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  • okey-doke... but i did find something cool on ZeldaWiki:

    "Since Link accesses the Siren World with the use of his sword, he will be unarmed while he explores the alternate dimension. To leave the Siren World, he will have to collect a series of tear-shaped items. However, collecting one of these items releases a Guardian, which is a powerful creature who inhabits the Siren World. Guardians will come after Link, and one single hit from them will defeat the young hero. Link must use the tear-shaped items in the alternate reality to stun the creatures for a limited time while he continues to look for the items. A flower on the side of the screen acts as a timer, with its petals disappearing to indicate how long the Guardian will be stunned."

    cool, huh?
    YAY!!!!!. I hope that more details on SS will be released. And 3ds games. and release dates for stuff.
    eeehhh, mah school years almost over, so basically, i'm just being lazy!!!!!
    Hey, I've been loking over my posts, and I just realized we've "argued"(if you can even call it "arguing") twice about Tingle!


    It reminded me of a YouTube video I saw once about Tingle. No, it doesn't mock Tingle. But I thought it was pretty funny. I'm going to post it here. Watch it if you want to.

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