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  1. zeldatwilight

    McDonalds Vs. Burger King

    I got hungry just reading the topic :P If I had to choose between McDonalds or BK, I would go with BK. We don't have one around here, and when we go out of town, we get it sorta as a treat. I don't get sick of it as much as McDonalds because we have 3 of them here, and we have it so often.
  2. zeldatwilight


    http://thezeldaexperience.net/ I don't own the site, but my friend does. I code everything and he buys it :P If anyone has a Zelda site and would like to affiliate, I would be more then happy too :)
  3. zeldatwilight

    Where is Sailing Actually Fun?

    I probably enjoyed it the first time up until Dragon Roost. Everything after that was BORING. It took forever to get to places, and the music gets really old fast.
  4. zeldatwilight

    End Scene?

    Nintendo probably just got lazy like everyone else said, or they had completely forgotten about it :P
  5. zeldatwilight

    What Was Your Favourite Item on Spirit Tracks (not Including Swords and Shields)

    I like all of the new items in the game, but the one that stands out most is the Sand Wand. It didn't have many uses in the game, but it was a pretty cool and unique item to the game. It is defiantly something that we haven't seen before.
  6. zeldatwilight

    A Link to the Past 's Dungeons?

    I liked all of them except for the 6th dungeon in the dark world. That one had so many ways you could venture about it. Otherwise, I thought they all are really easy, and well designed for the time.
  7. zeldatwilight

    Your Username

    I was playing Twilight Princess one day a year or so ago, and I was in the part of when Link first met Zelda. I really don't know what my name means, its just referring that scene
  8. zeldatwilight

    Should There Be a Central Main Dungeon in SS?

    NO NO NO!! The idea of it in a DS title was ok since they were fun the first few times, but got really old really fast. Those games, the plot wasn't really deep, and the world had hidden section which required you to go to the central dungeon and get a new map. This will not be in Skyward...
  9. zeldatwilight

    New Skyward Sword Gameplay Videos from Gamescom 2010

    The music here is amazing! I hope there is great music throughout the game. Anyway, the Stalfos didn't really move at all. He was just standing there waiting for you to attack. I hope Nintendo works on this to make it a hard enemy.
  10. zeldatwilight

    Ocarina of Time What is the Hardest Boss in Oot for You?

    Its either Bongo Bongo or Twinrova. Bongo Bongo gave me troubles just because he was really fast when you knock the hands out. Twinrova was really hard when you had to deflect the magic back. I could never get the right angles to deflect it back, and I would find myself falling off the ledge...
  11. zeldatwilight

    Majora's Mask Favorite Mask

    Defiantly the Bunny Hood. It made the game go much faster, and you didn't have to worry about the moon falling if you were wearing it as fast.
  12. zeldatwilight

    Twilight Princess Magic Armour = Rip Off

    I wouldn't say that its much of a rip off. If you take into consideration of the massive amount of rupee locations in the game, it will come close to paying itself off if you get them all. It's one of those items that takes a lot of effort to get, but once you get it, it will be worth it.
  13. zeldatwilight

    Which Trilogy is Better? Star Wars or Lord of the Rings

    Star Wars is defiantly better than Lord of the Rings. I think the Star Wars movies have better plots, and are always really fun to watch. I have only seen a glimpse of LOTR, but what I saw never appealed to me.
  14. zeldatwilight

    Majora's Mask Majoras Mask Remake on the 3DS?

    I would love to see a remake of Majora's Mask on the 3DS. Not only was the game one of the best at the time, but it also was short, and awesome. I think if they made a remake, they would make the game a little bit longer while the graphics are all in 3D. I don't quite think it would be quite as...
  15. zeldatwilight

    Ocarina of Time Is the Water Temple in Oot Annoying?

