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  1. Majoras_Wrath

    Can You Transfer Wii Saves to Wii U Without a Wii Present?

    Yes you can play your saves on Wii U. You can copy them onto the system. At this point the only thing you can't do is transfer any downloaded games from that Wii but saved game data can be transferred by SD card.
  2. Majoras_Wrath

    Ps3 or Xbox 360

    I own both and honestly it is hard to say. The game variety and exclusives on PS3 blow the 360 away in my opinion. 360 has a few great ones but it really comes down to the games and what you like. (I truly love Nintendo IP's the best but this is between these two consoles) THe 360 definitely has...
  3. Majoras_Wrath

    What is the Most Recent Game That You Completed?

    I just finished NSMB U. The final fight with Bowser (spoiler? XD) has got to be the best 2d fight with him next to SMW. The others were very bland but this one definitely stepped up on the fun factor.
  4. Majoras_Wrath

    A Place to Let People Add You on Wii U?

    Mine is Ch0zoKn1ght, add me!
  5. Majoras_Wrath

    What Factors Do You Consider When Purchasing Videogame Hardware?

    Much like Axle, I buy for the games and nothing else. I knew the Wii wasn't strong but when I got it at launch but its a Nintendo console and because of that I knew it was going to have games that I wanted. They don't even have to be announced, simply because it is a Nintendo console I already...
  6. Majoras_Wrath

    ZombiU, the Killer App for Your New WiiU.

    See the beauty of Miiverse is you get the opinion of people who have actually played it. From what I've been reading on there it seems like a pretty fun game. I love the concept, I'm not too much into zombies though so I'm not gonna get it but wouldn't mind trying it. It also looks like many...
  7. Majoras_Wrath

    Dying or Fainting?

    Naturally when a character runs out of HP I say it died, like when Link runs out of hearts. So that terminology is always stuck in my head when playing other games. I say my pokemon "died" just out of that habit.
  8. Majoras_Wrath

    Nintendo Wii - End of Life Thoughts

    Let's face it, the Wii had excellent games but just lacked the support and power. I'm not talking about graphics either just overall power. Online wasn't a pleasure either. I struggled to find many matches on WFC let alone those without lag. I'm happy Nintendo squeezed out all that they could...
  9. Majoras_Wrath

    Symphony of the Goddesses

    I'll be there tonight!!!!
  10. Majoras_Wrath

    WiiU and Exposure

    To be honest, I feel its only been showcased well on the internet. When the Wii came out I had my sources but I did not have internet at all. I would still be able to see commercials on T.V. and see a lot more things on television shows advertising it. It's not that I think they aren't doing a...
  11. Majoras_Wrath

    Too Old for Halloween?

    You're never too old to celebrate Halloween. There is so much more to do than trick-or-treat but it's always fun to do so. I did it up until about 18 but that's because life hit me and I had other responsibilities to spend my time on. I never let the holiday pass without doing something fun...
  12. Majoras_Wrath

    I Never Hear About Metal Gear Solid

    This is one my favorite game series. I honestly love each game. I can agree that 1 was such an epic game but honestly those controls are so outdated. You can say that about most of the series since a lot of the controls can be annoying, but it gives a classic feel. Nevertheless, it is an amazing...
  13. Majoras_Wrath

    How Did You Use to Play Pokemon when You First Started.

    Like most here, I just mainly used my starter and anything else that looked kool. I had Charizard in my red and Blastoise in blue and I would just train them the most while casually using other pokemon. Amazingly Blastoise was able to beat the Elite four and Blue all by himself lol. I guess I...
  14. Majoras_Wrath

    How Do You Feel About Tutorials/walkthroughs?

    Well when I was younger I would use them to take me through the whole thing. Now I would rather just go through the game myself as it is more gratifying. I still use a walkthrough but only if I have a really hard time locating a special item or just wanting to know where I can find something...
  15. Majoras_Wrath

    Super Mario 64 2

    I love this idea. I loved Sunshine and Galaxy but going back to what started the 3d mario games would give a fresh feeling. Nothing but the pure challenge of platforming. That was one of the best games ever. I really hope they one day consider bringing something like this back, with or without...
  16. Majoras_Wrath

    Will The Wii U Be As Successful As The Wii?

    The Wii U is looking to be somewhat revolutionary. Some console gamers are switching to pc just because they can find most of what they want on there. The same could be said of the Wii U, in that people are trying to find new ways to play. Nintendo is aiming at making this console more social...
  17. Majoras_Wrath

    Which Wii U Model Will You Be Getting?

