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  1. link'sneighbor

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 8!

    octorok because this enemy has been so many of the zelda games and is very well known
  2. link'sneighbor

    Operation Moonfall: When Will The Moon Fall?

    i am certainly indifferent i don't care if nintendo does decide to remake majora's mask 3d or not if they do then i would get it and enjoy the adventure all over again but if they didn't remake the game i wouldn't be bothered at all.
  3. link'sneighbor

    Link's New Companion

    well in each zelda game nintendo has given link a new companion so i have no idea sorry :(
  4. link'sneighbor

    Zelda Maybe Racist....(caution for Easily Offended)

    i really don't think this is racism because ganondorf is technically a pig and when he is in his human form he actually has green skin this is true in all the zelda games that have ganondorf
  5. link'sneighbor

    Sailing Vs Flying

    well skyward sword had the speed booster rock things that would increase your speed for a while wind waker didn't have any but it did have the warping song that could warp you to specific locations wind waker had a rupee minigame that would appear sometimes where you have to jump over barrels...
  6. link'sneighbor

    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    i would either say wind waker or skyward sword so many people like ocarina of time and i don't get why especially since it has the dungeon many people hate the dreaded water temple :)
  7. link'sneighbor

    Skyward Sword: Awesome Game Expect for Over Use of Fi?

    there were things like that but at the same time there were some helpful things it said nintendo should have taken the obious things that it said out and the helpful things in
  8. link'sneighbor

    First Experiences with the Silent Realms

    i thought they were weird but the 2nd time i went through ss i was familiar with the placement of everything
  9. link'sneighbor

    Anyone Notice That Fi Sounds Like the Voices from Wii Fit?

    i don't have a wii fit so idk
  10. link'sneighbor

    Sheet Music

    well what instrument do you need it for and you don't need to make 2 theeads to find sheet music for the ballad of the goddess
  11. link'sneighbor

    Ballad of the Goddess

    its easy to find it online just search it on google
  12. link'sneighbor

    Sheikah Stone: Thankful or Exasperated?

    neither i didn't find it annoying or thankful i figured all of the things by myself
  13. link'sneighbor

    Which Order Did You Get the Triforce

    i don't remember and i played the game twice
  14. link'sneighbor

    Hyrule-Termina Transition

    no one really knows but there are some theories on what happened
  15. link'sneighbor

    How Do You Pronounce Names?

    you say kotake like Co-tahk and farore like Fair-or all the others are fine
  16. link'sneighbor

    Majora's Mask Back to the Future Zelda?

    that's is a great idea i never thought of that its a very good idea! :)
  17. link'sneighbor

    Temple of Time Prophecy

    great but i don't think nintendo will make a prophecy for it
  18. link'sneighbor

    Twilight Princess Gamecube Version or Wii Version.

    there really isn't a difference just because its flipped doesn't change your experience in the game
  19. link'sneighbor

    Ocarina of Time Fire Temple Chant Reason Finally Unveiled.

    i knew this from a loong time ago i am muslim and what they r saying is inarahmanirahim allah lailahaillalah which means there is no god but god ( Allah ) praise to the lord or something to that effect
  20. link'sneighbor

    Spoiler Wait a Minute... "Evil Incarnation of Darkness" (Something Interesting I Noticed)

    interesting i didn't really notice that i don't think nintendo intended that because ss came out a long time after oot and they wouldn't have thought of ss when oot was released
  21. link'sneighbor

    The Hero of Time Has Met with a Terrible Fate, Hasn't He?

    well it is true and its all demise's fault because he set the curse @ the end of ss to all of link's descendants
  22. link'sneighbor

    OoT-N64 Am I the Only Person Who Did This?

    i am not sure but i doubt you aren't the only person but i didn't
  23. link'sneighbor

    Twilight Princess Hyrule Castle Town Similarities...

    a little but there aren't areas in the east or west and we can't see the southern area
  24. link'sneighbor

