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  1. nintendo4ever

    Gametrailers Timeline Series

    Timeline - Legend of Zelda Trailer | Gametrailers Who else is pumped for GT's new series. I was first introduced to the website in 2006 when I saw their legend of zelda retrospective. As the years went by I always wanted a true follow up and this seems to be it. What they have done is...
  2. nintendo4ever

    Spoiler Location of a "Certain Object" in Skyloft...?

    same here. i also think the sacred realm is the silent realm.
  3. nintendo4ever

    How Long?

    73 hours. no guide 100%. It was the first zelda game i didn't use a guide on, and i found it incredibly easy to not miss anything so i guess i picked a good game to start not cheating on.
  4. nintendo4ever

    Which Would You Choose Not to Play?

    phantom hour glass. not a ds hater, i loved spirit tracks and all the other obvious answers alot will pick for this question like zelda 2
  5. nintendo4ever

    Favorite Skyward Sword Character

    YES, this. Groose was someone who very much surprised me. It's un-characteristic of the zelda series to give a side character the kind of attention they gave groose. His developement and change of heart near the end was something I beleive nobody saw coming.
  6. nintendo4ever

    Real-Time Bottle Use: Yay or Nay?

    i love the real time item use system. they should keep it
  7. nintendo4ever

    Hottest Guy in Skyward Sword? (BESIDES LINK)

    i'm a staight guy but my vote is for groose all the way! after all who has the slickest pompadour in all of skyloft? xD
  8. nintendo4ever

    Zelda / Video Game Related Costume Thread.

    I'm going as link this year seeing as how it's the 25th anniversary and everything, ive been wearing out my cosplay costume alot and figure a few other people might be dressing as link or some one from the series for halloween as well, it would be really cool if you could all post pictures of...
  9. nintendo4ever

    The Motion for the Finishing Blow??

    i too find the lack of magic meter in console games lately disappointing
  10. nintendo4ever

    The Motion for the Finishing Blow??

    both down is finishing blow both right or left is spin attack
  11. nintendo4ever

    If You Could Make a Dungeon, How Would It Work?

    i think an underground earth dungeon would be cool. where link would have to use the mole mits from MC to dig his way through the dirt to find hallow sections (which would be the rooms) ultimately constructing the dungeon as he goes along
  12. nintendo4ever

    I'm Going MAD!

    siren world is basically as zeldahuman described it. this game's version of the twilight realm, the dark world or any other parallel dimension in the series. it will involve the tear collecting from tp but it will also have "guardians" which are like phantoms from the DS games
  13. nintendo4ever

    Majora's Mask and the 3DS

    i was exaggerating of course. i really do think nintendo does a fantastic job making the older games of the series accessible for veteran and new players. with the wii's and 3DS's virtual console, various ports, the collectors edition and now the talk of upgraded remakes it really does feel a...
  14. nintendo4ever

    Majora's Mask and the 3DS

    i want a majoras mask remake!!!! i also want a windwaker and a twilight princess remake. i actually only want there to be about 15 games in the legend of zelda series and for nintendo to spend the next 25 years remaking every single game until everyone is satisfied that their favorite under...
  15. nintendo4ever

    Super Smash Bros. 4 Personal Character

    i have a strong feeling ryu hayabusa from ninja gaiden will be in smash bros 4. he started out on nintendo. team ninja made other M with nintendo already AND they even had a nintendo character appear in one of their own games. it only seems logical that they would make a contribution in the next...
  16. nintendo4ever

    GameCube VS Wii

    this is a tough one. the wii's quality titles are better than the cubes quality titles but the gamecube had many more quality titles than the wii ie: galaxy > sunshine, prime trilogy > orginals, and its looking like skyward sword is gonna be better than all 3 of the gamecube zelda's
  17. nintendo4ever

    Has Anyone Ever Played Games That Most Gamers Don't Know About?

