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    Spoiler "OMG" Moments in Zelda!

    One comes to mind...'NOT TAKE MIRROR!' from Twilight Princess
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    Stuck on Tiamat

    I have yet to figure it out...I'm on the xbox 360. I'll try that method with the unlit bombs and letting her fly by first.
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    Stuck on Tiamat

    Ok, so I've had Darksiders...basically since about half-way through Mases' play-through that he put on live stream. I've been stuck on Tiamat for almost that long. I know intellectually how to beat him (or at least how to do the first phase), but how do you *actually* do it? Any time I try...
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    Goddess Cube Confusion

    Ok, so on my playthrough I'm right before the part where you go searching for the 3 dragons for their parts of the song of the hero. I decided to go to Lanayru Desert to do some grinding for bugs and tumbleweeds beforehand, and I for fun started to douse for goddess cubes to see if there was...
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    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Raining Blood by Slayer. After that, something Zelda symphony related
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    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    The Forest Temple in Ocarina of Time. Some rooms took me hours to figure out how to get past. Especially figuring out which way to go in the courtyard area when your up on the upper ledges. And the twisting of the rooms made me rage a lot the first few times through. Shooting Ganondorf out...
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    Spoiler Which Parts In Skyward Sword...

    the Isle of Songs puzzle. Even with the walkthrough, it took me like 5 tries to get it right.
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    Spoiler Hardest Part in Zelda Skyward Sword.

    Either the Silent Realm challenges (in general), the first Ghirahim fight (I swear the first fight is easier than the final one with him even on my 3rd playthrough) or the fight with Levias/Bioclyte. I had so much trouble dealing with the eyes while flying :/
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    Hardest Enemy

    Skulltula, Lizalfos, and Beamos. All tied. I hate them all with a passion. Mostly Beamos, though. Your side-slashes have to be PERFECT to chop down those stupid things :/
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    Who is the Cutest Female Character in Skyward Sword?

    Peatrice. Maybe Orielle. Can't Decide on that one.
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    What Zelda Game Did You Have Fun Exploring in the Most?

    Wind Waker or Skyward Sword. Both for the same reason basically...exploring all the islands in the sky in Skyward Sword and the great sea in Wind Waker.
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    Link Plush Doll Giveaway - Favorite Funny Zelda Quote

    "...that's my little Richard!" Woman after rescuing her dog in Ocarina of Time
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    How Are So Many People Finishing Skyward Sword So Fast?

    Took me about 70 hours to beat it...but a portion of that was unsuccessfully playing around with the boss challenge trying to get the hylian shield. I used the ZD walkthrough.
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    Hardest Boss in Skyward Sword

    A tie between Tentalus and Levias. Had a LOT of trouble with both of those the first time around.
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    Spoiler Favourite SS Character?

    Ghirahim. I love his attitude. Maybe the Item Check girl, too.
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    Spoiler Beating Final Boss Without...

    Yeah it was a pretty fun and frustrating fight. I just finished him a few minutes ago after *several* attempts. My best advice beyond the obvious way you defeat him is during his 2nd phase to use your shield when he charges you, like someone else said above. That was what put me over the top...
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    Spoiler Beating Final Boss Without...

    FINALLY beat him. Thanks for the help, everybody. It was the shield block thing I wasn't doing that saved the 2 or 3 hearts I needed :)
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    Spoiler Beating Final Boss Without...

    I must be doing something wrong...I can now get through phase 1 fine...taking about 1 heart of damage (usually because I was too far away from him or not swinging in the right direction) but on Phase 2, by the time I get a lightning strike ready, I'm on the ground instantly from being...
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    Spoiler Beating Final Boss Without...

    I did not realize that you had to be in a specific place and time for charging it up to work. I've been holding my sword up in the air like a moron trying to charge a normal one and it's just not working so I've been dying over and over :/ That first phase is bad enough...its impossible to...
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    Spoiler Beating Final Boss Without...

    Can you defeat Demise without the Skyward Strike? I'm presuming its not possible, but I'd love to know if it is. I *CANNOT* charge one when I'm in the fight with Demise...maybe one or two the entire fight. I don't know if i'm using the wrong angle with the wii mote or what...but it appears as...
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    Skyward Sword Goddess Treasure Near Skyloft on Island..how to Get It?

