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  1. LinkAlmighty

    Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver(the Official Thread)

    I wasn't saying that having the legendaries at level 1 is bad, I was telling the people who read it that they will have to train them up if they want them to be powerful. Anyways, as said before, there probably won't be any new information on them till next month but here's a nice map of...
  2. LinkAlmighty

    Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver(the Official Thread)

    Well here's some more HeartGold & SoulSilver stuff. This'll probably be it till the next volume of CoroCoro magazine comes out next month. We now know that more than just your starter pokemon follows you around. In fact, there have been screenshots of Steelix, Wobbuffet and Kecleon...
  3. LinkAlmighty

    Zelda Wii Master Sword!

    Actually, if you look at the quote of what Miyamoto said, he said it takes place in a different era than TP, this makes it look like it might not be a TP sequel if it happens in a different era. The possibilities are that: 1. It will be a TP sequel 2. It has the chance at being an MM sequel...
  4. LinkAlmighty

    Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver(the Official Thread)

    Can you post a link to where you got this? It seems a bit fishy to me because where did this source get all this information? I've looked around and no other site seems to have this much info on these games. Also seeing as this came from a youtube video, which is notorious for people posting...
  5. LinkAlmighty

    Your Username

    Mine's is pretty simple. Since I love The Legend of Zelda, Link was an obvious name. Then since he's awesome (and so am I:P) I got the Almighty part. I'm still not too sure why I choose Almighty, I think I was thinking about the movie Bruce Almighty at the time so maybe that's what gave me the...
  6. LinkAlmighty

    Your Video Game Wish List

    Wii: Wii Zelda of course The Conduit Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers (still waiting for a release date>:() Super Paper Mario Klonoa Modern Warfare 2 (will it be for Wii?) Virtual Console: Majora's Mask (hopefully it comes out next week as 300th game) Super Mario Bros...
  7. LinkAlmighty

    Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver(the Official Thread)

    Actually, Serebii.net confirmed that September 11th is a fake date, as well as the rumored use of a skateboard is also fake. What has now been shown is the touchscreen for HGSS. As you can see, it appears that not just the Pokegear is on here, but rather the entire menu, from Pokemon to...
  8. LinkAlmighty

    Pokemon Generations

    Like many others here, I grew up with the 1st two generations, in fact, Pokemon Blue was my very first game. So I was really torn between the two, I love the mechanics and upgrades that came with G/S/C, but I love the Pokemon and story of R/B/Y much better than 2nd gen's story and Pokemon. I...
  9. LinkAlmighty

    Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver(the Official Thread)

    I've got some weird news, from the magazine CoroCoro, they released some details about HG & SS, but the scans of it were not so clear. But an image of the male and female trainers was shown. What's weird is that while the male trainer is still Gold, the female trainer is no longer Crystal...
  10. LinkAlmighty

    What Game Was It That Got You into Gaming?

    My first game was Pokemon Blue, me and my older sister both got a gameboy, and she got Red and Super Mario Bros Deluxe and I just got Blue. I had no idea what I was doing at first, I remember evolving my Bulbasaur (who I picked because it was the first ball I tried) into an Ivysaur on Route 1...
  11. LinkAlmighty

    Favorite Miniboss from Ocarina of Time

    Dark Link is the obvious winner. He was hard, except if you used Din's fire or the hammer, but was still a challenge even then. He was definately the highlight of the temple, but I still say the best part of the Water Temple, is when you take the portal and get the heck out of there :lol...
  12. LinkAlmighty

    Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver(the Official Thread)

    I just heard about it earlier today on my fav Pokemon website (serebii.net) and I nearly jumped out of my chair. Pokemon had almost lost me, while I love Platinum, I was seriously dreading the next 100 something Pokemon of the fifth gen. I had just resigned to only getting another Pokemon game...
  13. LinkAlmighty

    Majora's Mask on Virtual Console

    Well it's May now and still no MM... My guess is that they are waiting for us to reach 299 games, then the week after they can release it as the 300th game, like they did with Mario RPG as the 250th and AoL as the 100th. We are currently at 298 games, so if I'm right (and I hope I am) MM...
  14. LinkAlmighty

    Difficulty Setting?

