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  1. MapelSerup

    Thanks! :)

    Thanks! :)
  2. MapelSerup


  3. MapelSerup

    gracias senor

    gracias senor
  4. MapelSerup

    Thanks man!

    Thanks man!
  5. MapelSerup

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Tryna hold out for Christmas break! Two more weeks...
  6. MapelSerup

    [OoT] I hate Malon's jump challenge!!

    I've found that, once you get the hang of it, it becomes pretty easy. Try practicing in Hyrule Field for a bit!
  7. MapelSerup

    What are your thoughts on how much remakes of games should change or add?

    It always depends on the game and what it needs. Some games just need some visual touch-ups, while some require an overhaul of an entire system. Whatever suits the game best is what should be changed.
  8. MapelSerup

    Last person to post wins

    Don't worry, it won't take that long.
  9. MapelSerup

    I Love Soup

    Grilled cheese with tomato soup is always a classic.
  10. MapelSerup

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 485!

    Lumpy Pumpkin because playing the harp with Kina gets you that good arm workout :stalfos:
  11. MapelSerup

    Karaoke - What are your go-to songs?

    Just had a karaoke night last night! Some of our favorites were: Born in the USA - Bruce Springsteen Livin’ On a Prayer - Bon Jovi I Want it That Way - Backstreet Boys Industry Baby - Lil Nas X and various Disney songs.
  12. MapelSerup

    Video Game Quotes

    'nother Earthbound gem
  13. MapelSerup

    Windows 11

    I’m still waiting for Windows 9
  14. MapelSerup

    Zelda What-Ifs

    I would say I’d look back at it as a better game than I do now; however, I feel it would make the game much less memorable (especially considering Spirit Tracks). I feel like the Temple helps me differentiate it from other handheld games a bit more.
  15. MapelSerup

    Breath of the Wild When and where did you defeat and/ or encounter your first Lynel?

    My first was the Mt. Plymous one as well. I still hadn’t quite figured out the freedom in the game yet and thought all the NPCs were telling me to kill it, so I threw myself at it over and over until I finally beat it. It at least served to teach me better techniques.
  16. MapelSerup

    I Need Help Finding This!

    I did a little bit of digging, and I'm pretty sure this is from the Game Watch section of the December 2004 issue of Nintendo Power, Issue 186. Due to the end of the advertisement mentioning that "The journey begins in early January... while you're waiting..." I assumed it was before the...
  17. MapelSerup

    Metroid Dread

    Everything I was expecting and hoping for in a brand new 2D Metroid game. I agree with Plinko that some of the boss fights (specifically a certain enemy) shouldn't have been reused as much and that the EMMIs grow to be annoying, however I'm not sure what they mean about the unavoidable boss...
  18. MapelSerup

    New Nintendo Switch Online

    If I still played Animal Crossing then maybe. However, I do not. Hard no from me, I'll stick to the basic.
  19. MapelSerup

    Last person to post wins

    An old joke with my friends is asking "What do you do in Monster Hunter?"
  20. MapelSerup

    SSHD What do people who prefer motion control think about this game?

    The motion controls are pretty fun! I'd hate it if they were in every Zelda game, but the Skyward Sword controls make it unique and I've never had many issues with them.
  21. MapelSerup

    Last person to post wins

  22. MapelSerup

    Breath of the Wild Weird question, but do you feel you respect npcs? Here’s my reasoning:

    I try to talk with all of them, but I mostly choose the stupid dialogue options just for fun. I might attack them at first out if curiosity, but generally we’re pretty chill. If the NPCs are entertaining, it makes the game a lot more fun for me.
  23. MapelSerup

    What is your history with Metroid as a franchise, if any at all?

    Played Super on the SNES Classic and loved it. Never was able to play any other game besides the first, but I'm really looking forward to Dread once I can get my hands on it.
  24. MapelSerup

    Last person to post wins

  25. MapelSerup

    Smash Bros Final Smash Character

    Sora's a really good pick. Not only was he the most requested character from the Smash 4 poll, but according to Sakurai, he seemed pretty difficult to get the licensing rights to. Combine that with the announcement that the Kingdom Hearts games are coming to Switch and it made for a pretty good...
  26. MapelSerup

    Say the ABCs before a Mod posts.

