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  1. GoronGainz

    Meme Extravaganza

  2. GoronGainz

    Do you have a favorite voice actor/actress?

    Lotta good voice actors out there, a few that spring to mind are Patrick Seitz, Matthew Mercer, Kira Buckland, Erica Mendez. If these guys are acting in something I'm watching/playing, chances are I'll recognize them.
  3. GoronGainz

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    My dog's not well & she's old now. I'm getting worried.
  4. GoronGainz

    What Made You Happy Today?

    Having to cover someone sick at work meaning I've got an easier shift & an earlier finish :D :D
  5. GoronGainz

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Just finished everyone's chapter 2 on Octopath Traveler. Still gorgeous looking game with some really pleasant music. Being able to switch from story to story keeps things fresh which I appreciate. Also enjoy the travel banter as well just for a little character interaction.
  6. GoronGainz

    Is It Just Me or is Megaman Impossible?

    This is true. Only ever played Mega Man 1; was ridiculously hard! Had to exploit the electric glitch to beat Yellow Devil cause that fight is BS.
  7. GoronGainz

    Breath of the Wild Have you attempted any challenge runs of BotW?

    I feel like I should probably beat the trial of the sword before attempting any challenge runs. If I were to it'd probably be a mono-weapon type run, where I can only use one type of weapon.
  8. GoronGainz

    What Annoyed You Today?

    They were all different types of things. (Hardware missing pieces, electrical damaged, edible had a massive hole in spilling half the contents)
  9. GoronGainz

    Do you ever feel like not wanting to do anything?

    Personally if I'm struggling to be productive then I'll break off & do something fun/enjoyable (even something simple like listening to a bit of music) If I'm struggling with doing something fun/enjoyable I try to do something productive (even something as mundane as a little tidying) Doesn't...
  10. GoronGainz

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I feel like season 8-10's problems is inconsistency. When they hit the mark the episodes can be outstanding. When they miss the mark it's like literal torture to watch through bad boring bulls**t. Just seem to be lacking that refinement that 1-7 had in weeding out the weaker stuff. (TBF 1-7...
  11. GoronGainz

    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    Started Hajime no Ippo last week. Been too busy for a binge watch so I've only seen a few episodes but it's pretty hype.
  12. GoronGainz

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Ordered 5 things online recently & 3 of em' have either been missing parts, damaged or just straight up broken. Having to resend & wait for replacements is really starting to bug me.
  13. GoronGainz

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Is that the season with the episode where all the trees come out of nowhere & literally nothing interesting happens? Cause that episode is total dogs**t, one of the worst overall.
  14. GoronGainz

    Hyrule Warriors Should Age of Calamity introduce a brand new character?

    Didn't BOTW mention Link's dad was a knight? What if Papa Link springs into action?
  15. GoronGainz

    Hyrule Warriors Impa's AoC design; yay or nay?

    I don't mind the design since they are related but before I knew it was Impa I just straight up thought it was Paya. I've seen some side by side images & they're really hard to discern. As long as she's badass like the HW Impa then I'll be happy.
  16. GoronGainz

    BOTW/AoC: Which race has the strongest army?

    Been thinking about BOTW & AoC lately & got contemplating if all the races fought against each other, who would come out on top? They've all got different weapons, strengths & weaknesses. Assuming they have similar numbers & are fighting on an even battle ground with neutral weather. How do...
  17. GoronGainz

    What are you looking forward to the most: Age of Calamity or BotW2?

    Probably BOTW2. Don't get me wrong I'm hype af for AoC & will probably get a lot of mileage out of it like HW. But the fact that we're getting a direct sequel featuring the same Link & Zelda in the same world makes me so excited. While it's still in development they could literally do anything...
  18. GoronGainz

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Breaking Bad is so unbelievably good. Just finished my 3rd run through & the level of detail in this show is just outstanding.
  19. GoronGainz

    What would your speedrunning main game be?

    Probably either Mario Sunshine or Mario Galaxy. 100% glitchless. Like these games a lot so wouldn't mind putting in the hours of practice to get good at them.
  20. GoronGainz

    Are there any foreign drinks that you've tried that you like?

    We made some Mama Juana's at the bar I used to work at. Despite being primarily red wine & rum was surprisingly light & refreshing. From the Dominican Republic, would recommend. (don't know why the top line is in bold, it won't undo)
  21. GoronGainz

    What Made You Happy Today?

    Finally got some time to relax & chill after several busy weeks in a row.
  22. GoronGainz

    What games do you wish you could play again for the first time?

    - All of the Ace Attorney games: Getting to go back & solve them all, meet the characters, listen to the music. 100% - Super Smash Bros Brawl: As much as I like the other games, being able to experience the Subspace Emissary again with the cast of playable characters would be brilliant. -...
  23. GoronGainz

    Happy Birthday Buddy :party: :party: :party:

    Happy Birthday Buddy :party: :party: :party:
  24. GoronGainz

    What’s your favorite food combination?

    British so.....Biscuits & Tea (Dunno if that counts)
  25. GoronGainz

    How do you pace your playthroughs?

