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  1. peanutjoepap

    How Long Have You Stayed Up?

    I have stayed up to about 4 am once. My friends were at my house for a sleep over. I drank a whole Mountain dew at about 2:30 (not one of my better ideas).
  2. peanutjoepap

    Which Zelda is Darker? Twilight Princess or Majora's Mask?

    I agree with every word, MM had a dark story line but TP had both a dark story line and other dark aspects the the game. At first glance MM looks as light and for lack of a better word, happy as some other games. TP is dark because at times such as when Hyrule was in Twilight, you could really...
  3. peanutjoepap

    What's Really Annoying to You?

    Not knowing what to do in dungeons that is annoying. And the darknuts in Loz when there are a lot of them. And the oot owl.
  4. peanutjoepap

    The Great Sea Theory

    As we all know Nintendo has a tendency to not explain things. Such as the Kokiri and the Ordon, where the Temple of Time is actually located, and so on and so forth. And chances are that they won't explain the new Hyrule of ST. So here is what I came up with. I am currently replaying ALTTP and...
  5. peanutjoepap

    Peanutjoepap's Timeline

    Please stay on topic, this thread is about a timeline idea, not arguing about what Bill Trinen does.
  6. peanutjoepap

    Peanutjoepap's Timeline

    Ok I don't know what you are talking about. The palace of the Four sword was just an add on dungeon you get to play through once you beat FS. And what do you mean the bs? Do you mean the non-canon bs-loz game for the Super nes? Yes I now know that bs in this case means backstory. That...
  7. peanutjoepap

    Peanutjoepap's Timeline

    Note: My timeline is similar to Ocarina Hero's but has some distinct differences. The long detailed explanation : In the beginning the goddesses created Hyrule. They formed the Triforce and gifted it to the royal family. Over the years many wars broke out about which people would control this...
  8. peanutjoepap

    The One That Pulled You In

    My friend brought over Wind Waker once (at this time I had never herd of the Zelda games). I thought it was a cool game so I bought it. A few months later, just after I bought my Wii, I saw another Zelda game in the Wii virtual console, OOT. I bought it and I was instantly hooked. And now I am...
  9. peanutjoepap

    Worst story

    I thought PH had a very weak plot. Instead of buying a map you have to go through this giant temple that tries to kill you to get something you could buy for 10 bucks from a shop or (errr) tingle. What real harm did Bellum do. It killed a whale, put a few weak monsters that you could kill with a...
  10. peanutjoepap

    Secret of the Temples

    If I remember the medallions were just useless things on your item screen so you know what dungeons you beat, they don't do any thing (except look pretty). And I think the well and the shadow temple are the same place that just have different entrances. Good one master kokiri 9:lol:.
  11. peanutjoepap

    Secret of the Temples

    What are the temples in oot really there for? The common theory is that they are ancient places of worship, but if that were true why are they so hidden and dangerous? Extremely deep in a forest, in an active volcano, at the bottom of a lake, under a grave yard, and in the middle of a desert...
  12. peanutjoepap

    What Don't You Want To See In a Future Zelda Game

    When you said you wanted Tingle back I thought you liked him, but I'm glad I read the rest of your post:lol:. I do not want to see easy dungeons, bosses, or puzzles, no Tingle, no useless items, NO TINGLE, no short games, and last but not least NO TINGLE (I cannot stress this enough).
  13. peanutjoepap

    Life Expectancy

    Well they would have to live longer than normal humans because in the middle ages people only lived to be 30 to 35 years old if your lucky. While in Zelda we see many elderly people that have little or no magical powers. Though it is a rare sight to ever see a sick Hylian so that may mean there...
  14. peanutjoepap

    Poisoning Link

    Sort of, but more dramatic, really it would be more like the part where Midna was dying (I can't remember who said that) in TP. Plus there were a lot of different timed challenges in Zelda games.
  15. peanutjoepap

    Poisoning Link

    Today I thought of a little part that would be neat in the next Wii game. What if some how Ganondorf poisons Link, and you have to run through Castle town with the screen getting fuzzy trying to get to the hospital or potion shop. I think it would be a fun little thing to do between 2 dungeons...
  16. peanutjoepap

    Most Hated Character

    For me it is ether Tingle or the owl. The owl just randomly appears to give you pointless info about things you already know or don't care about. And tingle don't get me started. For enemies it would be ether blue bubbles or wizrobes from LOZ. Blue bubbles make you unable to use weapons...
  17. peanutjoepap

    Tingle. Good, evil, or on something?

