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  1. Fiveoclock

    Hardest Dungeon in Zelda History?

    MQ Spirit Temple. Played for hours and don't even have the mirror shield. No other dungeon gave me even remotely close to this much trouble.
  2. Fiveoclock

    Do You Like Pineapple?

    I just hate pinapple. It tastes absolutely awful. I just can't stand it, which is a shame because my mother loves to make pinapple-based dessert.
  3. Fiveoclock

    Who's Scariest?

    I'd actually have to say the Scarecrow, but only because of his toxen. He could terrify you to the point where you can't even fight back. So while the Joker is like the Majora of Batman and my favorite villian, Scarecrow actually fights with fear while Joker does not.
  4. Fiveoclock

    What Would You Do if You Were Trapped Inside a Virtual World?

    I'd take the blue pill, make the first jump, bend the spoon, take on the agent, and break out of the game. 'Nuff said,
  5. Fiveoclock

    Do You Get Sunburnt or Tan?

    Umm...kinda hard to say. I'd imagine I would get tan assuming I went outside (rarely if ever go in the sun), but I wouldn't want to be. I'm pale, and I'd like to stay that way. Never understood the point of tanning anyway...
  6. Fiveoclock

    Pop "Music"

    Glad I'm not the only one who hates that sorry excuse for a sound. I hate all pop music, almost no exceptions. I could rant on and on about how it's uncreative and horrible, but I'll refrain. And if pop "music" is so good, why does nobody care about it a few months after release? Real music...
  7. Fiveoclock

    About Bronies...

    So a year ago when I started playing TF2 I kept seeing avatars of these weird ponies. I kept thinking to myself "What's so great about MLP? It's a show for little girls". After a while I looked up more information and nearly threw up in my mouth. Why would this sorry excuse for a show be...
  8. Fiveoclock

    Handedness: How It Affects Us

    Wait... is Mario actually a leftie? Why did I never notice that? Also, I haven't seen this confirmed so it may or may not be true, but I have heard that righties live, on average, 7 years longer than lefties.
  9. Fiveoclock

    Your Favorite Fire Type

    I really like Ninetails, but if I had to pick a favorite...I'd go with Charizard. After all, he's a dragon who breaths fire. What's not to like?
  10. Fiveoclock

    7-11 Now Serving Mashed Potatos Through Slurpee Machine

    Am I the only one who thinks this is amazing? Being able to get mashed potatos from a slurpee machine? Pardon my french, but JUST SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!
  11. Fiveoclock

    Majora's Mask Did You Think the Great Bay Temple Was Easy?

    Third hardest dungeon I ever played, with Stone Tower Temple being second and MQ Spirit Temple as first. It took just about forever for me to get through, and Gyorg was my only death.
  12. Fiveoclock

    GenGame: New SSB Challengers

    What most people don't pay attention to is the fine line between creative fighters and pointless unwanted cameos who would not be viable and innovative fighters. The characters should all be beloved Nintendo classics that originated from Nintendo with only a few cameo characters. That means no...
  13. Fiveoclock

    Favorite Generation

    I have to go with Gen I because it's the original I've always loved. Plus, Red is the only game where I've actually completed the Pokedex :)
  14. Fiveoclock

    Can Pokemon...

    Neither. Krabby and Kingler make a strange sound (I'm sure we all know what it is but I just wouldn't know how to spell it) that is not their names. Therefore, we can conclude that the names are independent of the Pokemon's cry, or at least in this example.
  15. Fiveoclock

    How Many Hours Have You Clocked on a Single Game

    478 hours on my Pokemon Diamond and also 417 on Soul Silver. And I thought I'D played Pokemon a lot...
  16. Fiveoclock

    Favorite Creepypastas

    My favorite is definitely the Slender Man. He doesn't scare me, but I think the whole concept is amazing. Second is BEN, and third is the collective group of Lavender Town Creepypastas (I can't decide!). Other than that, I haven't read much else in terms of Creepypastas.
  17. Fiveoclock

    Generation V: Who's The Best Starter?

    Really, it depends on the rest of your team. For example, if your team is weak to fire, you will want Oshawott. That's how I decide. But Tepig is best. He has the best typing and can easily sweep with Flame Charge.
  18. Fiveoclock

    Spoiler What Makes Ghirahim So Popular?

    He's so different from every other villain. Most just want to destroy you and rule the world, but Ghirahim jokes around, as if he's playing with his food before eating it...and in a way, he reminds me of the Joker.
  19. Fiveoclock

    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    I've played OoT, TP, SS, OoS, OoA, MC, MM, ALttP, and my least favourite is Minish Cap. It just has the least draw to me. I don't like the graphical style of it, the normal/minish shrink feature is nowhere near as good as the other games' features (light/dark world, present/future). The game is...
  20. Fiveoclock

    Which Triforce Do You Want?

    Power. Definitely power. Wisdom and courage are always useful, but being able to conquer the world? That sounds much better than being wise or brave.
  21. Fiveoclock

    Most Overused Quotes Ever

    I've been told I say "One does not simply..." too often, mostly because back in one of my classes I said it every day. But, in my defense, they set me up with so many times to use it.
  22. Fiveoclock

    Spoiler Levias Related to Lord Jabu-Jabu?

    I'd like to believe that they are related, but there really is no evidence to prove it. We do have three large fish-like creatures that are highly revered (Wind Fish, Levias, Jabu-Jabu), so they could be different incarnations of the same being but we can't say anything for sure.
  23. Fiveoclock

    What is Your Favorite TV Show?

