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  1. Theunholyganon

    Breath of the Wild Do You Think We Will Get Another Four Swords Game?

    I don't know if we will ever get a new Four Swords game but I hope that it happens because I love those games.
  2. Theunholyganon

    Breath of the Wild Bosses That Should Return in Zelda Wii U

    I would really love if Bongo Bongo saw a return to the series.
  3. Theunholyganon

    A Link Between Worlds Would You Like to See Twilight Princess for the 3ds?

    I don't feel that Twilight Princess and the 3DS would be spiritually compatible. Although the 3DS can handle the game because it is up to par if not exceeding the power of the Gamecube, I don't believe that it would work has it would feel out of place.
  4. Theunholyganon

    Different Playable Character in a Zelda Game

    I would like to see a game where it is focused around one of the companions or be able to play as Ganondorf.
  5. Theunholyganon

    Wind Waker- Memories

    My favorite memory is when you first step foot on Dragon Roost Island and the awesome music and atmosphere tells you that you are entering the huge world of Wind Waker.
  6. Theunholyganon

    Who is Your Favourite Companion?

    I would say King of Red Lions is the best companion because he never pissed me off like Navi or Midna did.
  7. Theunholyganon

    What is Your Favorite Zelda Boss?

    Mine would be Odalawa from Majora's Mask.
  8. Theunholyganon

    What Was the Scariest Zelda Cutscene You Have Seen?

    The moon crashing from Majora's Mask creeped me out as a kid
  9. Theunholyganon

    What Zelda Game Did You Have Fun Exploring in the Most?

    I would say Wind Waker the endless amount of things to do on the Great Sea was great for my imagination.
  10. Theunholyganon

    WW-Wii U Island Themes

    Dragon Roost had to have the best theme in Wind Waker and even one of the best themes in Zelda.
  11. Theunholyganon

    Master Sword Over the Years

    I would say Wind Waker has my favorite master sword. Just the design of it is amazing.
  12. Theunholyganon

    From Aquamentus to ... -Who is the Best and Worst Boss in Zelda?

    Best: Ganondorf from Wind Waker Worst: Koloktos I HATE him.
  13. Theunholyganon

    What Would Be Your Place in the World of Zelda?

    I would be a God from Wind Waker living under your hut getaway thingie.
  14. Theunholyganon

    Majora's Mask Poll: Fierce Deity Link Vs. Ganondorf with Majora's Mask

    That is the most impossible question ever.
  15. Theunholyganon

    Did You Enjoy the 25th Anniversary Orchestra CD?

    I have every song from the CD on my ipod. I love playing it in the car!
  16. Theunholyganon

    Clawshots or Hookshot?

    I would say clawshot it feels you have more control.
  17. Theunholyganon

    Zelda Water Dungeons

    I would say the Great Bay temple would be the hardest I could barely figure out the puzzles.
  18. Theunholyganon

    WW-Wii U The Boss You Had Trouble with Most.

    Definitely puppet Ganon, I hate Puppet Ganon.
  19. Theunholyganon

    Things That Make You Tilt Your Head

    I tilt my head when the put sidle instead of slide in Wind Waker.:dry:
  20. Theunholyganon

    Twilight Princess What Did You Name Epona?

    I named her Epona but called "him" The King of Red Lions.
  21. Theunholyganon

    Would You Like to See Zelda Be More Popular Than Mario?

    I think in many aspects, that The Legend of Zelda series is more popular than the Mario series.
  22. Theunholyganon

    Ganondorf and Zant-- Who's REALLY in Charge?

    Ganondorf is and will always be forever in charge.
  23. Theunholyganon

    What is Your Favorite Zelda Partner?

    I would have to say The King Of Red Lions as my favorite partner because he doesn't hold your and throughout the game.
  24. Theunholyganon

    Which Boss Would You Like to Be Friends with and Why?