    I think (I know) Tingle is an insane homosexual criminal. For the insane he thinks he is a fairy, he ride around on a balloon selling maps in the middle of know where, he buys an island and makes a gigantic totem pole of him self, throws sparkly things and screams randomly when doing something...
  18. peanutjoepap

    Veran.... Twili?

    Well Ganondorf did poses Zelda with his newly learned Twilight powers and Zant possessed the Stalord with Twilight magic. And Zant changed forms slightly when he made himself giant in the battle, and remember in the early part of the game when Midna changed to look like llia, plus she can turn...
  19. peanutjoepap

    Ocarina of Time Is Navi Annoying?

    I didn't mind Navi, I acutely found tatl much more annoying. I mean She robs you, hits you in the face and then insist on coming along with you, and shes a jerk the whole game. Navi on the other hand is much nicer.
  20. peanutjoepap

    Koume's Potion

    Actually I go see Koume go back to the shop get the potion and be on my way. It is one of the two ways to get free potions from Kokate. But when you had to do it, I did drink it once on accident.
  21. peanutjoepap

    The Blues Brothers

    Any of you that have seen it come and post what you thought. Personally I thought it was a good funny movie. Tell us what you thought of it.
  22. peanutjoepap

    What Would You Do?

    I would help the deku tree, but after I took 3 steps in to dondongos (I don't know if I spelled it right) cavern, I would then cash in the spiritual stone for a butt load of money, change my name to Bill and get a different pair of clothes to disguise my self from ganondorf (and so I don't have...
  23. peanutjoepap

    Defeated Enemies

    I think like you said that they are reborn very quickly so that when you leave the room they are automatically back. But if that is true than what happens to bosses. And what about the brainwashed guards from alttp, those were real people. They wouldn't come back, basically that does not make...
  24. peanutjoepap

    Things to Bring Back in Zelda Wii

    I want to see Magic meter some kind of musical instrument, the ocarina is getting kinda old now fire ice and light arrows mirror shield some kind of magical transformation thing like in MM The megaton hammer power bracelets
  25. peanutjoepap

    New Music or Old Music

    I love the classic 70s 80s rock and roll, Queen, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, that kind of thing. The music today is mostly bad, I'm not saying all of todays music is bad, it is just that I would rather shove scissors in my ears than listen to rap or Hannah Montana. Just remember rap is crap.
  26. peanutjoepap

    How Was the Master Sword Made?

    The Answer (sort of) Remember in Twilight Princess when Link was cursed and Zant tried to kill Midna. Right before Zelda healed her, she said ''Go to the sacred grove and find the ancient sword forged by the sages." Or it was some thing like that, I don't think that was exactly word for word...
  27. peanutjoepap

    HELP! Darunias Son Not Opening Door

    If memory serves (which it probably won't) you have to throw a bomb in to the giant goron statue, or maybe it was light all the torches. And this needs to go in the game help section. Thank you.
  28. peanutjoepap

    Agahnim Not Human

    But if Ganon was agahnim why would he call himself that. I know it was a disguise but after overthrowing the king, kidnaping the princess and killing some random monk in a church you would think he would call himself Ganon to strike fear in people. I know that was off subject I was just wanted...
  29. peanutjoepap

    Agahnim Not Human

    All humans, no mater how powerful, get transformed in the dark world (unless they have the moon pearl which Link had). Even Ganondorf transformed in to the gigantic green pig creature Ganon. But Agahnim did not transform at all, weird right. What happened?
  30. peanutjoepap

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time "Mirror Shield"

    I like the old version better because it looks cooler, and the new version has the gerudo symbol on it, so its like your advertising for the enemy.
  31. peanutjoepap

    Play As Zelda?