    Depends on how busy I am & what the game is. Tends to be between & all out blitz playing as much as I can or a steady hour per day when possible.
  26. GoronGainz

    Fallout or Borderlands? Worst place to live?

    Which post apocalyptic future would be worse to live in? I was having this discussion with a few mates the other day & was curious what others thought. Both are chaotic, barren & filled to the brim with man-eating creatures. But which one's worse?
  27. GoronGainz

    Meme Extravaganza

  28. GoronGainz

    Using Protection

    My phone is always encased. Seen too many cracked screens to bother with the risk given how fragile they are. Most other things are alright as is.
  29. GoronGainz

    What Made You Happy Today?

    Banoffee Pie :D
  30. GoronGainz

    Hyrule Warriors Which Champion are you looking forward to playing as?

    Happy to play as any of em'. Preference though... Gonna be clobbering foes as Daruk & zapping foes as Urbosa!
  31. GoronGainz

    Hyrule Warriors Your Hyrule Warriors Tier List

    Never got around to getting the DLC for this game so I missed out on a lot of characters. It's been a while but if memory serves it looks something like this. I specifically remember annihilating hordes with Lana's sorcery book, Link's swords & Zelda's rapier. Good times. So happy AoC is a...
  32. GoronGainz

    Hyrule Warriors Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

    Love Hyrule Warriors. Love BOTW. so hyped up right now :ham::ham::ham:
  33. GoronGainz

    What games do you play over and over again?

    Pretty much all the main series Mario & Pokemon games. Also games like Smash Bros, Mario kart & other multiplayers. For Zelda OOT, Hyrule warriors, Majora's mask, PH & ST
  34. GoronGainz

    Which games did you really enjoy to complete 100%?

    Mario Sunshine is my most 100%ed game. There's something so satisfying about depositing all your blue coins at the end of the game to get 24 shines. Helped by the fact that the levels are fun to traverse & there's still a few difficult missions to reface everytime you play the game. Pretty much...
  35. GoronGainz

    Would you get along well with your clone?

    Going off the assumption they were identical to you in every way (physically, experiences & memories) & it was just 1 singular clone. Do you think you'd get along well with your doppelganger? Would productivity rise? Would arguments start? What are some of the things you do?
  36. GoronGainz

    Never really liked anime, but...

    Something intense: Attack on Titan Something fun: My Hero Academia Something with great polish: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (& Avatar, not technically an anime but fantastic all the same) Something simple & short: One Punch Man Something classic: Cowboy Bebop All of the above have...
  37. GoronGainz

    Ganon/Ganondorf Battle Royal? Who Wins?

    Similar thread to the Link battle royal I made here All the Ganon & Ganondorfs with each of their weapons, abilities & powers from their respective games face off. Who's Triforce has the most Power?
  38. GoronGainz

    Your favourite video game villain

    Glados from the Portal series is a favourite of mine. The fact that she's emotionless but with an attitude makes her a constant presence despite never actually being around. Also that fact that she can seemingly do anything within the restrictions of the test facility but only makes passive...
  39. GoronGainz

    Which of the Evil Teams would you join?

    If you had to. Based on the battle music, outfits, organisation members or goals. Who would you join up with? (I like how Magma's not up there but Plasma is twice.....)
  40. GoronGainz

    What's your favourite action scene?

    Can be based on the setup, the choreography, story significance, soundtrack association. Whatever you want, from any media type.
  41. GoronGainz

    What Are You Doing Right Now?

    Getting some little annoying tasks out of the way so that when the time comes to handle the big tasks, I'll have less distractions/interruptions. :)
  42. GoronGainz

    If You Were a Trainer, What Would You Want Your Battle Theme to Be?

    For a regular theme For a Pokemon theme
  43. GoronGainz

    Tell a Joke

    Why couldn't the lifeguard rescue the hippie? He was too far out man
  44. GoronGainz

    Meme Extravaganza

  45. GoronGainz

    Most Justified Antagonists?

    Who are the antagonists who's actions seemed just to you? Did you only understand their motivations or get behind them as well?
  46. GoronGainz

    Favorite Pokemon Movies

    The First movie was my favourite but I've seen the Lucario & Manaphy one the most since we used to have those 2 on DVD at my Grandma's so when there was nothing on TV to watch we used to bust those out. Haven't seen any movies after those 2. The ones before were good.
  47. GoronGainz

    Does your pet show affection towards you?

    If I give my dog attention she doesn't want it, when I'm busy & not giving attention she pesters for it. She thinks she's a cat.
  48. GoronGainz

    Tips on eating healthier lunches

    Having worked a Monday to Friday desk job, I know the struggle firsthand. As the others have said prepping food the night before is the healthiest option you have, as you control what you put in home-cooked food. If the temptation for fastfood is a problem then just try to have it one day as a...
  49. GoronGainz

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Ocotpath Traveler: Just got to the Frostlands & it is beautiful looking!!
  50. GoronGainz

    What Made You Happy Today?

    Managed to get out of doing something I Really didn't want to do this morning. Might have to do it again tomorrow, but that's tomorrows problem :D
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