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Yuki Cross

Swimming, Writing, Video Games, Dancing, Violin, Piano, Manga, Anime, Vocaloid


"I thought I sensed something horribly unpleasant.......... It was you." - Kaname Kuran to Zero Kiryu.\
My favourite animes of all time, from best to least favourite finished quit watching plus there may be mixtures.
KAICHOU WA MAID SAMA > Attack on Titan > Vampire Knight = Special A > Fruits Basket > Angel Beats > Fairy Tail > Death Note > Hetalia > Elfen Lied > Lucky Star + Clannad > Ouran > Free! < Peach Girl+ All the rest I left out 'cause I was lazy.
Pokemon (I loved this when I was little)
.hack//quantum (meh. rather short)
Full Metal Alchemist (awesome)
Sao (I'm cosplaying Asuna)
Sailor Moon (I watched this when I was little, but I didn't like it)
Plus all the Studio Ghibli films, which score first with Maid Sama, excluding Porco Rosso... which I hated....


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