'mon man it's Zelda.
  6. TheWind

    What Zelda Town Would You Live In?

    Can I live at a ranch or does it have to be a town?
  7. TheWind

    Nintendo Power and Operation Moonfall

    As I said before.... ...You have my sword
  8. TheWind

    Anyone else Agree with This?

    What a ridiculously arbitrary factor to complain about
  9. TheWind

    Did You Enjoy the 25th Anniversary Orchestra CD?

    I loved every bit of it, I just hope future Zelda games do not lose their catchiness due to the complexity of an orchestra.
  10. TheWind

    Ghirahim in Smash Bros.

    I don't think so, I can't think of too many unique abilities that he has that could be different from those already present. Honestly, Ganondorf was a HUGE disappointment to me when he was first introduced because of the ridiculous similarity in abilities he had to Captain Falcon. I know he...
  11. TheWind

    Let's Talk About What Enemies We Hate Most in the Zelda Series!

    I can't really think of too many enemies I hate, but they all have their moments. I'm gonna have to go with the Rocs from WW because of that god awful sound they make, lol. If i think of somethin better I shall post again!
  12. TheWind

    A Link to the Past Playthrough

    He is not a true Zelda fan. I would love to see an ACTUAL remake of ALttP, maybe even in 3D. A lot of people are probably going to try to call me out to say that that wouldn't work, but I see no reasons as to why it couldn't work. If you have one feel free to enlighten me. I must agree with...
  13. TheWind

    General Modern Twilight Princess Vs Skyward Sword

    Twilight Princess was bad. The Twilight Realms were a grueling experience, as Wolf-Link was absolutely no fun. While his design is formidable, he can do nothing of interest. His senses are cool, but they present no puzzles. Wolf combat is a joke, and the extra speed isn't enough to...
  14. TheWind

    Which version of OoT do you own?

    ALL OF THEM Muahahahahahhh!!!!
  15. TheWind

    Spoiler Ocarina of Time Vs. Majora's Mask

    You should definitely play MM again, I'm not gonna spoil anything for you but there is a way to make the time limit somewhat of a non-issue.
  16. TheWind

    General Modern Least Favorite Dungeon Out of All 3D Zelda Games

    Honestly, I like when there is another character with me in the dungeon, but I don't like it if they are mean and useless, like Ruto. Thumbs down for Jabu-Jabu's Belly. I must disagree about the boss, though. He was the only good boss as a kid.
  17. TheWind

    General Modern Least Favorite Dungeon Out of All 3D Zelda Games

    I sincerely hate the Forest Temple of TP
  18. TheWind

    Ever Died in the Game?

    I died a couple times messin around in the desert, but I usually carry bottles with goodies in them, so I was okay other than that.
  19. TheWind

    Clawshots or Hookshot?

    I like the Double Clawshot for it's new abilities, but I miss hookshotting from building to building in Kakariko Village in OoT...
  20. TheWind

    Do We Need a Villain with Different Motive?

    I know that this might be controversial, but I would love to see a motive of genocide. Maybe a Gerudo, maybe not, but someone who wants to rid the world of Hylians.
  21. TheWind

    Twilight Princess Did You Like Wolf-Link?

    I personally loved being a Deku Scrub for the first part of MM, because it is so much fun to get out of. The short beginning of MM was a bunch of side-quests and mini-games, whereas the excruciatingly long beginning of TP was a lot of fetch quests, as a wolf that can't do anything remotely fun...
  22. TheWind

    Spoiler Ocarina of Time Vs. Majora's Mask

    I choose MM. OoT is a wonderfully epic game, but I think that's its biggest appeal. While the epicness of OoT is done to perfection, I think MM has more replay value, and that's why I prefer it.
  23. TheWind

    Twilight Princess Did You Like Wolf-Link?

    I completely and utterly despised the wolf form. So much less fun than even the deku scrub from MM. The senses were the best thing the wolf had andthey limited vision, which was annoying. Being forced to be a wolf and have that horrible imp driving me around like a slave owner was an awful...
  24. TheWind

    Which Gen. I Starter Do You Choose the Most?

    Well, for Gen. I, I usually choose Bulbasaur. I love Poison types, they are arguably the best defensive type in the game, and Bulbasaur learns all the "powder" moves.
  25. TheWind

    Minish Cap:Missed Gold?

    I have just beaten the 2nd temple in this game and it's already incredible. The ability to shrink opens up a dual-dimensional world similar to that in ALttP when you can go to the Dark World. The 2D gameplay is refined and smooth, the first two dungeons I have played were both tantalizing and...
  26. TheWind

    Reputation System -NO LONGER IN USE-

    Why is this system no longer in use?
  27. TheWind

    WW-Wii U Island Themes

    Somebody make this guy a knight already. I have to give props to this post, for it has made me rethink my "favorite WW song list" per say. Dragon Roost's theme will probably always be my favorite, but I now think that Windfall Island theme goes right below it.
  28. TheWind

    What Would Be Your Place in the World of Zelda?

    That's all I've ever wanted...
  29. TheWind

    Worst LoZ Game You Say?