    Well i really don't see that happening maybe for a short time in the game but that is it. And playing as zelda is one of the very many reasons why the cd-i games ran in to the ground.
  32. peanutjoepap

    Minish Cap After Adventure of Link?

    Actually I had a similar idea because the magical sword could be the picori blade. It is a magic sword given to the hero by some random old guy (who could possibly be a minish that made himself human size like ezlo or vatti). And the golden light is the triforce of wisdom because it was in the...
  33. peanutjoepap

    Twilight Realm Vs. The Dark World

    Most every one thinks that in the end of OOT Ganondorf is sealed in the dark world, but is that true? Because it is also possible that he was sent to the twilight realm because of similar circumstances. Both times he was sealed by the six sages in to another world. And that officially OOT was...
  34. peanutjoepap

    Super Mario Bros. Movie

    i hope this is not spamming but i found a review of this terrible movie and just wanted you guys to see it part one part two part three i know it is ling but it takes a while to recap all of the terrible things in this movie
  35. peanutjoepap

    New star trek movie

    i hope they think of that khan was the best villain in the franchise
  36. peanutjoepap

    New star trek movie

    Seriously that was great i also just got back from it and i liked it MUCH more than i thought i would. And what really impressed me was that most of the characters look about like how you would expect them to look as 20 year olds.
  37. peanutjoepap

    Onox's Motivation?

    is that true? Because it seams that all of the plants are dead in winter but if you change it to summer the plants will be growing healthy and strong like it has been that season for months. And as I said earlier if the temperature is bad in one pace go to another. But i see your point with the...
  38. peanutjoepap

    Onox's Motivation?

    Why in oos is onox's big plan to mess up the seasons? Because it seams like a dumb plan to me.(Just so you know i loved the oracle series but onox's plan made no sense.) Think about it, if it was warm one day and snowed the next how bad could that be, if you were cold go a place where it was...
  39. peanutjoepap

    Mystery in the Song of Time

    well that might be a matter of distance, for example in front of the zora waterfall if you play Zelda's lullaby to far away from the triforce crest it won't do any thing
  40. peanutjoepap

    The Battle For Hyrule

    that gave me an idea like when you first step in to Ganondorf's throne room the 2 solders charge he knocks 1 out with one punch then grabs the other and electrocutes him with his powers that would be cool
  41. peanutjoepap

    The Battle For Hyrule

    i was originally thinking of a full scale war but that would take forever
  42. peanutjoepap

    How Was the Master Sword Made?

    this is interesting the first time you "fight" ganondorf in wind waker he says "Take that blade back to the fools who made it. And tell them that its power is gone and its edges are dull." so it had to be made by some one in ancient times
  43. peanutjoepap

    The Battle For Hyrule

    I think in the next wii game with ganondorf in it right before you go in to his castle you should have like 20 hylian soldiers and fight a bunch of pig riding bublins in hyrule field [on epona of corse and then some on foot]
  44. peanutjoepap

    What the HELL was Nintendo thinking?!

    they don't really care realy its not nintendo's fault it's the people who made the game's and the FREAKING IDIOTS who buy this sort of crap. Nintendo just knows that it will bring in a little money while they are working on real games
  45. peanutjoepap

    How Was the Master Sword Made?

    :mastersword:How was the master sword made? It talks all the time about it but never gives you its true backstory and I just wanted to know you guys or girls opinions.:mastersword:
  46. peanutjoepap

    Should Majora Come Back?

    i wish they would but i don't see how they could fit it in future games unless they make a direct sequel to MM
  47. peanutjoepap

    Future weapons!!

    in alttp some magic cape thing did that look at this http://www.zeldawiki.org/Magic_Cape
  48. peanutjoepap

    Future weapons!!

    i think that the triforce of courage makes link stronger, a normal human could not be stabbed 27,000 times and live just because they found a little pink stone in a jar
  49. peanutjoepap

    Mystery in the Song of Time

    but there is evidence nayru is the oracle of ages with the power to control time so she is the goddess of time
  50. peanutjoepap

    How Do I Get in to the Sword and Shield Maze in Oos

    please help i cant figure any thing out it does not make sense :awkward:
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