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    I've been...busy and crap. x.x Physical therapy? What happened? DX Mom! Graduation! May 21, 2011! Be here a day early! Whaaaat!? Skype isn't working? DX Also, I PMed you on your website forum. :x
    It's more of a thing just to show who and how many support the idea... I brought it to Mases yesterday and he literally mocked me and laughed at the idea. Made fun of Bomby and some of the others in group, etc. I was hoping to gather people up and show it to him or something. You don't really need to participate, it's mainly just a thing to show that you support it and whatnot. Just planning on getting some of the good posters and recognizable members in there to maybe make people realize that they need to step it up a little bit and the recognized people in the group would help, especially when confronting Mases again. Not really trying to force you to join, just encouraging it greatly. :P I understand if you don't want to, though. It's always nice just knowing that you'll be posting good, too.
    Hey... just wondering why you didn't join the group I linked you to.

    Somebody told me that you thought it was a joke... a little thing we trolls though of while you were gone. Just want to clear up that it is no joke and we're taking a serious action to improve posting quality and make some sort of a change. Just want you to think about it.
    Hey mom, it's me again. Been a long time and haven't seen you around, except now. Contact me soon.
    Zeruda! I here tell you're one of the great artists here on ZD. I was wondering if you'd be interested in helping me out with some drawings. It would be much appreciated.
    That's good!

    Ah, that explains it. Your art was very good, I remember it.

    Hehe, I didn't think you'd be the type who liked titles. ;) I'm only in the habit of asking because I've encountered sites where the staff expect that kind of behavior, though it's not terribly common. Usually only administrators would demand that, but occasionally moderators do as well.
    Yes it is, Zee. I hope that soon you master Soul Calibur IV, perhaps we can play after all, eh? I want to test myself against you when you feel you are ready.
    You're okay? That's a relief. We've been worried since we heard you were in the hospital.

    I take it you saw the quilt? Hope you liked it.

    So, if you don't mind my asking... what's the story behind all the recent promotions? I was only gone for a few months, but I seem to have missed a lot of news. Also, PJDEP just got promoted to the same position, as did a guy named DuckNoises. Even more people have been knighted.

    Also, now that you're a moderator, should I refer to you as "Your Excellency," or use other deferential language? Now that there are so many moderators on here, I'm concerned about I should address them, seeing as the chances of encountering one on a thread have increased dramatically.
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