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Atticus " I thought Azure was Atticus for a second and then I realized Az could never be that awesome. "

<zellinkda> and AzureX Atty's pillow
Sir Quaffler Answered in thread : What's Your The Legend Of Zelda: Greatest Hits Music?
<zellinkda> then Azure x CAps Fail
<zellinkda> three different personas
<Azure Sage> But you're all the same person to me
<Ventus> why do people ship themselves with their left hand?
<zellinkda> ZELL
<zellinkda> ZELINKY
<zellinkda> ZELLY
<zellinkda> Azure you missed the prefix
<Azure Sage> :kawaii:
<zellinkda> YEAHHH
<Azure Sage> <zellinkda> Zellyxvan <-
<Azure Sage> 6:37 PM <zellinkda> ZellxJJ <-
<Atticus> Seth XD
<Atticus> ZELINKY X ATT?!??!?!?!
<Seth> Me x my left hand
<zellinkda> hah
<Azure Sage> Zelinky x Azure
<zellinkda> ZelinkyxAzure
5:26 PM * JuicieJ runs
5:26 PM <zellinkda> what
5:26 PM <JuicieJ> Zelda > zell
6:27 PM <Azure Sage> Yes I did
6:27 PM <PhantomTriforce> Azure got jelly there
6:27 PM <zellinkda> I see what you did there
6:27 PM <zellinkda> lol
6:26 PM * Azure Sage hugs Zelinky
6:26 PM <PhantomTriforce> Van saw that
6:26 PM <PhantomTriforce> oh shi
6:26 PM * zellinkda hugs azure
6:26 PM <Azure Sage> Grrrrr
6:26 PM <Azure Sage> Back off
6:26 PM <PhantomTriforce> your welcome
6:26 PM <Azure Sage> She's MY favorite member
6:26 PM <Ventus> PT wtf
6:26 PM <Azure Sage> Nuh-uh PT
6:26 PM <zellinkda> thank you
6:26 PM <zellinkda> I mean really>
6:26 PM <zellinkda> really?
6:26 PM <PhantomTriforce> ever
6:26 PM <zellinkda> yes, Phantom?
6:26 PM <PhantomTriforce> you are my most favorite member
6:26 PM <zellinkda> it has a meaning that people do not understand
6:26 PM <PhantomTriforce> I wanted you to know
6:26 PM <PhantomTriforce> zellinkda
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