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  1. ottobot

    Letters in Green Spell

    According to Zelda Youtuber Zeltik, the swirling magic designs in the trailer form Gerudo alphabet letters. However, he then said that he couldnt make out words, and i struggled as well. Anyone manage to find anything? Is this connection even correct? and if so, what does it mean?
  2. ottobot

    What Exactly Does the Triforce of Courage Bestow?

    I always just assumed that it goes to the most courageous person in the world (Link) and increases his courage even more, along with protecting him from dark corruption. (as seen in the Dark World of ALttP and the Twilight Realm of TP).
  3. ottobot

    Three-Branched Timeline Split Explanations

    I actually hope that they make some games on the defeat timeline, for 2 reasons. 1: a game on that timeline might help explain the ganon is defeated stuff, and 2: i noticed that there is still no game for the imprisoning war in AlttP's Backstory, and i think a game for the imprisoning war would...
  4. ottobot

    Three-Branched Timeline Split Explanations

    while this is true, i just feel that if one split involves time travel then the other split should too. i don't think it makes sense that a timeline should split for no reason. EDIT: that is to say, why does the timeline split here? why isn't there a new timeline for if you die in the second...
  5. ottobot

    Three-Branched Timeline Split Explanations

    My Explination of the Link Fails Timeline everyone agrees that the split between adult and kid link was caused by zelda sending link back in time, so i thought that the newer split could be explained by looking at the other major time travel point, namely the drawing of the master sword. while...
  6. ottobot

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^said some things that i cant understand <doesn't go on this forum enough v either loves mother 3 or is crazy
  7. ottobot

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    you're banned for being a hypocrite
  8. ottobot

    Do You See a Mario/Link Collab Game in the Future?

    I was thinking that perhaps Nintendo could take advantage of the style clash by making it a plot point. for instance make a story be that a hole appears between the zelda and mario universes and so all of a sudden link has to deal with a confusing nonsense world or mario has to adjust to a very...
  9. ottobot

    Hyrule: Total War

    looks pretty cool, though as i don't have total war i can't play it. :(
  10. ottobot

    Make a SSB4 Moveset

    Basically, this is a thread for making movesets for characters in the next SSB game. I'm assuming that the controls and moves will be exactly the same as in brawl, which may or may not be true. anyways, the more complete the better, and you can do any character you wan't even if it would make no...
  11. ottobot

    The Great Sea

    I always thought that the world of spirit tracks was a continent beyond Hyrule that had not been flooded. However, I don't know where i heard that idea, so it might be wrong.
  12. ottobot

    General Modern Which is Better:twilight Princess, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks or Skyward Sword

    I really don't think that one can really compare the D.S. Games with the Wii Ones because they're so different, but if i had to choose, i'd say SS.i liked the wii ones a lot better than the D.S. ones, and SS's music, art, and plot were amazing in comparison to TP.
  13. ottobot

    What Kinds of Dungeons Do You NOT Want in SS?

    I chose Aerial Dungeons, not because of a hatred for them, but more because i feel that if they add one, that would mean there could only be one skyloft dungeon, and i'd prefer more than just one. sky-and-something-else hybrid dungeons would be nice though.
  14. ottobot

    Twilight Princess Does Twilight Princess Deserve to Be Called a Disappointment?

    in my opinion, twilight princess was an amazing game. sure, it's a bit easy, mostly in the early areas, but thats not really a bad thing. also, it was the only zelda game i really considered to have beautiful art, though WW came close in it's own way. the story, bosses and dungeon design were...
  15. ottobot

    How Did You Meet Link?

    i was playing melee with my cousins, and being an avid pokemon fan at the time, was only ever pikachu, mewtwo, or jigglypuff. my cousin, however, chose link every time, and i had no clue who he was. it took me like 5 years to learn more about him. from then on i was hooked.
  16. ottobot

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I think mine is civ IV, beyond the sword expansion, because i still play civ IV. i might have got something from the wii store after that though, i forget.
  17. ottobot

    Ocarina of Time What Flaws Exist in Ocarina of Time?