    Ocarina of Time What Do You Think Was the Easiest Kid Dungeon in Ocarina of Time?

    definitely inside the deku tree it was short and had easy puzzles i agree with cloudy skies i had the same problem
  25. link'sneighbor

    General Modern Next Game Between MM and TP?

    interesting i never thought of that :)
  26. link'sneighbor

    Master Quest

    no i don' have oot for the nintendo64 so nope
  27. link'sneighbor

    Link As a Girl?

    that would be weird but also good at the same time they could do more things that they couldn't have done with a male link
  28. link'sneighbor

    Watch Me Playing Some Zelda Tunes Using the N64 Controller and Ocarina of Time

    amazing you should show your sillz to everybody
  29. link'sneighbor

    "MM is Superior to OoT"

    yes i agree completely but you can't have mm without oot and you can't have oot without mm(quote from Trevor Magnani )
  30. link'sneighbor

    The Annoying Side of the Legend of Zelda

    well nintendo is only trying to make the games a challenge so you should keep trying and you might get good at it
  31. link'sneighbor

    What Zelda Game Are You Playing Now?

    none i finished almost all zelda games and can't get the other ones i haven't played
  32. link'sneighbor

    Majora's Mask Doggie and Transformation masks.

    nintendo probably wanted to be funny
  33. link'sneighbor

    Will You Be Spoiling the Next Zelda Wii U Title for Yourself?

    no i hate that i want to find things out myself
  34. link'sneighbor

    Old Zelda Titles in the 3DS EShop?

    i have no idea but i read somewhere that nintendo was going to make every 3ds game available to buy as a cartridge and in the nintendo eshop
  35. link'sneighbor

    Should Something Drastic Happen in Zelda?

    its possible i fnintendo decide to do that they would need to think of a good explanation
  36. link'sneighbor

    New Zelda Gashapon Figure Set Video :)

    i got them too and they r awesome also your posters are great
  37. link'sneighbor

    Things in Zelda That Went Full-Circle

    its cool when you find things like that and i am sure there r a lot more in other zelda games or even in games in general
  38. link'sneighbor

    Could Zelda Games Be Better?

    definitely they could do all sorts of things things they could expand on other things they did in older zelda games for example
  39. link'sneighbor

    Spoiler Reviving the Ancient Robots

    no i didn't really care about them i didn't even think they were cute
  40. link'sneighbor

    Spoiler Was Anyone Else Disappointed With The Demise Battle?

    many people thought it was easy and many people found it anticlimactic he first time i played ss the demise battle was hard but the playthoughs after that the battle was easy
  41. link'sneighbor

    Favorite Province in Skyward Sword

    my favorite was lanayru desert because it had my favorite music of the 3 and i liked its puzzles in that region and my least favorite is faron woods because it was easy and i didn; like the music much
  42. link'sneighbor

    Ballad of the Goddess

    why don't you just search it its not that hard
  43. link'sneighbor

    Like Ghirahim? ;D

    umm no i don't see how you think hes hot
  44. link'sneighbor

    Can I Call This 100% Skyward Sword Completion?

    no because you need to get everything and complete everything you should upgrade all your items
  45. link'sneighbor

    Spoiler Dungeons, Easy or Hard?

    they weren' easier or harder they were about the same in difficulty
  46. link'sneighbor

    Spoiler Did You Know who the Imprisoned Was?

    i didn't know ill the end
  47. link'sneighbor

    What Would You Think of Link and Zelda Getting Married?

    i think it would be a great idea and i hope nintendo incorporates in in any future zelda titles
  48. link'sneighbor

    Best Opening to a Zelda Game

    i would say either ss or oot have th best opening
  49. link'sneighbor

    OoT-N64 Fire Temple

    yup i agree although both are scary the original is scarier
  50. link'sneighbor

    Favorite Hub?

    i would say my favorite is skyloft
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