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  1. Alder Dragon

    Taking Your Hand Held Console to School?

    This was the best aspect of elementary school. I was always the first one on the bus (and the last one off), so I had tons of time to play my Game Boy Color (usually Pokemon Blue). The teachers I had were also very lenient about it and let us play with our electronics during recess. I have...
  2. Alder Dragon

    General Zelda Wind Waker HD- the Wrong Choice?

    I'd take a 3DS MM over HD WW any day (although I honestly liked WW better). That being said, WW HD in and of itself is not a bad thing, and I'm rather looking forward to it.
  3. Alder Dragon

    A Link to the Past I <3 ALttP

    Weird, I never once hated this game. I grew up with it and have always obsessed over it. It's quite simply the best game in the entire world, ever. :D
  4. Alder Dragon

    Favorite Songs/Themes From Any Zelda Game?

    Everything from the Wind Waker indeed. My all-time favorite theme has to be the closing credits of A Link to the Past, which is basically a beefed-up orchestral 16-bit remix of the original Zelda theme. I also love Tal Tal Heights from Link's Awakening and the Ballad of the Windfish. And...
  5. Alder Dragon

    The Legend of Zelda Interesting Things In the Original

    I still really only play the classics. I like the 3D Zelda games but the 2D (NES, SNES, GameBoy) are what I love the most. As for the original, I always liked the magical rod. That sort of made an appearance in TP but not really -- I want one that shoots fire ;) -- I haven't played some of...
  6. Alder Dragon

    Spoiler Difficulty Needs to Increase

    I tend to agree... The last few Zelda games have been pretty easy. Maybe it's just because I'm older now, or maybe it's because I'm familiar with Zelda, but the bosses and puzzles seem pretty easy. What we need is some Adventure Of Link difficulty >:] - brutal unforgiving deaths that aren't...
  7. Alder Dragon

    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    I loved Phantom Hourglass. It was pretty short, and way too easy (I did a 3-heart run with no trouble after beating it normally), although there were plenty of innovative puzzles utilizing the DS mechanics. As for my least favorite, I'd have to go with the Four Swords games. Something...
  8. Alder Dragon

    A Link to the Past Opinion?

    ALTTP was the first game I ever played, so I have a big sentimental/nostalgic attraction to it. It has always been my favorite Zelda game. There's just nothing I can find wrong with it, I love everything about it :D The difficulty was astonishing when I played through it. I first played it...
  9. Alder Dragon

    Majora's Mask Love It? Hate It? Love-Hate?

    I loved Majora's Mask. It was actually the first N64 Zelda game I played. Yeah, I played them out of order :P I didn't like the time limit, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the game. Looking back on it now, it's an excellent game in terms of story and emotion. It's a very sad, touching...
  10. Alder Dragon

    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    Oh, wow... LTTP of course. I'm kind of surprised how many people nowadays have never played the classics :P
  11. Alder Dragon

    A Link to the Past Link to the Past Death Count

    I really don't remember.. that was very long ago. ALTTP remains my all-time favorite game ever, mostly because I played it all the time as a kid. I first beat it when I was 9 after literally years of trial-and-error/wandering around. I got stuck at Turtle Rock for a few months and I remember...
  12. Alder Dragon

    Adventure of Link Zelda 2 = Crazy Hard

    Practice and more practice. The biggest hurdle for me was killing darknuts. Mases told me a trick a few years ago.. you jump and slash on your way down, sort of hitting them in the head-area. Be very conservative with your magic, and plan your routes through the dungeons. I'd recommend...
  13. Alder Dragon

    Jump Button?

    I voted "no" in this poll. The question asks if I would want a jump BUTTON. I wouldn't want one of the buttons to make Link jump. An item, such as the Roc's Feather or Roc's Cape, on the other hand, might be plausible and could add to the game. After reading through the thread though, I find...
  14. Alder Dragon

    Return of AoL Gameplay

    I would love to see a re-make of Zelda II. Or perhaps not a re-make, but another Zelda game that uses this style of gameplay. The aspects of Zelda II that I liked the most were the spells and the experience system. It's not so much the side-scrolling gameplay that I liked about the game, but...
  15. Alder Dragon

    Zelda Cosplay - Zant!

    That is a true work of art. I dunno about the shoes, though... Zant's costume is definitely the best of the 3.
  16. Alder Dragon

    June Artwork Update

    I just wanted to say I loved those Korok plushies. They were really well done!
  17. Alder Dragon

    New Zelda Wii Picture Full Quality

    Not really all that appealing to me - looks like some nice fanfic/fan art rather than an actual game cover. I'm guessing it will drastically change by the time the game is released, but I could be wrong. I haven't beaten TP yet so I don't really have any opinions on this as far as the TP...
  18. Alder Dragon

    Stealth in the Zelda Series

    This was also in The Minish Cap, when you had to enter the castle at one part in the game. I loved these parts of the games, and I loved the Forsaken Fortress the first time I played it. Doing any of these more than once gets annoying to me :P But I would love to see it return. I tend to...
  19. Alder Dragon

    Which is the Hardest Game Ever Made?

