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  1. Farore

    Coolest Names Ever

    I like those names where people say "what the hell were those guys thinking?!" It makes the names memorable, and that much more awesome. There are a few (maybe a lot) of exceptions.
  2. Farore

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    Triforce tattoo team unites! I have one, too. And it's my conversation starter. "Oh? you've never heard of Zelda? Here, let me show you" Huehuehuehue I also have the soundtracks on my computer multiple shirts from redbubble toon link plushie canvas triforce lamp tin lunchbox .... am I going...
  3. Farore

    Zelda Merch Galore!

    THERE IS SO MUCH STUFFFFFFFF! I will probably buy something every two weeks... I shall be purchasing one of these tshirts sometime next week after I get paid, so look forward to it! xD great designs
  4. Farore

    Rate the Avatar!

    creepy xD i shall give it a 8/10
  5. Farore

    Quotable Conversation

    Indiana Jones: (Passing a torch) "Take this. Wave it at anything that slithers." Marion: "Thanks. Oh, my God! This whole place is slithering!" Indiana Jones and the Raider of the Lost Ark
  6. Farore

    Twilight Princess If You Could Make TP More Difficult...

    I found the Water Temple in TP wasn't as life-tormenting as the rest of the Water Temples were in the series. If they made it 10x more difficult, I would probably dread going in every time I played = which would mean they would be up-to-par with MM and Oot (even though they weren't that...
  7. Farore

    What is You Favorite Quote from Any Video Game?

    "Too much bull shark testosterone up the a**?" GTA IV
  8. Farore

    Would You Rather...?

    French Fries all the way! Onions are my least favorite food. WOW or LoL? (World of Warcraft or League of Legends...if you didn't know)
  9. Farore

    Would You Rather...?

    English - I'm majoring in Journalism/Media. Therefore, I need a LOT of English. IPad or Sony Tablet S
  10. Farore

    Would You Rather...?

    Definitely have a wand and be a wizard because I'm quite positive that whilst waving the lightsaber around, I'll eventually slice someone I like in half... Would you rather be stuck in the Mario64 world or StarFox64 world?
  11. Farore

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    NOOOooooooo Not Math! <(^.^<)
  12. Farore

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Majora's Mask - Great Bay Temple Call of Duty: Black Ops - mainly Multiplayer Hardcore Team Deathmatch Super Smash Bros Brawl
  13. Farore

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I actually bought Pokemon Colosseum at Game Stop about 3 days ago. I was surprised to see it one the shelves and it was a must-have.
  14. Farore

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    I have seen you somewhere before(multiple times)! Therefore you get a 7/10
  15. Farore

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    Yar matey, this be me latest tattoo:
  16. Farore

    What Systems Do You Most Connect With?

    Consoles: N64, Wii, Xbox360, PS2 Handheld: Gameboy Advance N64 - Probably the first system i TRULY got in touch with. Every single day I would find myself playing for hours on end, whether it be Oot or perhaps a little Banjo Kazooie. The games were so fantastic! When I was in middle...
  17. Farore

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    Just got out of class and ordered a pizza. Probably going to either watch Eclipse or continue on in the Great Bay area.....who knows
  18. Farore

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Items

    These are really good descriptions! Thank you so much for putting this on here :] Im not yet sold on the beetle. To me, it seems unZelda-like in a way. Though, I'm quite positive that it will grow on me once I get used to it.
  19. Farore

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    3/10, I am le sorry. I have never seen you before (then again I just joined x])
  20. Farore

    Figurines in Skyward Sword?!

    I'm not sure that ZeldaHunter meant for the words to seem as if he disliked the Legend of Zelda more than Mario. He is right about Mario being more popular. I don't see too many people preferring to play the Legend of Zelda games over the classic Mario games, and to be honest a majority of the...
  21. Farore

    Figurines in Skyward Sword?!

