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  1. Jesper

    The Zelda ABC's

    F is for Farores Wind And Jesus Christ, this thread is still up lol
  2. Jesper

    Did You Notice This in the Trailer?

    Its not a biggie, but I as watching the SS trailer a minute ago and I saw that when you kill the Deku Baba, the purple gas (i guess you can say) atleast some of it turns into a skull :P and its not a major detail, but pretty cool. Did you see it?
  3. Jesper

    Most Epic Win in a Video Game Ever

    I remember I did a 3 heart run on Cave of Ordeals. It took some tries, but I did it! :D
  4. Jesper

    Did You Figure Out How to Be a Chicken?

    Is this what you mean? "Is there any use for chickens in TP?" because I'd gladly answer that. The cucco's (as they're called in the ZU) are used to fly to treasure chests and heart pieces, and to play minigames in TP. Considering that TP focused more on reality, I don't think it would fit very...
  5. Jesper

    Hero's Sword?

    Does the sword suddenly disappear now? I mean in TP and OoT you could switch between swords and they won't go away. I guess the notbeabletoequip hero's sword again in WW is decided by Nintendo because a lot of story evolves around the sword. Here is something to remember in the future: DO...
  6. Jesper

    Two Ganons

    Is true. WW on one side, and TP on another.
  7. Jesper

    The Minish Cap Minish Cap~third House for Third Goddess in the Happy Hearth Inn+where is Gina?

    Last I checked, www.google.com saves both you and forum members time. :)
  8. Jesper

    Missed ONE Heart Piece in OoT???

    Check a video on Youtube having a heart-piece compilation, and you probably should remember where.
  9. Jesper

    Has Anyone Noticed This?

    What can you say? Majoras Mask was f***ed up.
  10. Jesper

    Why is Toon Link So Lazy?

    He's (probably) a teenager. We like to relax, sleep, being lazy and so on. Link is a teenager like other teenagers.
  11. Jesper

    Left-Handed Option? Should There Be One...

    Honestly, when I were playing TP on the Wii, it felt weird for me, but it didn't matter that much because all of Link's moves were made to react to your movements. In this game, I think I'm gonna find it hard to get used to. In this game you will use your hands much more than in TP, which will...
  12. Jesper

    The Legend of Neil

    Oh God, this show is so awesome. Didn't hear about it until around 3 months ago, but I watched every single one in one day, and I was instantly hooked. Can't wait for season 3.
  13. Jesper

    The HUB is Gonna Be Different in the Final Version of SS

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Same goes for rupees.
  14. Jesper

    The HUB is Gonna Be Different in the Final Version of SS

    That's great news. I would hate having that on the screen throughout the entire game.
  15. Jesper

    Spoiler Favorite Credits/ending Sequence

    Some of this kinda refers to my thread "Saddest thing in a Zelda game", were a lot of people answered Midna breaking the mirror... And tell you what, the TP ending made everything right, making you both happy and sad. Happy when I saw the hearts coming out of the Snowpeak Ruins, and sad when...
  16. Jesper

    Could Bellum Be an Incarnation of Majora's Mask?

    Timeline pretty much denies it. PH is a direct sequel to WW, and MM is a direct sequel to OoT. OoT splits the timeline having WW on one side and MM on another side, making them not relate.
  17. Jesper

    What I LIKE and What I Don't Like About Skyward Sword

    Okay, I made some stupid posts about how disappointed I were about the new Zelda, but I've come over the shock and I like it more and more. I had a similar feeling about Mario Galaxy 2, when I saw the level selection, but fact is - it works pretty well. Here is what I like: Nintendo has...
  18. Jesper

    Do You Want Ganondorf As the Main Villan?

    Considering that the Master Sword appearently is going to be in the game, Ganondorf automatically has a connection. And I dunno, the villain doesn't matter to me, as long as he is creative and challenging.
  19. Jesper

    Does Nintendo Have a Fear of Making Games for Older Audiences?

