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  1. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Where Do You Keep Your Butter?

    My fridge has a built in compartment for it, seems like a waste not to use it.
  2. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Yup! :D This was my account about 2 months prior to joining ZU

    Yup! :D This was my account about 2 months prior to joining ZU
  3. LunarPrincessOfTime

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    Paid rent, it's my first day off in a little while so I'm trying to relax but I've got a killer headache. I wish eggnog could be bought year-round.
  4. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Favorite Location in OoT

    I honestly really enjoyed the Lon Lon ranch, the music is sleepy and welcoming, plenty of horses to look at and chickens to attack, Malon, it's very peaceful to me and reminds me of my old high school's farm.
  5. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Cream cheese on bagels is gr8
  6. LunarPrincessOfTime

    What is the Meaning Behind Your Username?

    Although I've been a LoZ fan for a long time a few months ago my love for it resurfaced majorly, along with my love for the 90's Sailor Moon. Since SM's protag is the princess of the moon, and Zelda is commonly a princess and time is relevant in LoZ I just kinda mashed the two together. Also 75%...
  7. LunarPrincessOfTime

    What is Your Mood at the Moment?

    I'm feeling kind of mopey in a way, I think. I have things I need to do but I'm lacking the motivation to do them, and am getting frustrated with myself, my rapidly failing laptop, and my malfunctioning phone that has the worst service sensor possible to where I've been missing texts and...
  8. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Tonight might be the last night that I sleep in the house where I rebelled against my parents for the first time, the last house my mom lived in, the house I lived in when I graduated high school and completed a year of college... I'm leaving on my own will and for good reasons, but something...
  9. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Tis no easy task, but I'll do it!
  10. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I did it, I got the job! .... Now time to get another one. >:3
  11. LunarPrincessOfTime


  12. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Link and Zelda have so many reincarnations fictionally, it seems plausible to find a couple in real life who's life experiences and separate backstories are so Zeldaesque that they could be considered IRL ZeLink. That might be considered a theory, but I'm not really sure.
  13. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Your Cosplay Dream

    LoZ-wise I hope to someday say I've cosplayed every outfit for Zelda (and maybe the Deku Princess because big head props are fun). Right now I'm working on SS outfits, I've got all the materials needed for her Skyloft clothes and have a plan for the Goddess outfit (I'm so psyched to make the...
  14. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Ask The Zelda Crew!

    Also HMS, have you looked into any new masks? Maybe new designs, or modifications to older ones.
  15. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Ask The Zelda Crew!

    Hey Fi, Link (is SS present?), have you guys ever considered sparring together to better yourselves mutually? I imagine Link would get injured more easily between the two. Can Fi bandage Link up afterwards or would she accidentally make the cuts n scrapes worse?
  16. LunarPrincessOfTime

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    I'm sitting next to my dear while he plays the remake of Majora's Mask and probably annoying him by laughing so much at Zora Link's voice. He sounds like a goat!
  17. LunarPrincessOfTime

    What is Your Mood at the Moment?

    I'm pretty excited at the moment, my life is finally progressing at the pace I've been aiming for. The past few days were stressful but it's clear skies since Sunday morning so I'm in a great mood c:
  18. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Any Harvest Moon Fans Out There?

    I'm glad a thread for this exists, though it seems to be fairly inactive now. I personally love the Harvest Moon games. Years ago [ten years?] my dad downloaded a ton of SNES games through a ROM program, one being the first(?) game. I enjoyed it so much, even though the days were repetitive at...
  19. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Zelda RP

    [[ I can kinda be back! I don't have internet at home, but I'm in process of moving to a new city where I will have almost constant wifi so I should be active soon. I'm totally lost though, is the group in Kokiri forest still or somewhere else?]]
  20. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I'm getting my oral suture removed today! <3 Saturday before last, a far-back tooth's filling fell out and I got it removed the past Wednesday. It's been uncomfortable but it's almost healed! I'm so thankful it's almost done.
  21. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Hyrule Warriors Tingle or Skull Kid?

    I haven't had a chance to play either yet [doing so tomorrow] but based on what I've seen and heard I'd say Tingle is best. Still waiting for Groose.
  22. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Zelda RP

    (( Isn't there an inn at this location(I'm very unfamiliar with it) ? Maybe a storm comes in and causes them to find shelter, which happens to be at the inn or wherever.))
  23. LunarPrincessOfTime

    LoZ tattoos and other irreversible things

    Okay so I've seen an increase of Zelda related tattoos recently [or probably just noticed them more], and I've got a couple questions about them. 1.) Would you/have you consider/d getting a LoZ themed tattoo? If so, what would it be and where? 2.) How do you feel about people getting fandom...
  24. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Caption the Avatar Above You

    [Dramatic whisper] "Mustache".
  25. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Do you name your stuff?

