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    Bootleg Game Systems

    I have too many to count (no, really, I do -- i have some stuff from JXD, My Arcade handhelds, sunplus tech, etc), although some are just emulation machines. RG 350 one of my best ones -- I played lots of FF GBA titles on that a while ago. I have a few Nintendo DS flashcarts lying around... if...
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    RMV's wiki thread

    Can a mod please delete this thread? thank you
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    RMV's wiki thread

    edit: blank
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    Do You Shower After Pooping At Home?

    yeah i often do, esp because wiping doesn't always get it all out
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    Official Suggestions Thread

    idk how to make apps
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    Official Suggestions Thread

    Can we have a Mario Dungeon fansite (mario.zeldadungeon.net) or a Mario Dungeon Wiki? I made a thread asking about this though a mod referred me to ask about it here. The reason I say this is because the Mario franchise is closely related to Zelda. https://www.zeldadungeon.net/wiki/Mario I did...
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