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  1. Zleda

    XB1 Won't Read Discs

    If you don't have anything helpful to say, kindly don't say anything at all. This is actually the second time this has happened to me this week and I am not in the mood
  2. Zleda

    XB1 Won't Read Discs

    Hello ZD, Yesterday I bought an XB1 at best buy without kinect. I had previously bought BF4 and Watchdogs, and when I popped them in yesterday they read, installed and played just fine. This morning I turned on the system and when I try to play either game I get both the "we cant read this...
  3. Zleda

    Game Help Hyrule Field Eldin Province Twilight Princess

    I believe you are referring to the bridge that leads to Castle Town. That gets repaired during the side-mission for the magic armor.
  4. Zleda

    (SPOILERS) New XY Information in CoroCoro Leak!

    I absolutely love everything released in this leak. the designs look great to me personally, and lets face it yamcham is going to be everybody's new favorite little guy. who doesnt love pandas? Also, the region looks great. It would be cool if after the elite 4, you could travel to a place...
  5. Zleda

    Pokemon Number 666

    Any satanic references would deter a large amount of the fan base... Think about how many kids who play Pokemon are the southern parts of the country (and most likely baptist, evangelical, what have you). Think of these kids going up to their parents and showing them "Lucifermon" (lol) or...
  6. Zleda

    Official ZD CoD Clan?

    What up ZD I've recently been playing Black ops 2 a little more and I've been wanting more people to play with, so I was thinking I could go onto ELITE and create a clan just for ZD users!! Send me a PM and Let me know if you would be interested in joining! :kirby:
  7. Zleda

    Favorite Final Boss/Stage Music?

    Oh man. Mine is hands down from my favorite video game of all time, which is Chrono Trigger. The music that plays during the second battle with Lavos. Oh man. SO EPIC Chrono Trigger OST - World Revolution ~ Battle against Lavos - YouTube
  8. Zleda

    Graphical Display - Anyone else Bothered?

    I believe the disclaimer is referring to the Pikachu and the lightening in the very beginning.
  9. Zleda

    TM/HM's, New Moves?

    So we all know that there have been hundreds of TM/HM's throughout all 5 generations. Generation 5 made the entire system better by making TM's usable more than once. My question to all of you is this: Do you like what Gen 5 did to the TM system? Also, what new TMs/moves in general would you...
  10. Zleda

    Visiting Other Regions?

    I can't see them creating a re-hash of an old region in the new 3D style of things... I feel like it would be way too much to put on one game. But I obviously don't know.
  11. Zleda

    Which University Do You Attend?

    That would be amazing, I'm seriously jealous. I want to travel so badly, luckily my degree requires 1 semester of Study Abroad!!
  12. Zleda

    Which University Do You Attend?

    Hey ZD, I just thought I would start a thread to discuss which universities people go to and why they go there, what they are studying, etc. I go to Washington State University. Ever since I was little I've wanted to go here, probably because of it's location far from my home, Seattle. I am...
  13. Zleda

    Impression of X/Y Overworld Preview

    It seems that they have only updated graphics, not the aged "one button-press, one step" thing. Personally I thought they would use the circle pad for the same kind of movement as in Colosseum, but alas. As for the graphics they look good but not as polished as they could.... IMO
  14. Zleda

    Pokémon X & Y Discussion

    You're absolutely right, perhaps the plot is taken place in the future (note the strange cloud-city-like structures in one of the screenshots) where there is some sort of genetically enhanced or lab-bred pokemon. Obviously speculation, haha
  15. Zleda

    Pokémon X & Y: Favorite Starter Design

    They are all so gosh darn adorable... Personally I like Froakie the best. He seems to be the only based off of an actual animal, which is what I like about starters. Although the fire one resembles a fox I suppose.
  16. Zleda

    What is Gold?

    love the idea. hopefully it will make everybody post way more :)
  17. Zleda

    Spoiler Well This Is Certainly Interesting

    Um.... What about all the spinner tracks in Hyrule field?
  18. Zleda

    Desert Colossus/Gerudo Mesa/Outset Island

    Looking back at this the Desert Colossus has absolutely no similarities.... Ahhhhh silly high-school me...
  19. Zleda

    A Link Between Worlds Remake or Brand New?

    What up guys, just thought I'd start a thread for discussion on weather or not you would enjoy a remake (of Majora's mask or Link to the Past, as rumored), or rather have an original story with a fresh design? Personally, I would rather have a re-make of Majora's mask. Don't freak out on me...
  20. Zleda

    How Did You Like the Loftwings and the Sky?

    I think personally that the sky was extremely boring... Although it looked great, and was fun at first it turned into the same as WW's ocean to me.
  21. Zleda


    Hey all. Couldn't find any trading threads, so I figured I'd start one..? At any rate, post what you want, what you have, and your friend code :) Make sure you make all actual negotiations in PM though, as to not clog the thread with chatter. To start it off, I reeeally want a Rufflet...
  22. Zleda

    Zelda: Fire Prophecy and Ice Prophecy

    I think it would be amazing to have a pair of games for the 3DS, I'm sick of playing Ocarina of time and Link's Awakening on my 3DS
  23. Zleda

    Zelda: Fire Prophecy and Ice Prophecy

    I'm sure you've all seen the news article, And I decided to open a thread to discuss the rumors. Personally I think the games (if they happen at all) will take on the same style as the old GB games (top down perspective) with modern graphics and the 3D affects to the gameplay, kinda like what...
  24. Zleda

    Super Smash Bros. ____. What Would You Call It?