    zeldahuman i loved lost magic! i even had my dad bust out the electric saw to cut out an exact life sized replica of isaac's staff. =) good times
  18. nintendo4ever

    What Do You NOT Want in SS?

    in the story, i dont want them to ignore the universe and the lore they have created with the past zelda games. i want them to connect and answer old mysteries and i dont want them adding things that aren't relevant to the other games. i want ghirahim to be important to the timeline (i want him...
  19. nintendo4ever

    Why Do Most Games Begin with Link Waking Up?

    ive noticed this too. i always just thought he went along with all this "hero stuff" just for the sake of shutting up navi so he can go back to sleep once its all over haha just kidding.
  20. nintendo4ever

    What Zelda Character Looks Like You?

    1/2 ghirahim 1/2 link lol
  21. nintendo4ever

    How Long Until We Get a Female Link?

    when will we get a female link? i guess about the same time they turn mario into maria xD. what would be the point? the legend of zelda doesnt need to go down that path to appeal to all genders
  22. nintendo4ever

    Did You Enjoy Zeldathon?

    i saw all of it except from 5a.m until 9.am. everyday. It was amazing this is my 3rd or 4th zeldathon ive watched. i even had my girlfriend getting into it with me =) it was the best zeldathon yet, most definitely because of mases being there. i really hope he attends more because he made it so...
  23. nintendo4ever

    Ocarina of Time Do You Like the New LoZ: OoT 3D Sound Track?

    Title Deku Tree’s Theme Fairy Flying Inside a House Kokiri Forest Shop Battle Inside the Deku Tree Boss Battle Hyrule Field Main Theme Kaepora Gaebora’s Theme Castle Town Hyrule Castle Courtyard Game Princess Zelda’s Theme Lon Lon Ranch Kakariko Village Goron City Lost Woods Middle Boss Battle...
  24. nintendo4ever

    Ocarina of Time Your Thoughts on Master Quest 3D

    i loved the master quest's dungeons and double damage from enemies but for some reason the overworld being flipped just annoyed me more than added to any challenge. it would have been fine to have just the dungeons flipped but when i was out in hyrule field or any town or village it kinda had me...
  25. nintendo4ever

    Ocarina of Time OoT 3D : Boss Challenge Mode - Post Your Times!

    ive been competing with a friend for the best gohma score and so far ive killed gohma over 35 times and managed to get my time down to 17:66
  26. nintendo4ever

    Phi, What do we Know?

    just a prediction but my guess is that she is a goddess. she does seam to have that sacred holiness about her
  27. nintendo4ever

    The Triforce of Power

    i dont think this is much of a question at all. NOBODY has the triforce of power, wisdom or courage in skyward sword because the triforce was only split half way through ocarina. the triforce is still in tact and still in the sacred realm in this game.
  28. nintendo4ever

    One Word

    timeless. something that never grows old, even after all these years the classics never fail, its something ive come to accept as part of me now. and will always be
  29. nintendo4ever

    Does Wii Motion Plus Scare You?

    i know that wii motion plus will help the zelda series but physically i just got wii sports resort a couple weeks ago and played the sword fighting for a couple hours straight and it HURT!!!! i was physically in pain for a couple days after that so i dont know if it will be good all the time
  30. nintendo4ever

    I'm Calling It Now!

    i believe it was the triforce ganondorf was after not the master sword. but i definitely think its going to touch upon the gerudo but not ganondorf himself because he is not born yet. it will possibly explain his motives for wanting the triforce but i dont think we will ever see him in the game
  31. nintendo4ever

    A Possible Conclusion?

    short answer, no. nintendo will never officially make an end conclusion to the series. just like they stated that even tho skyward sword is the earliest game so far they arent saying its the first game just to always leave an opening for another prequel. i feel they will do the same with the...
  32. nintendo4ever

    Which Game Comes First for You in the Zelda Timeline; Why?

