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  1. Siphonix

    Meme Extravaganza

  2. Siphonix

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    That’s after Valentine’s Day, then it’s gonna be Saint Patrick (for a little bit) then alllllll the Fourth of July decor, then we’re gonna have some Halloween going on (especially in Home Depot’).
  3. Siphonix

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    As soon as Christmas is over we’re all gonna see some valentine decor at all of the Walmart’s.
  4. Siphonix

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Wondering if the benefits of gentrification outweigh their detriments.
  5. Siphonix

    Meme Extravaganza

  6. Siphonix

    If you could give advice to your past self, what would it be?

    Same. Literally. I still struggle with accepting myself. But I’m a work in progress.
  7. Siphonix

    What new Amiibo are you expecting?

    I want a Kass Amiibo
  8. Siphonix

    Zelda- A playable character in BotW 2? (speculations)

    As long as it’s not wonky and weird as the playable characters in Kid Icarus.
  9. Siphonix

    If you could give advice to your past self, what would it be?

    This is very true. I didn’t think it was true back then. I hated my step-mother. But I’ve slowly started noticing that I am getting a few of my traits from her, and my real mother too.
  10. Siphonix

    If you could give advice to your past self, what would it be?

    Hello everyone! A lot of times people regret a lot of things that they have done in the past, often holding on to them and wishing they could have changed something that they have done. I’m only a teenager and I regret so much that I have done, I’m not a problem child, but of course I’ve made...
  11. Siphonix

    How will Link get the green tunic this time?

    I honestly thought (when first playing) that he would get the green clothing when pulling out the Master Sword.
  12. Siphonix

    Will Breath of the Wild 2 be Darker?

    Based off of how eerie the trailer seemed, perhaps? A lot of games and movies overhype their customer and even potential customers by showing off or even adding certain scenes of a game to make it seem like it has more worth than it actually does. So, it’s kind of iffy. I would say.... maybe. I...
  13. Siphonix

    Meme Extravaganza

  14. Siphonix

    Meme Extravaganza

  15. Siphonix

    Favorite/Least Favorite Dungeons

    Least Favorite Dungeon for me would have to be the Water Temple in OOT
  16. Siphonix

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Uhmmmm... I have quite the questionable music choices, but I am listening to Dripeesha by Todrick Hall feat. Tiffany Haddish.
  17. Siphonix

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Good luck!
  18. Siphonix

    What monster would you want to bring to BOTW2???

    If the Poes were brought back I think we should have the Ghost Shop, or have Kilton buy the Poes. But then Bottles would need to be implemented. Then we would need more things that could be captured into the bottles. It would be pointless to be able to capture fairies in bottles if you could...
  19. Siphonix

    What monster would you want to bring to BOTW2???

    For real, I think they could have been more spooky looking. But I guess it is sometimes nice to have a goofy enemy. But yeah, their design could be better. :crylaugh:
  20. Siphonix

    What monster would you want to bring to BOTW2???

    I like the slight “challenge” that the wizzrobes gave. Especially with the Climbing Ridgeland Tower. And I also appreciate the rods that they dropped. Several of my friends have had me play on their BOTW so that I can sneak into Hyrule Castle to steal some stuff for them (they were just...
  21. Siphonix

    What monster would you want to bring to BOTW2???

    I do agree with you. All you ever see are Moblins. Like yes. We get. Spooky goblins, getting bland. It would be nice if they had better variety, at least in each area of the map.
  22. Siphonix

    What do you NOT want to see in BotW2?

    I do not think that it should be ”removed” but I think items should have a higher durability. It would be nice to be able to play as Zelda (maybe as a post game?) shoot, maybe even some Linkle?
  23. Siphonix

    What monster would you want to bring to BOTW2???

    Throughout all of the Zelda games, there are plenty of monsters/enemies. But, a lot were not added into the original BOTW. So, what would you want to see in BOTW2? I, personally would want to see some Wolfos, (Gray and White depending on area of map and weather). Like-Likes, and shoot, why not...
  24. Siphonix

    What is your first memory?

    yeah... I played baseball for like. 8 years. Made select teams and everything. But I got bored of it.
  25. Siphonix

    Do/did you keep a diary and do you read it back sometimes

    Sometimes my closet gets a little cluttered, so when I actually psych myself up to cleaning it, sometimes I will find old drawings or pictures from when I was a toddler. A few times I have found my journal from when I was younger and I would reread it. My goodness. I was weird (still am?).
  26. Siphonix

    What is your first memory?

    Uhm. All of them. Idk maybe just me.
  27. Siphonix

    If you could add ONE item to BOTW2, what would it be?

    Alright everyone, I’ve thought of this, and personally, I would want either the Lens of Truth, or the Iron Boots. HBU?
  28. Siphonix

    Do you often feel accepted?

    Not really irl, but so much on here. :senpaipls:
  29. Siphonix

    Has a death in a book or film or game got to you alot??

    The death of Carrie Fischer in the book ’The Unusual Second Life of Thomas Weaver’.
  30. Siphonix


  31. Siphonix

    What Is The Last Video You Viewed?

    The video of JaidenAnimations discussing her messages with Misaki from SamuraiBuyer
  32. Siphonix

    What are you currently eating?

    Ice cubes
  33. Siphonix

    What is your first memory?

    These are all wholesome. (Except for the sad ones) but doesn’t remembering these kind of.... make you appreciate life more?
  34. Siphonix

    Thanks. Perhaps I will.

    Thanks. Perhaps I will.
  35. Siphonix

    Silly things you've done while playing Pokemon games

    I leveled up a Wurmple to level 100 before my first gym. So I would just tank the gyms.
  36. Siphonix

    What Are You Doing In Zelda?

    In Botw I am just trying to find all the shrines and korok seeds at this point.
  37. Siphonix

    Meme Extravaganza

  38. Siphonix

    Strangest Foods Willingly Eaten?

    Calamari and Clam Spaghetti.
  39. Siphonix

    What's Your Zodiac Sign?

    I am a Taurus. And a Water Horse.
  40. Siphonix

    Have You Ever Met a Famous Person?

    I go to church with Bob Lilly. It’s whatever. I dont care about sports so yeah, I just think of him as any other person. I’ve been to his house too. My dad is like best friends with his son Mark Lilly. And his son is..... different. He is a literal giraffe, like... super tall. But yeah he’s...
  41. Siphonix

    What Do You Aim to Achieve in Your Life?

    I’m gonna pull the cliché Majoras Mask theme, and say making others happy.
  42. Siphonix

    Plain White T's?

    I love em.
  43. Siphonix

    Most embarrasing moment

    Peed my pants in elementary school. Fourth grade. I had to use the restroom and I told the teacher, she denied my request and I reaaaaalllllly had to go. And I didn’t mean to, it just kinda... came out :crylaugh:. I had to go to the nurse and get new pants, they didn’t even fit me. And I had to...
  44. Siphonix

    What was your most recent purchase?

    Loz botw DLC
  45. Siphonix

    What Annoyed You Today?

    When you go to your grandparents and find freezer burned food.
  46. Siphonix

    What Annoyed You Today?

    I’m in Varsity Debate at my school and it is also my first period. I am currently dealing with a super annoying dude that thinks he’s entitled and that he is always wrong. Well. Sorry bro. Your far from it.
  47. Siphonix

    Your Fuuu.. moments while gaming.

    OML the freakin Master Trials in BOTW. :anger3d::anger3d::anger3d:
  48. Siphonix

    Is Your Mobile Phone Replacing Your Brainpower?

    I actually do not own a phone. I use a school iPad, and I don’t even own any mobile games. :shrugs:
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