    I would go with what Nintendo did with Mario Kart this year and simply call it Super Smash Bros 4.
  25. Zleda

    What Is Your Signature Pokemon?

    CHARIZARD. To me, Charizard and Blastoise are truly iconic to the series because of Red and Blue versions.
  26. Zleda

    General Classic How Did Link Get in Termina

    Bro, you gotta play it....... But yeah, you're right about everything pretty much, he gets lead into termina through some kind of weird wormhole in the forest, chasing the skull kid who took Epona from him.
  27. Zleda

    A Difficult, but Seemingly Debatable Theory

    The power of the [I]individual[I] changes the sacred realm, not vice versa.
  28. Zleda


    Xbox- Lolstopher PSN- Shanye_West
  29. Zleda

    WW-Wii U Medli's Harp

    Yeah, I think the OP jumped the gun on this one; although it is a cool idea that provokes some cool thoughts (i.e the Zoras=Royal family, etc.).
  30. Zleda

    Interesting Things About the State or Place You Live In.

    Seattle, Washington. Washington is the only state with desert, rainforest, coast, temperate forest/mountains, and tundra alllllllll wrapped into one state.
  31. Zleda

    Spoiler About the Kokiri

    This always puzzled me as well; another thing to think about: are they born the way they are? or are they babies, then stop growing as children? Because if Link was taken to the forest as a baby, he would have grown up, which I'm sure would have shocked Mido and the gang......
  32. Zleda

    Spoiler Why Call of Duty Games Suck and Have Become Trolled by Us Zelda Fans

    Hahaha I agree with you StarBound; you don't play CoD because it has exceptional plot or story, you play it to let off steam or have some fun with friends. It's a completely different type of game for a completely different type of gamer.
  33. Zleda

    3DS Fall Games

    Mario Kart 7 looks awesome, and it's Mario Kart so how could it be bad!! :D
  34. Zleda

    Enemies on Tightropes.

    Never have I actually seen gameplay from Skyward Sword; now I see what everyone's so excited about!!!!! :)
  35. Zleda

    3DS Ambassador Games Are Now Available!

    Any idea when these titles will be available to those of us who are not part of the ambassador program?
  36. Zleda

    The Legend of Zelda The Forgotten Upgrade

    Well White Tunic or no, in Ocarina and Majora's Mask you can receive 1/2 damage resistance from a Great Fairy; although it would be cool to have a white tunic.
  37. Zleda

    Operation Moonfall: When Will The Moon Fall?

    I am 110% for Majora's Mask 3D. I don't get why people don't want it! If (I don't personally believe our voices will make it happen) it really did get released and you don't like it, don't buy it. simple as that. But for the rest of us who appreciate updated graphics and controls and the ability...
  38. Zleda

    Should I Get Mass Effect 3?

    They are such amazing games, you might even be able to just play Me2 and get away with it
  39. Zleda

    Spoiler Why Call of Duty Games Suck and Have Become Trolled by Us Zelda Fans

    ... Just because you guys don't like CoD doesn't mean you should drag it down. Have you ever gotten home from school one day, done all your homework, studied for all your tests... Then gotten a text or call from a group of friends; "Hey man get on xbox we're gonna school some noobs in MW2!"...
  40. Zleda

    Twilight Princess TP and FOOD

    Alright you guys......... When you watch movies, and watch TV shows like 24 on FOX, do you ever see people kicking back and enjoying a nice brunch? Sure, tables and food are seen in Hyrule, but only for the added sense of detail. The developers don't expect you to want to see characters eating...
  41. Zleda

    Majoras Mask Theory

    I literally just played the very ending not 30 seconds ago, and that noise is for sure bells. At least on the 3DS version, it may be different on N64
  42. Zleda

    Spoiler Favorite Dungeon

    I'd say the palace of the Winds because of the amazing soundtrack, and my favorite gameplay element, the Roc's feather.
  43. Zleda

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Sidequest

    Biggoron's sword, for sure. On my OoT 3D I got the Biggoron's sword before I even entered the Forest Temple, and didn't use the Master Sword until the very last blow of the Ganon battle. 2 or 3 jump-slashes with it dispatches any boss..... It's ridiculously effective. Plus the quest is fun, the...
  44. Zleda

    Bongo Bongo Help?

    To best defeat Bongo Bongo, I've found it easiest to target on his hands and only shoot them once (they'll turn blue). then flip on the lens of truth(fast) and aim with your bow at his eye. all this has to be done fast, as he charges you pretty quick. also, if you have the BIGGORON's sword, use...
  45. Zleda

    General Classic Navi VS Tatl

    I like Tatl better because she's a cooler color. haha only reason. I don't really mind Navi's constant nagging....
  46. Zleda

    New Zelda Characters in Super Smash Bros 4

    They made Pokemon trainer with three different characters already, why not add Majoras Mask Link? that'd be awesome, that's my #1 vote.
  47. Zleda

    Spoiler Beat Link's Awakening DX

    I also have it on my 3DS, and I'm stuck in level 2... These kinda puzzles I'm just not used to. But I am happy I bought it, It's turned out to be really fun.
  48. Zleda

    ZD.net Mobile App?

    Haha I'm not trying to pressure anyone :) and that would be awesome, if there's anything I could do to help you in any way, shape or form let me know!
  49. Zleda

    ST: Trying To Be Twilight Princess?

    I think both the DS games copied a lot from the Wind Waker and TP, respectively. Phantom Hourglass was expected to be just like the wind waker, as it was a sequel. I think the developers saw how successful PH was, then made ST with the same mentality, but with mechanics from Twilight Princess...
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