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  1. Azure Sage

    Tears of the Kingdom What Are You Doing in TotK?

    Next on my list of things to do is the Lomei Labyrinths. They were one of my favorite parts of BotW so I'm excited to take a crack at em. I've been saving them for when I was in a good position to do all of them back to back.
  2. Azure Sage

    Tears of the Kingdom What Are You Doing in TotK?

    If you want to upgrade the Purah Pad you gotta bare minimum do the first Depths quest for Josha. It's definitely useful. Came in clutch for me on many occassions.
  3. Azure Sage

    Tears of the Kingdom What Are You Doing in TotK?

    As of last night, I've completed all the main story quests and am set to take on the final battle! ... except I won't be doing that for quite a while yet. I won't be satisfied to take on the ending until I've completed every shrine, every quest, and every lightroot.
  4. Azure Sage

    Tears of the Kingdom What Are You Doing in TotK?

    Finally made it to the Gerudo Desert today, the last of the regional phenomena for me.
  5. Azure Sage

    What are you currently eating?

    Corned beef and fried egg and tomatoes on toasted marble rye bread. :Q_
  6. Azure Sage


  7. Azure Sage

    Tears of the Kingdom What Are You Doing in TotK?

    I hit 9 batteries and got the stuff together to max the Champion's Leathers yay! I'm off to Zora's Domain next, my third regional phenomenon to investigate.
  8. Azure Sage

    General Art Azure's Artwork

    Drew a Zelda today with the kids at work. I'm really happy with it. I wanted to capture that distant, eerie vibe she's got in TotK.
  9. Azure Sage

    Do we really need a jump button?

    The function is to be able to get a little more vertically whenever you want it or need it? To reach higher places and cross gaps? The same reasons jump buttons come standard with almost every other adventure game on the market?
  10. Azure Sage

    Do we really need a jump button?

    Why not? I can't imagine not having it anymore. Even SSHD was frustrating for not having it after BotW.
  11. Azure Sage

    Do we really need a jump button?

    Yes. I am also talking about the dedicated jump button. We need that. I am jumping constantly as I explore around.
  12. Azure Sage

    Do we really need a jump button?

    Definitely needed. I use it constantly. It was desperately needed especially in the case of these more vertical worlds.
  13. Azure Sage

    Tears of the Kingdom TotK screenshot thread

    Eventually it'll be fun to post the pics ive taken throughout my playthrough when its all done, as like, a progress tracker. But for now I would like to post pics of my dream house because I finished that yesterday.
  14. Azure Sage

    Tears of the Kingdom What Are You Doing in TotK?

    Bout to go into the Depths to explore for a while. I am gonna
  15. Azure Sage

    Paperback Vs. Hardcover.

    I've always preferred paperback. It's lighter and just feels more manipulable for something to hold in your hands and read, if that makes sense. Also, hardcover paper covers never stay on, ever. I usually take them off immediately and all the cover art and stuff goes with it, so it's like...
  16. Azure Sage

    What’s your favorite song?

    This has held up for several years now as my favorite song.
  17. Azure Sage

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    My aunt's funeral is this Thursday. Apparently, she'd requested that I do a reading for her. This gives me a feeling I can't really put to words.
  18. Azure Sage

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    This track is such a vibe.
  19. Azure Sage

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Aside from the obvious TotK nonstop train, I've been managing to squeeze some Granblue Fantasy in. I just completed a huge milestone today for finally fully forging all my Seraphic weapons, which is a huge boon for my weapon grids. The game gives you this cool edgy character outfit as a reward...
  20. Azure Sage

    Tears of the Kingdom What Are You Doing in TotK?

    Completed my second dungeon and am now going to *try* to hunt for the Master Sword. I've got no idea where it is, so I might as well check the place it was in BotW... Korok Forest is next on my list to visit.
  21. Azure Sage

    Tears of the Kingdom How do you feel about Zelda's new design?

    "Most of us" speak for yourself. BotW Zelda was the best one. ... Until TotK. They have improved upon perfection. I really dig the cloak things both Link and Zelda got goin on here.
  22. Azure Sage

    Aonuma: OoT was restricting, the BotW format will continue

    I'm happy to hear this. What I'd really like to see is them continuing to reinvent the wheel, using BotW and especially TotK as a basis. Open world with a linear storyline and progress gates would be acceptable to me. TotK is almost that, anyway. I just wanna see them keep being inventive. I...
  23. Azure Sage

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    My aunt passed away from cancer this morning. She hung in there for a good few years, but these last few weeks we could tell was it. I'm glad I got to see her in march before she took her turn for the worse. I'm still processing the news, but man. It hurts.
  24. Azure Sage

    What Annoyed You Today?

    So, when I went to pick up TotK, I sat in the curbside pickup spot for like an hour. I finally get the email that tells me pickup was ready, but it says curbside pickup isnt available. ????????? Then they the hell didn't yall communicate that to me last week when you sent me my confirmation...
  25. Azure Sage

    What are you currently eating?

