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  1. Chameleon

    have a happy birthday next dec 10 sooshi boy

    have a happy birthday next dec 10 sooshi boy
  2. Chameleon

    thank youuu

    thank youuu
  3. Chameleon

    What’s your favorite Meme gif?

    I need a meme that says I hate memes. Then I´ll feel good.
  4. Chameleon

    done. beware

    done. beware
  5. Chameleon

    What are the most interesting aspects of your favourite games?

    Story and depth. As time passes I care less about gameplay and more about making me feel something. Maybe I´d be better off watching a movie, but I do find interesting to make the character ´walk´ through the story. Dialogue trees, moral choices, multiple endings, thats what I like in a game. In...
  6. Chameleon

    damn it was a misspelling I meant THUMB

    damn it was a misspelling I meant THUMB
  7. Chameleon

    What type of cell phone do you use?

    stop dan this is not funny i told you that was my little secret
  8. Chameleon

    What type of cell phone do you use?

    i don't use cellphones i eat them
  9. Chameleon

    Do you wipe sitting down or standing up?

    i always squat!!!!!!
  10. Chameleon

    how do i discord

    how do i discord
  11. Chameleon

    How did you come up with your username?

    people tell me im a chameleon because i am always changing styles and absorbing life events into my own personality and definition of self.
  12. Chameleon

    Do you wear pyjamas in public?

    I am always naked.
  13. Chameleon

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Yes it is, I found him on google images and it stuck forever ...he´s my only friend. He licks me clean.
  14. Chameleon

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I don't have a soul :(
  15. Chameleon

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    50 first dates man I love Drew Barrymore The movie was okay, 7.5/10 very nice twist to an otherwise average romantic movie
  16. Chameleon

    Who Will Be the Next Poster?

    its me, coming back from the dead. Sorry to disappoint. I think malon will post now or, you know, kingredead
  17. Chameleon

    Do people on these forums act the same way they do here as in real life?

    i am exactly the same. Only my jokes are a bit funnier cause I have a bit more time to think them through. I am still funny in real life though, and quite the handsome man if I say so myself
  18. Chameleon

    Most Overrated Zelda Game

    Wind Waker. I seriously can't find the appeal in it. Its Charming and has a gigantic world, yes, but thats kinda where my positive comments end. Don't hate me guys, but I never liked those toon graphics either.
  19. Chameleon

    Are People in ZD Your Friends?

    ZD is my friend
  20. Chameleon

    What superpower would you have? And why?

    seriously? invisibility? guys, you would become addicted at hearing what people have to say about you. You'll end up in a big depression cause surely some people have negative things to say about you. Id go crazy, no thanks. Gimme flight.
  21. Chameleon

    Dreams thread.

    I dreamt I was a goat.
  22. Chameleon

    oh how sweet, thanks! I think Im getting the hang of it, but Ill definitely come to you if...

    oh how sweet, thanks! I think Im getting the hang of it, but Ill definitely come to you if something troubles me :)
  23. Chameleon

    What celebrities have you met?

    Chris Martin and Kylie Minogue wow, now that´s a couple.
  24. Chameleon

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I don't know whats in my mind, I don't know where my mind is, really Shout out to the Pixies. Now I´ve got Pixies in my mind. Yay
  25. Chameleon

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    oh my god I just saw a Youtube review of the ET game. Nervous breakdown just watching it.
  26. Chameleon

    Lyrics of the Day

    Ani DiFranco - You Had Time how can I go home with nothing to say I know you're going to look at me that way and say what did you do out there and what did you decide you said you needed time and you had time you are a china shop and I am a bull you are really good food and I am full I guess...
  27. Chameleon

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    sonic the hedgehog 06 and superman 64 Im playing the worst games of all time to see if they really are just that. I confirm Superman 64.
  28. Chameleon

    great thanks, just stopping by to say hi :)

    great thanks, just stopping by to say hi :)
  29. Chameleon

    Did You Ever Cry After a Sad Cutscene in a Video Game?