    Thank you, found what I was looking for finally...both the bottle and that mystery box on the floating island off skyloft :)
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    Skyward Sword Goddess Treasure Near Skyloft on Island..how to Get It?

    I'm having trouble with this same chest. Even with the clawshot, I see nowhere on the island itself or otherwise I can target :(
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    Skyward Sword Fifth Bottle

    I thought that the goddess cube was in that island on Skyloft (as my dowsing told me) and that one correlated to the treasure box in Thunderhead with the bottle. I guess I must've been mistaken. So now I ask...in general, both parts cube and box, where's the bottle? somewhwere in Faron, y'all...
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    Skyward Sword Fifth Bottle

    Ok, so I've got 4 bottles and i'm right about to go into the Sky Keep in my game. I know where the fifth bottle supposedly is (on an island in Thunderhead) and that the goddess cube is on an island just beside where you enter the waterfall mini dungeon thing you do right at the beginning of the...
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    Ocarina of Time Most Annoying Boss Not Including Ganondorf

    Phantom Ganon, even including regular Ganon.
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    Ocarina of Time How Many Tries Did It Take You to Beat Phantom Ganon, then Ganon?

    I actually fought Phantom Ganon yesterday on my current OoT play-through. I still have as much trouble with him now as I ever have...I find shooting him out of the paintings in the first phase incredibly awkward, even though I don't die..as I stay on the triforce symbols. It just takes...
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    Who has beaten ocarina of time completely?

    I've done it twice with the regular quest and once with Master Quest, with the help of this site's guide (for the regular game, I had to use another for MQ).
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    Twilight Princess Poe Souls...1 Short

    Ok, so I'm playing through Twilight Princess again using the ZD Video Walkthrough. I just finished the Snowpeak Ruins (to give an idea of where I am in the game) and I'm one Poe Soul short of where the video walkthrough is. Is there an easy way to figure out which one I'm missing without going...
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    Adventure of Link Zelda II Saving

    sweet :) I'd wondered what that "save state" feature did. Thanks, i'll try it later :)
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    Adventure of Link Zelda II Saving

    by 'subscreen' you mean the screen where you see your spells, right? It doesn't seem to be working :/
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    Adventure of Link Zelda II Saving

    I think you have to have a second controller running to use the start+down+select thing...sadly. Hmm...I wonder if there's a way to shut off the game genie within the emulator to die to save my progress...
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    Adventure of Link Zelda II Saving

    Ok....so I'm trying to do a play-through of Zelda II and i'm using a game genie with basically infinite HP. How would I save where I am? I don't exactly have time to play through it in one sitting. I'm using FCEUX 2.1.4a, is there any way within that I can save?
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    Ocarina of Time Who is the Cutest Female Character in OOT?

    Malon (older malon, to be specific).
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    The Legend of Zelda Most Annoying and Hardest Enemies?

    the chicken/cuckoo's in Ocarina of Time :-)
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    Twilight Princess Poe Soul Lost?

    Ok, so I was playing through Twilight Princess again, and I ran into a bit of a problem. When I went to start collecting Poe Souls, I noticed I was one short of what I know I"d collected. When I went to collect the one at the bottom of the big ladder in Lake Hylia, it turned day JUST as I...
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    General Modern Ocarina of Time Glitch? is My Game Screwed?

    Thanks for the replies...I deleted the game and am working on getting back to that point. My apologizes for putting it in the wrong section..sorta new here :-)
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    General Modern Ocarina of Time Glitch? is My Game Screwed?

    Ok, So I had an issue with my N64 emulator where I didn't have one of the keys mapped, the one for the ocarina. So i'm playing through OOT and I get to the point where you talk to the princess & impa & learn zelda's lullaby. I get to the point where I have to play the song and realize I...
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    Twilight Princess Cave of Ordeals - 4 Darknuts

    I was not able to make it through even the first time. I can't seem to figure out a good strategy for multiple Darknuts, and I have a lot of problems with multiple Re-Deads as well (they basically perma-scream me and I can't do anything and lose TONS of hearts trying to take them out). It's a...
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    First Zelda Released in Your Lifetime?

    Born in 1982, my first Zelda game was the original LoZ. I miss my old school Nintendo with the gold Zelda cartridge lol
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