    I agree with all this, but there are a couple extra things, namely how hard and time consuming it is to cross hyrule field as a child and the fixed camera angles Djinn mentioned. It's part of the reason I chose to get MM instead of OoT, along MM's time feature, but that's kind of off topic.
  18. ottobot

    Dungeon Idea =D

    I think this would be interesting. There was one zelda classic quest I played that had a black and white themed area, but not a dungeon. I think that a black and white land and dungeon would be best, because without the land you wouldn't really care about returning color to the world, and...
  19. ottobot

    SSBB Characters

    Darn! most of my ideas were taken! I wanted: 1. Toon Ganon (with twin swords!) 2. Toon Zelda/Tetra (Zelda part would be a clone, but Tetra would be different from Shiek) 3. Mask Link (who would switch between characters Pokemon Trainer style and have Oni Link as a final smash) 4. minda+wolf...
  20. ottobot

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Because you smashed there queen as a child and now they wan revenge! Why do I welcome our new and overlords?
  21. ottobot

    Favorite Zelda Villain?

    I chose Byrne, just because I love his awesome fighting style. My second choice would be Vaati, but Byrne's arm thing is just to cool. he can deflect swords with my arm for god's sake! Also, he has a bit of personality, what with him telling you how to defeat Malladus at the end. I like that...
  22. ottobot

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    man, i saw this game on the zelda classic fourums like a year ago.anyways, You're BANNED! for italicizing the word liking! Edit:BTW, i think i made that thread that got locked. And it was locked for a VERY GOOD REASON! mwahhahahaha
  23. ottobot

    Youtuber: Chuggaaconroy

    God! i love this guy! I haven't wached him in a while, because i've been buisy with school, making comics, and playing civ, but I managed to watch all of his WW, Mother 3, Earthbound, and Pikmin let's plays. I must say, if it weren't for him, I probably would never have heard of him except for...
  24. ottobot

    Figjting Game Name/ Ideas

    I agree with the above statements, I would like a game with characters from pretty much every game. and I mean every game. Even games with no characters, like Civ or Tetris. I want a roster of like 100+ characters. I want everything! everything!!!:cooky:*goes insane*:cooky: really though, I just...
  25. ottobot

    Link Didn't Leave Hyrule Through the Lost Woods

    Can you post a screenshot? Because while I believe that the game starts in the lost woods, the fact that the Happy mask salesman wasn't stalfoed is odd. it might just be that he's magic though. after all, he can go between Termina and Hyrule with ease.;)
  26. ottobot

    The Creepiest Movie

    I have two scariest movies. One is Hitchcock's The Birds, and the other is the the Dr. Who episode called The Empty Child/ The Doctor Dances. I'm not sure if Dr. Who counts though. Either way, The scariest is probably The Birds. *shudders while thinking about man with eyes pecked out.*
  27. ottobot

    Your Username

    my name is Otto, and i like technology. only later did i realize that it was also one of the sides from transformers, so it's not because i like transformers. i don't like transformers. I have other names as well, but i'm not telling, because they could reveal my identity if paired with this one.
  28. ottobot

    Favorite Element?

    FIRE!!!!!!!!! I love fire. my reasons: Fire = red Red = Ganon and is my fav. color. Ganon = triforce of power triforce of power = power (no duh) so that means Fire = Power. I like power. I like Fire. FIREPOWER!!!
  29. ottobot

    Hyrules Geography - My Theory - There Are 2 Hyrules

    THIS. I think your completely correct in saying that the hyrule we see in most games is the little area in the south of AoL's map. Also, I think that thegermanlegend is correct when he says that LoZ's map is just the eastern portion of TP and OoT's map. It's probably like this. TP/OoT in the...
  30. ottobot

    Places You'd Like to See in Skyward Sword's Hyrule

    I really think that the lost woods would be nice, because of how many cool things you could do with wood and the motion plus. also, I would love to have lake hyrule, because this game seems to be rather tropical, and a beach level is perfect for that. the tropical theme might just be the art...
  31. ottobot

    The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Choosing Sword Hand

    I really really reeeeally want an option to change hands. I'm right handed, but I think that the lack of left hand mode would turn lefties off, and no true fan wants to scare of other potential fans. Also, Link is left handed, and I want to keep it that way. Even if it means flipping the world...
  32. ottobot

    What Do You Guys Think About a DARK Zelda Game?

    that would be really cool, I'd like it, but the fact is, Nintendo generally aims towards children, so it probably won't happen. :(
  33. ottobot

    The What If Theory: a Double Split in the Timeline!

    I feel that while your points for the split are good, the reason the main split works is because OoT has obvious messing with time. i think i makes more sense if you put it on the timeline an assume that the trapping of ganon in the SR happened on the CT too. I like to think of it as a version...
  34. ottobot

    Majora's Mask I Think MM Should Be Remade

    while I really like MM and it is one of my favorite games, I agree with hylian knight in that i don't like remakes. they ARE a nice way to allow people with only new systems to play old games, but i feel that it would be better if the makers spent more time on new games. I would really like a...
  35. ottobot

    What DIDN'T You Like About a Zelda Game?