    My laptop is named Roxanne Youdon'thavetoputontheredlight and my car is named Cornelius, aside from that it's just the usual stuffed animals and things.
  26. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I want to focus on getting a cosplay done but I also want to focus on getting a job but I also want to focus on fiance/friendships but I also want to read [out of books atm] but I also want to be affectionate to animals in my new household but I also want to do something artistic. But I'll...
  27. LunarPrincessOfTime

    How old are you?

    19 >w>"
  28. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Favorite Mario 64 Level

    The snowy level always entertained me, with the penguins and the racing. The music was pretty upbeat too, but that's true of many of the levels.
  29. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Zelda RP

    Zelda smiled mischievously. "I'm not entirely certain but I'd hoped to stage a picnic somewhere. I have everything except people to share with." To be quite honest she wasn't entirely sure why she was there. She just felt a need to be out and about among the common folk, almost drawn to the town.
  30. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Why can't Link just speak?

    Not sure if it's common knowledge but the voice actor who does Link also does the Austrian guy from the anime Axis Powers Hetalia, this is what Link could potentially sound like if they let him.
  31. LunarPrincessOfTime

    What Annoyed You Today?

    I've been checking in on an app at a nearby pizza place on a daily basis and the owner's son kept telling me "We're doing interviews next week, we're doing them in a while, it's unsure when but in the near future". Today[just now in fact] he informs me that they did interviews last week and they...
  32. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Because he knows witchcraft and used a glamour spell on you/y'all. Why are humans not supposed to eat grass?
  33. LunarPrincessOfTime

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    Banned for having "twilight" in your title
  34. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Zelda RP sign ups

    Okidoke, if/when it suits the plot I'll try!
  35. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Zelda RP

    [Impa: It's dangerous to go alone, take me~] Zelda turned to Impa and smiled warmly. "I understand, but I'm not alone anymore, I have you!" she replied with a quiet giggle. "It's nice out here, I think we'll be safe."
  36. LunarPrincessOfTime

    What Is The Last Video You Viewed?

  37. LunarPrincessOfTime

    So... How's the Weather?

    Just breezy enough that I can get away with lighting incense without making the house all scented.
  38. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Creepy music, woo.
  39. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Zelda RP

    [[ Oh, I can do that. I just wasn't quite sure where we were headed. I see now though, thanks!]] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Satisfied with her purchases, Zelda navigated her way towards out of the town and began travelling through a large field. Her basket was full of some basic foodstuffs...
  40. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Zelda RP

    [[ Wandering through the town somewhat aimlessly.]]
  41. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Zelda RP

    [[ If we'll all be moving to the field I can direct Zelda in the right direction, I'm not sure where to go from the current point though.]]
  42. LunarPrincessOfTime

    What is your favourite type of dog?

    White Mastiff, aka the love child of a white wolf and a snowy lion.
  43. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Zelda RP

    Zelda made her way through town, carefully tugging her hood to help cover her more recognizable features. She dressed as commonly as possible to avoid most attention, wearing a simple dress with a pale apron and matching capelet. She paused near a vendor to let a few children run past and...
  44. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Zelda RP sign ups

    Male Sheik makes sense to me.
  45. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Zelda RP sign ups

    Coffeeshop AU! Just kidding, but if we'd like to go with a typical LoZ setting we could pretend that there's some incredibly strong threat that occurs, such as an illness that turns the victims into something, and the only way to end the illness is collecting certain herbs/items from various...
  46. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Zelda RP sign ups

    Sounds good to me c: . Do you have a preference between the two? I guess I'd prefer to be Zelda of the two, but Sheik would be pretty fun also so I'm cool with either way.
  47. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Zelda RP sign ups

    If you want to. I think it'd be fun to try to do some sort of alternate Zelda, but if two Zeldas is bothersome or potentially confusing then yes.
  48. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Zelda RP sign ups

    Wait shoot, I hadn't realized Zelda was already taken went I sent the app, will it be weird with a second one? I don't mind just doing the OC.
  49. LunarPrincessOfTime

    Who and why.

    I think playing as Malon from OoT would be fun, it would be kind of like Harvest Moon in the LoZ universe.
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