    You know, I probably could. I wonder if that's worth trying sometime...
  26. Azure Sage

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Had to leave work early today due to some severe abdominal pain. Went to urgent care and they think I have diverticulitis. They prescribed me some antibiotics and hopefully that's all it's going to take. It's possible for this condition to cause a hole in your intestines and require surgery...
  27. Azure Sage

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I find it really amusing that my mom makes a big show of how much she hates it when I use hair accessories despite being a boy but she never notices when I actually do. She'll yell at me for wearing a ponytail but I can and have worn bobby pins right in her face and she has never noticed. I keep...
  28. Azure Sage

    What are you currently eating?

    After a lifetime of the only three instant ramen flavors I've ever known being chicken, beef, and shrimp, I have discovered soy sauce flavor in my store for the first ever time. This is way better than the other three.
  29. Azure Sage

    Curtains or blinds?

    I've had blinds my entire life. I don't think I've ever experienced having curtains before but they do seem more wieldy.
  30. Azure Sage

    What are you cooking?

    One of my students is having a birthday on Monday so I'm making banana bread for the occasion. :)
  31. Azure Sage

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    I have not played Frontiers, but this song goes really hard.
  32. Azure Sage

    Breath of the Wild Post your album photos and/or screenshots here [potential spoilers]

    For one last hurrah I did the Thing for a little bit. It was ridiculously hard to control tho and I couldn't go in the directions I wanted to. But it was funny to at least succeed. Putting the game down here as I go grind in AoC until TotK...
  33. Azure Sage

    Wild Tears of the Kingdom guesses

    Coming back to this thought again. This is pretty much the last thing left that gives me pause about the game. Whether it's done through save data bonus or not, I really need this game to reflect everything that Link did in BotW. NPCs that existed in BotW should not act like it's the first time...
  34. Azure Sage

    Spoiler General Screenshot Thread

    I just liked these shots a lot.
  35. Azure Sage

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    This kept popping up in my recs so I decided to check it out and it's really good. Also now I need a full series on whatever this mv was about. I gotta check out more from this artist.
  36. Azure Sage

    Got Any Plans For Starting Out In TotK?

    Part of the fun of BotW was letting your feet carry you to wherever looked interesting, and I'm sure TotK will end up the same way, but at least some of us must have some idea of where they wanna go first, right? Especially since this is a familiar world with new twists, there's a lot I wanna...
  37. Azure Sage

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Not my usual cup of tea but it's pretty catchy.
  38. Azure Sage

    Ys X: Nordics Reveal + Felghana Remaster

    https://www.gematsu.com/2023/04/ys-x-nordics-gameplay-opening-event-scene-mana-actions-naval-action-and-boss-battle We got some footage at last! I gotta say, I'm impressed so far. The new engine is definitely an improvement for character animations. The new combat system is gonna take some...
  39. Azure Sage

    Wild Tears of the Kingdom guesses

    Less of a guess and more of a wish... I want them to keep the option to swap the functions of X and B. I need to keep jump on B. I refused to play BotW with the default controls of jump on X. The B button is for jumping. This is a standard truth for all video games as a whole that must not be...
  40. Azure Sage

    SPOILERS: New Ability

    There's actually confirmation in someone else's footage.
  41. Azure Sage

    Master mode?

    I'd be happy if it was identical to BotW's, but I think there's potential to alter things even further, like giving enemies new attacks and behaviors and even speed up their actions. They could also change their weapons to some nasty fusions. I'd like to see a lot of stuff like that. It does...
  42. Azure Sage

    Ys X: Nordics Reveal + Felghana Remaster

    https://www.gematsu.com/2023/04/ys-x-nordics-details-dogi-glen-rosalind-cruz-and-mana-actions Some supporting characters introduced. The bro Dogi looks good. It's kinda weird seeing him look so young for the first time in a while. I don't have a lot of thoughts on the new characters yet. Mana...
  43. Azure Sage

    Totk commercial video

    That area actually officially confirms underground caves because of the Z coordinates being in the negatives on the minimap. It was kinda obvious for a while now, but now there's no further room for doubt that Hyrule is getting plenty of underground space too, not just sky islands. Almost all...
  44. Azure Sage

    Predictions for Game Structure

    Yeah, I agree that time travel is starting to look more and more likely. I think a lot of the story cutscenes we've seen in trailers actually take place in the past. I think TotK might do what BotW did and split the story in half between the past and present but this time the past is playable...
  45. Azure Sage

    Spoiler General Screenshot Thread

    My new guild card picture, taken right after defeating Amatsu. That was an incredible hunt.
  46. Azure Sage

    Hyrule Warriors What have you been up to in AoC?

    Got Link's spear, Zelda's slate, and Sidon's weapon all up to level 50. Making slow and steady progress. I'll do a little more right before TotK.
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