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  1. majorasmagic

    What Would You Like on the 3Ds?

    it has just been confirmed nintendo is making mm 3d so i really dont know what else i want
  2. majorasmagic

    Countdown to Skyward Sword Release!

    soo excited for tomarrow!!!!!!
  3. majorasmagic

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Overview Trailer

    ooohhh that new boss looks so epic.. i probably shouldnt have watched that but oh well.i wonder how we will defeat him?
  4. majorasmagic

    Happy Halloween!

    i understand its history very well but cmon man live a little. i dont celebrate it but i go out anyway to have a good time. i encourage you to think twice and just have fun tonight.
  5. majorasmagic

    Happy Halloween!

    sucks that we have it on a school day ): i think it should be law that halloween is on the last friday of every october that way we dont have to go to dumb school and we can party all night!
  6. majorasmagic

    The Awesome First Sword

    my favorite was in tp cause it was the first zelda game i played(and first real video game i played) it was definantly a memorable moment
  7. majorasmagic

    Spoiler Having Our Items Stolen Yet Again

    so how would we get them back if we have noting to fight with? do we trow a jar at them or something to knock it out and then pick it up?
  8. majorasmagic

    Countdown to Skyward Sword Release!

    only 21 more days left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. majorasmagic

    What's Your Trick or Treating Cut off Age

    well my grandma still goes trick or treating sooo d say theres no age limit haha. for me i still don't no if i'm going or not and ive been invited to my friends party but shes a girl and there will most likely be mostly girls there. nothing wrong with that but it be nice to hang out with my guy...
  10. majorasmagic

    Countdown to Skyward Sword Release!

    why have people stopped posting?!? theres not that much time left lets keep this thread alive!
  11. majorasmagic

    7th Dungeon in Link's Awakening

    i get seem to get to the 7th dungeon in L.A i know exactly where its at but i cant get the key! i found the key but the only way i found to get there was an are where its just a big hole. does anyone know how to get the key??
  12. majorasmagic

    Midnight Release? is There One

    are you sure? my wal-mart is open 24/7 EXCEPT on saturdays where they close at midnight and dont open till noon on sunday ): and ive never been to a midnight release so im not even sure if they'll stay open an extra 5 mins XD
  13. majorasmagic

    How Will You Play Through the Game and What Will You Name Link?

    ill be naming link my real name this time. i usually name him link but oh well.im gunna make this game last as long as i can and hopefully finish it by the end of the year i usually rush through zelda games and use a walkthrough about 6 times so i can finish the game fast but then i miss all the...
  14. majorasmagic

    Technology in Skyward Sword.

    yes i think technology will play a big role like you said and i think its gunna be a good aspect.as of right now ss doesnt feel like theres a lot of technology and still has that magical feel..as for theorists technology DOESNT play ANY role in the zelda timeline
  15. majorasmagic

    Skyward Sword "number"

    ive played loz,zelda2,alttp,oot,mm,ww,mc,tp,ph.oh and fsa thats 10 but ill be getting la soon so this will be my 12th :D
  16. majorasmagic

    Fire Dungeon

    giant dodongo!! i think its a possibility and definantley something nintendo would do considering they did it with jabu jabu :D
  17. majorasmagic

    Red Tunic Confirmed?

    nice observations.it is the artiecture of most fire dungeons but considering its long like that it could be the inside of a monster
  18. majorasmagic

    Red Tunic Confirmed?

    i think that shot is from the trailer to isnt it? but ive looked at it several times and only 80% of the time its red the others it looks green so im gueesing its the lighting but im almost sure we will see different tunics.
  19. majorasmagic

    Gamescom 2011

    im hoping at the least a realese date and i want a trailer but idk if we will get one..maybe the same trailer with some different things like they did with the last trailer is very likely if we get a trailer at all
  20. majorasmagic

    Red Tunic Confirmed?

