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  1. The Skull Kid

    Do You Consider Yourself a Geek/nerd?

    yes, I love being a nerd, I mean what kind of normal person would have this as his/her ipod password? deoxyribonucleic acid, no one thats who haha. I have a space invaders t-shirt, a r2-d2 t-shirt, and i really want to get some othert-shirts like those for christmas, like a periodic table of the...
  2. The Skull Kid

    Red Leader, Standing By.

    this is a sweet game, anyway... Red 3.14, standing by.
  3. The Skull Kid

    What Game Defines Zelda?

    I agree with Micheal Heide, the original 8-bit LOZ defines zelda in the best way, simply because it was first
  4. The Skull Kid

    A Link to the Past What is Your Favorite Medalion?

    The bombos medallion is the best...it's destructive
  5. The Skull Kid

    What instrument do you play?

    i play the B-flat Clarinet, i have played it for 3 years and LOVE IT, i can play many zelda tunes too! such as stone tower temple, kakariko village, the WW title screen and the owl with the big name's theme, i can also play some trombone, i have played for 1 1/2 months
  6. The Skull Kid

    The Toughest Zelda Dungeon

    i found the face shrine in LA kind of confusing, maybe its just the fact that im not very good at the handheld games, i get confused easy...In TP I found the Lakebed temple a bit confusing, the other ones were a snap though, in Oot i wouldn't say any of them were hard, they were all very easy...
  7. The Skull Kid

    Majora's Mask Path to the Snowhead

    all you have to do is walk up the ramp as goron link punching the snowballs as you go, simple
  8. The Skull Kid

    Twilight Princess Did You Figure Out How to Play As a Chicken?

    thats really cool! i will have to try that some time
  9. The Skull Kid

    General Classic Ganon VS Majora?

    This is a no brainer...majora would destroy ganondorf by smashing him with a smiling moon! hahaha
  10. The Skull Kid

    Ocarina of Time When Kokiri Leave the Forest

    Phantom Triforce has a good theory (above) that if they leave the forest they will lose their "imortality" and grow old like everyone else good theory!
  11. The Skull Kid

    Disfunctional Monarchy?

    what i dont like in most games is the lack of people, including guards, in most games there are like 30 people, if you had a kingdom as big as hyrule you'd have a good 20 000-40 000 people, probably more, what id really like to see in later games is an increase in the amount of NPC's, like in...
  12. The Skull Kid

    What Are You More Excited For, Skyward Sword or Ocarina Of Time 3D?

    WAY more exited for SS than the 3ds remake, just because we haven't seen what SS is yet, there's no suspense with the Oot remake! we already know all about Ocarina of time
  13. The Skull Kid

    Majora's Mask Great Bay/Stone Tower Temple

    I didn't like geat bay temple to much...for me it got a bit confusing and sometimes just downright impossible for me to figure out (thank god for ZD) stone tower temple was also confusing, but for me it was more enjoyable and the music is just downright awesome
  14. The Skull Kid

    Majora's Mask Favorite Mask Character

    I think I would pick goron link because you can mow down enemies with your spiked body, and race around termina field going off jumps and skid-stopping in the sand thats, um...really creapy hahaha but that would certianly be a good halloween costume...scary...:O
  15. The Skull Kid

    If You Lost All Your Zelda Games but Could Only Keep Three.

    I would keep, MM because its my favorite game and there is lots to do, WW for the reasons i mentioned before, and Aol, because it would give me a good challenge, impossible challenge, but a challenge none the less...stupid game...
  16. The Skull Kid

    General Classic Majora's Mask and ALttP - Critics Wrong

    I think that problems that they had in LoZ were fixed in Alttp and many new things were added, I agree 100% that it is way under-rated, along-side MM, both amazing games, but not respected enough...
  17. The Skull Kid

    What Does Ganondorf Do in His Spare Time?

    here are my idea's Oot: he plays the creapy organ music! funn! WW: stares out into the sea at the forsaken fortress LoZ: waits....waiting......... AoL: practices his maniacle laugh for when you die! haha or he could take a nap! Thats what I would do...*snore*....
  18. The Skull Kid

    Ocarina of Time Bottle Glitch

    FTW?!?!?! hahahah thats funny :lol:
  19. The Skull Kid

    Adventure of Link Zelda 2 = Crazy Hard

    well, I personally have not finished the game, but know what your talking about and I think I know why, the difficulty of the game is ok, but the difficulty should be given in moderation, because the beggining of the game everyone can agree is WAY too hard, and I think thats why people think its...
  20. The Skull Kid

    Tri-Force Shard Hunt Revisited

    but all you have to do is get ALL of the charts at the same time, then cough up 4000 rupees, which shouldn't be that hard because of all the rupees you collect throughout the game with minimal spending, then go to all the places that the tri-force shards are located, then fish 'em up and...
  21. The Skull Kid

    Zelda Art Wind Waker Abridged!

    that was really funny...MAKE ME A SANDWICH! hahahaha, DONT MAKE ME GET THE HOT ACID! hahahahahahahah, you HAVE to make more!!! = )
  22. The Skull Kid

    What Item is the Most Useless to You?

    I think that the telescope in WW is the most useless, either that or the pictoboxes from all the games (MM and WW, might be one more with it...)
  23. The Skull Kid

    All Zelda Games Ever

    hey, this is really cool! who knew there was 40 zelda games? (of course at least 10 of them are crap ex. wand of gamelon hahahaha)
  24. The Skull Kid

    Does Anyone Know if Watt from Paper Mario is Male or Female?