    I would say Ganondorf because my plans of world domination combined with his plans of world domination leads to mega world domination and we will rule over all of you. Mwahahahaha.
  25. Theunholyganon

    Is Skyward Sword Your New Favorite Zelda?

    No Wind Waker is and will always be my favorite Zelda game of all time.
  26. Theunholyganon

    Fi in Other Games?

    I honestly do not know if Fi will return in a following Zelda game. Maybe she will return because of how screwed up the Timeline is she might awaken from rest.
  27. Theunholyganon

    Would You Let Nintendo Put Zelda on the Back-burner for 10 Years?

    I would be willing to wait only if the game is AMAZING but if not I think Nintendo should keep the series active because in 10 years some of us won't even like Zelda anymore.
  28. Theunholyganon

    Are Link's Eyes Blue, or Brown

    I always thought Link's eyes were blue I know their black in Wind Waker.
  29. Theunholyganon

    Ocarina Vs Harp

    I prefer the ocarina from OoT over the harp from Twilight Princess.
  30. Theunholyganon

    Support Official LEGO Zelda!

    I support the LEGO Zelda franchise fully.
  31. Theunholyganon

    Which Zelda is Better?

    I would say the Zelda from Wind Waker I just like how Tetra had no idea she was Princess Zelda.
  32. Theunholyganon

    Do You Care What Color Link's Hair Is?

    I really think it does not matter what color Link's hair is.
  33. Theunholyganon

    Ghirahim in Smash Bros.

    I would love to see Ghirahim in the next Super Smash Brothers he has a very colorful move set and would be a great character.
  34. Theunholyganon

    Favorite One of Links' Swords

    The master sword from Wind Waker and the true master sword from Skyward Sword
  35. Theunholyganon

    Favorite One of Link's Various Shields.

    The mirror shield from Wind Waker and the sacred shield family from Skyward Sword
  36. Theunholyganon

    Saddest Zelda Song

    Mine would have to be Midna's theme from Twilight Princess and Grandma's theme from Wind Waker
  37. Theunholyganon

    Favorite Ganon Battle

    Wind Waker has to have the most epic Ganondorf battle of all time.
  38. Theunholyganon

    Spoiler Most Useless Item

    The bombchu's and the whip from Skyward Sword
  39. Theunholyganon

    Creepiest Things in Zelda... Even As a Grown Up..??

    I hate Floormasters! They scare me half to death overtime I encounter them especially Wind Waker!
  40. Theunholyganon

    The Final Zelda Game: What Do You Want It to Be Like?

    I wish that day never happens but maybe the endless curse that demise put on Link and Zelda is finally broken?
  41. Theunholyganon

    Are Some Races Gone Forever?

    I would probably say the kokiri is a dead race.
  42. Theunholyganon

    Midna- One Time Thing or Continous Character?

    I am pretty sure Midna was a one time deal kinda like Navi and maybe Fi but we will never know.
  43. Theunholyganon

    Worst LoZ Game You Say?

    Zelda's Adventure for CD-I that game was terrible.
  44. Theunholyganon

    Whats Your Favourite Minigame?

    The rupee shot with the bow from OoT.
  45. Theunholyganon

    What Zelda Titles Have You Beaten

    I have beaten all of the Zelda games except spirit tracks and Zelda Wand of Gamelon.
  46. Theunholyganon

    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    The hardest zelda dungeon for me had to be the Ancient Cistern just because with the whip puzzles and those small rooms with multiple puzzles and me clueless.
  47. Theunholyganon

    The Legend of Zelda What Zelda Game Was Your First?

    The first Zelda I played was OoT I loved that game so much!!
  48. Theunholyganon

    Ocarina of Time If You Were Link...

    I would have the master sword, the mirror shield, red tunic,hookshot and hero's bow.
  49. Theunholyganon

    If Link Had a Pet

    Maybe a chu jelly named Jelly that would be a cool pet for Link.
  50. Theunholyganon

    What Do You Think About a Zelda Movie

    I would not like to see a Zelda movie I think it is not that good of an idea.
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