    thats actually from the trailer..im talking about the interview posted yesterday.yo can tell its from the trailer cause in the interview link is father away and the rocktite is glowing more than he is here
  21. majorasmagic

    Red Tunic Confirmed?

    sorry if this has been mention already but ive been gone awhile..ok so bill trinen on g4 that was posted a couple days ago http://www.zeldadungeon.net/2011/08/bill-trinen-on-g4/#idc-container if you stop at 2:10 when link is running from the fire rocktite or whatever it is.It looks like link has...
  22. majorasmagic

    Something I Think I Just Figured Out!

    actually that makes sense unless ss is delayed or the release date is earlier. cause that would be about November so that sounds pretty legit.. nice find!
  23. majorasmagic

    Ocarina of Time Is It Really the Best Zelda Game Ever?

    yes you are right ww and tp are better than oot. unfortunantly people wont let go of oot because it was the first 3d zelda game therefore it had some of the most nostalgia for players and people dont wot to see that it was great for its time but now its not as good cause there is so much more we...
  24. majorasmagic

    Do You Think That Skyward Sword Will Ruin the Zelda Series?

    well skyward sword definantly wont lack in anything considering miyamoto and anouma havent finished the game yet. will it be the best however i dont think it will.see every game after oot is far more improved than oot excluding handhelds. i think ss will surpass oot but there are wayyyy to many...
  25. majorasmagic

    What Mini-games Would You Like to See in Skyward Sword???

    id love to see 1 3 5 and 6 on your list and unfortunantly they said they weren't using any online capabilities for the game ): i think boxing wouldn't fell right though id also like to see a long range bow shooting thing. like there's a couple targets that are like a mile away and you have to...
  26. majorasmagic

    What Are the Top 3 Most Overrated Games of All Time?

    ive played cod a lot and i have to say its very over rated the fan base itself treats the games like gold and trash ANY game when playing online and always say cod is better.the reason i think the game is over rated is because the game is an arcade shooter.. not a war game yet the fans treat it...
  27. majorasmagic

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    well this is odd .. ahh well i like cookies to and i have no money to lose so i guess thats a good thing right? RIGHT??? someone tell me im right!
  28. majorasmagic

    What Do You NOT Want in SS?

    i dont want like a million items that we hold. im liking the idea where we upgrade items more and would like to see it used more in future zelda games.and like you said i dont want rupees to be useless.and i want there to be more ways the one to defeat a boss like you can with ghirihim.
  29. majorasmagic

    Favorite Band?

    oh yeah i forgot hawthorne heights but i havent listened to them much since there screamer died :( and another band thats kinda has the same music style as them is the used.. there not my favorite but i still listen to them a lot
  30. majorasmagic

    Favorite Band?

    i mostly listen to acoustic so.. Stephen jerzak.. is one and i like some rap like..kid cud..i and i like some... linkin park.. but i don't listen to it much. the only girl band i listen to is.. lights.. cause she doesn't act slutty like a lot of other girl bands but id have to say my favorite...
  31. majorasmagic

    Majora's Mask:ballad of the Wind Fish?

    I'm recently in another play through of majoras mask and this is the first time i went in the milk bar. anyway the big zora (Toto i believe was his name) says that the zora band the indigo go's played this at there concerts and i think it was an original by them to. obviously i think that this...
  32. majorasmagic

    General Modern DS and ST?

    the 3ds is backwards compatible to ds games so i would wait till you can get a 3ds and then buy spirit tracks for it
  33. majorasmagic

    Legend of Zelda Marathon (7/10/11)

    i have a question:is this the yearly zelda marathon..last year they had steph and silver in it.(they were my favorite ha ha) :)
  34. majorasmagic

    Does the 3DS Hurt Your Eyes/head?

    your answer is yes and no.. the 3ds at first might hurt your eyes or make you dizzy but this only lasts about an hour or so. the human eye isnt use to seeing things like this and it just need to adjust. after a while it will be just like looking out a window when you play :)
  35. majorasmagic

    3DS or NGP?