    I would personaly say it's a guy, I dont know what makes me think that though, and I'd say watt is about 1-2 human years old
  25. The Skull Kid

    Link....Using Guns???

    hey no offence, but your idea is kinda stupid, but that doesn't mean its not funny! its really amusing thinking of link with a gun (see the post above hahaha)
  26. The Skull Kid

    Zelda Vs. Mario

    hahahahaha, way to be lazy, but yeah, very good idea, look at the mini-essay above Cel-shaded Deku!!! :lol:
  27. The Skull Kid

    Lets Count to 1000!

    297. a few days ago I spent my entire math class finding the square root of 6 the hard way(and memorizing it) because the teacher said he didn't know what it was 2.4494897427 x 2.4494897427= 6 hahahahahaha
  28. The Skull Kid

    Swimming Across the Great Sea.

    maybe there would be a gameshark code that would let you swim infanately AND let you swim like 300X faster or something like that, that would be cool
  29. The Skull Kid


    Cookies!!!! run! its the cry of the cookie monster ahhhh!!!!!
  30. The Skull Kid

    Tri-Force Shard Hunt Revisited

    I HATED that...it was SO frustrating >:(
  31. The Skull Kid

    Zelda Vs. Mario

    I belive that Super Mario has proven to be the "face" of nintendo, not necessarily because it's better, but because it was FIRST. nintendo's first game was (duh) Super Mario Bros. the classic. then came SMB 2, then SMB 3, then the Super Nintendo came along with Yoshi's Island a.k.a. SMB 4. N64...
  32. The Skull Kid

    Tri-Force Shard Hunt Revisited

    ganon's tower was a bit easy once you figured it out, but before then it was a good chalenge
  33. The Skull Kid

    Tri-Force Shard Hunt Revisited

    You may have seen one of my earlier threads about how I very much disliked the Tri-Force shard hunt near the end of WW, this is what I said before: "Now, this may just be me but who hated the tri-force shard hunt? I was really mad when I figured out I had to find 8 peices of the tri-force to...
  34. The Skull Kid

    Skydiving Link

    thats kind of what i thought the travel between skyloft and hyrule would be like, you would skydive down like in WSR! that would be fun, but it might get annoying after a while...
  35. The Skull Kid

    Lets Count to 1000!

    284. I like comics too, and fantasy books!
  36. The Skull Kid

    Favorite Boss

    I liked cragma, he was pretty aweswome, even the name, its a cross between rock and magma...i think...but too bad you didn't have the final bosses in this poll such as Demon Train, Malladus: Possesed Zelda, and Malladus, Ganon bull-form
  37. The Skull Kid

    Alternate World of Termina

    some people say that the woods he was in were the lost woods, and he was looking for navi there, then he gets mugged yadda yadda then he falls down the hole, now what i think is that when you fall down the hole THATS when you get transported to termina, not when you enter the clock tower as...
  38. The Skull Kid

    Difficulty Settings?

    AHHH! i aggree 100% the games are getting too easy! i want a zelda game that keeps me busy for more than 2 days, thats why i liked MM because there was lots of other stuff to do besides the main quest, it kept you interested in the game in my opinion
  39. The Skull Kid

    Your Favorite Restaurant

    there's this little cafe in my city named "peppers and beans" its the most amazing place ever!
  40. The Skull Kid

    A Bit Addicted?

    I'm a "settled" member, I've been here for over 3 months and have been frequently visiting this forum, because its a really good and well put together forum on an already amazing site! hear that people? ZD RULES!
  41. The Skull Kid

    Majora's Mask Majoras Mask Remake on the 3DS?

    that would be very cool, very cool indeed
  42. The Skull Kid

    Spell Checking...

    I know what you mean J oh, I think that people really need to learn to spell correctly, now im not perfect I spell wrong lots, but that is mainly the fault of me typing/writing to fast, but sometimes I just dont know how to spell a word ex. I just learned how to spell "message", i mean, that...
  43. The Skull Kid

    Favorite Element?

    AIR! (wind) if I were a bender (avatar: the last airbender) i think i would be an airbender, because air benders are fast, agile and dont use there bending for attacking but for defending and dodging, and you'd get a cool glider thingy! I really like the thought of being able to manipulate...
  44. The Skull Kid

    Zelda Picture

    Hookshot, They're both pointy
  45. The Skull Kid

    What races?

    I think that a VERY BIG part of zelda is the goron & the zora. They have been the 2 cheif tribes/species/civilization etc. in zelda and have appeared in many zelda games (MM, Oot, TP, ST, PH, LoZ, Alttp, etc.)
  46. The Skull Kid

    Worst Movie Ever Seen

    I thought that astro boy was really boring. everything in the movie was predictable. I hated it :sick: sometimes movies are good, because there good, sometimes there good because there horribley funny! that movie was halarious! hahaha :lol:
  47. The Skull Kid

    Corrupt a wish!

    granted, but you cant change it! I wish i could find more things to post on
  48. The Skull Kid

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^yeah acctually! brb!!! nah jk < loves food V has fallen down stairs
  49. The Skull Kid

    Multi-Dimensions Theory

    I really like this theory, its really taking zelda theory to the next step.
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