    Okay, seriously. Ghosts 'n' Goblins is definitely horribly hard, but Cybernoid is definitely harder. You really have no idea how hard that game is until you play it. Silver Surfer and Cybernoid are both horribly hard games, but Cybernoid is certainly harder. I haven't had any game give me as...
  20. Alder Dragon

    If you wrote a book...........

    Okay, I'm going to be the black sheep here but.. I'd probably co-author a textbook before I'd write a novel. I'm not much of a fictional writer or reader. As far as fictional creativity goes, I'd sooner come up with a MMORPG than a novel.
  21. Alder Dragon

    Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver(the Official Thread)

    This is awesome, I've been thinking about this lately as well. I'll surely grab at least one of them :). It'd be nice if the DSi had downloadble pokemon games from the first 2 generations.
  22. Alder Dragon

    Pokemon Generations

    Which Pokemon Generation is your favorite? I'm a bit torn on this - I grew up with the first two mostly, but Diamond/Pearl/Platinum are really nice as well.
  23. Alder Dragon

    Playing Games with Parents?

    My parents are not into video games. AT ALL. They're still living in the stone ages, using prehistoric equipment like VHS tapes and cassettes :P They just started using DVDs only a few years ago when I bought them a DVD player for christmas. As far as games go, though, my Mom has never...
  24. Alder Dragon

    Escaping Ganon's Castle.

    I have a few memories of this part of Ocarina of Time. I remember having trouble with the Stalfos room because I always took my time with Stalfos. Back when I did this, I just spammed the B button to try and defeat them faster. Now, though, I think I would use the hookshot on them (not sure...
  25. Alder Dragon

    Will Zelda Get better or worse?

    I loved PH and I thought it took a big step forward for the Zelda series. I loved the control on the DS and I don't think that it told you what to do too often. There were still a lot of things like the ship parts and the gems that gave the game replayability. While I think it was a bit too...
  26. Alder Dragon

    The Razor Sword

    What did you think of the Razor Sword in Majora's Mask? It did twice as much damage as the Kokiri Sword did. You had to pay the smiths 100 rupees to upgrade your Kokiri Sword to the Razor Sword: The bad thing about this sword is that it will convert back to the Kokiri Sword in 200...
  27. Alder Dragon

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time "Mirror Shield"

    I like the old version better, because I'm used to it. Though, in aspects of design, I like the symmetry of the newer one. It seems a bit sloppily done, though.
  28. Alder Dragon

    What the HELL was Nintendo thinking?!

    I don't see a problem with it. Not everyone likes the same games we do, and we all know that those games will sell. Besides, not all of them are that bad. It isn't anything new though, those types of games have been around since Atari. I remember a few Sesame Street games I had for the NES.
  29. Alder Dragon

    What old enemies should they bring back?

    Well, as soon as you mentioned this the first thing that came to my mind were Lynels and the bird knights from AoL.. but since you've already said those, I'd have to say.. Lizalfos. I don't know if they're in TP since I haven't beaten it, but they seem to have sorta disappeared. Ghini. I...
  30. Alder Dragon

    Biggoron sword

    I don't find it to help me out all that much. I often just used deku nuts/megaton hammer while fighting Ganon without my sword. I think the first time I played through OoT, I didn't get that far in the trading sequence because I was more into the main storyline. I've done the entire trading...
  31. Alder Dragon

    Hardest Handheld Zelda?

    Well, actually, you could sorta count the Owl as a helper. But, if you mean a helper that follows you around that you can talk to such as midna, Navi, or Ezlo.. then that makes sense. I don't really remember there being any "helpers" in OoX either, though. I really think the order of...
  32. Alder Dragon

    Oracle of Ages: Which Animal Did You Choose?

    I have only played throught the OoA/S games once, and I think I copied my file several times so I could try them all out. So, the answer would be, all of them! But, I think the one I stuck with was Ricky and Dimitri. I didn't really like Moosh much at all. I'd have to say that Dimitri...
  33. Alder Dragon

    Hardest Handheld Zelda?

