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  1. DenMauzer

    General Zelda Does Anyone Want Consistent Races?

    I think they should always have kept the races we saw in OOT MM and TP I don't mind if they add in other races as long as the original ones are there
  2. DenMauzer

    General Zelda Favourite Boss Stage?

    I liked bongo bongo's stage the best. The huge drop, The giant hands, The fact that its set on a drum Makes it feel epic and different from all the others plus i also play the drums so i find myself tapping out the beat on the controller.
  3. DenMauzer

    General Zelda Potions or Fairies?

    I actually use both, i always have at least one potion and fairy at any time, When i have only one bottle though i always carry a fairy for revival purposes.
  4. DenMauzer

    General Zelda SS Upgrade System VS An XP System

    I don't think an experience system does any justice for the zelda series at all, In my opinion it would create more opportunities for road blocks within the game. even worse than lack of having a certain item. They tried it once and scrapped it for a good reason. The upgrade system however...
  5. DenMauzer

    General Zelda Which Zelda Game Has the Most Re-Play Value?

    MM has the most side quests so IMO its has the most replay value. I also don't mind replaying OOT and TP and probably revisit each game once per year.
  6. DenMauzer

    General Zelda Zelda's Darkest Moment

    7 words You've met a terrible fate haven't you?
  7. DenMauzer

    General Zelda Best Shop in Zelda History

    Malo mart in TP castle town, if only my local supermarket acted like this
  8. DenMauzer

    General Zelda Which Handheld LoZ is Your Favorite?

    My favorite is LA for the same reasons that my favorite console game is MM, I just see them as a nice change frome the link rescuing Zelda thing and seems more like a personal journey, the story is deeper and darker and I hope Nintendo will do something like this for ZeldaU
  9. DenMauzer

    General Zelda If The Lands Of Zelda Were Real, Where Would You Live?

    I would definitely like to live in ordon village I like living amongst the trees and nature, failing that probably the astral observatory I love looking into the night sky.
  10. DenMauzer

    Skyward Sword Do the Sheikah Stones Go Too Far?

    Yeah I pretty much realized my mistake after I'd posted it
  11. DenMauzer

    Skyward Sword Do the Sheikah Stones Go Too Far?

    Weren't there shiekah stones in SS when you play the harp and the black one near the knight academy? I don't think They are intrusive like others have said they are easily ignored
  12. DenMauzer

    General Zelda Returning To The Central Dungeon Idea

    Care to elaborate? Navigating the overworld has felt a chore in recent games anyway, with the way they block areas off untill you get a new item
  13. DenMauzer

    General Zelda What Does the Title "The Legend of Zelda" Mean to You?

    I agree with lord vain, the legend of Zelda is a series of chronological events centered around link, ganondorf and Zelda. The game can't be the legend of link cause without Zelda there would be no need for him, nor could it be the legend of gannondorf for this would be silly naming the game...
  14. DenMauzer

    How do you like your eggs?

    My favorite way of eating eggs is over easy with a runny yolk
  15. DenMauzer

    A Link Between Worlds Should Nintendo Put a Stone That Gives You Hints in Mm3d?

    This sounds a little silly to me, is it really that detrimental to your playing experience wether or not in game help is provided or not, I mean what's next do you want the booklet to be removed from the game case as well. Seriously if people bragging about beating a game while using help...
  16. DenMauzer

    WW-Wii U Was the Slapstick in Wind Waker Too Much?

    I didnt mind I thought it was fitting I didn't think it was that funny though the only part I laughed was when the stone activated in links pocket while talking with tetra
  17. DenMauzer

    Breath of the Wild Which Type of Villain(s) Would You Like to See in Zelda Wii U?

    How about Ganon gets his hands on Majoras mask! I think this would make an awsome story and could span termina and hyrule
  18. DenMauzer

    General Zelda Story Based Dungeons

    I posted something similar to this in another thread (I'm not sure wich one). I think a little bit more thought could go into the dungeons and the bosses particularly, instead of getting to the end of a dungeon and finding a giant spider that ganon summoned I think bosses should be given a small...
  19. DenMauzer

    General Modern Savage Labyrinth Vs Cave of Ordeals Vs Take 'Em All On

    For me the cave of ordeals provided the only challenge combat wise on the 3D Zelda titles (apart from the odd boss). I thoroughly enjoyed it but was dissappointed to see That SS didn't improve upon it. As for the savage labyrinth I thought this was a tedious task and somewhat of a joke...
  20. DenMauzer

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    One for the razorbacks- Green day
  21. DenMauzer

    General Zelda What Age Were You when You First Started Playing Zelda?

    I was 12 when i hired OOT from the video store and i remember i had to keep re hiring it so i could beat it then i bought majoras mask and every game since
  22. DenMauzer

    Breath of the Wild What Would You Like to Be Changed or Added in Wind Waker HD

    I would like it if they could fix up the mindless sailing around and make it less tedious. If they were to add in the extra dungeons they should only make them optional otherwise it would mess up the story
  23. DenMauzer

    General Modern Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Boss

    My favorite boss to battle has always been bong bongo I just like the way he bangs the drum making it harder to aim at him The worst boss I ever faced would have to be jalhalla I just thought it was so stupid
  24. DenMauzer

    General Zelda Top 10 Zelda

    My top 5 dungeons are...... 5.Forest temple (OOT) 4.Snowpeak ruins (TW) 3.Earth temple (WW) 2.Shadow temple (OOT) 1.Sandship (SS)
  25. DenMauzer

    What is the Most Recent Dungeon That You Completed?

    Just completed lanayru mining facility on my 100% run through I have always enjoyed the sand desert themed dungeons, I think they make for good puzzles this one was fun with the time shift stones
  26. DenMauzer

    Breath of the Wild Alchemy System in Zelda Wii U?

    I agree with JJ I think what ss had was fine although I would like to see them add a collection of poisens to dip arrows in like off skyrim.
  27. DenMauzer

    Breath of the Wild Bosses That Should Return in Zelda Wii U

    For me it doesn't really matter new or old I think they need to to come up with a back story for each boss giving them a reason to be there other than being summoned by Ganon. We saw this in oot, each boss had a bit of history except phantom gannon and barinade but barinade was a parisite wich...
  28. DenMauzer

    Breath of the Wild What Would You Like to See in Zelda Wii U?

    I would really like to see a lot more interesting side quests like that of MM. I am so sick of catching bugs
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