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  1. Twilight Prince

    What Games That AREN'T Nintendo Are You Looking Forward To?

    I am waiting for three games at the moment. And I only have to wait about a month to own all three. First, Fallout: New Vegas!!! I can't not wait for the next Fallout, by far one of my favorite games of all time, and I can not wait to see what has been changed from Fallout: 3. Second, Fable...
  2. Twilight Prince

    War of the Web Browsers

    I like chrome best because IE is very slow on my computer, and Firefox crashes a lot for some reason. Chrome is lacking a lot of the stuff that FF and IE have, but I make do with what it does have rather than complaining about the defects.
  3. Twilight Prince

    What Are You Wearing At The Moment?

    I am wearing a Sprint t-shirt, and some blue running shorts.
  4. Twilight Prince

    Favorite Lady Gaga Song?

    My favorite is Paparazzi, followed very closely by Poker Face. My friends think I am in love with Lady Gaga, because I have every album that is available on Itunes.
  5. Twilight Prince

    Halo: Reach

    I disliked Halo 3 a lot. So I was not planning on playing let alone buying Halo: Reach however everyone on my friends list started playing that so I went and bought. I have to admit it is now one on my favorite Halo's on the market. It is overall the best on IMO. I just wish that the AI of the...
  6. Twilight Prince

    Zelda Art We Didn't Start the Legend - A 3 Step Project

    Ha wow. How much schools stick to the same stuff. I also just heard that song in my history class. I would love to help out in one way or another however, I suck at singing, the songs that I write are more of well, not a family friendly type, and I suck with animation programs. However, I think...
  7. Twilight Prince

    Your Age?

    Wow... Everyone is a lot younger than I thought... I am 16, I will be 17 on October(10) 10th, 2010 (10-10-10)... Special B-day for me.
  8. Twilight Prince


    Umm, what are chores?! I honestly have none. The only thing I HAVE to do each day is wake up, and go to school.
  9. Twilight Prince

    What Are the Two Things That You Do when You Enter Your House After a Day of School?

    I open the door, and turn on the light... But since that is boring, the real two things I do is, turn on Xbox and played CoD MW2, and turn on some music.
  10. Twilight Prince

    2010 or 2011?

    I want this game to come out in 2010. Simple as that, but I would rather wait until Spring of 2011 if it makes the game better. Yes I would love to have it for the holidays, but if they push the release to fast, it could ruin the game to bugs, or errors. I am more then willing to wait an extra...
  11. Twilight Prince

    What Would You Call Your Child?

    If I had a child I would name them: Boy: Caleb- For one reason, I lost a cousin 5 minutes after he was born... And I just love the name. :) Girl: Not to sure for a girl name. Might edit post if I think of one.
  12. Twilight Prince

    Do You Organize Your Game Cases?

    I have this little area under my TV, and I just throw all my games in there, and if I want a game, I open the door, and all the games fall on to the floor. I am always trying to put the games in order, but I think that is a waste of time, they would only stay orginized for about 2 days, and then...
  13. Twilight Prince

    Warning Possible Spoiler!? Hyrule Castles Secret Graveyard

    Interesting. Well, I did not know that the grave yard was in the game. So I guess I will have to go check it out, and have some fun in there, I am just getting to Hyrule Castle again, 3rd time through the game, so this would be a great chance for me to check out the grave yard before beating the...
  14. Twilight Prince

    Games You Bought Recently

    I have bought two games in about the last 4 months. For the Wii I bought Big Game Hunter 2010. And for Xbox 360 I bought Modern Warfare 2. I seem to play MW2 ten time more than BGH10 though, that darn game is also the reason for my absence.
  15. Twilight Prince

    When Do You Plan on Getting Spirit Tracks?

    I plan to get Spirit Tracks around if not the day it comes out, the only problem is money. I have it preordered at target, but i do not have the money to buy it right now, I am hoping that I am able to get some money and buy the game. I would love to get it the day it comes out. And I am wanting...
  16. Twilight Prince

    Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare 2

    I loved Call of Duty 4. So I just hope that they keep this one just as good, if not better. I have my copy reserved and just waiting until the 11th to go pick it up from Target, and play it. I love the graphics and the game play. I can't wait for this game, soon enough I will far behind in...
  17. Twilight Prince

    Spoiler What Was Your Favorite Ganon/Ganondorf Battle?

    OoT Battle: For many reason's!!! First reason, I got to play baseball with him!!! Then shoot him with an arrow. Also I loved how after you beat him once you had to run outta the castle, then you got to fight him again.
  18. Twilight Prince

    Should There Be Only One Zelda Per System?