    We could have seen the magic system, Dark Link, and the Triforce of Courage in AoL without it being level-based and all that. You have proved nothing.
  30. TheWind

    The Great Sea

    Lol, okay. Well, I guess I'll take your word for it! -- Either explain yourself or keep your mouth shut. Your opinion is useless without explanation. You don't know that that didn't happen, and you present no facts to support your arrogant response.
  31. TheWind

    Creepiest Things in Zelda... Even As a Grown Up..??

    Ikana still spooks me to this day, I think that's why I love it so much.
  32. TheWind

    Best SS Bosses

    Koloktos was definitely the funnest boss to fight, but I think the BEST boss (in terms of innovation, fun and difficulty) is Ghirahim. His unique combat style was intriguing, fun, and difficult to wrap your head around at first.
  33. TheWind

    Worst LoZ Game You Say?

    You haven't presented me with one shred of evidence to prove your point. Why does AoL belong in the series just as much as any other title? Simply because it was created by Nintendo? If you step back and really analyze the game comparatively, I'm sure you will find irreconcilable differences...
  34. TheWind

    WW-Wii U Favorite Dungeon

    Please don't vote if you don't remember it screws up the results
  35. TheWind


    I am still racking my brain to figure out why they just gave us 3 more hearts. I seriously can't think of a single reason besides noobifying. They noobified everything. They noobified the overworld, they noobified Skyloft, and they noobified the puzzles. I feel like the Silent Realms were...
  36. TheWind

    Adventure of Link Zelda 2 is underrated

    I don't think AoL belongs in the series, and I think Nintendo knew that, and that's why we haven't seen a Zelda game like it since. I don't think it was a bad game, though. Maybe Paper Mario was a branch from the AoL tree.
  37. TheWind

    I Support Operation Moonfall

    If you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the problem. I support Operation Moonfall; Who didn't love the controls for OoT3DS? Plus, I think we can all admit that the 3D-ness in a MM remake would fit perfectly. You all sit there and say "Well I don't see the point", or "I thought OM...
  38. TheWind

    Ocarina of Time If You Were Link...

    Well for OoT, Master Sword, Goron Tunic, Mirror Shield, Hover Boots and Nayru's Love
  39. TheWind

    Majora's Mask Extremely Devious Puzzle Idea- Spoilers for Majora's Mask

    Haha, well if they do, bring me!!!
  40. TheWind

    Majora's Mask What Was the Best Part of This Game?

    Omg! Omg! My favorite part of this game was my first step on the moon. I was not expecting such a peaceful atmosphere!
  41. TheWind

    Worst LoZ Game You Say?

    Okay, I'll give you the magic system. To be quite frank, there is no good use on bagging on anything, but we do it. This entire thread is dedicated to it, so don't pop in here and act like I've done something terrible. Also, I AM an early Zelda fan, and I DO look back at my thoughts on the...
  42. TheWind

    Worst LoZ Game You Say?

    Oh god. I could barely get past the first two pages of this thread. Let me state the obvious, since it isn't obvious enough for some people. Anyone with the intellect above that of your average chimp can understand that the Phillips CD-i games are not Zelda games. Their discussion does not...
  43. TheWind

    Majora's Mask Extremely Devious Puzzle Idea- Spoilers for Majora's Mask

    There are so many things wrong with this sentence. For one, you say the idea is "kinda stupid" yet you present no reasons as to why. This bothers me. For two, under the description of the small keys it clearly states that it can open any locked door within the dungeon (besides the boss room...
  44. TheWind


    I absolutely loved using cuccos to glide around with whenever they were available. For this reason I am also a huge fan of the Deku Leaf and such. While cuccos are great I prefer the seagulls of WW. They were absolutely adorably designed and EXTREMELY useful as scouts as well as puzzles they...
  45. TheWind

    Where Would Your Vacation in Hyrule Be?

    I would live on Lon Lon Ranch with Talon and marry his daughter.
  46. TheWind

    WW-Wii U Favorite Dungeon

    Yah I love Makar. He's awesome.
  47. TheWind

    Best SS Bosses

    Koloktos FTW..... I miss being able to pick up enemies' weapons....
  48. TheWind

    WW-Wii U Favorite Dungeon

    Ganon's Tower was definitely fun, facing old bosses again with updated music... that was neat. I preferred the Wind Temple and The Forsaken Fortress #2. The Wind Temple was one of the more challenging dungeons, had a really fun boss and mini-boss, and I felt so relieved to get the Hookshot...
  49. TheWind

    WW-Wii U Favorite Dungeon

    I know WW didn't have the best dungeons in the series, but they were interesting dungeons nonetheless. What was your favorite dungeon(s)? Why?
  50. TheWind

    When is the New Game Coming Out? And NO, I'm Not Talking About Skyward Sword!!

    The dungeons were weak and watered down but the gameplay was pretty solid. It wasn't a very impressive installment in comparison, but I don't think it can possibly be as boring as you say. Maybe you aren't doing enough side-quests? If you blow through the game you will probably be...
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