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  1. Mima_sama

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 553!

    I like the way the Lanmolas explode when you smash them with the hammer, so I'll go with them.
  2. Mima_sama

    TotK Second Trailer

    It would be crazy if it were anything else, tbh. It's got that same skeletal frame, prominent rib cage, and creepy-as-heck face. Imagine trying to stealth your way around these guys... I'm getting a chill down my spine just thinking of it.
  3. Mima_sama

    Gleeok’s Return!

    It's either Gleeok or Staldra! (I hope it's Gleeok though, that would be neat and fit with this Hyrule's pattern of bringing back older enemies (Hinox, Lynels). I wonder if ol' Aquamentus will show up, too?
  4. Mima_sama

    TotK Second Trailer

    Oh hey, Re-deads are back. Cool. I wonder what other enemies they're bringing back?
  5. Mima_sama

    The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

    Certainly one of the best Directs we've had in a while! Metroid Prime remaster, GB/GBC games coming to NSO, GBA games in the expansion pack making it actually worth it (in my eyes), Ghost Trick, FANTASY LIFE (IT'S BEEN 3000 YEARS), and of course, TotK! There's so much to unpack from that...
  6. Mima_sama

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 550!

    If I get stuck, then yeah. Otherwise, I just like to explore until I find a solution.
  7. Mima_sama

    Breath of the Wild What is your least favorite shrine in BotW?

    The general consensus I'm seeing is everyone hates the gyro puzzles and/or stasis golf, which honestly makes sense. I hated the stasis golf shrine so much that I forgot about it, apparently! I hope we won't have any puzzles like that in TotK. Please, Nintendo. I am begging.
  8. Mima_sama

    Breath of the Wild What is your least favorite shrine in BotW?

    I'm currently doing another playthrough of BotW, and I found myself wondering what everyone's least favorite shrine, or type of shrine, is. I thought it might be neat to do a poll, too. If you want to elaborate on why you hate any particular shrine/shrine type, please feel free to! As for me...
  9. Mima_sama

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 548!

    As much as I love the Minish, I gotta go with Koroks because Makar is just the most adorable thing ever. He's so friend-shaped! Every time I see him I just wanna pick him up and shake him like a maraca.
  10. Mima_sama

    Are you ok with making Link a customizable character?

    Outfit and hairstyle customization I'm alright with, but I kinda like how Link is still Link in every game. He might not have much of a personality in some of the games, but he does have one-- especially when you read his dialogue options. For instance, WW Link is very polite and also kind of a...
  11. Mima_sama

    The future of Hyrule?

    As much as I love the Downfall timeline, I think it'd be interesting to revisit the timeline branch that starts with Wind Waker-- see how far New Hyrule has progressed, or perhaps see the re-emergence of old Hyrule from beneath the waves.
  12. Mima_sama

    Favorite Moment in Each Zelda Game

    In Wind Waker, Link using the Triforce of Courage to open the way to Hyrule in Wind Waker, and then : the rendition of the Zelda Main Theme that plays at this moment always gives me goosebumps. In A Link Between Worlds, the entire ending never fails to get me misty-eyed. In Minish Cap... every...
  13. Mima_sama

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

    I just call him "Gramps".
  14. Mima_sama

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 543!

    Even though he's a jerk, I appreciate Malo a lot because his items are fairly priced, and seeing someone who looks like a literal baby become a business tycoon is utterly hilarious.
  15. Mima_sama

    Goofiest Zelda enemies

    The Poes in Wind Waker are menacing... up until you shine light on them. The way they run around (very slowly) in a panic is hilarious.
  16. Mima_sama

    Games that you respect but don’t like playing.