    I didn't think it was very annoying. I actually thought this temple was pretty fun. The first time I played the game, it took me at least 3 hours to complete it, just because I couldn't find a single key. But later times I Played it, I learned the layout, and actually had fun doing this. Even...
  16. zeldatwilight

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time 3DS Changes

    When they were playing the game on the new video trailer, they showed us the opening scene of the game with Link riding on Epona. I happened to notice that this whole thing looks different as in it doesn't show us the same things it did on the N64 version. Could this mean that the game has alot...
  17. zeldatwilight

    Ocean King Temple Vs Spirit Temple

    The Tower of Spirits was way better than the Temple of the Ocean King. The Tower of Spirits was fresh each time you entered it, and the amount of floors, and unique puzzles made this an incredible dungeon. The Temple of the Ocean King on the other hand was repetitive, and basically had the same...
  18. zeldatwilight

    Ocarina of Time New OoT 3DS Footage

    The game looks pretty sweet. I can't wait to see the actual 3D effects, as well as all the changes in the game. This is gonna be one sweet remake.
  19. zeldatwilight

    Spirit Tracks Afterthoughts

    I thought this was a pretty good game, but it wasn't one of the best ones. Certain parts of the game were awesome such as temples, the Tower of Spirits, and the new items. The Flute and Whirlwind blew me away. I always had fun using those items just so I could interact with the DS more than in...
  20. zeldatwilight

    Favorite Spirit Flute Duet

    I liked the fire one the best. I loved the area when you complete the song, (when it spins around), and If I remember correctly, had the best tune to it.
  21. zeldatwilight

    What Are You Looking Forward To The Most From Skyward Sword?

    For me, it is defiantly the way you battle enemies with the Wii Motion Plus. I have not really tried the Plus before, so I have no idea how it even plays out. I think the best part of this game will in fact be the swordplay, and just can't wait to see it in action.
  22. zeldatwilight

    Who's Gonna Get the 3DS?

    You would control PH and ST the same way on this system as you would on the DS. For Ocarina of Time or any other game...you will most likely have to use the control stick.
  23. zeldatwilight

    Who's Gonna Get the 3DS?

    After seeing the actual thing at E3, I defiantly want to get my hands on it. I've seen what TV can do with 3D, but I have to see what Nintendo can w/o the need for glasses. I just hope it doesn't cost a whole lot.
  24. zeldatwilight

    Skyword Sword Title Art, Clue?

    The logo that everyones talking about may just be a place holder until we see more about the game. So until the game comes closer to the release date, we will not be certain for sure.
  25. zeldatwilight

    Did You Notice This in the Trailer?

    This doesn't belong in this post. Anyway, I hope they keep it in the final game cause it kinda tells everyone that all enemies might have a soul :P
  26. zeldatwilight

    The Hero of Men

    That is my thoughts exactly. Either that, or the Hero of Heavens
  27. zeldatwilight

    Ganon's Role in SS??

    I don't think Ganon will even be in the game. I know lots of people say that if the Master Sword is in the game, then Ganon has to be too. But if this game has the origins of the Master Sword, there may be a completely new villain behind everything. As in ganon might not even exist. On the...
  28. zeldatwilight

    Heroes Shade Lives in Skyloft

    I don't think it is the same place. If SS would be one of the first games in the Timeline, it would almost make it impossible. But then if this game was after OOT, it may have a better chance. Also, it may not be clouds that they are on when he goes there. It may just be some fog that makes it...
  29. zeldatwilight

    Water: Opaque (WW) or Transparent (TP)?

    Well, seeing that the game is already a mix between WW and TP, I would imagine the water would be a mix as well.
  30. zeldatwilight

    What Will Skyloft Be Used For?

    I think it will be like any other starting area, with a few twists. Unlike other starting areas, I picture this place being quite large. I think there will be a lot of "blocked off" areas that you can't reach until you have a certain item. Once you get the Item, you can go back up to Skyloft...
  31. zeldatwilight

    Do You Expect Skyward Sword to Use the Vitality Sensor?

    I really don't think this will be in SS. Can you imaging playing the game with a sensor on your finger ("almost certain thats how it works") while holding a nunchuk and a remote? It would be too hard to use and not to mention all the motions you do during the game.
  32. zeldatwilight

    Who's Exited About This Game?

    I wish this game came out tomorrow! I CAN'T wait for the game. I am so excited for it, but if they change those graphics, and does not have a lot of items, I will be a bit disappointed.
  33. zeldatwilight

    Nintendo Says the Final Released Version is Going to Look Considerably Better.

    I really hope they don't change the graphics. I think they are considerably better than TP's. The way they are now remind us that the game is a fantasy, and not real world stuff like it kinda did in TP.
  34. zeldatwilight

    Eye Door + Sword Circle = Stupid

    I think this type of puzzle will be a very unique thing to SS. We have seen the Motion Plus used to use weapons, so why can't it do more like solve puzzles?
  35. zeldatwilight

    Release Date?