    I'd like to see difficulty settings. They could put it as an option before you start the game. There'd be easy for casual gamers and for those new to the series. It would just have weaker bosses and enemies and stuff. Then there'd be Normal, which would be the true version with no added or...
  15. LinkAlmighty

    A New Beginning

    They said it had nothing to do with TP I think. But yeah, I believe ST has the new not Hyrule.
  16. LinkAlmighty

    A New Beginning

    I was thinking this myself a while back. I'm wondering if ST could possibly be the new Hyrule the the KoRL mentioned. But I like the idea of them reviving the old Hyrule. It could be the next console Zelda after Wii Zelda. Like WW only with land and a darker color palette. So it would still...
  17. LinkAlmighty

    Ocarina of Time Fighting Gannondorf in OoT

    I found Ganondorf harder than Ganon. It took me a long while to beat Phantom Ganon but by the time I faced Ganondorf I had gotten better at playing tennis with him. I took a couple hits at first, then I finally got the hang of how he threw the energy orbs and using the biggoron sword, the...
  18. LinkAlmighty

    My Timeline: Don't Think Anyone Will Like It Though

    I'm a bit of a theorist, I find it fun trying to place the games & trying to connect older games with the new ones, where there can't be any reference but you still look for a way to place them. And I'm coming up with my own timeline at the moment. Anyway, the whole CAT thing is a little weird...
  19. LinkAlmighty

    WW: 100 Years After OoT? No.

    Oh, wait, did you just accept that there is a split timeline? If so than my post was pointless than. Either way it's an interesting theory and no theories can be completely disapproved until a game or Nintendo does so.
  20. LinkAlmighty

    WW: 100 Years After OoT? No.

    Well I do believe it's the same Ganon/dorf in each game, I believe that there is two versions of him on opposite ends of the timeline. But what I was asking was where you were trying to put TP not if there is one Ganon/dorf or not, and you answered it by saying you don't believe in the split...
  21. LinkAlmighty

    WW: 100 Years After OoT? No.

    Err, what exactly are you trying to get at Axle? By the way you said it, it sounded like you were implying that TP takes place in the same timeline between OoT & TWW, which has been previously established in the posts above as highly improbable. So can you clarify what exactly you mean when you...
  22. LinkAlmighty

    Ocarina of Time Bongo Bongo

    I've always found him to be easy, none of the bosses in OoT really gave me much trouble. What I do is use the lens on & off, after I get his hands, I let him charge right at me & then shoot him with an arrow when he's infront of me. Then I just unleash the Biggoron Sword on him & after a...
  23. LinkAlmighty

    Future weapons!!

    I'm not too sure about future items, but I do like how that fan in the ST trailer is coming along. I would like to see Link be able to wield 2 swords at once, imagine the moves & combos you could pull off! I would like to see a couple of things return though, such as the Biggoron Sword, the...
  24. LinkAlmighty

    Water Temple in OOT

    I hated the water temple. My first time through caused me to restart the game>:(. My second run through was better and I didn't have to much trouble with Dark Link since I used Din's Fire. But finding the last normal key was annoying and I couldn't get up the slope before the boss for about 5...
  25. LinkAlmighty

    Ocarina of Time Is OOT overrated?

    No I do not think that OoT is overrated. It had many great aspects that still beats many games today. It had a great story, many games today just don't have an interesting story that can compare to OoT's. It's gameplay & engine set the standards for 3D games. Where would 3D games be today...
  26. LinkAlmighty

    Majora's Mask on Virtual Console

    I can't wait for MM to be released in NA, but I hope the glitches, if they exist, are fixed upped before it gets here. So now all the console Zeldas are on VC, hopefully they'll create virtual handheld or something for the DSi & then we can have the rest of the Zeldas. I hope that I'll be able...
  27. LinkAlmighty

    Should Link Die?

    Just a plain & simple NO. Why? Well I have 5 good reasons (& no it's not my fist) 1. Cause Link is the main character of the series 2. There are so many Links that there would be no point 3. Everyone would be pissed including me 4. What kind of Zelda game ends with you losing & dying no matter...
  28. LinkAlmighty

    Experience System Again?

    I wouldn't really like EXP points in another Zelda, cause I like to get through the game using my skills with the sword (more like controls) not sitting for hours on end leveling up. Also it could make it easy if your willing to spend a couple days leveling up at an early point in the game so...
  29. LinkAlmighty

    Zelda Classic for DS

    I really like this idea, I've only played a few of the old games so it would be nice to have a chance to play them. I also think the DS could pull this off easily & do a good job of it.
  30. LinkAlmighty

    Should Zelda Stay Medieval?

    To me a change would be nice, now and then everything needs some change. As long as it's not too drastic of a change like Star Wars meets Zelda and creates Zelda Wars, I wouldn't really mind. ^ That is one scary idea...Link Skywalker...and Ganondorf is Link's father! 0_o
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