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  1. pyjamas5189

    Eye color: Yea or Nae

    Some eye colours are stunning, my eyes a re a horrible mix of green and brown, people seem to like the colour but I call it muddy. I would like less brown and more green coloured
  2. pyjamas5189

    What's the dumbest thing you've seen someone eat?

    Someone dares a guy at work to eat a mealworm and he did.... the thought of it makes me gag
  3. pyjamas5189

    Working out

    I started running last year and try to go 4-5 times a week. Not so much recently due to family drama but hopefully back into it soon. I find such good stress relief
  4. pyjamas5189

    Which Book Are You Currently Reading?

    Randomly the james herriot series. Hes a vet that practiced in the 60s the books are just stories from his time in practice but they are so well written and suprisingly hilarious. Acquired taste though i guess
  5. pyjamas5189

    Pet Peeves - 2018 Edition

    People who think its ok to have an aggressive dog off lead that will attack my dog on a lead even though the owner knows full well that their dog targets dogs on aead and they saw us coming from miles away!!!! People at work who use the last of something and put an empty box back on the shelf...
  6. pyjamas5189

    Foods you hate

  7. pyjamas5189

    Do you remember to wash your hands?

    I'm in the medical profession (of sorts) we get hand washing in our final exams!
  8. pyjamas5189

    Sign Ups X-Men Mafia

    These seem to pop up a lot but I don' really know what they are????
  9. pyjamas5189

    Breath of the Wild Understandable Failures

    I ften wonder how many imilar conversations were had when Zelda 2 came out and the had deviated so much from the first one. I know we have a lot more material to go on now but I don' see the problem testing the waters and trying something new.
  10. pyjamas5189

    What do you do when you cant sleep?

    I cuddle my cat the sound of him purring is very relaxing so can help me fall asleep
  11. pyjamas5189

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 290!

    I think to make an informed decision I would need to see pictures
  12. pyjamas5189

    Is there anything you always wanted to do but never got the opportunity?

    I would love to have played piano. I wish I hadn't gone through equine studies before finding veterinary nursing.
  13. pyjamas5189

    Breath of the Wild You Can Heal Monsters

    Just want to follow this thread in case someone tries this with a lynel and posts it....really curious but don' have the guts to try it myself :(
  14. pyjamas5189

    Will the toilet feature a bigger role in the next game?

    The thought of dead hand gives me the chills
  15. pyjamas5189


    I only nap in the day if I've been having trouble sleeping normally or I'm feeling rough.
  16. pyjamas5189

    Will the toilet feature a bigger role in the next game?

    I don' fully understand what the point would be :s
  17. pyjamas5189


    When I was working nights I took a lot of naps and was allowed to at work as long as everything got done. Now I'm back to working normal-ish hours and the naps are no longer in my life :(
  18. pyjamas5189

    Do you wear pyjamas in public?

    Ha ha ha first thing I do when I get home from work is put my jam jams on
  19. pyjamas5189

    Do you wear pyjamas in public?

    The only time I have done this is when I fancy take out so I put a hoodie over the top and pop to a drive through. Otherwise it's the distance from my front door to my car
  20. pyjamas5189

    Connections with animals

    I have an amazing connection with my youngest cat. I won't go into details because its a long story but it's covered in the first entry of my blog. I love all three of my cats but he is a special case and my connection with him is the best feeling I have ever had.
  21. pyjamas5189

    Breath of the Wild 1000 Ways to Die

    I spent AGES climbing a mountain and then when I got to the top a moblin hit me in the face with a stick and knocked me flying back off the cliff. I got to the top with full hearts, hit every rock on the way down and was dead when I hit the bottom. Foiled by a stick :(
  22. pyjamas5189

    Is the Next Zelda going to have full Voice Acting?

    As long as they improve the zelda accent it would be nice for them to continue it if only for the cut scenes.
  23. pyjamas5189

    How often do you pet dogs and cats in public

    I'm a veterinary nurse so I try and befriend everything!!!!! I will always ask the owner first though..... Just in case.
  24. pyjamas5189

    Where would you like the next generation of Pokemon to be based?

    What about England which is full of ice and water pokemon because it' a cold and raining lol. Seriously though they could do Europe in general because of all the different climates.
  25. pyjamas5189

    What if Pokemon Switch was another Red/Blue/Green remake?