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and The Big Bang Theory /hopes to not start a flame war
  24. Fiveoclock

    Zelda Dungeon Meme Contest

    Because we all know he's actually a hipster...
  25. Fiveoclock

    What's Your Ringtone?

    Currently Navi shouting "Hey! Listen!" for 30 seconds...really annoying but easily recognizable.
  26. Fiveoclock

    Goku Vs Vegeta

    Is there a Kid Buu option? Lol. Goku would win mostly because of SS3. You just can't compare with that kind of power.
  27. Fiveoclock

    Web Browsers

    Ooh...the fastest is Aurora, the double-beta Firefox. But it has some glitches, so I use Chrome.
  28. Fiveoclock

    Do You Think Half-Life 2 Episode 3 Will Be Worth It?

    Silly forum members. Valve doesn't know how to count to three.
  29. Fiveoclock

    If You Needed to Save the World In 3 Days What Tools You Bring?

    Sword, shield, and Ocarina of Time of course.
  30. Fiveoclock

    Something You Drew on the Magic Walls?

    I drew a pentagram...it got me hearts. This was the first thing I drew, so I didn't really know what the walls even did. I didn't pay much attention to the Goron...so I just drew :P
  31. Fiveoclock

    Did You Know That... (Demise)

    Lol, I've got to try that. I just actually FINALLY beat the game, so I'm still technically at the fight with him. But this explains a lot, given that Ganondorf is the reincarnation of him...like his obsession with Tennis.
  32. Fiveoclock

    Ever Died in the Game?

    Ahh...6 times. One because I just failed, then I lost (didn't die, but let him get through) to The Imprisoned twice when he gained arms...and then 3 more times to him when he gained a tail (I missed with the catapult).
  33. Fiveoclock

    What Was Your First Zelda?

    First I played was Oracle of Ages...I had an N64 and loved it, but somehow never actually played it until the 3D re-release.
  34. Fiveoclock

    Arrow to the Knee Joke/meme: Overused?

    I don't think I can post links, but there's an animation on YouTube made by psychicpebbles about how it's overused. Just search for it; you'll find it. I think it's funny...I bet it will die soon, though.
  35. Fiveoclock

    One Man Army – Does It Need To Go?

    I'm okay with one-man armies, as long as Link is actually strong enough. It's not unreasonable for him, with the full Triforce, to destroy entire legions of enemies.
  36. Fiveoclock

    Ocarina Vs Harp

    Ocarina. Lyre is just...well, can't seem to find a way to play songs on it. Never really messed around with it though.
  37. Fiveoclock

    What Are You Hoping to Give/Receive This Christmas?

    What I'm asking for... -The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -Portal 2 I don't want much, but really, what more could I need? :p
  38. Fiveoclock

    Gorons Vs. Zoras.

    Zora, no questions asked. They'd beat out the Gorons every day of the week.
  39. Fiveoclock

    Your Favorite Three Series

    Aww...Don't do this to me! I can't decide! 1. The Legend of Zelda 2. Pokemon 3. No idea
  40. Fiveoclock

    Do You Think AoL Is the End?What Happens Next?

    Well, Hyrule was pretty much destroyed, there is no more Ganon, and there is no form of currency...Yeah, if there will be a game afterwards, there won't be much left. And, like Djinn said, there would have to be some other villain since Ganon's forces were destroyed. It would be interesting, but...
  41. Fiveoclock

    What Does Miyamoto Mean by a Remake of a Link to the Past for 3ds

    I'm pretty sure he meant a remake of ALttP, but done in a 3D style. Sounds very interesting to me.
  42. Fiveoclock

    deleted thread

    Oh, back last year I dealt with a Zelda hater. Well, no matter how much structured evidence I gave he still didn't like the series. Haters gonna hate, but at least we're smart enough to enjoy this over overly-repetitive FPS games.
  43. Fiveoclock

    Who Would Win?

    I voted for TP link, but I just changed my mind. MM Link with the Fierce Deity Mask. No further explanation required.
  44. Fiveoclock

    Favorite Eeveelution

    Yay! A Pokemon section! Up until Zelda, this was my favorite series. Definitely Umbreon, no questions asked. It just looks so...awesome. And I love Dark types.
  45. Fiveoclock

    Your First Pokemon

    I am actually a big Pokemon fan. I think the show first appealed to me, but really it was Pokemon Gold.
  46. Fiveoclock

    Twilight Princess What's Your Most Annoying Thing in TP?

    That Rupee glitch. You know the one. I hate it.
  47. Fiveoclock

    What if Zelda Had Towns Inhabited by Friendly Monsters?

    Deku used to be enemies. As did Zora. So really, towns are already inhabited by friendly monsters.
  48. Fiveoclock

    Zelda Wiki VS. Zeldapedia

    Zelda Wiki has a master news feed, detailed info on everything, a better layout (in my opinion), ect. So I think it's better.
  49. Fiveoclock

    Majora's Mask I Need Help/Advice with One of the Mini-bosses.

    I used the bow to take care of the bubbles, and then used the Hookshot to hit the eye. I think bombs would help, though. Also, if you got all the stray fairies in Woodfall, which you really should, the spin attack is a HUGE help.
  50. Fiveoclock

    Spoiler The Gossip Stone Behind the Deku Tree

    My friend and I actually came up with a theory. He thinks Tingle is Link, just the Termina version of him. In the parallel world, he never found Navi, so he never got a fairy and grew up differently from the Link in Hyrule. He was found by the pictograph contest guy and was adopted by him since...
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