    Personally I don't think this is a great idea, for one reason, they would only have one new Zelda game every time a new console came out, so what is that one Zelda game comes out every 7+ years?(The average age of a console). That would be stupid, I see what you mean by original, but having to...
  19. Twilight Prince

    What's Really Annoying to You?

    Oh wow, so many things. First Navi, never liked her. Then the owl, so pointless wish I could just skip him. And last thing is the beeping when you are low on health, this could be worse though... At least the screen does not blink red or something like that.
  20. Twilight Prince

    Computer Hours in a Week

    I am on the computer too much, because of this poll, I am thinking that I need a life... When I get home at 4 I come right to my computer. I do other things while I am on it though. Most times I have to spend 3 hours a day just doing homework on it, so right there after my 5 day school week, I...
  21. Twilight Prince

    A Scary Thought

    I think that if he retires, Zelda will live on, he knows how many people love it, and he also knows how many people would be angry if it just ended, I bet that he has thought the same thing over in his head thousands of time, and I bet that he already has a plan on what will happen, there is...
  22. Twilight Prince

    Accumulated Rupees

    I liked being able to get as many rupees as you wanted, I was never able to get all 9,999. However I liked that we did not have to find wallets to get a more coins, it really bugged me when I opened a chest in other games, and it either disappeared(OoT) or just got stuck back in the chest(TP)...
  23. Twilight Prince

    The One That Pulled You In

    When I started playing video games, my first system was Nintendo 64, and we had many games, my dad was a huge gamer, so he had tons of games, once I was old enough to play, I played OoT, at the time I was 6, and I sucked at the game, so I watched my dad play, OoT is the game that got me hooked...
  24. Twilight Prince

    Twilight Princess Keeping the Wooden Sword

    You know I never even thought about trying the game with only the wooden sword, as soon as I finish my current run thought I will have to try it out, and see if I am able to finish the game. Like others said, it would make the game a bit more difficult, to beat all of the bosses, and enemies.
  25. Twilight Prince

    Zelda Cosplay - Zant!

    Wow, that is quite impressive. I have seen quite a few fan art of Zant, but this is by far the best costume I have seen of him. The others are okay, but Zant was the first one I noticed outta them.
  26. Twilight Prince

    Twilight Princess Should Ganondorf Have Been in TP?

    It's hard for me to answer this one, if I say Yes, then it comes to the point that it's getting old, fighting the same person over, and over again. Even though he changes every game, it still gets tiring fighting him every game. However if I say No, then it comes out and is like I miss the old...
  27. Twilight Prince

    What Part of the Triforce Do You Correspond To?

    I see myself as a smart person, I am very good in school, so I would be Wisdom. I have never been the most powerful/strong and what not. I have never been the bravest person either, so that's why I am Wisdom rather then Power, and Courage.
  28. Twilight Prince

    Horrible Glitch!

    Hmm. I did this once... I bought the game when it first came out so that must be why it happened. I stopped playing for awhile, because I could not do anything, and I did not want to start over, I turned the game on about a month later thinking I will play again, and it worked, so the glitch...
  29. Twilight Prince

    Zelda Wii New Items

    I would love to see some new items, I don't really care what just something to up the game. I would also love to see them bring the magic bar back to the new game. So in a way if they did that they could have new magical items.
  30. Twilight Prince

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    I don't own much, but my father(also a huge Zelda Fan) bought himself a Master Sword, now I have never held it, but I have been told it is super heavy, and is super close to real. I have a picture of one that is like the one he has, but since I do not live with him, I had to go one off the...
  31. Twilight Prince

    Temple of the Ocean King

    Evil! That temple made me mad! It would have been okay, but they stick you in a huge maze! And I kept going the wrong way, and getting lost, going back to places that I was at already. I got so mad. I still have not finished that game do to that temple. I can't seem to find my way to something...
  32. Twilight Prince

    Spirit Tracks Release Date - December 7th

    I am still unsure whether to be happy, or disappointed. I love Zelda, but I am unsure about the train. However I will most likely get it just to try it, I have the money, why not get it... For all I know I might actually like it. So I will be getting Spirit Tracks the day that it releases!
  33. Twilight Prince

    What is Your Job?

    So what does everyone here do for there hard earned cash? What is the pay? How many hours do you work? I work at a food place named Jeffereson's at the current time, I am a dishwasher, and when I work I am also the Helper Kitchen Manager. I am going to keep the pay a secret. But I work about 30...
  34. Twilight Prince

    Conductor Link or Green Tunic Link?