    My goodness! If they managed to do something with pictographs or figurines, I would be shocked/relieved! When I was playing WW, I always found myself getting stuck in some sort of predicament. I would always go take pictures of EVERYTHING just because it gave me something to do and I was...
  22. Farore

    Ocarina of Time Reverse Order Run????

    Wow, this guy really has some skill! His commentary is quite enjoyable as well. Thanks for pointing his website out!
  23. Farore

    Zelda Merch Galore!

    I am totally sold on the top two designs and the bottom design, I would most definitely buy it from you if they were real :] (are they...?) I really love ALL the designs and I encourage you to keep designing such brilliant pieces of art!!!!! Please let me know if you manage to make these...
  24. Farore

    How Do You Feel About the Wii U

    To be honest, I'm not yet sold on the whole WiiU handheld/screen controller (or whatever it is). I've seen gameplay on it and to me it feels as if Nintendo is really desperate to get SOMETHING sold (since the 3DS didn't go as planned), but that's exactly what all other companies try to do. I...
  25. Farore

    Zelda Art Random Zelda Art

    Here is another one! It isnt exactly 'artwork' but I designed it and its my latest tattoo! This shows how obsessed i am with Zelda hahaha:
  26. Farore

    Zelda Art Random Zelda Art

    Well, it's actually cork board that i used special utensils to carve out the design with and then i painted it with this certain type of roller and ink paint. when i was ready to put it on a canvas, I painted it more and applied it on :] the carving took quite some time but it was so worth it...
  27. Farore

    Zelda Art Random Zelda Art

    Hey guys, I only have one piece of artwork so far, but there are possibly more to come and I figured i would just share this little piece of love with you all :] Let me know what you think!
  28. Farore

    Ocarina of Time How Fast Can You Beat Ocarina of Time

    I personally do the same when playing the Legend of Zelda games (or any game in general), but i decided to time myself for the fact that ive played the game multiple times to begin with and it seemed something worth trying. Try it! It'll give a new feeling of accomplishment. x]
  29. Farore

    Which FF Game Should I Rent?

    FF12, in my opinion was one of the best games by far. It uses a different battle system, in fact the only JRPG style that i found quite fun. I like the fact that i can see the enemies coming so i could avoid them if i wanted to, sometimes it doesnt work but that means youre meant to fight them...
  30. Farore

    Ocarina of Time What Locations Would You Visit in OoT?

    My personal favorite would definitely have to be Gerudo Valley/Fortress. Not just because it is female-dominant, but they wear awesome outfits and their building set-up is....badA to speak. And the background music would be a plus.
  31. Farore

    Ocarina of Time How Fast Can You Beat Ocarina of Time

    It took me about 13.5 hours to get 100% on the game. Idk if thats too long, but its what i came up with. And of course i got side-tracked a couple times by finding easter eggs for mere enjoyment haha.
  32. Farore

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time

    To be honest, and trying not to be rude, i would advise not using codes for games for the mere fact that it expresses the lack of skill and patience code-users have to play these games. I guess you could say im strictly against using codes x] and to note, I have been looking around and i wasnt...
  33. Farore

    Ocarina of Time Favourite Quote

    "Whenever there is a meeting, a parting shall follow. But that parting needs not last forever. Whether a parting be forever or merely for a short while... that is up to you." - Mask Collector in Majora's Mask. To be honest, I used this as my Senior quote in my High School yearbook! xD
  34. Farore

    Majora's Mask Hardest Part of Majora's Mask?

    i really have to say fighting gyorg
  35. Farore

    Ocarina of Time When Did You Know It Was Epic?

    i knew it was epic when he killed ghomma. it is and always will be my favorite video game
  36. Farore

    Favorite Boss?

    i have to say probably Ganandorf on oot
  37. Farore

    Ocarina of Time 3D: Amazing Addition, or Waste of Money?

    As we all know, there is going to be a remake on Ocarina of Time for the 3DS, but is it really all that great? Ocarina of Time is definatly my favorite Legend of Zelda game, so it makes me sad that there are going to be changes to the aleady perfect game. Besides the 3D, I don't think there is...
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