    I disagree. while non-linear games are best, linear games are fine, too. I just wish they were more clever with blocking you off. most of the time the only thing stopping you is Minda. it would be much better if there was a physical obstical that was blocking you, not just a nagging...
  36. ottobot

    Which is the Minish Cap in the Title's Context?

    I think it is Elzo, because he has so much more facetime. also, elzo is an actual "minish cap", while the magic hat is just a "cap made by a minish." i don't see how you can think otherwise, it's so obvious.
  37. ottobot

    What Are Your Top 10 Non-Zelda Games of All Time?!

    1. Civilization IV (PC, Mac) 2. Super Smash Bros Brawl (Wii) 3. Infamous (Playstation 3) 4. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood(Playstation 3) 5. Little Big Planet (Playstation 3) 6. Rock Band (Xbox) 7. Earthbound (Snes) 8. Little Big Planet 2 (Playstation 3) 9. Mother 3 (GameBoy, never actually played...
  38. ottobot

    Where Do YOU Place Minish Cap in the Zelda Time Line?

    I voted Child timeline, because it dosn't make sence on the Adult, and I've noticed that following the Pre split games onto the CT, the number of gorons (and to a lesser extent, Dekus) get's smaller and smaller, and MC, having less gorons then TP, must, according to this theory, be after TP, and...
  39. ottobot

    OoT Hyrule and the WW Great Sea - Similarities?

    Very sound for most of Your arguments, but the whole Outset Island = Lake Hylia is as you said, very sketchy. Also, I'm a Very strong belever in the Windfall island is Kakariko Village theory, for many reasons. first of all is windfall's proximity to dragon roost, secondly, they both have...
  40. ottobot

    Who Did You Want to Win the Superbowl?

    i want the Packers to win. I'm a long time Packers fan, because my dad is from Wisconsin and he's the house's only real Football fan. GO PACK GO!
  41. ottobot

    Why Didnt the Wind Waker Have a Water Themed Temple?

    it did have a water temple. The Tower of gods. of course, ToG dosen't really count, the should have made Nayru's pearl a dungeon. the item is bombs, located in that cave where you meet Jabun, it would have been SWEET! of well, the game's still good. (although I've never actually played WW :D)
  42. ottobot

    General Modern Links Crossbow Training

    Link's Crossbow training is to Zelda as Mario Kart is to Mario. it's a fun, non-canon spinoff. great game, but if you have a choice between one of the main games and it, get the main game. it's a FPS, by the way.
  43. ottobot

    Corrupt a wish!

    granted, but the writing gets translated into a language you don't understand. i wish i had some cake.
  44. ottobot


    I agree that MC probably comes after SS, but that dosn't stop the Palace of Winds from being Skyloft. as a matter of fact, the destroyed state of the Palace of Winds pretty much requeres MC to be after SS for this theory to work. (unless the fact that I rarely check Zelda news anymore means that...
  45. ottobot

    Favorite Zelda Species?

    i love the koroks, mostly because of their love for nature and all that. i also like their island, everything there is so sunny! mannn, i hate winter. :(
  46. ottobot

    General Modern Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Boss

    My favorite was the Big Octorok :octorok:, he was so hard, but I liked how it kept changing the stage. Vaati was cool too, but he was too hard to be my favorite. I actually get kinda angry at how hard they made him!
  47. ottobot

    Your Fears for the Future of the Zelda Series

    that they will completely take out the gannon/zelda/ link triangle. that they will stop making it in hyrule. that they will make a future game (while a future game would be cool, don't call it zelda!) that they will get rid of the triforce. that they will get reveal the true timeline as that...
  48. ottobot

    Spoiler Mini Timeline: SS>MC>OoT?

    I doubt that the master sword and the Picori blade/four sword are the same. If that were true, then it would be called the master sword,:mastersword: not the Picori blade:sword:. Also, the origin of the Picori blade dosn't seem to fit the master sword, as that means there has to be Minish/Picori...
  49. ottobot

    Nintendo's Pretty Quiet... Why?

    i feel that they don't want to overhype the game, but then again, Nintendo should at least acknowlige the fact that it exists. sometimes i wonder if they forgot about it!!!
  50. ottobot

    Ocarina of Time How Do You Pronounce Gerudo?

    i definently say ger-oo-doh. when i see the letter G, the i think the sound "guh"
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