    The standard Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games. The bog-standard turn-based combat really doesn't appeal to me. Turn-based combat's gotta have some sort of fun but also useful gimmick to it to make it interesting for me (Wild Arms' force system, Golden Sun's weapon unleashes and djinni...
  17. Mima_sama

    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

    Ah, that makes sense. Keeping my fingers crossed for the Zubat line to come to the game! I really miss having a Crobat on my team... Noibat and Noivern are cool, but they just aren't the same.
  18. Mima_sama

    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

    I think it's safe to say we're going to be getting either updates or paid DLC in the future; I looked ahead at the rewards you get for reaching certain milestones in your Pokedex (50 pokemon, 100 pokemon, 150 pokemon, etc.), and the very last one is a I've been having a lot of fun filling up...
  19. Mima_sama

    How much time passed b/w Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild

    Interesting! I hadn't thought about the Zora-- their extended longevity plus the fact that they're meticulous record-keepers could certainly help with measuring the time! Of course, they weren't always around-- they're notably absent in SS, MC, and FS; so there's that span of time to account...
  20. Mima_sama

    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

    I got Violet, because of course I did. Purple best color. I'm probably 4/5ths of the way through the game, and It's good. Really good in terms of music, gameplay, story, the 'mons... but the glitches, framerate issues, and graphics quality are all pretty jarring. When the lighting engine works...
  21. Mima_sama

    How much time passed b/w Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild

    15,617 for the Downfall Timeline, give or take a few, starting with the creation of the world and ending at BotW. This is based on mostly conjecture about how long each era lasted, but also with the canon numbers of 100 years between ALttP and ALBW, 10,000 years from the initial fight against...
  22. Mima_sama

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 540!

    First Link, then a nickname-- and that nickname is usually Vaati because reasons.
  23. Mima_sama

    Has anyone seen the 1989 Zelda Cartoon?

    Well, supposedly Miyamoto really like the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, which the Zelda show was technically a part of, so it's very possible? I actually have the DVD of the series, I ought to marathon it one day.
  24. Mima_sama

    Disappointing Direct Sequels

    For me, it'd be Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Not a bad game by any means at all, but it didn't have the same feel as the original GBA titles. There were a whole slew of problems with it, too-- enemies in the next-to-final area are weak to all elements, and if you beat an enemy with an element they're...
  25. Mima_sama

    What style do you want the next original 2d Zelda to be?

    Consider the following: hand drawn, but it looks like the manual artwork for Zelda 1. Gotta love that 80's anime style.
  26. Mima_sama

    Breath of the Wild Champion vs successor by race

    Rito: Champion. Revali is a lovable jerkface with a heart of gold underneath those easily-ruffled feathers of his. Plus, his ability is the most useful in the game. Teba is also pretty good, but Revali just has more personality. And he's also fluffier. Goron: Champion. Daruk is actually kinda...
  27. Mima_sama

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 537!

    As much as I love the first boss fight in WW, I gotta go with TP's Armogohma because of how fun it is to just smash it into pieces... and because Link's reaction to it is priceless.
  28. Mima_sama

    What is your unpopular Zelda opinion?

    While I kind of wish BotW had more thematic music for the different regions of the overworld myself, I'm actually kind of glad that it doesn't-- and that the music it does have doesn't play constantly. When it comes to sound design, silence is just as important as the music. A good compromise...
  29. Mima_sama

    Do you consider Ocarina of Time and Majora Mask 3D as Remakes or Remasters?

    I'm gonna have to go with remasters, though OoT3D comes pretty close to a remake, what with the gameplay tweaks, having Master Quest included, the addition of a boss rush mode, and the reworking of the Water Temple. Still, it's not quite enough to be a fully-fledged remake. Something I'd...
  30. Mima_sama

    How you got your consoles

    Gifted/handed down: NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Playstation, Gamecube, PS2, PS4, Wii, Wii U, Game Boy, GBC, GBA, PSP, DS, DSlite, DSi Bought: 3DS, Xbox 360 (a used one for like, 100 bucks), 3DS XL, New 3DS, Switch I've had multiple PS2s, because the og model stopped working, then my slim's...
  31. Mima_sama

    What Pokémon Types would Zelda creatures be if they were Pokémon?