    THANK YOU for respecting my own thoughts. (no sarcasm) Basically what I am trying to say is that when they make a game with realistic swordplay, why not make it actually look realistic? Anyways I hope the story and gameplay will make up for what I dislike about it so far. Can't always be...
  20. Jesper

    Does Nintendo Have a Fear of Making Games for Older Audiences?

    Well EXCUUUUUUUUUSEEEE ME (princess) for that I liked the design of Twilight Princess and would like it to come back in this game. I am the kinda guy that likes stuff the way it were. If I'm happy with something, then I want that to continue. I have no complains about the overall gameplay, but...
  21. Jesper

    Does Nintendo Have a Fear of Making Games for Older Audiences?

    The thing I'm worried about in this game is the scenario design. I mean, Link in this game looks awesome, so does some of the enemies. Just some. If you look at the world design, it looks AWFUL! I want slight graphical changes, but else - it looks pretty good. It wasn't really what I'd expected...
  22. Jesper

    Ok, Ok, What Now?! A Link to the FUTURE?!

    Okay, so as I entered Nintendo's official E3 page, I saw Skyward Sword was featured. I clicked on it, and I saw the title: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword A Link to the Future Check it out for yourself! I mean, all of the sudden its a sequel to ALttP...
  23. Jesper

    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    Even though the game is Cel-shaded, I will probably still enjoy it. Would've enjoyed more if it actually was realistic
  24. Jesper

    Does Nintendo Have a Fear of Making Games for Older Audiences?

    From what I saw during the trailer, they made the game hardcore CEL-SHADED. I have been waiting 4 years to get to know anything about this game, and honestly? Does Nintendo have a fear for making games for older people? I mean, they made TP. It had nice graphics and a good story, but look at...
  25. Jesper

    Graphics of Skyward Sword

    I sure hope that they bring back the TP-graphics, just improved. Now I really hope that the demo's graphics is ONLY for show-off purposes, even though they did not say anything about it in the presentation. I want a realistic Zelda! Zelda for kids can stay on the DS, but not the Wii!!1!
  26. Jesper

    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    I was very disappointed seeing the cel-shaded graphics. I was hoping for another epic adventure featuring almost the same model as TP-Link. I don't think I'll be able to enjoy this as much as I enjoyed TP.
  27. Jesper

    Zelda Wii Long or Short

    As long as it doesn't ruin the quality of the game, I would like it to be atleast around 60 hours long + downloadable content, like sidequests or minigames. Going to new lands maybe?
  28. Jesper

    Which Species/ Character(s) Do You Think You Resemble the Most?

    Dunno, but I kinda remind of TP-Link. We have the almost the same kind of hairstyle, the same colour, not afraid of much, well yeah... :P
  29. Jesper

    If You Could Have a Hidden Skill of Your Choice

    I dunno, but "Sword Dash"? Like, if some enemies come rushing towards you could like do a dash with, I dunno, a spin attack or holding the sword horisontally? Like, dashing through them killing all? Like in for example Star Wars, where you cut ppl in half (:P), like doing that? (ofc without the...
  30. Jesper

    If You Could Have a Hidden Skill of Your Choice

    What would it be? Fictional or from TP, I don't care. I loved the idea of hidden skill in TP, and I'd like to see they return. The backslice and helm splitter for example, so helpful against DarkNuts. But if I could have a fictional one, I would have "Boomerang Sword!" How I came with that...
  31. Jesper

    Corrupt a wish!

    too bad, cuz u signed papers saying that you would pay no matter what (yeah, that answer sucked :P) I wish for this thread to have 1337 POSTS! AHA! BEAT THAT, person who walks on the street and sells itself for money (i cant say the word, i hate getting warnings :P)
  32. Jesper

    That Guard...

    Uhm... Setting someone who can't even SEE what it is guarding to guard something? I don't think so. I don't think that Zant would trust someone like that to guard the Princess either. It is, if you use common sense, a Shadow Being (or a twili, if that's what you wanna call it)
  33. Jesper

    Zelda Wii: Vitality Sensor

    Hmm... Holding Wiimote + Nunchuck, then getting soe stuff on your finger? I cant handle all that, so I say no thanks.
  34. Jesper

    Why is the Temple of Time in TP in the Sacred Grove?