    Hell no!!!!!!! I would love a remake of red/blue it's nostalgia galore!!!!! I recently dug out my original cartridges and some of my older game boys (pocket and colour) for me and my bf to play against each other, I even have an old link cable for trades.
  26. pyjamas5189

    Last game you played in 2017 and first you played in 2018

    Skyrim and skyrim for me
  27. pyjamas5189

    15 minutes of fame

    I was in my collages prospectus for a year and my practice got to 'model' some bandages for the companys catalogue but I think that's about it. Not the most exciting.
  28. pyjamas5189

    Best Versions of Christmas Songs

    My favourite Christmas song is little drummer boy and my favourite version is josh groban (sorry @YIGAhim)
  29. pyjamas5189

    Best Christmas Movie(s)

    Ok so first of I've never seen elf (let the hate commence lol). My fave Christmas film is muppet Christmas Carol.
  30. pyjamas5189

    What did you get for Christmas?

    I got the set of guardian amiibo, an awesome botw controller for the switch, skyrim for the switch, a soup maker, a slow cooker, a set of James herriot books, lots of smellies, and lots of chocolate
  31. pyjamas5189


    Woodlice...... No idea why and maggots
  32. pyjamas5189

    Do You Like Theater?

    I love going to the theatre. I haven't seen many shows just phantom twice and cats but I love the atmosphere and have a looooong list of shows I would like to see in the future.
  33. pyjamas5189

    Favourite media items you own

    I have a copy of evanescence origin on CD. It wasn't released in UK so had to get sent over from USA. What makes it special to me is that my grandad knew how much I wanted it and gave me the money for my birthday to order it.
  34. pyjamas5189

    Would You Rather?

    Skyrim Would you rather get the re released Sega or NES?
  35. pyjamas5189

    Ever fantasized that it was you who created a series?

    Not fantasised that I created it as such but I often dream I could write an amazing fantasy novel like lord of the rings. I have a story already in my head just never wrote it down because I wasn' s anyone would want to read it.
  36. pyjamas5189

    Advent calendar habits

    My mum has a Yankee candle calender this year each day you get a new scent. I'm terrible for remembering, the only reason i remembered last year was because being each door there was a fun fact that I text to my partner so if I didn' t text him he would send a reminder
  37. pyjamas5189

    Do you skip breakfast?

    I have to be awake for a while before I can eat so I used to skip breakfast all the time but then I started feeling really sick at about 11am and I think it was a sugar crash so I started forcing myself to have breakfast. Also I tend to run first thing in the morning so need to eat after that anyway
  38. pyjamas5189

    Do you nickname your pokeymans?

    I don't anymore but when I was a kid I would nickname them as the first evolution so when it evolved it was still called whatever it was before. I thought it was funny when my character would throw out a charmander but it was actually a charizard.
  39. pyjamas5189

    What's the first Playstation game you played?

    I came into this thread thinking final fantasy 7 on the original but now I think about it it was a friend of the family that owned it and he used to bring it over. Markasscop mentioned ape escape and I remember that game so well.
  40. pyjamas5189

    Favorite and Least Favorite Holiday?

    Got to be Christmas for me. It' t one time of he year I get to see my whole family and the atmosphere is amazing :D
  41. pyjamas5189

    The Rito's Beak RP Thread

    Evie looks at the state of the ship and the crew. She then looks to her captain and asks herself if all this was worth it
  42. pyjamas5189

    Subs or Dubs?

    Personally I prefer dubs. When I'm watching TV or a movie it's usually just background noise while I'm usually catching up with coursework, on my phone or reading, I dont have the attention span for subs (ironically).
  43. pyjamas5189

    Where Are You In The World?

    The only thing I think of when I hear malmo is wallander :D love those books. I'm from Bedfordshire England born and bred
  44. pyjamas5189

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Being told repeatedly how to do my job I've been doing for the last 8 years
  45. pyjamas5189

    Ear Candy

    Most classical piano pieces or just the piano played right
  46. pyjamas5189

    Actors Who Are Shoe-Ins for their Roles

    Lets not forget Ryan Reyolds as Deadpool Edit: the good deadpool not the crap x-men origins tried to pull off
  47. pyjamas5189

    Looking back... The Wrong

    Basically any boss I thought I could just swing my sword at instead of using whatever item I got in the dungeon.
  48. pyjamas5189

    Music at work yay or nay?

    We're not allowed to have music on at work because the public would be able to hear it and my boss doesn't want to pay for a liscence. That said every now and then we put the radio on very low out the back to help the day move quicker.
  49. pyjamas5189

    What Annoyed You Today?

    My waste of space colleagues that don't think they have to do any work!
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