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    What Would Be Your Place in the World of Zelda?

    Id probably be some one who works alot and pops up in the weirdest places that you need for a side quest or something
  2. K

    What is Your Favorite Zelda Partner?

    I like midna but i also miss navi's constant hey! hey! look! listen! and of course hellooo!?
  3. K

    Ocarina of Time What Would Make You Swear?

    Yes,yes id have to say almost completing part of a dungeon and then dying because of some fluke
  4. K

    Majora's Mask Majora's Mask:Darkest, Funnest, Most Original Game in the Series..Or is It?!tuntuntun

    Mm is a good game but the problem im having is by the time i get to great bay and especialy stone tower im tired of the game
  5. K

    General Modern Favorite Song from The Legend of Zelda?

    I like the lost woods music / saria's song
  6. K

    The Legend of Zelda Swordless Run?

    It is possible but hard it took me along time to get to ganon i had to use the sword but my prefered weapon was bow and arrow . I just didnt like the fact that it took my hard earned my rupees .
  7. K

    OoT-N64 Ocarina of Time Good Game?

    I think Oot is over hyped and gets alot of attention . That said it is in my opinion the best zelda game ( ss being my close second ) and the best game i ever played , also my first .
  8. K

    Twilight Princess Midna

    Ah midna is an ok charater . I havent played it through enough to know though because i dont own a wii i usualy play at my friends and im not that far right now im in a desert town
  9. K

    General Modern Best Ganon Fight

    I liked playing tennis with gannondorf alot in Oot but i didnt like gannon because it was too easy all i had to do was roll around and jump slash .
  10. K

    Ocarina of Time Whats Your Fav Version of Ocarina of Time?

    I like playing the 3ds version but i love playin on a big tv too
  11. K

    What Was the Inspiration for Your Username/user Title?

    I realy like the owl even though hes anoying so i did that and to keep it original i misspelled it
  12. K

    General Classic Whats Better Oot or Oot 3DS

    I voted for the 3ds version because you can take it with you . Also because it included the masterquest . I also like the original because i can play it on a 55 in. Tv
  13. K

    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    Any water / ice temple / dungeon realy but the hardest one i played was in Oot . It was so easy to miss the small keys and it took me 4 days to complete it . I didnt like having to raise and lower the water all the time and it was a hasstle to keep equiping and unequiping the iron boots .
  14. K

    Ocarina of Time Which is Better?

    I voted for mq but looking back on it id say the original because i played it first
  15. K

    Ocarina of Time Completing the Shadow Temple and Bottom of the Well Without the Lens of Truth?

    I hear using the longshot helps alot but i just played through it using a vidio walkthrough while playing along .
  16. K

    General Classic Three Heart Run

    Probably wind waker its a pretty easy game
  17. K

    OoT-3DS OoT 3D Master Quest

    i actualy found that the dungeons are alot shorter in mq its just harder because of double damage , and every thing being inverted .
  18. K

    Majora's Mask Will I Have to Restart Side-quests If..........

    You loose rupies , dungeon progress , bombs and arrows , stuff like that you can keep your rupees if you deposite them in the bank
  19. K

    Ocarina of Time Tunic Colors: Which Games' Tunics Did You Prefer?

    I like the 64 goron tunic but my favorite is 3ds blue I like the goron tunic for the 64 but i think i like the zolra tunic better in Oot 3d
  20. K

    General Classic Ocarina of Time V Majora's Mask

    I prefer Oot over mm because its more adventureus and less confusing . To each his own .
  21. K

    Ocarina of Time Who is the Cutest Female Character in OOT?

    Adault malon and cucco lady are my top 2
  22. K

    Majora's Mask Hardest Temple to Get Stray Fairies In?

    Stone tower , i maneged about 12 before i gave up I was playing on the game cube it froze on me and after that i didnt try to get the faries again
  23. K

    WW-Wii U Your Favourite WW Music

    Mini boss . dragon roost . great sea .
  24. K

    Twilight Princess What Did You Name Epona?

    I nammed her mustang . . . Bad call on my part
  25. K

    General Classic Vatti and the Happy Mask Sales Man's Laugh

    Maby its a way to save money . . . ?
  26. K

    Ocarina of Time Why Was There No Temple to Win to Get the Light Medallion in OoT?