    actually the 3ds is supposed to enhance gameplay and show depth.casual gamers will find the 3ds an interesting toy(which nintendo is mostly advertising)and for hardcore gamers they will actually see the 3ds as what nintendo also says-a game changer-.its also supposed to spread more...
  36. majorasmagic

    New Instrument.

    ohh i never new that. but either way they look exactly the same.(the -lyre- from oot and the one from ss) @ ganon slayer well now that i think of it it was probably just mis translation. but i guess the people just asummed that it was a harp by looking at it
  37. majorasmagic

    New Instrument.

    hmmmmm haven't you played ocarina of time? sheik has a harp. not all harps are big they have harps like sheik does in ocarina of time.it looks like that kind of harp to. the harp simply rest on your bicep and held on the way end. of course you then use your other hand to strum it. and i am sure...
  38. majorasmagic

    Twilight Princess Did You Like Twilight Princess?

    i simply like the game because it was my first zelda game.so i pretty much praise it for that. it gets boring at the very begining but once you get to finally explore the game is really fun.
  39. majorasmagic

    3DS or NGP?

    definintly the 3ds.sony did what they always do with there systems once again.copy nintendos last system except make it better look different and then really good graphics to make it look like the best system out there.as for the 3ds its a brand new system and unique in its own way not...
  40. majorasmagic


    based on what you guys have said i think the 360 would seem the right choice.you all make some good points to so thx guys
  41. majorasmagic

    Twilight Princess What's the Earliest Time You Can Lose Your Sheild?

    you can actually lose your shield in the forest temple if you run into some torchers OR if you want to lose it earlier you can go to where you get your lantern and light the torch in that area to lose it.
  42. majorasmagic

    Xbox Live Worth Getting?-how Does It Work

    ill beplaying on line a lot so yay THIS THREAD CAN BE CLOSED
  43. majorasmagic


    ha ha i thought you would say that. anyway thats kinnd of what i was thinking.i dont usually talk to friends that much over the summer so i thought it would be worth it.
  44. majorasmagic

    Xbox Live Worth Getting?-how Does It Work

    hey turo i posted the other theread here in general gaming and ill probably be geeting a mic for the live so id be happy to play sometime when i get it!
  45. majorasmagic


    alright so this is a follow up to my last thread is xbox live worth getting?well i have decided to get it but now i have another problem. i ran through my money numbers and figured out that i actually could get the 360 by may.the money i was raising was for the 3ds. now unlike my last thread i...
  46. majorasmagic

    Xbox Live Worth Getting?-how Does It Work

    well thanks to everyone who posted i have decided to get the 360.(ill make a similar thread soon) i just want to say i tested all your facts on the internet (dont worry i didnt use wikipedia) and i came across something interesting in a septemper 2010 article with an interview with micrisoft...
  47. majorasmagic

    Xbox Live Worth Getting?-how Does It Work

    ok i can see what some things you said are opinionated but i dont think your seeing why i exactly am choosing it so ill elaborate a little. as i said im an all around gamer.i kind of have to depend on 3rd party companies for certain games especially shooters.but not all 3rd party games are that...
  48. majorasmagic

    3DS Point Shop

    im guesing your talking about the virtual console and la is already going to be on it yay! as for oox no one has confirmed it but i hope they put it on there
  49. majorasmagic

    Xbox Live Worth Getting?-how Does It Work

    ha ha yay christmas is a little far but im not going to be able to get it until then unless i can get a job (im almost 14 :) ) can you tell me how much it costs (the slim system).and seeing you no this much info what games would you recomend? im planing on getting rock band since my mom is in...
  50. majorasmagic

    Xbox Live Worth Getting?-how Does It Work

    well i was wondering if i should get an xbox 360 for christmas and xbox live. i want it because im an all around gamer meaningi need to play games from rpg to shooter and adventure. i only own a wii and i only have to shooters metroid prime 3 and goldeneye.i really enjoy goldeneye online but...
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