    Which handheld Zelda game do you find the most challenging? I would have to say Link's Awakening, nearly tied with Oracle of Ages. In the case of Link's Awakening though, some of the dungeons can be really confusing your first time around. I think Link's Awakening has a nearly perfect...
  34. Alder Dragon

    What do you all think if Nintendo designed a phone

    Nintendo is really a company for entertainment. Whether cell phones could be considered as entertainment or not is up to the individual. I think Nintendo is steering more towards this though, with the iPhone and PSP becoming the "swiss army knife" of gadgets. The new DS is going to have a...
  35. Alder Dragon

    The Rubik's Cube

    I could probably help you if you have an instant messenger. I learned the 5x5 from Thrawst on youtube. The key to learning how to solve big cubes (edges, especially) is to either get firsthand help or to play around with it a lot on your own.
  36. Alder Dragon

    The Rubik's Cube

    I can solve every type of cube. I own 2x2 - 7x7, not including the 6x6 :(. There is a picture of me with a solved 7x7 on the staff page of Zelda Dungeon. I first started cubing about 3 years ago, I learned by watching Thrawst's videos (which is a MUCH!!! better method than Pogobat's). There...
  37. Alder Dragon

    Nintendo's Zelda 64 graphics good or bad?

    I think the Zelda 64 graphics were perfectly fine. I would have even been happy with the beta graphics. When it comes right down to it, graphics don't matter to me. I would have liked to see even more Zelda titles released on the 64.
  38. Alder Dragon

    Ocarina of Time what was one of the worst rages that you got with OoT?

    I think you mean Bongo Bongo. My angriest moment of OoT would probably be trying to catch fish in the Fishing Pond. Other than that, the Water Temple and killing all of the poes are probably tied.
  39. Alder Dragon

    Should the Legend of Zelda series ever bring back Navi?

    Navi might have been my favorite of the sidekicks. But I am not sure if she needs her place in another Zelda game. Perhaps she could meet up with Link again - but that would throw a huge curveball for any timeline-theorists. I'd like to see Ocarina of Time remade, though, that's really the...
  40. Alder Dragon

    Most dissapointing of the Soundtracks

    I said Majora's Mask. I feel that they could have upgraded a few of the themes and added a lot more memorable ones. While there are plenty of great tunes in every Zelda game, MM was the only one that made sense for me. TP's soundtrack was great, in my opinion. I would have put down LoZ/AoL...
  41. Alder Dragon

    Titles and what you're known for.

    I don't really know what I'm known for. As for titles? Aldo :D Perhaps I could be known by my over-usage of smileys, especially the normal ":)". I'm just a happy person, I guess.
  42. Alder Dragon

    Shadow Temple w/o Lens of Truth

    Yes, me too. I remember doing the same thing, with several other chests. Perhaps it depends on your version of the game? Who knows. But I am relatively certain that I opened a chest without the lens of truth activated.
  43. Alder Dragon

    Ocarina of Time The Hover Boots

    I hated the hover boots. They needed to have better traction, in my opinion. Unless you had a small gap you wanted to cross, they were useless. And how often do you find yourself in need of them? I would have liked it if they added a small vertical hover motion ability, as if they were...
  44. Alder Dragon

    Ocarina of Time Stalfos

    Stalfos in OoT always just made me mad. Especially at the end where you are escaping the crumbling tower. I wish either they took a lot of hits, or you had to plant a bomb on them after you kill them, like in LttP. I didn't find them particularly hard in OoT, just annoying.
  45. Alder Dragon


    I have been listening to AFI for about... 6 years now. Davey is amazing. I see why your hair is that way now :) I love all of their music.
  46. Alder Dragon

    New Music or Old Music

    I like it all. But you're generalizing "new" WAY too broadly. There's tons of good "new" music that is both good and sends a good message to listeners. I don't like rap much at all. Like I said. You CAN like both! :)
  47. Alder Dragon

    Switch Hook

    I still prefer the normal Hookshot/Longshot. But, the Switch Hook allowed for a new twist on puzzles. I don't think it was used to its full potential though. The Hookshot had a lot of puzzles in every game with it, it was used pretty extensively, especially in LttP. The double clawshot in TP...
  48. Alder Dragon

    DSi Downloads

    I remember reading about this a while back and thinking the EXACT same thing. I love this idea, and if Nintendo doesn't add at LEAST Link's Awakening to the downloadable content, I will seriously be pretty mad. But I love the idea of the DSi Downloads, and will probably buy a DSi just for...
  49. Alder Dragon

    Oracle of Seasons vs Oracle of Ages

    I bought both WAY back in the day, and loved both of them. Though I seem to have lost Seasons :/. But, if I had to pick one over the other it would probably be... Ages. But only barely. I really liked them both, so it's pretty hard to choose. In general, Ages is designed more towards the...
  50. Alder Dragon

    What's Your Zodiac Sign?

    I'm a Scorpio. :) My birthday is on October 26th. So I think that makes me ALMOST something else? I don't know, I haven't looked into it that much ;)
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