    I did cry in the final scene in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon for the Game Boy Advance. You know, when he fades away and all. Same thing with FFX. No doubt I have some issues with people fading away from existence.
  30. Chameleon

    The Future of the Hylian Knight Usergroup

    for people who aren't here too often but do like this place is kind of weird; it feels like you'll never get to BE someone among a community like this one. It sucks and it needs to go.
  31. Chameleon

    Breath of the Wild Who Do You Think the Zelda U Villain Will Be?

    guys Ganondorf hasn't been a main enemy in a long time. May be good to see him back, but that idea also clashes with wanting to see a new villain. So I don't know.
  32. Chameleon

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Germany. Or rather, Brazil.
  33. Chameleon

    What Would Happen if the ZD Community Met Up?

    We would certainly *censored*.
  34. Chameleon

    Favorite Pokemon Designs

    It's Absol for me.
  35. Chameleon

    Peach, Daisy, or Rosalina

    Give Pauline some love
  36. Chameleon

    Strange Coincidences

    The other day I was talking with my family about how I remembered my 7th birthday, and talked about my best friend around that time. I haven't talked to the guy since I was 12 when he moved out from the city. So it was the first time I talked and thought about him in at least 5 years. Afternoon...
  37. Chameleon

    World Cup Prediction Game

    Brazil wins. It's all set.
  38. Chameleon

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Survivalism - NIN
  39. Chameleon

    General Zelda How Would You Like to Play a More 'adult' Zelda Game?

    I use to like video games when they have a more adult and serious tone. Cheesy cutscenes and upbeat elements just turn me off. Sure, I love good endings and stuff, but I don't really fit into a world where world desctruction is depicted by laughable main characters and an aloof villain such as...
  40. Chameleon

    So... How's the Weather?

    this thread is the actual best thing in the entire whole damn world. 'Cause IT'S THURSDAY ITS CLOUDY AND IM GONNA PARTAY
  41. Chameleon

    Do You Care

    I care about everything that's in this forum and its people. My life is dedicated to every single member of this forum and my happiness is directly connected to their happiness. The only member I LOVED was King Redead. I loved everything he did. Too bad he got banned tho. So dan, what kind of...
  42. Chameleon

    YOUR Ideas for the CONFIRMED Gen III Remake

    yay! Third Gen is one of the generations I like the most. I don't really know why Gen II went almost unnoticed for me but anyway, I'm really excited about this. Sure, I was more into the Colosseum games than the actual handheld Ruby/Sapphire games but I still played them and they were awesome. I...
  43. Chameleon

    Games You Don't Like That Everyone Else Loves

    Wind Waker. Please don't hit me.
  44. Chameleon

    What is Your Current Music Obsession?

    Okay. I don't know if anybody cares, but I've been mutating my musical obsessions. (Obsessions = admiration, not crazy fan-like obsession and certainly no screaming at a concert whatsoever) It started with Keane (Seriously. Kinda ashamed of this one though I still think they're a nice band)...
  45. Chameleon

    Why Do You Love Video Games?

    because it gives me a freedom of choice Movies and books don't give me. Also it gets me into a different world than this one, and ever since I was 7, 8, escaping the world was absolutely necessary for my sanity. Video Games were a GREAT part of it, along with books and comics and the like. Video...
  46. Chameleon

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Which flowers I should get for my girlfriend for our anniversary
  47. Chameleon

    Mystery Dungeon

    My first thread 2 years ago was something like this :) And I'd say I love the first two series of games. The last one yeah it's 3D but it's practically the only thing that's cool about it. The first two games' strong point was the storyline. It was amazing and the last game does not have...
  48. Chameleon

    What Is The Last Video You Viewed?

    A Lost Highway analysis cause I loved the movie but I did not understand at all
  49. Chameleon

    Breath of the Wild Who Do You Think the Zelda U Villain Will Be?

    it's time for Ganon to come back if it's a continuation of the TP timeline. If it's the WW timeline then they'll surely think of a new villain. I'd personally like to see Ganon.
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