    I would truly like to see both in the game... It would be sweet if you start with the Green Tunic, and then he gets the train and when he is in the train and driving he has that tunic, and when he is fighting he gets the fun old green tunic. I am not a person for change in Zelda, but if they let...
  35. Twilight Prince

    Link's Sword

    I agree, it looks like the sword, and to me that is not a surprise... This game seems to be a sequel to PH. Really the sword had no special powers in PH, but I am happy that they kept something the same... At least they are not changing Zelda as we know it by putting guns, and such in there.
  36. Twilight Prince

    Heart Containers

    I liked having the heart pieces, in a sense of a way, it was like a side quest, something that was not really needed, but was a fun/challenging thing to try to do. I wish that they would have put them in the game, first without them you seemed not to have enough health at times, and it would...
  37. Twilight Prince

    The Undead

    Personally, this is the best thing I heard. I mean, this seems to have a huge chance to be correct. I love your work on that... I would have to agree with you 99.9% the other .1% is never given by me :P . So don't feel bad about that. So I think your view of this is quite perfect!
  38. Twilight Prince

    The Spinner!

    Okay... This was so a need post! The spinner was by far my favorite item. The spinner was like the funnest item to have, you could use it almost anywhere, it was an item that was not really used as much as I would have liked, but it was still the best, in my mind. The only thing I would have...
  39. Twilight Prince

    Let Me Be Myself!

    How much does this song reflect to everyone's lives? In mine I am always wanting to be myself, but at school I am one person, home I am another, and computer I am myself... I can't do that anywhere else. So this song really gets my mind thinking, what do I do? PS. If you forgot/not heard this...
  40. Twilight Prince

    Your Video Game Wish List

    Xbox 360: Modern Warfare Two- Big fan of Call of Duty, it's super realistic, and creates the real gaming experience! Wii: The new Zelda: It's a Zelda Game... And on the Wii. No way would I not have this on there! DS: Spirit Tracks: The next Zelda to be released, has to be on the list...
  41. Twilight Prince

    What is your color?

    I don't remember if I posted here before... But my favorite color is red... Not sure why, just like the way it looks I guess!
  42. Twilight Prince

    Favorite(least) School Subject

    So what is/was your favorite subject in school? And what is you least favorite? My favorite subject was American History. I did not really like the information in the class, but the teacher was the greatest teacher ever! The entire year, we never had homework, and we had one test the entire...
  43. Twilight Prince

    Favorite Side Quest Mask

    I liked the bunny mask the most. It made link look so cute. I wore that everywhere that I was not needed to wear a required mask.
  44. Twilight Prince

    Most Hated Character

    The Owl! He appears out of no where, then he will not shut up! I wish there was a way the skip him, because every time I play OoT. He is there on the tree, on Death Mt. UGH! he is the most annoying character ever!
  45. Twilight Prince

    Who Would Win?

    TP Link would win, he has more strength and seems to have more experiance then the others... The only thing he does not have is Magic. But he can if need be change to a wolf to finish off the battle.
  46. Twilight Prince

    Luigi Kart DS

    Yeah, they really would have no point to spend money on a game, that has already been made. All they would do is change the pic. and name, and keep the same content. The Demolition Derby would be that only reason I would think about buying that game IF they made it. And since that is a Fan Art...
  47. Twilight Prince

    How Long Have You Stayed Up?

    Most days I stay up until 1am, but I can stay up all night... The longest I have gone without sleep was 4 days, and on the 5th day, I fell asleep eating lunch. When I woke up I had Mac and Cheese in my hair.
  48. Twilight Prince

    Do You Have Your Own Vehicle?

    My parents bought me a car last week... The only problem is I have not started drivers training, and I am no where near getting it, so all they did was waste money on something that is going to sit in the garage for 10-12 months.
  49. Twilight Prince

    Ocarina of Time Best & Worst Temples in OOT.

    Fire Temple: An outstanding temple! I loved running around in there, and finding all the Goron's really made the temple take some work, and some time, but my favorite temple!!! Water Temple: I really hated the water temple, having to go upstairs, change the water, then run down stairs change...
  50. Twilight Prince

    Which Character Would You Be?

    I think that a Zora would be sweet, as I have said in other posts I love the Zora's. Sleeping, swimming, exploring, and fighting underwater without the need for air would be super fun and sweet.
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