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  1. Ochibi

    Phantom Hourglass Easter Egg

    I remember finding some on those in my first playthrough; considering Phantom Hourglass was actually my first Zelda game, discovering those was a blast.
  2. Ochibi

    General Modern Skyward Sword and Wind Waker Help.

    Here's an over-view of the SS quest; read it over and try to find something you might've missed. It might not be 100% but I'll try to minimize the spoilers (: One you talk to the man at the Bazaar or the Lady in the Knight Academy Kitchen, go to bed and sleep until night. Go to the BOTTOM...
  3. Ochibi

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    I do hope so! I'll have to go around and inform some people to finish their submission ):
  4. Ochibi

    General Art Rainy's Art^^

    I really love the second one! Just something about it that seems so appealing (:
  5. Ochibi

    Zelda Art Ochi's Art Junk

    Happy Valentine's Day, folks <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  6. Ochibi

    Zelda Art Ochi's Art Junk

    Thank you everyoonnnneee >w< Sorry for not updating-- I've been extremely busy lately with school starting and all. I've posted most of my stuff on my DA again, but I promise, when I get back into the swing of things I'll start drawing little doodles again so people on DA won't be seeing the...
  7. Ochibi

    General Art Rainy's Art^^

    Oh my goodness! Rainy, you're improving so mucccchh >w<!!
  8. Ochibi

    PS3 Games Similar to Zelda?

    Ah-- That might be hard considering Zelda is quite a unique genre. You've played the fair amount of quality games; Uncharted and Portal are really good if you're looking for the type of 'puzzle' aesthetic that Zelda provides. I can't really help you unless you can tell me what you look for in...
  9. Ochibi

    Favorite Cutscene!

    http://youtu.be/FatSToeahHI Groose, that precious soul. I have many other favourites-- but this? This is the icing to my cake.
  10. Ochibi

    General Art Xinn's Digital Gallery

    w-why did you do this to my brain. never looking at Malo the same way again. I shall brace myself for Valentine's this year.
  11. Ochibi

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    That's alright, MikauIncarnate! Since everyone's all quiet working on their submissions, I'll close new entrants. If you haven't submitted your art in the next week a note shall be sent your way!
  12. Ochibi

    Zelda Art The Legacy of Zelda

    Amazing! I really love the detail you put into your works. Is "The Legacy of Zelda" some sort of project?
  13. Ochibi

    Is Ash Immortal?

    People think that Ash is on this journey to become a Pokemon master, but that's just covering his true intentions. His true motivations is to travel around the world befriending young, female Pokemon Trainers only to leave them and to steal their youth. There begins the never-ending tale of...
  14. Ochibi

    General Art Rainy's Art^^

    Ahhh! That Heartless is so cute! The girl is really pretty too. You really have a knack at making charming character designs. Teach me your waaayyss.
  15. Ochibi

    Last One to Post Wins.

    inb4 a mod posts then disables comments.
  16. Ochibi

    General Art Berlioz's Drawings

    Berlioz! Didn't know you have talents were outside of Music and Theater! Gosh, you're amazing! I love how detailed and surreal these are. I especially love the ones with the little, faceless girl. Something about it that would have a charming yet sort-of macabre story behind it. You really...
  17. Ochibi

    Introducing People to Zelda

    Around my area, no one knows what the heck Zelda is. How I was introduced to it myself, I don't remember. In my school, there's a severe lack of gamers so I have to make due and make friends with non-gamers. Every time I start yapping on about games (a.k.a. Zelda) they get curious. I explain...
  18. Ochibi

    General Art Linkanon's Official Art Thread

    Hey, Linkanon! Great to see you showin' off some art! First off, the concept is great, but next time, maybe you shouldn't draw on lined paper. Lined paper can really throw off anatomy, proportions and perspective. If you'd like more tips and critiques just give me a shout out! I'll definitely...
  19. Ochibi

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    Why not draw him playing the guitar? But off to the side is fine, as long as it looks like it's part of your submissions.
  20. Ochibi

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    I'm so sorry to hear that;; I hope you clear things out! It wouldn't be fair to just close the collab after all the hard work you've done! We still have plenty of time! Objects are fine as long as their items like weapons or trinkets and stuff-- I'm afraid that big things like a boat or a tree...
  21. Ochibi

    General Art Rainy's Art^^

    Man, I keep commenting out of the group-- Darn Timezones!! Anyway, these are amazing Rainy!! Are these your characters by any chance? You could make them your own character and flesh them out! It's also a great way to show improvement over the years.
  22. Ochibi

    Are These Easter Eggs I Have Discovered?