    Maby its like this link was sealed away for 7 years i think ? And gannondorf had gotten ahold of the power he wanted so maby its like a consolation prize or something
  27. K

    Twilight Princess Which Item from TP Would You Want in Real Life?

    Gale boomerang itd be fun to cause trouble with it
  28. K

    OoT-3DS The Deku Tree

    Maby a little waste but its nessicary for the geame to evolve as adault link .
  29. K

    The Minish Cap Best 2D Zelda?

    Minish cap is my close second alttp is good too but i like the original zelda the best The oracle games were realy wierd and fun mc and Oox are alike in that way
  30. K

    Zelda Art Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Zelda Dungeon!

    Alot better than the doodles i do merry christmas
  31. K

    Do You Nickname Your Pokemon?

    All the nicknames i gave my pokemon i cant say on the forum
  32. K

    General Modern I'm Such A Dork

    Whoa thats alot of cords i have abuncha wires hangin around but nothing like that . I think its cool ,
  33. K

    Adventure of Link I LOVE Adventure of Link!

    It seems more like a ff game rather than a zelda title but ya its a brutal game i died like 100 times before i even got the candel
  34. K

    Majora's Mask What's So Great About Majoras Mask? (Just Wondering)

    Its deffinatly unique there is no other zelda game like it . Its also very weird
  35. K

    The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary 3DS

    A guy can dream anyway its awsum
  36. K

    Who else Agrees That Shooters Suck?

    Its not that they suck its just that im tired of them
  37. K

    General Classic The Zelda That Started Your Journey, Secrets I've Kept from Zelda

    I originaly started with Oot for the n-64 and then i moved on to the original zelda on my gba , bad transition ( because i was 8 and had no idea what i was doing ) i almost gave up after that but my friend had a copy of minish cap he no longer played . After that i started to like it again and...
  38. K

    Majora's Mask Them

    Do not get on your horse also get a map of the area
  39. K

    Ocarina of Time What's the Farthest You Have Ever Gotten?

    Im missing 2 heart pieces im pretty sure i can get them by using majic beans . . . But im too cheap i played the game alot . I dont think any one can actulay beat the game though , theres no way because every time you defeat gannon the credits roll but im pretty sure thats not what this is about
  40. K

    Ocarina of Time Water Temple

    It took me alot ALOT ! Of retracing the first time i did the water temple but now its one of my favorite dungeons . Its very easy to miss a couple of small keys , try going back to where you faced dark link or check under some stuff after the waters lifted.
  41. K

    OoT-3DS Shadow Temple or Spirit Temple: Which Comes First?

    I do both on seprate files . It seems easier to do the shadow temple first and get both the lens of truth as well as the hover boots
  42. K

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Forza, soulcallibur, and tales of vesperia Forza, soulcallibur, and tales of vesperia as well as legend of dragoon for the original playstation .
  43. K

    Which Anime Character Are You?

    Personality wise im like l i keep to my self alot . But im not very calculative , i am however very quick to notice the slightest change around me . Let me know if there are any male charaters that love pizza if i could id eat it morning ,noon , and night . Im alot like takumi fujiwara from...
  44. K

    General Classic What Are the Worst Classic Zelda Games (besides the Phillips CDI Ones) ?

    I realy didnt like zelda 2 i kept dying and i didnt like the way you had to moove through the game .
  45. K

    Ocarina of Time Hardest Dungeon in Ocarina of Time?

    During the first play through deffinatly the water temple , but after that id say shadow temple . Heres a question i never quite figured out . Which do you tacle first the shadow temple or the spirit temple ?
  46. K

    A Story of GameStop Sacrifice

    Gamestops been fair as far as i know . Anyway the only thing i dont like is doing trade ins .
  47. K

    Spoiler Favourite Mini Game

    Any mini game that lets me test my skill with a bow
  48. K

    OoT-3DS Was This Here Before?

    Its news to me . I dont own a 3ds
  49. K

    General Classic Ocarina of Time vs Majora's Mask

    It's hard to debate. They are both realy good games. I do like ocarina of time better though while my brother wants nothing to do with it and insits that mm is the better one . I like ocarina of time because it has that classic e kind of feel to it and i can just relax while i play it . My...
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