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  1. Dork_Link

    Breath of the Wild Amazon delaying Wii U Breath of the Wild orders

    I checked the status of my pre-order/shipment and everything's fine (I'm in Canada). I'm relieved to hear this is a US problem, but I mean... man, that's gotta suck for you guys... this isn't the first time I've seen Amazon drop the ball this epically before either.
  2. Dork_Link

    Breath of the Wild Amazon delaying Wii U Breath of the Wild orders

    Is this seriously for real? Now I'm legit freaked out. I got mine pre-ordered from Amazon almost immediately when pre-orders opened up. Now I'm going to have to text the person that ordered for me (as payment for pet-sitting for a week) and see if they got an e-mail too... man I really hope it's...
  3. Dork_Link

    Which gaming franchises have you given up on?

    a 3rd installment of the Chrono Trigger series. Alas, will never happen. While I'm dreaming, a follow-up to Legend of Dragoon would be welcome too, but that'll never happen either.
  4. Dork_Link

    When you're not waiting for Zelda

    Oh KH3 isn't a PS4 exclusive and is coming to One as well? Well, that's awesome news! Now I'm even happier I got the XBox One when I did. I'm disappointed Star Ocean 5 didn't get a One port, but at least I've still got FFXV and KH3 to look forward to when I'm all done with BotW. I guess...
  5. Dork_Link

    Is Mario on drugs?

    You don't see and experience the things he's experienced/lived through and NOT be on drugs the whole time!
  6. Dork_Link

    Breath of the Wild March 3rd Plan

    If I'm not working Mar. 3rd and the following day, I foresee LOTS of coffee and fatty snacks in my future. This date will change however if my Amazon shipment comes in early :D
  7. Dork_Link

    Breath of the Wild How hard is that DLC hard mode gonna be?

    Heh, so it looks like fairies in a bottle aren't going to be much help this time around... that's good though! I've found the game becomes too easy with those... I've even tried to do 1 bottle/fairy playthroughs of some 3D and 2D titles, and any of them where you can bottle a fairy become pretty...
  8. Dork_Link

    Breath of the Wild Zelda DLC and Expansions

    Y'know, now that I think about it... I can't be too mad that they're putting a price on additional dungeons and story. Not now that I own a copy of the Hyrule Historia that cost me about 30-40 bucks brand new... I'm being a hypocrite by saying I seriously dislike having to pay extra for more to...
  9. Dork_Link

    Breath of the Wild Zelda DLC and Expansions

    Great, so I'll be buying another Zelda game that's incomplete. They're already going to make a ****ton of money off the Switch sales and Zelda for Wii U and Switch alone, and now they want to milk us for more money? Nintendo used to be better than this :(
  10. Dork_Link

    Breath of the Wild Will you be using the wolf link amiibo?

    Initially I was a little annoyed with the Wolf Link coming w/ Twilight Princess HD because I felt like the Wii version I bought when it first came out was the purchase of an incomplete game... but now that they're added the Wolf Link companion in Breath of the Wild, you can bet your ass I'm more...
  11. Dork_Link

    Your Most Anticipated Games of 2017

    After BotW I want to eventually get my hands on Resident Evil 7, Final Fantasy XV, and Assassin's Creed: Syndicate. Once I get a Switch, Mario Odyssey and Dragon Quest X/XI (whichever's more likely to get a NA release). I'm still hoping something new's going to be announced for the Metroid...
  12. Dork_Link

    Breath of the Wild Will you be using the wolf link amiibo?

    Found this on a forum post on Gamefaqs' board, so far this seems to be the most accurate piece of info regarding the Wolf Link Amiibo being used in Breath of the Wild, and whether you need to beat all 40 floors of the Cave of Shadows and THEN save your remaining heart data to be able to use the...
  13. Dork_Link

    Breath of the Wild What concerns me about BOTW

    Oh wow... ok that was a horrible, horrible mistake... I forgot to factor in Helmaroc King and Gohdan... whoops! I dunno why my brain always defaults and thinks Dragon Roost, Forbidden Forest, Earth and Wind Temple are the only dungeons you fight bosses in that give Heart Containers... I always...
  14. Dork_Link

    Breath of the Wild Will you be using the wolf link amiibo?

    I screwed up on a Hero Mode file and can't finish all 40 floors and finish it with all 20 Hearts saved to the Amiibo... and unfortunately I don't have Sheik or Zelda Amiibos for heals and the Wolf Link Amiibo wasn't enough to get me to the bottom and finish with a full 20 hearts... I know, I...
  15. Dork_Link

    Breath of the Wild What concerns me about BOTW

    I'm just hoping we have more than just 4 dungeons to navigate and fight bosses for. This is the thing that disappointed me with Majora's Mask and Wind Waker. You'd get 4 Heart Containers from bosses in those games, and the rest of your Hearts required you to really hunt and take on some strange...
  16. Dork_Link

    Breath of the Wild "The History of the Royal Family of Hyrule"

    Phantom Ganon (OoT), Beast Ganon (TP), Puppet Ganon (WW). Even though they all have different variations of Ganon's name, they're all either controlled by or is Ganon himself in another form. I'd like to think that the floating cloud Ganon was just labelled a "Calamity" by the remaining populace...
  17. Dork_Link

    Breath of the Wild BotW review embargo

    I've pretty much gotten my fill of most of the crucial info I wanted to know going into the game: how Shrines are going to be found, map reveals tied to Sheikah Towers (which I theorized had a similar function to Assassin Creed's Sync Points), and other little things. I now also know that BotW...
  18. Dork_Link

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Breath of Fire 3 (why I took so long to play this, I don't know...) Ocarina of Time (No Heart Piece-only Heart Container & one bottle playthru) Battlefield 1 (only play when my brothers are on) Pokemon GO (tryin to finish my Gen 1 Dex, I'm sooo close.) If I finish Breath of Fire 3 quick enough...
  19. Dork_Link

    Breath of the Wild Wii U version or Switch version

    Wii U. I know it's probably dumb to have bought a Wii U when I did to wait for the upcoming Zelda announced for it to be released, but I bought the Wii U for Breath of the Wild. I'll get a Switch eventually, because I don't think it's a smart purchase right now with the minimal amount of titles...
  20. Dork_Link

    Breath of the Wild You have your glider, now where is your first destination?

    I'm probably going to do take the glider and search for Shiekah Towers. Seeing as these are going to add map data to our Sheikah Slates when activated and reveal where Shrines are in their respective regions, those are going to be my main focus. Kind of like in Assassin's Creed where I always...
  21. Dork_Link

    Breath of the Wild What form will Ganon take in this game?

    To a lot of people this is pretty well-known already, but this seems to be the pattern that Nintendo likes to follow in their 3D/console Zelda installments. So let's break it down: All the 3D-styled versions of Demise/Ganondorf/Ganon fought thus far from the N64, Gamecube, Wii and Wii U titles...
  22. Dork_Link

    Breath of the Wild Was that a kokiri?

    The way he bobs and moves like he's doing a little jig/dance makes me think Tingle.
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