    Luckily, Play n Trade is still taking pre-orders so I got the Deluxe version. It really is a better deal. I can't afford buying any games and since I planned on getting NintendoLand eventually, its best to get more memory and an overall better package.
  18. Majoras_Wrath

    "Worst" Nintendo Console?

    I have love and respect for each Nintendo console but I have to say that the Wii was the worst. I have plenty of good games for it but when I compare it to my other libraries, it just doesn't stand tall. The majority of games I see on store shelves are all shovel-ware and ports. What also...
  19. Majoras_Wrath

    What Is Your Signature Pokemon?

    As far as favorite pokemon, they would be Charizard and Mewtwo. The pokemon I most recently find myself using in recent games repeatedly is Honchkrow. I love that bird. I really think it looks so awesome and if given the right moveset it can be such a fun pokemon to play with.
  20. Majoras_Wrath

    Do You Play Madden?

    I'm really in the NHL games but I have a lot of fun with Madden. I'm not good by any means though. I can beat the computer just fine but against some of my friends I just plain suck. I just have a difficult time with the strategies but the controls are alright.
  21. Majoras_Wrath

    Decent -Online- 3DS Games?

    Heroes of Ruin really is a good game to play online. It can get tedious when played by yourself but the multiplayer is a great experience.
  22. Majoras_Wrath

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I'm replaying SS on the weekends and playing Pikmin 2 and Skyrim during the week. I'm also playing Ninja Gaiden (NES) at random times.
  23. Majoras_Wrath

    Your Most Painful Physical Experience

    Mine is definitely the time I broke my leg. I was cutting down trees on my dads farm(it's on a mountain side) with a chainsaw and everything was going smoothly. I got to this one tree on a cliff-side and started to cut it down. I didn't notice that it was caught on the tree with which I was...
  24. Majoras_Wrath

    The 2012 London Olympics!

    I look forward to the Olympics every time they're around. I absolutely love the Winter Olympics more than Summer because it has more sports that I watch, but I watch it regardless. Currently I'm watching boxing which is my favorite and I'll be checking out swimming and field hockey mostly. I...
  25. Majoras_Wrath

    Would You Like to See a 3D-style Pokemon?

    If they made a 3d pokemon for a handheld then I'd be all for it. The GC games weren't exactly full fledged pokemon games but they gave you a good taste of what it would be like. The 3ds could totally handle that kind of game so I'd really want to see something like that pop up.
  26. Majoras_Wrath

    Gale of Darkness VS Colosseum

    XD all the way. It had better gameplay and didn't make catching pokemon feel like a chore. What I mean by that is at least you had another chance at catching pokemon that you knocked out. Also I enjoyed the fact that you didn't have to purify them all by battling. It felt like a bigger adventure...
  27. Majoras_Wrath

    Trailer for the New DragonBall Z Movie

    Hmm if it's cannon then it just makes this movie sound even better. The series is still quite popular so it makes sense to release something new .
  28. Majoras_Wrath

    Name Some RPGs for the PS2/Gamecube?

    If you like Pokemon RPG's I highly recommend Pokemon XD. It's about as close as you can get to the hand-held's as possible.
  29. Majoras_Wrath

    How To Improve 2D Mario

    It looks like they're trying to push it. With the new coin emphasis on the 3ds game it shows they're trying to change it up. I honestly want harder levels. I just breezed right through the most recent games and it was just laughable. I've been playing the originals and have had a harder time...
  30. Majoras_Wrath

    Thoughts About The Last Airbender Movie.

    The acting was TERRIBLE. I hated every minute of that stupid acting. It was just plain bad and left a sour taste in my mouth. It was just so cheesy, especially when Aang was trying to motivate the Earth benders. It also felt too rushed. I think the book should have at least been divided into two.
  31. Majoras_Wrath

    Metroid Fusion

    Aside from "Super", I've played Fusion a load of times. I love this game so much and I truly attribute this game to getting me into the series, which has now become my favorite :D. Its really a gem to have. It's a little more linear than other metroid games but it provides a good challenge...
  32. Majoras_Wrath

    Do You Get Sunburnt or Tan?

    I'm Puerto Rican, so naturally our people are dark skinned but my family and I are light skinned. We do have European in our blood so that may explain why. So as much as I can stay in the Sun, I just burn up. I've never been able to get tanned.
  33. Majoras_Wrath

    Avengers or Dark Knight Rises?

