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    Spoiler Hardest Part

    The hardest part to me was the Lightning Round mini-game, trying to get all bosses finished, and that's about it. That's honestly hilarious too me. If only he could hear.
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    Spoiler What Did You Think of Demise?

    Everything about Demise was done wrong, except the models and design. Even him in the story, heck he could DIE, and Ganondorf has only died once (I might be wrong) in TP!
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    Did Anyone else Have a Hard Time Finding Rupees in SS?

    A little bit yes. Finding ruppees in the grass didnt seem to really cut it as well as finding money or selling items.
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    Baby Loftwing in My Yard...

    I once had a small owl that was injured in my backyard. My friend found it out there and we brought it inside, and gave it food, water, etc. My mother and I helped it's wing, giving it a small little wooden splint, allowing it to try and fly in the garage. Soon after it flew away when we opened...
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    Link's Obvious Yet Unknown Skills

    Probably something that carries over in the bloodline (not always related though) and maybe the Spirit of the Hero
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    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    I have this weird SS poster that's just a discolored logo. Just was a few dollars at Gamestop
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    Supa Random Quick Quiz #OVAR 9000!!!

    Name: Non-Epic Faints on battle entry.
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    Twilight Princess Does Ganondorf Even Fight Seriously or is It All a Joke to Him?

    Honestly, since in TP he broke out of the Sage's seal so easily, he doesn't take Link or what could happen seriously. He doesn't know what's coming in OoT first of all, so he gets completely infuriated. In WW, on the other hand, he's enlightened.
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    Majora's Mask What Does 'alternative Dimension' Mean to YOU in Majora's Mask?

    I completely agree on the Nintendo's laziness thing. They didnt have have the time,money of the care to continue with something new. No one else did. What matters now is what they made it into. I honestly believe that Termina is parallel in the sense that... things work differently there...
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    Save Files

    Well, common save systems can be annoying. SS worked very well here with the Goddess Statues, but for future games, some things should be changed. The starting at the last major cut-scene still happens, right? I think it does. Anyway, you should spawn in the last major room, simple as that. No...
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    Supa Random Quick Quiz #1

    LOLOL son Goku is a super warrior, hailing from the king's warriors on planet Vegeta. He was the strongest saiyan and became the strongest in the universe, so strong he surpassed death.
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    Is Skyward Sword a Good Game or a Bad Game?

    Did You Like SKYWARD SWORD? People, what's your opinion on Skyward Sword? Scratch that, that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about people asking each other's opinions of Skyward Sword or telling everyone if they like it or not. People can get into arguments, and that's bugging me...
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    Favorite Legend of Zelda Music?

    I really like OoT's music the most, but when it comes down to it, WW's intro song hits me right in a special place. It mixes nostalgia, a long forgotten time, heroism and a good tune.
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    Spoiler Finished SS Tonight, My Final Thoughts.

    It's great you love it. The story is pretty neat and left me crying at the end. Though it's definitely not my favourite, I still can love it. I appreciate when people give their honest opinion instead of throwing it down as the best. It's good to like what you have.
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    Favorite Fire Temple?

    Goron Mines. Done
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    Spoiler Which Link Has the Worst Life

    I'm not sure if you know this, (I think it was in the Historia) but ALTTP Link was confirmed to go through ALTTP > OOA/OOS > LA which is just a crazy amount of work and adventuring. After getting sent off on a quest, he has a little time of peace before being sent to other countries in which...
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    Tutorials Need to Be Removed from Zelda

    I see what you're getting at there. If they don't want to add the option to remove it in, that's fine. It should have some kind of tie in. Anyone ever watch Egoraptor's Sequelitis on youtube? For Megaman X, it shows a great way to teach all the mechanics and controls of the game. That's...
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    No New Zelda in E3 2012? That's... Actually Fine

    Well, besides this, they must have just started some of their highly anticipated Wii U work. Besides Zelda, there's so much 1st party games to work on to rack up their launch. Besides that, the Zelda team must have just started something new, let alone a demo or a trailer for E3. We want to...
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    Your Skyloft Name

    I don't really know waht to go with. I have this fav black and blue bird that always flies around the neighborhood. Not sure what it is. Black all over, Dark bluish stomach, can someone place it?
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    Skyloft Knight Personality Quiz

    I got Zelda. this kind of sucks because I'm a guy. But I wold mostly look out for others, try to take honest control, and try to be resourceful.
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    Is Skyward Sword a Good Game or a Bad Game?