    SS then OoT. my main reasoning for not buying into the whole minish cap comes first is the in game text on the goron figurine piece. "045) Goron - These rock - and iron-eaters once lived on Mount Crenel in Western Hyrule. Now their numbers are few, and they live quietly in a cave".
  33. nintendo4ever

    Dungeon in Trailer

    i'm pretty sure nintendo only shows off stuff from the 1st quarter of their games in trailers. so i expect them to be near the beginning
  34. nintendo4ever

    ZREO Twilight Symphony

    For anyone interested, the Zelda Reorchestrated team just reached their donation goal of 18,000 dollars and will now be recording the twilight princess soundtrack with a live orchestra and choir. Anyone else as excited for this as I am?
  35. nintendo4ever

    The New Guy is a Sheikah? Return of the Sheikah?

    all sheikah in previous games have red eyes. i dont think he is a sheikah.
  36. nintendo4ever

    New Instrument.

    I thought so too at first but sadly it also looks like a slingshot icon
  37. nintendo4ever

    Zelda's 25th

    my school is off in honor of Zelda's 25th =). except they like to call it presidents day lol. this weekend i played the first game with my girlfriend who hasnt played that one yet.
  38. nintendo4ever

    Sheikah? Dark Tribe? What Do You Think.

    i dont think the dark tribe is the same thing as the sheikah if thats what you are saying. the dark tribe ultimately become the twili race. and impaz is alive and well in tp
  39. nintendo4ever


    i keep forgetting how many people still dont accept the possibility that this is a hyrule before hylian settlement. It says link discovers a land below the clouds and its over run with monsters. thats proof enough for me to not imagine a plethera of npc's and happy villages all over the place. I...
  40. nintendo4ever

    Will Ganondorf Be the Main Villain or Will Nintendo Create a Completely New Villain?

    ganondorf would not make sense in this game. He is only human who aquired great power from the triforce when it split. this is before ocarina meaning before the triforce separated. nevermind him not even being born yet. i think the villian that would make the most sense is the dark tribe...
  41. nintendo4ever

    What Should I Play Next?

    maybe start with the oracle games and then play minish cap.since they were released first.
  42. nintendo4ever

    Ocarina of Time Warp Time!

    it's just a game mechanic that it resets the time on sidequests to prevent it from being too easy. obviously it wouldnt make sense to warp if you could get there faster on foot.
  43. nintendo4ever

    Link Talking Would NOT Be the End of the World As We Know It.

    lol when i saw your profile picture it kind of reminded me of full metal alchemist. You, or whoever drew that link must also draw lots of edwards
  44. nintendo4ever

    Challenging Games Needed!

    I just completed the first ninja gaiden today. A proud moment in my gaming life xD. so if you want unmerciful challenge that's the only thing i have on the mind right now
  45. nintendo4ever

    Ocarina of Time 3ds

    i just came up with an idea. what if nintendo combined the 2 ways (blowing and pushing buttons for notes) it would be the most intuitive instrument yet. i have a real ocarina and that seams like the most logical way to me. think about it. you would hold down A (symbolizing covering the note...
  46. nintendo4ever

    Underrated Zelda Songs

    Skull dungeon oracle of ages. nuff said.
  47. nintendo4ever

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    i bought my girl friend for christmas a makar plushie and glow in the dark bottled fairy earrings (twilight princess exact replicas) ive also bought for myself a real master sword, a hylian shield, an ocarina of time, and a full link cosplay costume.
  48. nintendo4ever

    Zelda Rock

    its commonly mistaken for system of a down but its by the rabbit joint
  49. nintendo4ever

    Have You Ever Considered...

    so your theory is that this takes place a mere few years or less before ocarina? and link some how managed to become young again? i'm not going to try to list all the plot points this would over write but above all my reaction to this game would be a huge disappointment because of waisted...
  50. nintendo4ever

    What is Link's race?

    in my opinion. Hylian, = half human half elf
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