    Heck yeah
  27. MapelSerup

    Breath of the Wild Crusher Lynels are Stupid and Unfair!!

    Parrys are hard to time! Try dodging and going in for flurry rushes instead, that always helped me.
  28. MapelSerup

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 481!

    I like Kohilint for how thematically different it is from the others, but Fi's Farewell has really good music...
  29. MapelSerup

    Haiku Thread

    The evening darkens, Sun glinting over the spears. Calm before the storm.
  30. MapelSerup

    Games that physically affected you

    If a game gets really intense, my heart rate will go up and I'll start sweating because of the adrenaline. It's pretty funny once the moment's over and I realize how focused I was.
  31. MapelSerup

    Haiku Thread

    A thread of nature and household appliances. A Shinto sous-chef?
  32. MapelSerup

    Haiku Thread

    If your product has defects please do contact your manufacturer.
  33. MapelSerup

    What Made You Happy Today?

    It's been feeling like fall for the first day all year, and it actually started on the first day of fall! Hower short it may be, it's pretty rare for it to feel like this in the south even during autumn.
  34. MapelSerup

    Haiku Thread

    I stumble downstairs My stomach grumbling loudly. The icebox beckons.
  35. MapelSerup

    Haiku Thread

    This thread's for haikus. Seventeen syllables each. Share your own with us!
  36. MapelSerup

    Hyrule Warriors What have you been up to in AoC?

    Finishing out the DLC, been taking a break to play some other games.
  37. MapelSerup

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 479!

    Gerudo Desert actually feels like a desert. Pretty cool.
  38. MapelSerup

    Name unnamed locations

    The canyon surrounding North and West Hyrule in BOTW. I'll call it Goddess' Gorge.
  39. MapelSerup

    Happy birthday deku! :party:

    Happy birthday deku! :party:
  40. MapelSerup

    Are the people of Outset Island related to the Royal Family and/or Knights of Hyrule?

    I've always believed that Outset Island is Ordon Village in the adult timeline, given the placement and architecture. In fact, the Zelda Encyclopedia addresses this after noting that there's no similar place in OoT:
  41. MapelSerup

    Do you sometimes play the videos in your mother tongue in 2x speed?

    If it’s for school and the teacher talks somewhat slow, it’s a huge timesaver for me. Honestly helps me pay more attention because I have to focus more and it’s less of an endless drone.
  42. MapelSerup

    Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity DLC Thread

    My bad, I guess took that to mean Kakariko given the Shekiah markings and whatnot. I guess it could be any settlement though.
  43. MapelSerup

    Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity DLC Thread

    In the gallery, it says Astor is originally from Kakariko village. Maybe that's where his map will be?
  44. MapelSerup

    Have you ever opened up your game hardware?

    Besides building a PC, I have the old disc drive for our Wii still (it needed replacement) and I took apart my Pro Controller to try and fix the drift.
  45. MapelSerup

    What's the time of the year you look forward to the most?

    The very first day where the cool, dry fall air hits with the smell is the highlight of the entire year for me. It’s almost inspiring in a way.
  46. MapelSerup

    Last person to post wins

    This would be 100% accurate if the A and S tiers were swapped.
  47. MapelSerup

    Nintendo Rumors: Game Boy & GBC Games to be announced for NSO

    I am running on 2 hours of sleep right now please forgive :sweating:
  48. MapelSerup

    Nintendo Rumors: Game Boy & GBC Games to be announced for NSO

    Rumors are saying that Nintendo will be expanding their NSO library to include Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.eurogamer.net/amp/2021-09-03-game-boy-and-game-boy-color-titles-headed-to-nintendo-switch-online What do you think the plan would be going forward...
  49. MapelSerup

    Smash tournament competition thread

    Gg mark Not on my game today ig
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