    There are enough of these posts. People have established whether they like Skyward Sword, and there's always extremes. The People Who Completely Dislike It The People Who Are Torn About It and The People Who Love It. Let's all just drop it and stick to what makes us happy :)
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    Like Ghirahim? ;D

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    Majoras Mask 2012

    There are many good reasons to see this on 3DS. On 3DS it will follow OoT and the linearity will remain well. If OoT is placed before MM in 2011, and MM came out in 2012, that would be set up to the pretty similar Y2K placement. Moreso, this can be done easily by Grezzo's studios', and Nintendo...
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    Biggest Problem?

    The game design it self became infuriating. The exploration was mediocre at best. It always pointed you in just one direction,with such little freedom. Even in dungeons there was only one path it became very boring with little replay value. Most of the items were regular traditional items...
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    Like Ghirahim? ;D

    He fills my heart with rainbows. That is all. *bows*
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    Spoiler Volvagia As the Fire Sanctuary Boss

    Yes, this is so amazing. Having Volvagia in there would have worked so well. This is where the goron is, and he would be threatened by the dragon. Heck, we should have seen or heard of the dragon waaaaaaay before the boss fight. Even deeper, it should have been what caused the volcano to erupt...
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    Why Don't You Think They Put Tingle in Skyward Sword

    I think that Tingle is some kind of offence, or is inappropriate for children. -He talks to kids mostly. -It seems that they mock a mental problem -He represents too many sins for a benign NPC
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    Spoiler General Kid Icarus: Uprising Discussion

    It seems amazing so far. i think they should have an overworld though, I haven't seen any. Maybe you can buy new weapons there, and potions. And I haven't seen his bow being used anywhere. Is it even in the game?
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    Cool Zelda Game Idea

    Maybe the game starts in Ganon's Castle, and Link dies sealing him away, but Ganon seal is too weak.
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    Corrupt a wish!

    The pizza is human flavoured. i wish for peace on Mars
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    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    A meteorite carrying 300 pigeons from space bludgeoned it. Turns out they were psychic. Why can't I own Earth?
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    Favourite Character Sounds

    ALTTP Link's original sounds, before the GBA port with the OoT sounds. It's so ridiculous and unrealistic.
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    I'm guessing it's considered inferior, because they're human, and Hylians are close to the gods. Remember how the Ordonians have to bring the sword?
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    Guess the Zelda Character by Guessing Its Alphabet.

    .... That's Ingo....
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    Ocarina of Time Killing the Red Tentacle

    On 3DS it's L
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    Building on the Ordinary fact, Shad says Ordon isn't Hyrule proper. This means that it's jsut other land, not Hylians; and Ordonians are humans, not Hylians, hence the normal ears.
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    Linear Timeline Theory

    I don't even really understand your tiemline. I would jsut like to that other plot elements should be considered, such as the Master Sword, other sword incarnations, and the Triforce.
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    Did You Know That... (Demise)

    I did that the first time! I was thinking of TP and tried the Bug net with everything! Wow, I wish I posted it earlier.
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    Shortest Zelda?

    To me, the shortest would have to be LA, it was jsut so easy and short. I could always tell what to do.
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    Your Lightning Round First Battle

    I love Koloktos and Ghrirahim the first time. They are both just... so fun. I don't why, I love them so much.
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    Spoiler Music Before the Final Boss Fight... Its Me? Or...

    Is heard that, jsut thought it as me. I knew it was familiar, and it reminded me of TP Ganondorf soo much. Very good find.
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    Best Skyward Sword Side Quest

    I really liek the rattle. Just findin where it is and getting there.
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    Hardest Enemies in SS

    Just Stalfos, I could never properly follow their movements.
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    Zelda Art TLoZ: Return of the Defeated

    Not, clashing graphical styles wouldn't work out. If the series had one set graphical styles, it might, but with so many items and so man characters, it wouldn't work well.
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    How Long?

    No, not even 100 hours. Though with the newly attacking High School, it took a lot longer than expected.
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    Not Even Gonna Lie

    I agree, it was amazing. Unlike other games, you were actually instilled with the fear of the unknown. He really attempted to make you feel insignificant.
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    8 Er So Things

    3. It's really funny that you noticed that. huh. 5. I think you are supposed to spin dash into them. 8. I think Hylia is like the goddess of Time or something. I think it was meant to show the differences between Skyloft and Hyrule, and to show it changing over time. I think gods is meant to...
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    Majora's Mask Link is NOT Looking for Navi?

    It couldn't have been Saria. As a kid, he was still at the time Saria was around. he knew how to get to the secret place, and knew he could keep his friend.
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    Throw Something at the Next Poster!

    *Screams and runs to throw the llama in a lake.* *Throws a rotting shark eggsac at NP!*
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