    Locations and such change over time in Hyrule. All this is in connection with timeline theories.
  35. Jesper

    Do Hyrule Gorons Have Connections to the Termina Gorons?

    Migration from Hyrule? Link is appearently not the only one to travel to new places...
  36. Jesper

    Finding the Goron Elder (MM)

    Here is a quick and simple answer ;) http://lmgtfy.com/?q=where+is+the+goron+elder+in+majoras+mask
  37. Jesper

    Link, Hylian, or Ordonian?

    Errrm... Link is a hylian. Hylian is a race. Ordonian is just a description of people that live in Ordona. Take me for example, I am a norwegian, but yet I am a human. 'nuff said
  38. Jesper

    Repeating Character Names SO ANNOYING!

    Are you trying to say that you wan't Zelda removed from the titles? Then explain to me how it can be The Legend of Zelda then? Ofc some games didn't have here, but that is why she's a LEGEND
  39. Jesper

    Have Recent Zeldas Disappointed You? Thats Your Fault

    They make those games for kids. The console games are for more grown people, that like graphics, more indepth story, and gameplay better. Smaller kids doesn't have standards. As long as it is fun. The more grown people play the handhelds because they either are hooked at Zelda, or for their...
  40. Jesper

    What Makes YOU Replay a Zelda Game?

    Wow, my first thread in a long, long time... (I don't know if this has been a thread before, in that case a mod shall close it. Or look at it as a restarted thread, i dunno.) So as said in the title, why to you replay Zelda games? Taking it that I have completed every single one (excpet...
  41. Jesper

    Why MC Isn't First

    I also agree that Minish Cap is NOT a prequel to OoT. My opinions: 1. The sacred blade in the prologue is the Picori Blade, not the Master Sword. Also it is created by the Minish, not the Gods. Which pretty much ruins the whole point of it "being the master sword" and all that. Also the...
  42. Jesper

    Do I Really Need Biggoron's Sword in Ocarina?

    I usually get it. It makes the final FINAL boss piece of cake. If you don't want, don't do it. It doesn't get any much harder without.
  43. Jesper

    Gameplay or Cinematics

    I don't think it would be a problem for Nintendo to have a lot of both. But in these days, I think gameplay matter more than cinematics.
  44. Jesper

    Did You Get All the Figurines?

    The day I would have the paitience to do that, I would be a God. Minish Cap figurine quest is acceptable, but WW? No thanks! And also in Minish Cap it gives you a heart piece, so...
  45. Jesper

    Should Zelda Wii Have the NES Original Zlda Unlockableas a Secret????

    First of all - could you start typing a little bit more... understandable? Secondly, its not that bad of an idea. But I think that Nintendo is that cheap that they will keep the original LoZ on the VC, and still charge money for it. Nintendo sadly don't care about your opinions.
  46. Jesper

    New FanFic Sign Up

    Name: Jesper Age: 15 Gender: Mah BOI Height: 174 cm. Hair color: Brown Eye color: Blue Skin Color: White Race: Hylian WEPOON: My SWORD is enough! Outfit: A black tunic (in honor of the Hero), no hat, and a leather boots. Cuz I'm hardcore like that :P Position: Lieutenant!
  47. Jesper

    Piece of Heart #23: Picture Contest??!

    Don't you just have to go back to the first day, and then it should be reset? You'll have to save Koume and take the picture again, though.
  48. Jesper

    WW VS TP: Which Was Harder?

    Well I had to stop playing the game for some months because of fury after the third temple and saving Aryll in Wind Waker. How was I supposed to now that I was supposed to shoot down that frog and then warp to mother and child isles?
  49. Jesper

    Your Own Timelines

    Mine... ....../WW - PH - ST - MC - FS - FSA OoT .....\MM - TP - ALttP - LA - LOZ - AoL. Thar!
  50. Jesper

    Fairy Fountains Not Working!

    Have you tried to blow the cartridge? Maybe something is hiding inside, blocking that feature or something...
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