    Here are my thoughts for a few classic Zelda enemies: Octoroks- The default is Ground/Rock type. BotW variants are as follows: Tektites- Bug/Water Moblins- Normal/Dark. Darknuts- Fighting/Dark Keese- Flying. Stalfos- Ghost/Fighting Lynels- Fighting/Fire Feel free to agree or disagree with...
  32. Mima_sama

    How much of the trailers, previews, reviews will you look at? Or will that spoil the game?

    I'll be avoiding outright story spoilers, but general trailers and non-plot related gameplay trailers are something I definitely look forward to with each new release. Lots of speculation fuel, and if BotW is any indication, even once TotK comes out people will be discovering secrets and easter...
  33. Mima_sama

    Mima draws things

    Did some doodles a few days ago. I'm trying to do a drawing every day this month, and these are the Zelda-themed ones I've done so far!
  34. Mima_sama

    How Do You Show Off Your Love For The Zelda Series?

    I got a few Zelda keychains, as well as a Zelda wallet. Those are things I always take with me when I go out. I also have a few shirts, as well and some figurines. Been thinking about getting a Triforce decal for my car! Oh, and I have a Link hat! I actually wear it outside when the weather...
  35. Mima_sama

    Favourite Witches

    Mima from Touhou Project (yes, she is my namesake). She's technically a sorceress, and also a ghost, but I suppose she also counts as a witch. So yeah, she's my favorite.
  36. Mima_sama

    The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

    My reactions to each character's voice. Mario: Well... he's at least trying to sound different from his usual "Chris Pratt" voice. He's not successful, and I wish they would cast someone else, but he is trying, I'll give him that much. Bowser: Honestly pretty good! Jack Black manages to be...
  37. Mima_sama

    Should TotK learn from mistakes made in BotW?

    One of my complaints with BotW was lack of enemy variety (it seemed like most were simply variants on Bokoblins, Moblins, and Lizalfos), which seems to have been addressed somewhat from what I've gleaned of the most recent trailer. I just hope we get more than one or two new enemy types. I'd...
  38. Mima_sama

    Most nostalgic cartoon show?

    Animaniacs and Tiny Toons are definitely nostalgic for me. I have yet to watch the reboot of Animaniacs, but I hear it's pretty good. If we're counting anime, too, then the first season of Pokemon. Whenever I watch the first episode, I get catapulted back in time to when I was nine, sitting in...
  39. Mima_sama

    Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Games

    I've played most of the games at this point (note: I've not finished a few of them), So I've got a pretty good idea of my favorites. (Having said that, I've only ever played a little bit of FSA at a friend's house, so I can't really pass any judgement on it-- from what I played, though, it was...
  40. Mima_sama

    The Zelda ports that never were

    You. I like you. Good taste. Gosh, imagine Four Swords, but with online play! You could play offline and online with your friends, and you could play with random people online. Oh, how chaotic and fun that would be! They could even include the additional areas and single player mode from the...
  41. Mima_sama

    The Zelda ports that never were

    While I'd personally love to see WW on Switch (WW! On the go!), the DS games would also be really cool to see. They'd have to kinda remake them from the ground up because of the touch-screen controls and whatnot, but they're both solid games that deserve more love. And if they remake PH, maybe...
  42. Mima_sama

    Mima draws things

    I finished this drawing today (9/30/22). I wanted to make my own avatar, but wound up with a pretty nice piece in general. I guess I'll post in this thread whenever I have something new to share.
  43. Mima_sama

    Favorite/Least Favorite Character

    My Absolute Favorite: :vaati:Vaati! Look at him. The funny little sorcerer man. WIsh he had the same personality in FSA that he did in MC, though. I want to see the return of the diabolical and cunning Wind Sorcerer, not the old man who forgot why he was even kidnapping the princess in the first...
  44. Mima_sama

    Wild Tears of the Kingdom guesses

    We're definitely going to be learning more about those Zonai structures, and possibly the Zonai themselves. What if they're related to Minish Cap's Wind Tribe somehow? What if the Zonai are the Wind Tribe? That could be a potential explanation for the sky islands, as well as an explanation for...
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