    I never knew about the Seal Grounds one; never bothered to go back there-- I'm too scared |D But good find!! When I first play the game, I like to observe my surroundings-- when I discovered the Dome with the Medallions I flipped. I do believe the ToT Easter Egg was reported a week ago or so...
  23. Ochibi

    General Art Rainy's Art^^

    Wow, Rainy! You're on a roll! It's great to see some unique poses from you!
  24. Ochibi

    Why You Like Your Avatar

    I like my Avatar because I killed off Tingle-- wait what. OH GOD, I-I KILLED TINGLE? I'm not sure why I like it actually-- I just needed a change so I took my avatar off one of my own drawings. I'm pretty sure I'll change it sooner or later.
  25. Ochibi

    Zelda Art Ochi's Art Junk

    Thank you so much Rainy! Nonsense, Crimson Pearl, your art is wonderful! And Celtic-- uhh... YEAH! Thanks! If you follow me on DA, you're just going to find the same drawings >w<! I'll try to draw some exclusive stuff for a change. I had this image in my head that I couldn't quite put canvas as...
  26. Ochibi

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    Oh my goodness, Deniro-- You are a god.
  27. Ochibi

    General Art My Drawings: Advice Welcomed

    "Lack in artistic skills" my ***! You're works are awesome! I'll be sure to keep an eye on this thread!
  28. Ochibi

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    Don't worry, I did put her down for the Deku Princess. No one can fool these Eagle Eyes *w*! I have some sort of prototype, mock-up goin' on-- But I can't really proceed until I have all the submissions or the Collab will either look too big or too small. Everything needs to be perfect...
  29. Ochibi

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    My link is broken too-- And Mido it is.
  30. Ochibi

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    Oh sorry! I just thought it was quite strange that is was done so quickly, but I should've know better because you're the fastest artist ever!
  31. Ochibi

    General Art Some Old Pics I Drew Years Ago.

    I just checked your DA and you have some great potential! I really like the traditional stuff. Are you considering to get back into drawing?
  32. Ochibi

    Spoiler About to Finish Game and Have a Question

    I don't remember if you have to draw the Tri-Force for the GoddessWall side-quest, but if you do, here's some help. Think Phantom Hourglass! It works for me. If you do this right, you should receive 3 fairies (pre-preparing empty bottles is a good idea to catch them before you battle Demise if...
  33. Ochibi

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    Yep! Pretty much. I'll go ahead and put you up for Sheik! And Welcome to ZD!! I'm pleased to find another artist on here! Have fun and enjoy your time here!!
  34. Ochibi

    General Art Magatha's Art

    A crafty type here! These are amazing! They're so cute! A whole army out of clay :> I would love to see more of these! It's a different and fresh approach to these art threads!
  35. Ochibi

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    It seems like Djinn is also interested, so are you okay with waiting for their say, Rainy (: ?
  36. Ochibi

    Twilight Princess Help on City in the Sky

    Yeah, we can't really help you if we don't know where you're up to. ZD has some great guides too. Check the City in the Sky Guide. Read up to where you're up to or what you might've missed.
  37. Ochibi

    General Art ToTeron's Main Artwork Thread

    Well, I'm glad you posted that, because I am now going to stalk you on DA.
  38. Ochibi

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    I do believe we have things under control? We're just pending on who is doing Zant! Also-- We now have all the Sages Claimed and the Tri-Force Trio claimed! This is going to be great!
  39. Ochibi

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    Please do! This sounds interesting (:
  40. Ochibi

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    They're all looking fantastic guys! It's never too late to participate, Linkyme! The collab is open to anyone, anytime!
  41. Ochibi

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    Wooaahh! Hold your horses, Gerudogirl! I'm sorry to say that Imp Midna has been claimed by Beeker, so I was stuck with true-from Midna;; Oh gosh, I'm so sorry;;
  42. Ochibi

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    Woah, Deniro! Slow down bud! You're a speed demon! But of course-- You have claimed Deku Link (:
  43. Ochibi

    Zelda Art Ochi's Art Junk

    Thanks Rainy <3! You're such a sweetheart! Sorry for always replying late-- I just want to update with art so you guys won't have to look forward to text updates;;
  44. Ochibi

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    Ganon(dorf)? You got it! On a down note, I'm not sure if I can finish my part of the project or if I can commit to it. The whole thing for me isn't turning out too good and the quality of art hasn't been at the top of it's game. I'm going to drop Midna or pass it over to someone if they want her.
  45. Ochibi

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    Deniro-- That is--- BEAUTIFUL ;W;!!
  46. Ochibi

    General Art Rainy's Art^^

    The size of the head looks ay-okay to me! Great work!
  47. Ochibi

    Hylian Shield and Red Loftwing

    Ah, thank you! I always thought that the Crimson Loftwing adorned the Hylian Sheild after the establishment of the Kingdom-- I was confused when I found that the shield had it already. This explains so much!
  48. Ochibi

    Online Play in Future Zelda Games

    I think, maybe, 'online play' in Zelda games should stick to Portable Consoles for now. It could be both Competitive and Cooperative-- Kinda like Team Fortress 2.
  49. Ochibi

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    Well, seeing that you're strengths are in graphics and design, would it be too much to ask for your hand in helping with the background? I've tried out some things, but they all end up looking like a cake without flour or eggs. With your talents maybe you can help! Or course, you don't need to...
  50. Ochibi

    General Art Zelda Dungeon Art Collaboration (?)

    Woah, woah! Guys! You're already finishing the drawing before you even claim them! That's insane! Don't worry Azure Sage, there isn't any due date so you don't need to rush yourself-- Work at your own pace. Until then, I anticipate the rest of the drawing! I'm sure it'll look stunning. Fierce...
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