    I've been thinking about this lately but honestly I've just concluded that you honestly can't even compare them. Much like it's respective comic, Marvel put out the Avengers knowing that a super-team will sell big and makes for a good movie. Break the team apart and match their movies up against...
  34. Majoras_Wrath

    The Best Or Very Good 3DS/DS Games

    Aside from everything else mentioned, Heroes of Ruin is a great game that just came out. It's not that popular but if you like games like Diablo, it's definitely worth a shot. I've been addicted to it lately. Also for regular ds, Mario and Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story is a great choice.
  35. Majoras_Wrath

    Game Help How To get to Birth Island and Naval Rock in Pokemon Lg/fr?

    I've seen the gba action replay on amazon for $15. That'd be your only way of getting there.
  36. Majoras_Wrath

    Dark Knight Rises

    All I can say is that it was the greatest of the three. I loved dark knight to death and could sing nothing but praises. Now I know that this one was by far the best of the three. It was faithful to the source material (knightfall) as much as it could be and made itself into its own chapter...
  37. Majoras_Wrath

    Worst Game to Play First in a Franchise

    It's honestly best to go in order of release. MGS 4 references all the other games so much that it makes it really special once you've played all the others first. Honestly I think MGS 4 is the worst place to start. Everything else just builds up to that great finale.
  38. Majoras_Wrath


    Man I really love the spicy. Its great. It seriously makes my mouth water.
  39. Majoras_Wrath

    Have You Ever Seen a Movie at the Theatre More Than Once?

    I've only seen the avengers twice and the deathly hallows pt. 1 twice.
  40. Majoras_Wrath

    Favorite DragonBall Z Character

    I love Goku but I like him better in Dragonball. Don't get me wrong, he's awesome in the rest of the series, but he was much more naive in dragonball and there were moments I just couldn't help but laugh at that. Aside from him, Vegeta and Kid Buu are also my favorites. I love Kid Buu's insane...
  41. Majoras_Wrath

    Ocarina of Time Did You Like King Dogongo?

    I enjoyed fighting him. He's extremely easy but still a fun fight. I love the first time you see him, you realize that these boss battles are such a big thing compared to seeing them in 2d
  42. Majoras_Wrath

    The Hobbit!

    I'm watching LotR:RotK as I type this lol. I've loved this story since I was a young child. I saw the animated movie first, then read the books. This has me very excited. I loved how Jackson translated the books into film and captured almost every amount of epicness out of them. We've seen just...
  43. Majoras_Wrath

    Your First Pokemon

    What got me into pokemon was the premier of the very first episode. It came out when I was 8. I saw the ads for it constantly and thought it looked stupid at first but I actually bothered to watch the premier and ever since then I just got hooked. From there I bought toys, got red and blue for...
  44. Majoras_Wrath

    Any Fighting Game Fans?

    Wow Onilink that is a large collection of games lol. By any chance do you or anyone else use fight sticks??
  45. Majoras_Wrath

    Favorite 25th Anniversary CD Orchestration?

    Gerudo valley theme left me in awe. I loved that track and think they did such a great job with it. It really gave me that sense of adventure and captured the moment of when Link is crossing the empty desert in hopes of finding the desert colossus. I also loved the Ballad of the Goddess. It...
  46. Majoras_Wrath

    How Quickly Can You Beat Any Pokemon Game ?

    It usually takes me about a week to finish the main story. The game itself has much to it so anything other than the story may take me way longer.
  47. Majoras_Wrath

    Did You Use the Skyward Strike?

    I never really used it unless it was necessary. I didn't see much need for it, especially at the beginning when it took so long to charge.
  48. Majoras_Wrath

    Which Links Would You Like to See in the New SSB Games?

    I'd actually like to see 8 bit link from LoZ. If they could bring back Mr. Game and Watch, I'm sure they'd be able to pull it off lol. Other than that, MM Link, maybe with interchangeable masks.
  49. Majoras_Wrath

    Original Consoles? or Doesn't Matter?

    I always like playing them on the original console. If the option doesn't exist then it really doesn't matter and I'll play on whatever I can get it on. What matters most is just playing the game. :)
  50. Majoras_Wrath

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    I've got random zelda collectibles but I've gotta say my favorite is the OoT Link and Epona figures. I found it at a gamestop long ago and has become one of my favorite items.
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