    During an interview, they said they would hopefully have it done by early 2011. So I voted for January - February. I think it would be pretty funny if it released on Jan 1st.
  36. zeldatwilight

    Did You Ever Draw a Map?

    I remember only doing this for the last temple of the game, Death Mountain. I got lost really easily in this dungeon. I also remember doing this for AOL. I got through the first temple fine, but after that, I needed to draw maps so I knew were I had to still go, and were I've been before.
  37. zeldatwilight

    Voice Acting in Zelda Wii?

    I think it would make the game a heck of a lot more realistic. This feature could add even better emotions, and you get a better feel of how the character responds to situations.
  38. zeldatwilight

    If This Game Turns Out to Be Cell-shaded...

    I wouldn't mind if the game did turn out to be a Cell Shaded game, but I would be kinda disappointed. After hearing that the Wii Motion Plus will be used for the game, I thought of a 3D game right away. I just don't see a Cell Shaded game that uses the Wii Motion Plus for a sword fighting...
  39. zeldatwilight

    When Do You Plan on Getting Spirit Tracks?

    I got a preordered copy of it over at Target, but my parents are making me wait for it till Christmas! :(
  40. zeldatwilight

    Release Now December 9th, Not the 7th...?

    I know this is kinda of topic, but does anyone know how much the game will be? Will it be a standard DS game for 35 dollars, or a more expencive game?
  41. zeldatwilight

    Ship Parts

    The first time I played the game, I knew that you could get Ship Parts, but I had no idea that you could customize the ship. I just thought it was a collectible item with no purpose what so ever. Than when I realized you could customize the ship, I started harder and harder to collect all the...
  42. zeldatwilight

    Spirit Tracks Difficulty?

    I personally don't think that ST will be a hard game. Think about having a train other than a boat. The possibilities of were you can go are greatly limited now, and would be alot easier to not get lost. And what they brought up in the interview about rolling. I didn't have that much trouble...
  43. zeldatwilight

    Darker Than MM?!

    I really dont think that it will be a Dark Dark game. By saying that, I mean that there wont be a plot that sucks you into the story right away, like MM did and you turned into a Deku and learned about Skull Kid right away. I think that ST will take it a step slower than MM. I think that this...
  44. zeldatwilight

    Darknuts (WW)

    Like everyone else said, The Salvage Labrynth is the best place I can think of. Other than that, there is a hole on Dragon Roost Island were you can find some in there. There is also some in Dungoens too if you feel like returning to them..
  45. zeldatwilight

    Favorite Boss in PH

    My favorite boss in PH was Eox. It was really unique how it was just a pile of junk, and sudenly got built into a statue. I really liked the '3D' ness in the battle, and had a great scheme. I liked jumping up in the air, and trying to attack its weak spots.
  46. zeldatwilight

    Brand New UK Spirit Tracks Commercial

    This I think is a better commercial than the US one. I think it shows more of the actual gameplay in this one. One cool thing I noticed is that the train seems to be under some water. Could this possably mean that the Spirit Tracks go under the water too? If so, there must be like a big air...
  47. zeldatwilight

    Gerudo Fortress (Hand Drawn Fanart)

    I dont see how there could be bad comments. This is a magnificent picture that you have drawn here :) It looks just like it did in the game, and the Gerudo looks awesome. Good job :)
  48. zeldatwilight

    Do You Organize Your Game Cases?

    I just put them in a chest and sort them by the system there for. Wii's go in a pile, PS1 go in a pile, and DS i stack up. I dont try to organize them alphabeticaly either.
  49. zeldatwilight

    Do You Use The Wii Shop Channel?

    If I had it connected to the Internet, I would probably spend so much money on games, and channels. I dont have a WiFi connector, or anything that can connect to the Internet, so I cant. I guess its probably a good thing than.. :)
  50. zeldatwilight

    Those from Hyrule Notice the 3 Days Happening Over and Over in Majora's Mask

    I think that the other fairy, Tatl is a fairy from the Kokiri Forest. IN OOT, we saw that all Kokiri had a fairy, and the chances of one of them sneaking in the portal is very possible. Perhaps, It may even be Sarias fairy.
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