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  • Yes, yes I did ^.^
    All in all, I thought it was OK
    I wasn't as blown away as I thought I would be . . . there were some VERY strong points, but also some very weak ones too . . . in my opinion
    Did you ?? Did you like it??
    My last one was a Zelda/Assassin's Creed crossover. I'd be happy to provide a link if you like.
    No, I haven't written one in awhile. I've been a little busy lately, and been writing more stories than anything.

    Yeah, I didn't care for TP Zelda that much. I do like Toon Zelda though :xd:

    WW is my favorite, with SS as a close second. Is yours SS?
    I mostly agree with you, however, I found the motion controls to be frustrating at nearly all times. And yes, to prequels being more technologically advanced than sequels on the timeline. :lol:

    It was the ending which really made the game for me. The music throughout was also great and the cutscenes were unmatched in franchise history. Even with its virtues, however, Skyward Sword is definitely not one of my favorites. Too many small problems that detract from the experience.
    I'm glad to hear. There were a few bumps in the road for me as well although I'd say everything turned out well! :yes:

    Your avatar reminded me of something. What are your final thoughts on Skyward Sword?
    Hey there! It's sure as heck been awhile!

    Hope everything in life has been working out for you. :)

    Hope you enjoyed your International Women's Day!

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